Solving a common gift-giving dilemma: What kind of gifts do men actually like to receive?

A man opening a gift bag from Disney.

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In the age-old metaphorical battle of sexes, it is often said that women are complex and difficult to understand whilst men are simple creatures by comparison which makes them pretty much an open book. Except when it comes to buying presents for them. That’s where the roles suddenly get reversed and men become the ones that are hard to figure out. 

As various studies demonstrate, gift-giving is quite a complicated endeavor that involves some intricate psychological mechanisms, regardless of the receiver’s gender. However, even though exceptions exist, many find it easier to shop for women because they tend to be a lot more outspoken on this topic and there are also more options to choose from. Men, on the other hand, are known to be rather passive about gifts, professing they don’t need or want anything and that they are perfectly content with any random item they receive. This leaves a lot of room for uncertainty and makes the gift giver’s task all the more challenging. 

Beyond the gender stereotyping, which may or may not be true, if you’re tired of dealing with this common conundrum every time you want to buy a gift for the men in your life and could use a sort of roadmap that can take the guesswork out of the process, we’ve put together a list with the main gift categories for men that have the highest chance to hit the mark. 

Tech items 

We live in a tech-driven world and that means a lot of men enjoy using a variety of tech gadgets and accessories that cater to their needs. Since most tech products serve a double purpose, checking the box for both utility and entertainment, they represent one of the safest gifts you can buy. Besides, with new tech items emerging all the time, the options are endless, so you’ll have no trouble finding a present that suits the receiver’s preferences. 

However, if tech seems too broad of a category and you find the sheer number of possibilities overwhelming, we’ve got some specific suggestions to narrow it down a bit and avid choice overload. If they enjoy watching sports or playing video games with their friends, a generously sized smart TV (read: larger than the one they have right now) can be a great idea. For social butterflies who like to stay connected and informed, gadgets like smartphones, headphones, or smartwatches are ideal. And for those who appreciate comfort and convenience above all else, smart home devices and appliances are the way to go.   

Sports and fitness gear 

It’s no secret that many guys have a soft spot for sports. Some enjoy watching it while others enjoy practicing it, or both. A man who is into a specific sport like football, basketball, or tennis will be more than happy if they receive apparel or items related to their favorite team or players, including jerseys, hats, or autographed equipment.  

When it comes to gym lovers and fitness fans, you can’t go wrong with workout gear and accessories. Think fitness trackers, yoga mats, running shoes, or any other items that can make their workout sessions more effective and enjoyable. 

Car accessories 

The bond some men have with their cars has given rise to many heated debates over time, being the cause of discontent for many couples. While some may consider this an exaggeration and criticize this type of behavior, there’s no denying this special connection exists and is often stronger and more profound than one might think.  

It’s not up to us to question the choices of auto enthusiasts, but we can suggest a few gift ideas for them, from toolboxes and products that can help them keep their ride in top-notch condition, to automotive books or car accessories that enhance safety and elevate the driving experience. 

Timeless gifts 

When in doubt, stick to classic gifts that will stand the test of time as they will never fail to impress. A range of items like watches, fragrances, glasses, clothing and shoes, engraved lighters, or fine spirits, fall into this category, giving you the possibility to choose something that resonates with the receiver.  

Although many of the examples listed above tend to lean a bit more on the pricier side, they are well worth the money given that some will last forever and men will always be thrilled to receive this type of presents. 

Gifts centered around a hobby 

If you know the receiver’s hobbies and passions, finding the perfect gift should be a no-brainer. Just look for presents that are connected to their interests and you’ll certainly find plenty of options to choose from. For example, if they’re a Disney fan – yes, adult men can still enjoy Disney movies and the magical worlds they create – then bags from Disney or merch starring Disney characters can make great presents. 

You can make the gift even more special if you give them something related to a common hobby as this will strengthen your bond. Whether it’s hiking, fishing, biking, woodworking, or any other activity they enjoy, presents that are centered around a hobby show you really know them and care about the things they like. 

Grooming products 

Contrary to common belief, men also enjoy self-care activities and like to treat themselves from time to time. So, why not encourage men to focus more on wellness and self-pampering by gifting them grooming kits and products such as beard oils or shaving devices that will make them look and feel their best? If you want to be a little extra, you can treat them to a spa escape. 

In the end, you don’t have to search for ages for the perfect gift. As long as you put a minimum of effort and thought into it, your present will be highly appreciated. So, whether it’s Christmas, Father’s Day, their birthday, or any other special occasion, check out items in these categories while also making sure you take their personal preference into consideration, and you should be able to come up with a great gift.