World of Warcraft: 5 Funny Brewfest Facts to Surprise You

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Oktoberfest, the world’s largest folk festival, takes place in Munich every year. With over six million attendees enjoying beer, food, music, and games, it’s a global celebration. In the U.S., cities like Tulsa also host top-rated Oktoberfest events. Leavenworth, Washington, embraces Bavarian-style festivities across three weekends in September and October. So if you love beer and socializing, then you have several options of where to have a great time.

But did you know that such beer festivals are held not only in real life; they also exist in games? A prime example of this is World of Warcraft. Similar to the real Oktoberfest, the Brewfest festival in WoW runs from September 20 to October 6 in Ironforge and Orgrimmar. It features new items, gear rewards, daily quests, invasions, and mini-games. Plus, you won’t need to break the bank — just grab some cheap WoW gold for in-game indulgences. Beer and gaming enthusiasts, don’t miss our article on 5 funny facts about Brewfest.

#1 — Brewing Companies of Azeroth

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Brewfest’s fairgrounds are designed to resemble state fairs, trade exhibits, and carnivals in addition to the beer gardens of Oktoberfest. There are variations according to the faction the player has selected, but in every major city, a variety of ales from various regional brewing enterprises are available. Each faction has three separate merchants, while the Ogres supply both sides. This implies that treats like Mudder’s Milk, one of the strongest alcoholic beverages in the game, are accessible to all players. This thing would take down an orc and frequently does.

#2 — The Mythical Wolpertinger: A Brewfest Oddity

People in America would refer to this amazing creature as a Jackalope, with the only exception being that it typically has antlers rather than wings. A mythical beast known as the Wolpertinger inhabits the woodlands of Bavaria before materializing in a plush figure that every tourist can buy. This is the most popular Wolpertinger pet, a bunny with antlers and wings that is offered for sale during the Brewfest holiday. There are different variations to pick — from duck beaks to chicken feet. That appears really strange when viewed via beer goggles.

#3 — Brewfest Revelry: A Nod to Disney’s Pink Elephants

Speaking of looking through beer goggles, players can don a pair of Synthewave Goggles or drink until “completely smashed” to see the pink Elekks. This isn’t just a wacky idea that came from the writing department for drunken party games. It’s a reference to a Disney movie in which a baby gets drunk.

That’s not even a joke. In the original animated version of Dumbo, which hasn’t aged particularly well, the titular character and his mouse companion accidentally drink from a water barrel filled with beer. The ensuing scene might be a nightmare or a hallucination, but it resulted in Dumbo getting wasted and seeing pink elephants.

#4 — Brewfest Attire: A Tale of Two Versions

In both the retail and Classic editions of Brewfest, there is holiday attire. It is partly essential for specific achievements and is available in two versions. It’s a fantastical twist on lederhosen, the traditional garb of Germany’s southwestern regions — Bavaria and Swabia. Contrary to common belief, Oktoberfest isn’t observed beyond these areas, hence, the association of the clothing style with the holiday. Originally meant as work attire, rather than party wear, the convenient drop-front flap proves quite useful as the evening progresses.

#5 — Brewfest Inclusive Touch: From Synthebrew Goggles to Simpsons Nostalgia

Blizzard’s recognition that not everyone fits the Dwarf-with-a-keg stereotype or the Blood Elf-with-a-wine-cellar image is just praiseworthy. For some unfortunate Forsaken unable to process alcohol, there’s the alternative: Synthebrew Goggles, providing the sensation of being “absolutely smashed.” These goggles are essential for completing the pink Elekks quest and pay homage to a classic Simpsons episode. In “Radioactive Man,” aired on September 24, 1995, Ranier Wolfcastle falls victim to a botched stunt, swept away by a tidal wave of acid despite wearing supposedly protective goggles. Unlike Wolfcastle’s ineffective eyewear, the Synthebrew Goggles actually serve their purpose.


Brewfest in World of Warcraft is not just a virtual copy of Oktoberfest but a vibrant celebration filled with amusing references and quirky elements. From the diverse brewing companies of Azeroth to the mythical Wolpertinger pet and even nods to popular culture like Disney’s Dumbo and The Simpsons, Brewfest offers a big portion of fun for players. It’s a testament to Blizzard’s attention to detail and inclusivity that even Forsaken characters have an alternative with the Synthebrew Goggles. So whether you’re raising a virtual pint or exploring Brewfest attire, there’s something humorous and entertaining for everyone in this beloved in-game holiday.