Bremerton Summer Brewfest – the list of breweries & beers



The Bremerton Summer Brewfest is now just a week away, on Friday, July 14th and Saturday, July 15th. The 7th annual event takes place at the Bremerton Boardwalk on the waterfront just a few steps away from the ferry dock. Eastsiders should seriously consider walking on the ferry for this one.

The event is presented by the Washington Beer Commission and features over 120 different beers from 36 Washington breweries. Flagship beers, summertime beers, and fruit-infused beers are the order of the day. Along with the beer, live music and food.

Many Kitsap Peninsula breweries will be there but so will a lot of breweries from the other parts of the state. Breweries like Ten Pin Brewing from Moses Lake, Blewett Brewing from Leavenworth, Lumber House Brewing from Maple Valley, Middleton Brewing from Everett, and many more. See the complete list of breweries and beers below.


















  • Friday, July 14th, from 4pm – 9pm
  • Saturday, July 15th, from noon – 6:30pm

Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. More information and tickets available on the event website.

The event will take place at the scenic waterfront location and will also feature live music and great food, all within a five-minute walk of the Bremerton/Seattle Ferry Terminal.












Here is the list of breweries and beers that you will find waiting for you in Bremerton next weekend:

2017 Bremerton Summer BrewFest – Beer List


192 Brewing – Kenmore

1) Apple Ale
A kolsch style ale brewed with fresh pressed Skagit Valley apple cider. 6% ABV











2) Shticky Blonde Ale
A blonde beer produced with wild honey for a little extra kick. Very smooth drinking, not too hoppy. 6.75% ABV / 22 IBU

3) Sundown Amber Rye
Malt forward amber style with just a note of pepper on the finish thanks to a touch of rye malt in the brewing process. 6% ABV / 45 IBU

4) Zitronenbier – Light Lemon Ale
A refreshingly light lemon ale, perfect for a hot sunny day on the water. 3.5% ABV / 22 IBU

Aslan Brewing – Bellingham

1) Disco Lemonade With Strawberry (Berliner Weisse)
This refreshingly sour wheat beer is brewed to style, which dates back to the Middle Ages and is often referred to as “The People’s Champagne.” The tartness of this beer will bring out hints of lemon, while the generous amount of wheat will round out the body lending a remarkable similarity to lemonade. 4.5% ABV

2) Simcoe Slice – IPA
This double dry hopped IPA is an expression of the dank piney character of the Simcoe hop. Further accentuated with fruity notes of strawberries, lychee and guava from the contribution of Taiheke hops. Brewed with oats for added mouthfeel. This beer is intense, yet balanced. 7.7% ABV

3) Rotating Radler
Our radler features a blend of homemade fruit juices with our Classic Lite Lager, resulting in easy drinking refreshment. Stop by to find out this week’s flavor! 3.5% ABV

Bainbridge Brewing – Bainbridge Island      

1) Windfall Grapefruit IPA
Hops and Grapefruit: a winning combination. In this case, a 2016 Washington Beer Awards Silver Medal and 2017 Washington Beer Awards Bronze. 6% ABV / 60 IBU

2) IPK – India Pale Kölsch
A limited seasonal release, IPK is a hybrid of Kolsch and IPA, creating a light and refreshingly hoppy beer perfect for the Summer. Floral Sterling, grapefruity Amarillo, and tropical Mosaic hops shine in this crushable session beer! 4.7% ABV / 45 IBU

3) Kommuter Kölsch
Kommuter Kölsch is light, malty German-style ale, brewed like a lager for maximum clarity with a bright, clean, refreshing taste.  Malt: German Pilsner, Vienna, CaraHell and Sauermalz.  Hops: “Noble” Sterling gives it just a hint of hoppiness to balance the malt-forwardness.  5.0% ABV / 20 IBU

4) Bainbridge 5th Anniversary Whiskey Barrel Aged Mocha Imperial Porter
Five years! Can’t believe it… This year the Anniversary beer was aged in a mix of Kentucky Bourbon and Bainbridge Organic Distillers’ whiskey barrels, blended with cacao nibs roasted for us by Powell & Jones Fine Chocolates and cold brew coffee from Storyville Coffee. A culmination of everything we’ve learned so far about beer, barrels, chocolate, and coffee; dedicated to you, our awesome fans. Cheers!

8.5%  ABV

Bent Bine Brewing – Befair

1) Bent Weissbier
Traditional Weihenstephan style Hefeweizen. The perfect beer to enjoy while doing your favorite outdoor activity. Features German Hallertauer and American Citra hops. 5.5% ABV / 12.2 IBU

2) Citrus Belle IPA
A well balanced fruit forward IPA. Dry hopped with mass quantities of Citra hops to bring out the tropical characteristics. 6.5% ABV / 94 IBU

Blewett Brewing – Leavenworth

1) Tangerine Pale Ale
Seasonal brew loaded with tangerine. Hop flavor still very present. Creamsicle finish. Brewed with Simcoe and Northern Brewer hops. 5.5% ABV / 55 IBU

2) Crikside Citra IPA
Pronounced citrus flavor and dominant grapefruit aroma brewed with Citra and Mosaic hops. 7% ABV / 80 IBU

3) Old Gus Amber Ale
Dark amber color, well balanced, approachable. Brewed with Cascade and Warrior hops. 5.5% ABV / 38 IBU

4) Tractor Time
Our lightest brew; light golden ale brewed with Cascade hops. 5.5% ABV / 23 IBU

Cash Brewing – Silverdale

1) Highway to Tripel
West Flanders Style Tripel, Gold- Orange color with a creamy-white head. CHOCOLATE-CITRUS aroma, slightly sweet, finishes dry, leaves a citusy/chocolate flavor. Dry-Hopped with Sweet Orange Peels. A collaboration beer with Naked City Brewing in Seattle. 7.5% ABV / 28 IBU

2) Top Spin Double IPA
Top Spin Double IPA balances rich malt flavor with Mosaic, Amarillo and Cascade Hops, delivering notes of tropical fruit, floral and grapefruit. You will find no alcohol bite here, just a smooth and drinkable DOUBLE IPA. 9.1% ABV / 92 IBU

3) Olympic Golden Ale
A light refreshing Golden Ale with has a light malt taste, little citrus flavor and a smooth finish. 5% ABV / 21 IBU

4) Naked City Brewing/ Cash Brewing Collaboration –  Chocolate Tripel
It is a West Flanders Style Tripel, gold-orange color with a creamy-white head. Chocolate-Citrus aroma. Slightly sweet, finishes dry, leaves a citrusy/chocolate flavor. Dry hopped with sweet and bitters orange peels! 7.5% ABV / 25 IBU

Der Blokken Brewery – Bremerton

1) Raspberry Hefeweizen
4.6% ABV

2) Hop Magnum IPA
Blood Orange Infusion. 6.8% ABV

Dirty Bucket Brewing – Woodinville

1) Not Yo Honey
Honey Cream Ale. Traditional Cream Ale brewed with 35 lbs of locally sourced honey. 5% ABV

2) Raspberry Lambic Style Ale
Randalled through fresh raspberries. Lambic Style Ale aged on fresh raspberry puree. 5% ABV

3) Hefen’ Pineapple Ale
German style Hefeweizen brewed and aged on Fresh hand cut pineapple. 5% ABV

4) Sicyne
Northwest IPA. Our #1 selling IPA, rich balanced malt flavor with all the hop flavors and aromas you come to expect from a Northwest IPA. 6.5% ABV / 72 IBU

Dog Days Brewing – Bremerton 

1) Hoppalong Banana
A Belgian Dubbel with a strong banana ester. Some say Willy Wonka himself modeled his banana Laffy Taffy after this beer.

2) Bone-Jour-Viola!
A classic French Saison with a refreshing hint of cucumber, perfect for a hot summer day…

3) A Basic Bitch
Totes a salted caramel brown ale. AND you can get your glass garnished with a salted caramel rim!

Doghaus Brewery – Leavernworth

1) Ginger Retriever Wheat Ale
Our lead brewer’s favorite concoction brewed left-handed and red-haired. It’s an American wheat beer with strong yet smooth influences of fresh ginger. Take a Chance on a ginger! 6.1% ABV / 12 IBU

2) Ullr’s Smoked Porter
A hearty porter with a robust mesquite-smoke profile. Ullr, the dog, approves this brew for BBQ! 7.4% / 42 IBU

Downpour Brewing – Kingston

1) Lasterday IPA
Full Bodied IPA, light malt flavor and bright fruity hop finish.

2) Hop Llama IIPA
Intense Ekuanot aroma, full bodied, intense bitterness followed by fruity hop finish

3) Eros Raspberry Sour
Bright raspberry aroma, intense sour balanced with raspberry sweetness

4) Milk Stout
Medium body, fairly dry finish with roast, coffee, and chocolate flavors

Dystopian State Brewing – Tacoma

1) Virtual Light
Aroma and flavor of tropical fruit, tangerine and sweet melon that’s almost candy like. This is in large part due to the heavy use of El Dorado and Rakau hops both in the whirlpool and during the dry hopping stage. This ale also has a softer bitterness than the typical west coast IPA as well as a slightly creamier mouthfeel from the addition of oats and wheat. A highly drinkable and delicious northeast style IPA.

2) Room 101
A Dry hopped Belgian-style Pale Ale that is both easy drinking and complex. Belgian yeast creates a fruity and slightly spicy character while a modest addition of noble and modern hop varieties create subtle floral and citrus notes.

3) Sinister Bend
Is a classic Extra Special Bitter that exemplifies a careful balance of hops and malt. Complex malt flavors of caramel, toffee and dark fruit are present but never overwhelming. Noble hop varieties are used in a moderate amount to create a slightly bitter, but crisp finish that doesn’t overstay its welcome and encourages your next pint.

Elysian Brewing – Seattle

1) Hawaiian Sunburn
Like a nice Hawaiian Sunburn, this brew packs a little heat and a little sweet, backed by a tart, refreshing finish. Ale brewed with habanero peppers and pineapple added. 5.3% ABV

2) Blue Bitties
What happens when the Elysian ladies come together to brew? A blueberry & honey braggot-ish that strolls in at a toasty 10.4% ABV. With a sweet demeanor, Blue Bitties edges back with juniper berries, black pepper, and Saaz hops added to the boil. Braggot traditionally is known as mead with honey, but with the added hops, we gave it that extra “-ish.” An ode to the female brewers of ancient times, emmer farro and oaked smoked wheat were also used. 10.4% ABV

Farmstrong Brewing – Mount Vernon

1) La Raza Cerveza
Our super delicious award winning Mexican lager w/ Lime. The perfect beer to refresh your pallet and quench your thirst while sitting on a sunny beach wiggling your toes in the sand! At least, that’s what I picture when drinking it. 4% ABV

2) Fiery Saison
The first of our “Fiery Theory Series”. This beer was brewed using hot, fresh malt right out of the kiln, also known as Fiery malt. This technique, to our knowledge, hasn’t been used for over 200 years. We worked with Skagit Valley Malting to create something unique and super-tasty! Try this and then be on the lookout for new beers in the Fiery Theory Series. 5.5% ABV

3) Zeek 2.0 IIPA
The newest IPA to come out of Farmstrong! A big double IPA brewed with 100% Skagit Valley malts. You will get a big tropical fruit juicy aroma at first. Upon tasting, look out for plenty of hop flavor from El Dorado, Azacca and Citra hops. Careful with Zeek, he will sneak up on you! 8.3% ABV

4) Mike in the Morning Coffee Porter- NITRO
A rich, dark robust porter blended with locally produced Fidalgo Bay roasters Cold Brew Coffee. You will a hint of chocolate with a big coffee flavor from one of our most requested specialty beers. The nitrogen conditioning makes this so creamy and delicious, you’ll come back for a “double shot”. We will be bringing a 1/6bbl for each day to pour. Stop by the booth to see what time we will be tapping the keg and don’t be late, it will go fast. 5.8% ABV

Fish Brewing – Olympia

1) Spire Mountain Blackberry Pear Cider
If you live in the Pacific Northwest you will crave our Blackberry Pear Cider.  Blackberries and summer go hand-in-hand, and our summer release is a perfect combination.  A gorgeous light violet color that highlights a perfect blend of sweet and tart. 5% ABV

2) Leavenworth Bier Grapefruit Radler
What happens when you mix the clean character of a German lager with the complex citrus of a grapefruit? Designed as a celebration of summer, this light-bodied lager pours a hazy dark golden with a tangy fruit aroma, infused with Grapefruit juice is a fantastic balance of sweet and citrus tartness. 4.2% ABV / 23 IBU

3) Fish Tale Hodgson’s Citrus IPA
A beer with such a name should have a bold and stirring character, with citrus, bitterness, hop aroma, and fruitiness in every pint. A big, full-bodied, very hoppy India Pale Ale, is packed with the citrus kick that can only come from nature itself. Yakima grown hops compliment and add even more strong citrus flavors to this insanely citrusy IPA. 6% ABV / 40 IBU

4) Fish Tale Organic Porter
Sip & enjoy this medium-bodied beer with a satisfying dry finish and rich notes of chocolate. Smooth, dark, and bittersweet cocoa flavors linger on the palate from first pint to last. The result is a wonderfully smooth and creamy Organic Porter that salutes organic farmers and all the goodness they bring to our tables. 5.5% ABV / 40 IBU

Fremont Brewing – Seattle

1) Summer
Pale Ale. Summer Ale is tangerine flower in a glass—endless days distilled into the sweet nectar of barley and hops. 5.2% ABV / 45 IBU

2) Head Full of Dynomite
Hazy IPA. Our latest and greatest Hazy IPA concoction has a medium body, is bursting with citrus and tropical notes, and is resinous and bitter but smoooooth on the finish. 7% ABV / 50 IBU

3) Coffee Porter
Porter. A robust, roasty porter taken to the next level with the addition of a Peruvian coffee blend from the fine folks at Tony’s coffee. 5% ABV / 20 IBU

4) Universale Tropicale
Pale Ale. Our classic Northwest Pale infused with the tropical goodness of Lime, Mango, and Pineapple! 5.6% ABV / 35 IBU

5) Brother
Imperial IPA. This Brother is appropriately big, intimidating, and unbalanced with unrestrained quantities of hops for a head slap of beery ferociousness. 8.5% ABV / 1 Billion IBU

6) Cucumber Gose
Sour Weisse with Cucumber, Coriander, & Sea Salt. Our take on the traditional German style—tart yet refreshing! 4% ABV / 10 IBU

7) Lush IPA
India Pale Ale. Lush is brewed with a hand-selected blend of malts and lush, tropical hops reminiscent of lime, mango, and guava! Fun Fact: Lush was originally brewed as our Spring Seasonal, but has now officially returned as a year-round beer for us! 7% ABV / 80 IBU

8) Summer Melon Medley
Pale Ale. Our juicy, tangerine Summer Ale infused with the cool, sweet, fresh taste of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew! 5.2% ABV / 45 IBU

5pm: Spice Wars Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star
7pm: Black Heron Project: Brett French Saison

12pm: Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb
2pm: White Heron Project: Foeder Wine
4pm: Rusty Nail

Georgetown Brewing – Seattle

1) Bodhizafa IPA
This IPA gets its light silky texture from rolled oats. The flavor and aroma both express mandarin and citrus all around. Over five pounds of hops per barrel makes this IPA truly Bodhilicious. Gold medal winner in the American Style IPA category at the Great American Beer Festival in 2016! 6.9% ABV

2) CocoPo Coconut Porter
The malts were selected for their nutty, biscuit-like flavor and caramel sweetness, and to add color without a roasty astringency. Apollo hops and experimental hop HBC 438 add peachy stone fruit, pineapple, coconut, lime and tropical notes along with hints of herbal cedar. The delicate flavor of toasted coconut in this medium bodied brew is just enough to remind you of a liquid candy bar. Contains wheat. 5.3% ABV

Ghost Runner Brewery – Vancouver

1) Chasing Fluffy Pink Unicorns
Raspberry Gose: A slightly tart kettle sour with Raspberry, Rose Hips, Sea Salt and Peppercorns. 4.8% ABV / 15 IBU

2) Phantom Azul
Blueberry Pale Ale: Light refreshing pale ale with delicate notes of blueberry. 4.5% ABV / 33 IBU

3) Track Star IPA
India Pale Ale: A bright IPA with a piney beginning and tangerine tropical finish. 6.0% ABV / 54 IBU

4) Running up Pils
German Pilsner: A traditional crisp and refreshing Pilsner.  Great noble hop character and citrus flavors. 5.0% ABV / 28 IBU

Ghostfish Brewing – Seattle

1) Grapefruit IPA
This IPA is built around an experimental hop code-named Experimental Grapefruit. Powerfully bitter but exceptionally complex, this hop’s wild flavors are balanced with Cascade and Horizon hops along with some Ruby Red grapefruit zest to highlight the refreshing citrus notes. 5.5% ABV

2) Kick Step IPA
A project beer to benefit Washington-based nonprofit The Mountaineers, this bold and distinctly Northwest IPA is brewed with a richly-flavored base of malted red and white proso millet and hopped with an avalanche of Washington-grown Simcoe, Denali, Comet and Columbus hops. 5.5% ABV / 60 IBU

3) Meteor Shower Blonde Ale
Sparkling crisp, and highly refreshing, this beer is brewed with the finest malted millet and California-grown brown rice, then kissed by noble German Perle hops for a light bitterness and classic floral aroma. 4.5% ABV / 15 IBU

Gig Harbor Brewing  – Tacoma

1) Giggly Blonde
Straw-colored crisp light ale. American hops balance out the sweetness creating a malt-forward, well-rounded beer. Hops: Galena and Saaz. 5% ABV / 19 IBU

2) Centennial Single Hop IPA
Session-able citrus light IPA. Bold hop flavor, slightly sweat, with a crisp finish. Hops: Centennial. 5% ABV / 36 IBU

Hood Canal Brewery – Kingston

1) Big Beef Oatmeal Stout
This beer has a wonderful flavor of roasted barley grains that have been blended with rolled oats to give this stout a unique mouth feel that has a dry finish. Just enough Northern Brewer hops have been added to give this creamy-headed ale a fine balance. 5% ABV

2) Hood’s Head Smoked Amber
This beer is everything you’d expect from an Amber Ale…medium bodied, smooth &deftly balanced, with a twist of malted barley smoked with apple wood and alder.  The result: light smoky goodness, perfect for sipping. 5.5% ABV

Jellyfish Brewing – Seattle

1) Beer Salad
Saison infused with cucumber, grilled lemons, arugula, radish. 5.2% ABV

2) Planktonic
Hoppy, juicy, crimson ale. 6.0% ABV

3) Smack IPA
American IPA loaded with citrus and dank pine. 7% ABV

LoveCraft Brewing Company – Bremerton

1) Key Lime Pale Ale
A light, crisp pale ale from our experimental hops series, with key limes added with a Randall. 4.5% ABV

2) Elsa’s Salish Saison with Seasonal Berries
A full bodied, citrus forward Saison dry hopped with seasonal local berries. 5.5% ABV

Lumber House Brewery – Maple Valley

1) Blackberry Pale Ale
Farm fresh blackberries harvested at Lumber House Farms and added to one of our most consistently popular pale ales.

2) Rye IPA
This delicious IPA is served through a Randall that has fresh hops and blood organs which complement the spice of the rye gains.

Mac and Jacks Brewing – Redmond

1) African Amber
Dry hopped unfiltered amber ale

2) Citra Pale
Hop forward, aromatic pale ale featuring Citra hops

3) Maxx Stout
Dark roasted malts create a complex and delicious malt body for this Washington Beer Awards silver medal winning beer

Middleton Brewing – Everett    

1) Breakfast First
Cookie Crisp Stout. 5.6% ABV

2) Triple Tapered
Coconut & Coffee Brown Ale. 5.9% ABV

3) Mierda Fuego
Jalapeno Pale Ale. 5.5% ABV

4) That’s My Jam
Strawberry Wheat. 4.2% ABV

Odd Otter Brewing – Tacoma

1) Ottermelon Hefeweizen
Our Ottermelon Hefeweizen is the tastiest spin on a Hefeweizen you’re likely to find anywhere – ever! We’ve combined an unfiltered Hefeweizen with a squirt of all-natural watermelon and a squeeze of summer sunshine. Not your typical German Hefe. No banana. No clove. All watermelon – All the goodness! So much yum. 5% ABV

2) Screeching Otter IIPA
Do you like hops? Yes, yes you do. Do you LOVE hops? Of course! So go ahead – plunge into our 151+ IBU Screeching Otter Imperial (aka Double) IPA headlong and get lost in the hoppy insanity. 8.5% ABV / 151 IBU

Rainy Daze Brewing – Poulsbo

1) Pineapple-Mango Goat Boater IPA
We took our 2017 Peaks and Pints Washington IPA Brackets winner and added Pineapple and Mango. A Tropical fruit explosion. 7% ABV / 50 IBU

2) Only The Tip – Our Double IPA with Spruce Tips
Big bold Berry,Citrus and pine notes. One of the best Tap room sellers! 9% ABV / 90 IBU

3) Mind Funk – White Stout
A cerebral experience! 4 Time People’s Choice Gig Harbor Beer Fest! It looks like a Pale Ale, yet has the aroma and taste of a Stout! Truly a Mind Funk worth trying! 7.1% ABV / 30 IBU

4) Test Drive Amber
2017 Washington Beer Awards Silver Medal Winner! Light copper color, well balanced and easy drinking! 5.1% ABV / 22 IBU

Schooner Exact Brewing – Seattle

1) Schooner Exact Summer Beer
Clear and golden, this Pacific Ale is built on a clean base of toasty malts. A subtle fruitiness compliments a light sweetness, floral notes and great soft malt balance. The taste lingers with a soft bitterness in the finish. 5.5% ABV / 28 IBU

2) Seamstress Union Raspberry Wheat Ale
Brewed with raspberries, this refreshing wheat beer is not your normal fruit beer. The color of grapefruit juice with a nose of raspberry, your tongue is greeted by tart raspberry giving way to tangy wheat flavor. 5% ABV / 20 IBU

3) Wa Dat Sour IPA
Wa’Dat beer?! Our brewers have made a decidedly delicious and bright drink by combining a Hazy NW IPA with a bright and fruity sour blend.  This beer has notes of pineapple, the bitterness of an IPA, and finishes with a strong aroma and acid of grapefruit.  Enjoy the flavors of spring and summer in this wonderful pallet confusing creation! 5.3% ABV / 30 IBU

Silver City Brewery – Bremerton

1) Tropic Haze IPA
6.4% ABV

2) Ridgetop Red Ale
6% ABV

3) Fat Scotch Ale
9.2% ABV

4) Ziggy Zoggy Summer Lager
5% ABV

5) Nice Day IPA
5.5% ABV

6) Pear Infused Chardonnay Barrel Aged Luminous Libation Belgian Style Tripel
9% ABV – TBD

7) Bourbon Barrel Aged Fat Scotch Ale
9.9% ABV

8) Bourbon Barrel Aged Time Traveler Imperial Stout
9.9% ABV

9) Port Wine Barrel Aged Giant Made of Shadows Belgian Dark Strong Ale
9.9% ABV

10) Charming Disarmer Peach Sour
6% ABV

Rotating Tap #1 – LIMITED
Vintage Blend Old Scrooge Christmas Ale
8.5% ABV
Illuminati Librarian – Wine Barrel Fermented Belgian Blonde Ale
7.2% ABV

Rotating Tap #2 – LIMITED
Big Magnificent Bastard Scotch Barrel Age Scotch Ale
9.9% ABV
Juicy Denali Experimental IPA
8% ABV

Slaughter County Brewing – Port Orchard

1) Gorst Light Pilsner
Bohemian Pilsner Style Ale. This clean and crisp brew with the slight aroma of sweet-grass derived from hop and grain, will sparkle the tongue and refresh on the hottest of summer days. 4% ABV / 27 IBU

2) Luna Negra
Belgian Style White Ale Brewed with Fresh Blackberries & Spices. Luna Negra is our more flavorful answer to MillerCoors Blue Moon.  A traditional Witbier, this summer seasonal beer is brewed with blackberries, black pepper, and star anise rather than orange peel and cardamom. A refreshing mix of fruity and savory flavors with the slightest peppery bite at the end. 6% ABV

3) Rabbit Imperial IPA
Imperial or Triple IPA. It’s called Rabbit because it’s hoppy! This beer originated in a homebrewing accident that resulted in an amazingly delicious IPA. Late additions of honey sweeten and strengthen this beer, leaving a wonderful wildflower finish. Hopped with Centennial, Cascade and Citra, this beer weighs in, on paper, at a whopping 113 IBUs, but the residual sweetness and flowery hop blend together seamlessly, and make this extreme level of bitterness completely approachable. 8% ABV / 113 IBU

4) Mon Petit Tripel
Belgian Style Tripel. 2016 Washington Beer Awards Bronze Medal Winner for Belgian Tripels. Spicy aromatics, a lovely straw color, full sweetness and a soft effervescence finish into a warm, spiced alcohol finish. A simple beer to make, produced originally for the brewer’s wedding in October of 2015, Mon Petit uses one grain and two hops in the grain bill — all those complex flavors develop from the yeast during fermentation. 8% ABV

Sound Brewery – Poulsbo  

1) Monk’s Indiscretion
Belgian Specialty Ale. 10% ABV

2) Humulo Nimbus
Double IPA. 8.5% ABV

3) Sommerweizen
German Style Kristallweizen. 5% ABV

4) Liberty Bay IPA
NW Style IPA. 7.2% ABV

Ten Pin Brewing – Moses Lake

1) Groove Pineapple Wheat
Mosaic hops brighten this American wheat and rye ale, along with fresh pineapple squeezed into every case. 5.8% ABV / 25 IBU

2) Head Pin IPA
Pleasantly bitter American IPA showcases the earthy, dank, tropical and citrus fruit flavors of Mosaic, Citra, and Simcoe hops. 7.1% ABV / 62 IBU

3) Angle Amber
A balanced malty brew with a mild hop presence that is sure to satisfy craft beer lovers. The rich caramel color and smooth flavor makes this a great session beer every time. 6.1% ABV / 35 IBU

4) Snake Eye Stout
Thick, rich with silky oats and milk sugar complementing malty notes of chocolate and coffee. 6.3% ABV / 33 IBU

Two Beers Brewing – Seattle

1) Lima Loca
A craft Mexican-style lager with just a hint of sweetness and a touch of lime. 3.8% ABV

2) Wonderland Trail IPA
Featuring a seamless blend of Washington-grown Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic and Cascade hops, a slightly sweet aroma of tangerine is followed by a wave of citrus and passion fruit. 7.1% ABV / 84 IBU

3) Mango/Passoinfruit IPA
Brand new from Two Beers Brewing, this hoppy IPA delivers amazing mango and passionfruit flavors. Easy drinking, and perfect for Summer. 6.8% ABV / 75 IBU

4) Berry Cider
From Seattle Cider, this cider is crafted with locally grown raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Slightly tart on the start and softly sweet on the finish, this cider is both accessible and full-flavored. 6.9% ABV / 1.8 Brix

Valholl Brewing – Poulsbo

1) Mother In Law Double IPA
Infused with blood orange and grapefruit. 8.2% ABV / 74 IBU

2) Brew Bitch IPA
Brewed with brewer’s choice on fruits and extra dry hopped. 6% ABV / 72 IBU

3) Poulsbo Abbey Wit
Brewed with coriander and fresh orange zest. 5% ABV / 20 IBU

4) Golden Warrior
Brewed with orange and peaches. 4.8% ABV / 19 IBU

Wet Coast Brewery – Gig Harbor

1) Whispering Wires Wheat – On Randall
5.5% ABV

2) Line Jumper IPA
5.7% ABV

3) Hi Jack! Red Ale
5.5% ABV

4) El Capitán Coffee Brown Ale
6.5% ABV

WABL Beer (Washington Beer Lovers Only!)     

El Dorado Pale – Rainy Daze Brewing
A Pale Ale infused with Passion Fruit.