Washington Winter Beer Festival – creativity on tap with 170 beers



The 14th Annual Winter Beer Festival takes place on Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1st, at Hangar 30 at Magnuson Park in the Sand Point neighborhood of Seattle. This event will sell out. Do not delay, get tickets today. The event benefits the Washington Brewers Guild, a not-for-profit organization that works to support, unite and protect Washington craft brewers through legislative advocacy, education and brewer community building.

The event features 53 breweries from across Washington pouring 170 winter seasonal beers. Peruse the list below and behold the creativity of our local brewers. Barrel-aged beers, coffee beers, chocolate beers, fruited saisons, peppermint porters, gingerbread stouts, and all sorts of other beers infused with a virtual cornucopia of flavors. Alongside those, lots of stuff like pilsners and IPAs just to keep things honest.

2018 Winter Beer Festival Details



















Friday, November 30
5:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Saturday, December 1st
1st Session: Noon-4pm
2nd Session: 5:30pm-9:30pm












Hangar 30
Warren G. Magnuson Park
7400 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115

Advance tickets available now at washingtonbrewersguild.org
$35 advance/$40 at the door. This event has sold out the last five years so buy now!


Admission includes a tasting glass and eight 5oz beer tastes.
Additional tokens are available for $2 each.
Designated driver admission is $5 and available at the door only.
This is a 21+ only event.

Beer List:











192 Brewing-Kenmore

1) Blitzen’s Busted Nut (ABV 6% / IBU 27)

Winter spiced brown ale.

2) Santa’s Stout (ABV 5.5% / IBU 25)

Peppermint Stout

3) Shticky Blonde Shtrong (ABV 11% / IBU 22)

Strong Ale

Anacortes Brewery-Anacortes

1) Noel Winter Ale (ABV 7.0% / IBU 45)

Brewed to celebrate the holiday season, this winter warmer uses various aromatic specialty malts and has a prominent hop character from mild American Noble varieties.

2) Cask Noel

3) Highway to Helles (ABV 4.8% / IBU 18)

Our Helles Lager is a tribute to the North Cascades Highway that runs through Anacortes. Highly drinkable and well-balanced, this refreshing session beer is brewed in the traditional German style. A light grainy maltiness provided by Premium two-row & Vienna malts is supported by a restrained bitterness from Vanguard and Perle hops.

4) Hazy On You (ABV 5.6% / IBU 45)

Our hazy IPA delivers the grapefruit and orange character of Amarillo and Simcoe hops with a low level of bitterness for a juicy flavor and mouthfeel. Vienna and 2 row malts create a light malt profile that lets the hop shine shine while wheat and flaked oats bring on the haze. Let us go hazy, hazy on you!

5) Locomotive Breath Imperial Stout (ABV 8.5% / IBU 45)

Generous amounts of roasted barley, black & chocolate malts provide intense flavor, color & aroma. This beer id dark, robust & full of gusto!

Aslan Brewing–Bellingham

1) Winter Warmer (ABV 7.8%)

Every year we make this beer and every year we do it slightly different. It signifies the turning of the season, from fall to the onset of winter. Brewed to a higher strength to create a boozy, warming beer to help with the cold weather. It’s brewed with a variety of color malts and a heavy dose of Munich, then dry hopped with Chinook. This strong, amber hued ale expresses well balanced hop character, rich malt, and a satisfyingly viscous mouthfeel.

2) Mandarina Queen (ABV 6.8%)

Bright, unfiltered IPA made with Mandarina Bavaria hops

3) Raspberry Dojo (ABV 6.2%) (FRI Evening Only)

Saison style ale aged on raspberries in french oak casks

4) Coastal Pils (ABV 4.8%) (SAT Afternoon Session Only)

German Style Pilsner brewed in similar fashion to the northern German style pilsner, we named this beer Coastal Pils as a nod to Germany’s coastal region where notable examples exist. Not to be confused with a Bavarian Pilsner, this style has a more pronounced zest and citrus-like bitterness. While not German, we prefer the flavor of Czech Saaz hops, which were used at a rate of 1 lb per barrel to create the distinct hoppy flavor. This lager is fully attenuated, hoppy with a refreshing mineral finish.

5) Ashes in the Fall (ABV 12.8%) (SAT Evening Session Only)
London Export Stout. The inspiration for this creation comes from the original imperial stouts exported from London. What we wanted was to emulate the barrel aging process that these beers went through on their oceanic voyages. After a fermentation in stainless steel was complete, the beer was racked into 2nd use rye whiskey and fresh red wine barrels. These casks were selected to give us a clean slate. Brettanonmyces Claussenii was then added and the beer was laid to rest for 10 months. Brett C is known for being mild, as far as Brett goes. It was also the first strain of Brett to be isolated, uniquely enough, in ale from England. So its addition was very crucial in the historical interpretation of this beer. Its bone dry character reveals all of the beautiful flavors found in this beer. Black strap molasses, dried cherries, bitter chocolate, light oak, all cinched together by a steely minerality. It began its bottle conditioning with its native yeast on November 2nd of 2017. The aging potential on this beer is phenomenal.

Bale Breaker Brewing–Yakima

1) High Camp Winter IPA (ABV 7.3%)

Named for the ski lodge atop our local White Pass Ski Resort, High Camp takes Bale Breaker’s

signature hop-forward style to a darker side with the addition of chocolate malts. Dry-hopped with HBC 522 and Mosaic™, this IPA bursts with pine and grapefruit aroma. Perfect to celebrate the season, this 7.3% ABV fireside sipper is sure to warm from the inside out.

2) Dormancy Breakfast Stout (ABV 6.8% / IBU 50)

Initially brewed as a heavier, dark beer to get us through the cold weather months when the hops lay dormant. However, it is now the only dark beer to make its way into our year-round lineup. We call it a breakfast stout because we use certain grains—like flaked oats, victory malt, and chocolate malt—that mimic breakfast flavors. Also, we condition this beer for three days on locally roasted Lincoln Avenue Espresso Costa Rican Blend at 1 lb per barrel. There are negligible levels of caffeine in this beer—there are .11 cups of coffee/pint, or 10 Dormancys = 1 cup of coffee. Tasting Notes: Pronounced aroma and flavor intensity. Malt is dominant in both with roasted malt, coffee, and chocolate aromas and flavors. Secondary flavor and aromas may include dried fruits, toffee, molasses, raisin, vanilla, and smoke. Balanced sweetness and medium-full body with moderate bitterness. Some astringency permitted.

3) Jameson Barrel-Aged Ossifier Red Rye IPA (ABV 8.8% / IBU 55)

After the January 2018 release of The Ossifier barrel-aged IPA, our first collaboration with Jameson, they sent us more Irish whiskey barrels all the way from Middleton to play around with. Our next experiment: a red rye the color of a Yakima wildfire sunset. Aged in Jameson barrels for 1 month. Tasting Notes: Hoppy crème brûlée. Vanilla, citrus, pine, spice, hazelnut, licorice.

Beardslee Public House-Bothell

1) Jager Peppermint Porter (ABV 7.4% / IBU 34)


2) Jerry IPA (ABV 7.7% / IBU 80)


3) Bothell Belgian Brut (ABV 7.8% / IBU 22)

Brewed in collaboration with Eric Jorgensen Head Brewer at North Fork Brewery, Pizzeria and Beer Shrine in Deming WA. Our Brut is extremely light bodied and crisp; a Belgian style pale ale that has been fermented to an extremely dry, or Brut condition with the addition of Amylo enzymes. Very little residual sugar remains as most of it has been converted to ethanol.  This is Beardslee’s Champagne of Beers.

Bent Bine Brewery-Belfair

1) Deputy Dawg’s Doppelbock (ABV 8.2% / IBU 16)
This beer has been dedicated to the Washington State Fallen Police Officers Fund. This Doppelbock was created with german pilsner malts and select roasted and crystal malts to create a flavor that will satisfy the discerning Doppelbock lover as well as the adventurous beer lover looking for something a little out of the norm. Proceeds from this beer will go to benefit the Washington State Fallen Police Officers Fund.

2)  Hazeey Sunset IPA (ABV 7.2% / IBU 69)
Mouth watering hop derived citrus aroma, this is a juicy Hayzee IPA. The medium to late addition of the hops avoids much of but not all of the “bittering” effect of the alpha acids contained in the hops. Featuring Amarillo, Hallertauer and Mosaic Hops. As good on a cool night as it is on a summer day.

3)  Peacable American Strong Porter (ABV 8% / IBU 36) A very rich dark American Porter. Made with Crystal, Black Patent and Chocolate Malt. Balanced with Golding and Fuggle hops to create a Porter that will warm you in the winter and satisfy your desire for more year round. Best enjoyed by the campfire. 2018 Washington Beer Awards winner for the “Strong Porter” category.

Black Raven Brewing-Redmond

1) Festivus Infused Strong Pale Ale (ABV 7.2%)

Festivus is an easy to drink, brilliant copper holiday ale with layers of citrus and spice.

2) Grandfather Raven Imperial Stout (ABV 9.5%)

This robust black ale is full with rich dark caramel notes, unsweetened chocolate, and hints of coffee aromas and flavors.

3) Splinters Bourbon Barrel Aged Scotch (ABV 10.8%)

Splinters is the bourbon barrel aged version of our Second Sight Strong Scotch Ale. Aged for many months in various bourbon barrels, Splinters picks up the best of the barrel for added complexity of flavor.

4) Possum Claus Bourbon Pecan Porter (ABV 10.7%)

This strong brown porter is aged for many months in bourbon barrels.  We then add freshly toasted Mississippi pecans to the beer for an additional aging period along with some cinnamon.

Burke-Gilman Brewing-Seattle

1) Barrel aged Belgian Dark Strong (ABV 10% / IBU 10)

2) Barrel aged Spiced Saison (ABV 5% / IBU 15)

3) Barrel aged Peach Saison (ABV 5% / IBU 15)

Cash Brewing-Silverdale

1) Huckuss Carcass Winter Ale (ABV 9.5 % / IBU 15)

This winter ale delivers a caramel malt flavor, balanced with Sazz and Cascade hops. Using maple syrup and fresh oranges to give this dangerously tasty ensemble it’s unigue flavor.  Go ahead, Huckuss Carcass your way into this delicious beer.

2) Snow Patrol Porter (ABV 6.3% / IBU 39)

This decadent Porter opens with blueberry aroma and flavor while finishing with a soft lingering touch of chocolate.  A hint of vanilla holds it all together to create that perfectly blissful balance!

3) Top Spin Double IPA  (ABV 9.1% / IBU 90)

Topspin Double IPA balances rich malt flavor with Mosaic, Amarillo and Cascade Hops, delivering notes of tropical fruit, floral and grapefruit.  You will find no alcohol bite here, just a smooth and drinkable Double IPA.

Chainline Brewing-Kirkland

1) Double Cerne

The traditionally brewed Czech Černé is a rarity and difficult to find in the North American beer world so we took it a step further and made it a DOUBLE! This black lager has aromas of cigar, leather, and cacao but finishes with massive amounts of bitter chocolate and light coffee on the palate.

2) Polaris Pilsner

A fresh taste from an old standard, Polaris is a traditional Bohemian style Pilsner.  Saaz and Polaris hops provide unique, mint-like flavors while still maintaining their Noble lineage. Bohemian malts and yeast provide the body you would expect from this style Pilsner, while finishing a bit sweeter than its Teutonic counterpart.

Cloudburst Brewing-Seattle

1) Brewers Choice

2) TBA

Counterbalance Brewing Company-Seattle

1) Tabletop Supernova – Imperial IPA (ABV 8% / IBU 90)

Winter seasonal.

2) Kushetka Russian Imperial Stout (ABV 8.9% / IBU 65)

3) Multipass American IPA (ABV 7.2% / IBU 66)


4) Barrel Aged Big Bad Wolf Dark Strong Ale (ABV 10.3% / IBU 68) (FRI Only)

2nd Anniversary ale with dried coffee cherries (aka cascara) aged in oak barrels for 12 months. Single batch.

5) Flight Risk – American Barley Wine Ale (ABV 11% / IBU 90) (SAT Only)

3rd Anniversary ale. Single batch.

Crucible Brewing–Everett

1) Breweries Choice

2) TBA

Diamond Knot Craft Brewing-Mukilteo

1) Brewers Choice

2) TBA

Dick’s Brewing-Centralia

1) Double Diamond Winter Ale (ABV 7.5% / IBU 65)

Dick’s Double Diamond Winter Ale combines rich Munich malt, sweet caramel malt and malted white wheat, with a touch of highly roasted black barley to give complexity to this ale. If you like your ales with a balanced bitterness and a nice finish try this beer to keep you toasty warm on a cold night

2) Lava Rock Porter (ABV 6.2% / IBU 25)

Dick’s Lava Rock Porter is a dark and rich beer with a plethora of deep, malty flavors. The Porter is dark brown, almost black in color, with lots of body and smooth drinkability.

Dru Bru-Snoqualmie Pass

1) Bru Ski Patrol (ABV 4.8% / IBU 26)
German Style Dark Lager
2) Sticke Alt (ABV 6.8% / IBU 64)
German Style Dark Ale
3)  Kolsch (IBU 4.8% / IBU 28)
German Style Ale
4) Rauchbier (ABV 5.8% / IBU 27)
Smoked Beer

Elliott Bay Brewing-Burien

1) Chai-Hopped  Noäle Holiday Ale (ABV 7.9%)

Based on Dunkel Weizen Bock Recipe. Infused with chai spices to enhance holiday cheer. Black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, pepper

2) Double-Dry-Hopped Whisper Winter Ale (ABV 6.9%)

Part Brown Ale + Part IPA = Winter Wonder Beer. Dry-hopped once in storage tank and gain in the keg. Citra + Simcoe

3) S’mordor (ABV 5.1%)

S’more-Inspired Chocolate Ale. Sweet and roasty with a nutty biscuit finish. A perfect pint of dessert

4) Bourbon Noäle Holdiay Ale Friday 5-9

Dunkel Weizen Bock aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel. Vanilla, Whiskey, Milk Chocolate, Caramel

5) Gin Demo (SAT Afternoon Only)

Imperial Pale Ale aged in Copperworks Gin Barrel. Citrus, Juniper, Anise, spicy phenols, Oak

6) Big Pun (SAT Evening Only)

Sour Flanders Red Ale primary fermented in Oak. Sour Cherry/Red Wine/Vanilla/Oak

Figurehead Brewing-Shoreline

1) Winter Warmer IPA (ABV 6.5%)
This beer starts with a rich, malty base and then is hopped heavily with centennial, chinook, and sterling hops keeping it balanced and providing notes of citrus and pine.  A malt forward IPA to keep you warm during the winter.

2) Woodrow 2018 w/ Raspberries Imperial Milk Stout Cask Conditioned (ABV 7.7%)
Big, dark, roasty and boozy imperial stout mellowed by lactose and then cask conditioned with a ton of raspberries added directly to the cask. A huge raspberry nose gives way to a great balance of sweet and tart flavors of coffee, dark chocolate, and raspberry.

3) Love is a Wee Heavy Scotch Ale (ABV 8.8%)
Classic Scotch Ale with rich, malty flavors; you would never know that it’s gluten reduced. This beer was brewed with 100% barley malt but then utilized an enzyme to break down and remove the gluten.  While this beer has been tested to below 10ppm gluten, we cannot guarantee it’s safety for people with severe gluten sensitivity.

4) C’est la Saison w/ Jamaican Peppercorns (ABV 7.0%)
A light malt bill and light hopping lets the spice notes in this winter saison take center stage.  We fermented this beer warmer to enhance the spiciness from the yeast and then added additional spice in the form of Jamaican peppercorns.

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery-Seattle

1) Christmas Truce Amber Lager (ABV 6% / IBU 25)

Deeply malty, subtly hopped, multilayered. Anglo phlegmatic meets Teutonic austere, kicks the ball around a bit, and ends up singing carols. A brief, joyful respite from the stupid fighting.

2) Cherry Tart Kettle Sour (ABV 6% / IBU 18)

Cherries. Tart.

Fremont Brewing-Seattle

1) Nitro Dark Star infused w/ Peppermint Hot Chocolate (ABV 8.0% / IBU 50)

Served on Nitro (and now available year-round!), Dark Star is a dark, mysterious yet silky oatmeal stout of grand proportions balanced by a firm hop handshake. Infused just for this festival with peppermint and hot chocolate…go ahead, enjoy the journey…Because Beer Journeys Matter!

2) Winter Ale (ABV 8.0% / IBU 60)

Winter Ale is dark like the weather with roast chocolate and warm malt flavors balanced by Noble hop aroma and subtle hoppy spice.

3) B-Bomb 2018 Barrel Aged Imperial Winter Ale (ABV 14.0% / IBU 65)

B-Bomb achieves distinct bourbon, oak, cacao, leather, toffee, and dark coffee notes from its extended barrel aging and barrel blending

4) Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star 2018 (ABV 13.6 % / IBU 50)
Roasted and chocolate malts complement the smooth oats to bring you a stout delight wrapped in the gentle embrace of bourbon barrel-aged warmth.

5) Lush India Pale Ale (ABV 7.0%  / IBU 80)

We bring this tropical treat to you as a gift from the Pacific Northwest. Lush is brewed with a hand-selected blend of malts and lush, tropical hops reminiscent of lime, mango, and guava.

6) Head Full of Dynomite v7 Hazy India Pale Ale (ABV 6.8% / IBU ACT)

Head Full of Dynomite (HFOD) is an ongoing series of hazy IPAs, each one different from the one before. This version is brewed with Mandarina Bavaria, Huell Melon and Strata hops, and a touch of lactose.

7) Mod Pod India Pale Ale (ABV 7.0% / IBU 60)

Mod Pod IPA has notes of tropical fruit and tangerine with an echo of malt sweetness and honors our three pods of Southern Resident Orca whales living full-time in the Puget Sound, the J, K, and L Pods. Currently numbering 78 whales, our whales are a treasure worthy of reflection and thought.

8) Heritage Wheat w/ Raspberries (ABV 6.0% / IBU 15)

Lightly sweet and slightly tart wheat ale brewed with raspberries.

9) Helles Lager (ABV 5.0% / IBU 25)

A light German-style pale lager with notes of honey, citrus, and clove.

10) Barrel Aged Rotator

Rotating selection of barrel aged beers including: Rusty Nail 2018, Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb 2018, Coco B-Bomb 2018, BBADS Spice Wars 2018, BBADS Coffee 2018. Check at our booth for release times.

Gallaghers’ Where-U-Brew-Edmonds

1) Snowmageddon Winter Ale (ABV 6.7% / IBU 53)

A slightly spiced, hoppy winter ale finished with cracked coriander and orange peel.

2) Bourbon Balls Stout (ABV 7.7% / IBU 20)

A smooth, dark stout brewed with cocoa and vanilla bean, then dry hopped with bourbon soaked oak chips.

3) Monk Trippel Beligian Ale (ABV 8.2% / IBU 20)

A smooth Belgian with golden color and sweet backbone.

Georgetown Brewing-Seattle

1) Barrel Aged 18# Porter (ABV 10.3%)

This imperial version of our 9lb Porter is aged six months in first use Heaven Hills bourbon barrels. Roasty, chocolately goodness, with bourbon and vanilla notes from barrel aging, make this a winter sipper sure to please.

2) Sunny Side Up Belgian-Style Strong Ale (ABV 8%)

Some of our Belgian-Style Strong Ale brewed in summer of 2016 was diverted and inoculated with a blend of Brettanomyces Bruxellensis and Brettanomyces Lambicus. Funky and tart, Sunnyside Up is light in body with notes of tart raspberry, horse blanket, vanilla and white grapes. Contains wheat.

Hale’s Ales Brewery-Seattle

1) Terry’s Chocolate Stout (ABV 11%)

A 2017 vintage barleywine barrel-aged in Woodinville Whiskey bourbon oak for 13 months, blended with a freshly crafted ink-black Imperial Stout and spiked with chocolate and orange.  Bliss.

2) Gingerbread El Dazzle Stout (ABV 7.1%)

This winter seasonal has a roasty and cold-brewed coffee-like flavor. Specially brewed with a gingerbread spice just for this festival.

3) Piney IPA (ABV 7.1%)

Featuring Chinook, Centennial, Cascade & Bravo hops, this is the 4th and final release of Hale’s 2018 Leary Way Limited IPA Series.  Pine and grapefruit herbal aromas with a mahogany-hued malt complexity.

4) Luchador Lager (ABV 3.8%)

The grain takes the forefront in this toasty lager brewed in the Vienna lager style.  With a subtle hop profile, a low ABV and easy drink-ability, Luchador Lager is a Winter Beer Fest go-to light beer.

Hellbent Brewing–Seattle

1) All Spruced Up Winter Ale (ABV 7.5% ABV / 32 IBU)

The newest winter beer from Hellbent Brewing Company is All Spruced Up Winter Ale.  Brewed in the style of a traditional winter beer, it’s dark amber in color with brown hues yet has a mild malty richness.  The hops Citra, Chinook, and Cascade along with fresh Spruce tips add a citrus floral and “candy-like” aroma. As with most winter beers the alcohol content is high at 7.5%.
2) Warm Fuzzies Ale (ABV 8.8% / IBU 28)

Our Peach Cobbler inspired ale is a strong, copper-colored ale brewed with over half a ton of peach purée and a touch of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. It’s lightly hopped, slightly sweet, and fully loaded at 8.8% ABV to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy all winter long.

Icicle Brewing–Leavenworth

Delicate dark chocolate with a whisper of coconut… You know you want it, go ahead and indulge. You can finally have German Chocolate Cake and drink it too. There’s no need to be nervous, it’s just wickedly deep and full of flavor and desire.
2) THE DARKEST PERSUASION *limited quantity for each session* (ABV 9.5% / IBU 27)
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any darker, we’ve added another layer to this German Chocolate cake in a glass.  Aged for 6 months in French oak barrels previously containing Cabernet Sauvignon, this is a big slice of heck yeah!
Finally, a beer that pays homage to the hard workers in our Valley. The trail crews and farmers, the lumberjacks and firefighters, we brew this for you! With these folk in mind, we’ve created an Amber Lager that features a smooth, medium body, with a rich toasted malt aroma. Dirtyface’s initial malty sweetness finishes fresh and clean… unlike its name. No need to wash up, just wash down.
You can’t deny the value of a cruiser bike’s kickstand. We put that same undeniable value into our newest beer, Kickstand Citra Pale. It’s a highly drinkable Pale Ale packed with citrus flavors and aromas. The beer stands firmly on a foundation of Warrior Hops for a pleasantly bitter base and then cruises to its destination on the cone-tails of the NW favorite Citra hop. Kick back against the bar, put your elbow on the table just as you were told not to do and enjoy our easy drinking ode to the little piece of metal that keeps your cruiser classy.
5) BOOTJACK IPA (ABV 6.5% / IBU 64)
This ‘Northwest Classic’ is a harmonious blend of our pride and our passion inspired by the rugged and gentle terrain of the Cascade Mountains. Starting with the pristine waters of Icicle Creek, we add the intense flavors and aromas of our locally grown Yakima hops, pairing the citrusy floral hop notes with a sweet-malty undertone. It’s an IPA that’s breaking the barrier between bitter and bold.

Jellyfish Brewing–Seattle

1) Holiday Fix Winterfruit IPA (ABV 8.1% / IBU 86)

This Winterfruit IPA is big, bright and vibrant with additions of blood oranges, cranberries and apples.

2) Cannonball Oatmeal Porter (ABV 6.2% / IBU 33)

Flaked oats contribute to a very silky mouthfeel in this robust Oatmeal Porter.

Kulshan Brewing–Bellingham

1) Kitten Mittens Winter Ale (ABV 8% / IBU 35)

This rich, medium bodied beer elicits nuances of chocolate, dates, and figs. Balanced bitterness and playful hop aroma fit like a mitten.

2) Heliotrope IPA (ABV 7% / IBU 74)

This is a fruit forward IPA, with a focus on citrus and tropic fruits. You’ll notice a little berry with a pleasant pine finish that leaves a dry linger for more. It’s the IPA we’ve been missing in our lineup so come give it a try!

Lake Stevens Brewing-Lake Stevens

1) Sh*tter’s Full Creme Brulee Milk Stout (ABV 7.2% / IBU 31)
Brown sugar & vanilla extract, merry with lactose and roasted grains to help keep you in good spirits when cousin Eddy arrives for the holidays.

2) Coffee Porter (ABV 6% / IBU 31)

A robust porter with the addition of Fidalgo Bay Organic Italian Blend (notes of dark cherry and chocolate).

3) Lakeside Blonde Ale (ABV 4.8% / IBU 15)

Vienna malt and like flaked corn make like totally light everyday drinking brew. Citra hops keep it fresh and interesting. It’s like so fetch.

4) Big Dock IPA (ABV 6.4% / IBU 55)
Simcoe and Mosaic hops craft a lengthy experience for your palette. Notes of citrus, grapefruit and stone fruit will satisfy any hophead.

Lucky Envelope Brewing–Seattle

1) Peanut Butter Cream Stout (ABV 6.0% / IBU 34)

Our silky-smooth Cream Stout brewed with real peanut butter makes for a delightful combination of chocolatey and peanut buttery goodness.

2) Raspberry Sour (ABV 5.7% / IBU 7)

Juicy red raspberries blend beautifully with the bright lactic acidity of the kettle-soured base for a delicious and refreshing beer. The Raspberry Sour pours with a beautiful pink hue and greets you with a bouquet of ripe fruit and crisp tartness.

Mac and Jack’s Brewery-Redmond

1) Jitterbug Coffee Porter

2) Maxx Imperial Stout

3) Basketcase Double IPA

McMenamins Breweries-Bothell

1) Big Timber Winter Ale (ABV 7% / IBU 16)

This strong Brown Ale has a huge malt body with great toffee sweetness that’ll warm your soul, even when the weather won’t!
2) Kris Kringle 2018 (ABV 6.84% / IBU 81)

Just in time for the holidays, the McMenamins Brewers have created another gift for your tastebuds! This year’s winter warmer is a hearty and robust ale with a big and bold malt complexity. Toasty, caramel and fig flavors make up its sturdy foundation while two hop varieties added in five different additions deliver magnificent and intense hop flavor and aroma. Happy holidays!

3) Cyber Monday Porter (ABV 5.42% / IBU 6)

Just in time for the holiday season, this Robust Porter has a base full of chocolate notes, with a pleasant touch of cinnamon.

Mollusk Brewing-Seattle

1) Eggnogenweizen (ABV 4.5% / IBU 10)

Eggnog wheat beer. Using a traditional Bavarian Hefe-Weizen as the base, this beer makes the holiday classic a crushable delight. Contains diary and eggs.

2) Fruitcake Bock (ABV 8.9% / IBU 15)

A big malty bock brewed with everyone’s favorite winter cake. Rich and hearty with notes of dried fruit, rum, subtle spices and a big lush sweet finish.

No-Li Brewhouse-Spokane

1) Salted Caramel Porter
Nutty, Malty ale with salted caramel notes creating a sweet and delicious, drinkable ale.
2) Barrel aged
This year, No-Li is digging deep in the barrel cellar to bring you a variety of one-of-a-kind brews. Gin, oak, red wine and tequila barrels are all on the VIP list. You’ll have to wait and see who joins the party.
3) Peanut Butter Grind
Creamy roasted peanuts and rich milk chocolate both said “I do” when they came together for this holy matrimony. It is going to be one hell of a wedding reception so raise your glass and say cheers!

Old Stove Brewing-Seattle

1) Collusion Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout (ABV 11%)

2) A Tasty IPA

Optimism Brewing-Seattle

1) Sweater Weather – Hoppy Brown Ale (ABV 5.9%)

The beer we made to honor our favorite season of the year. If you like IPA’s, you’ll enjoy curling up with this brown one.

2) Bier Bier – Cozy Belgian Ale (ABV 7.0%)

A cozy beer that’s a tad sweet with dried dark fruit flavors, like drinking a beer Old Fashioned. A Belgian-style beer that is double the fun.

3) Ale X – Strong Ale (ABV 10.0%)

A strong, sipping beer with heavy notes of dark caramel and toffee. Balanced, with a long-lasting finish.

4) Bourbon Barrel-Aged … Before the Dawn – Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout (ABV 9.4%)

We took our big complex imperial stout and gave it a soak in bourbon and rye barrels. The wee hours are richer than ever.

Pike Brewing-Seattle

1) Cask Conditioned Pike Pils (ABV 4.0% / IBU 25)

Zesty, bright and refreshing Pilsner.

2) Cask Conditioned Pike Wood Aged Kilt Lifter (ABV 8.5% / IBU 30)

Aged in Dry Fly Whiskey Barrels for 6 months. Smooth, rich, caramel, malty.

3) Pike Douglas IPA (ABV 7.2% / IBU 60)

Light body with pine notes.

4) Pike 2015 Vintage Old Bawdy Barleywine (ABV 9.9% / IBU 70)

Fruity and rich with more of everything: malt, hops, yeast, and hearty flavor.

Postdoc Brewing-Redmond

1) L.A.B Partner with Cranberry (ABV 4.8% / IBU 20)

We picked cranberry for this version of our L.A.B. Partner fruit gose.  Pinkish beer with a light frothy head and aromas of cranberries.  Tart and juicy with a hint of funk.  Sight salinity from Jacobsen hand harvested sea salt.  Finishes with a lingering breadiness of fresh sourdough and canned cranberries.

2) Element of Surprise (ABV 12.3% / IBU 34)

Belgian Tripel aged in oak with coriander. Dark golden with a creamy white head. Honey aroma with complex spicy notes reminiscent of pepper and clove. Light fruity-esters of orange and lemon are complimented by the citrusy flavors of the coriander. A slight honey-like sweetness culminates in a warming finish.

3) Peppermint Mocha Porter (ABV 5.2% / IBU 28)

Like a candy cane dipped in chocolate, but in liquid form.

4) Bourbon Barrel Aged Demon Star Imperial Stout 2018 (ABV 10.7% / IBU 66.6) (FRI ONLY)

Aged in JP Trodden bourbon barrels. Aromas and flavors of vanilla, oak, cherries, chocolate, bourbon, fruit, plums, and cocoa powder.

5) Port/Whiskey Barrel Aged Demon Star Imperial Stout 2018 (ABV 11.4% / IBU 66.6) (SAT Afternoon Only)

Aged in Woodinville Whiskey Barrels that had previously been used to age port wine by Patterson Cellars. Aromas and flavors of cherries, whiskey, vanilla, oak, chocolate, fruits, plums, cocoa powder, and wood with a slight port finish.

6) Double Barrel Demon Star Imperial Stout 2018 (ABV 13.7% / IBU 66.6) (SAT Evening Only)

Aged in two different barrels for a total of 20 months. It first spent 12 months in Heaven Hills Bourbon Barrels, then spent 8 months in Woodinville Whiskey Barrels that had previously been used to age port wine by Patterson Cellars. Aromas and flavors of chocolate, dried stone fruit like cherries and plums, vanilla, chocolate, oak, whiskey, coffee, chocolate truffle, cocoa, slight booze, and more chocolate.

Rainy Daze Brewing- Poulsbo

1) Holiday Bazaar (ABV 10.6% / IBU 15)
Golden Strong with the addition of Orange Zest, Juniper Berries, Coriander, Grains of Paradise and Szechuan Pepper corns.

2) Frosty Chairlift (ABV 6.9% / IBU 60)
A NW Hoppy Winter Ale, A dark copper hue with subtle roast character. Hopped with Northern Brewer, Chinook and Golding Hops

3) Only The Tip Double IPA (ABV 9.1% / IBU 80)
This Big IPA boasts hints of Pine, Citrus and berries. Mosaic, Citra, Cascade Hops along with Spruce Tips.
4) Pilsner (ABV 4.7% / IBU 17)
A true Czech Style Pilsner

Ram Restaurant & Brewery-Seattle

1) Mallrat Malt Liquor (ABV 8.0%)

Perfect for passing time as you celebrate the holidays loitering at your local mall.

2) Juicy Lawless (ABV 7.5%)

Juicy IPA with pronounces tangerine, clementine & mandarin notes.

3) Udder Chaos (ABV 9.0%)

2018 Bronze medal GABF – Imperial Milk Stout infused with Lighthouse roasters coffee.

Redhook Brewery-Seattle

1) Winterhook

Meet this year’s Winterhook! This hoppy dark lager combines the hops of a dank IPA, the malt of a brown ale, and the yeast profile of a bock. Plain and simple – this is how a winter beer should taste.

2) Everywhere I Go (Multigrain Schwartzbier)

No Barley, No Problem! Hoppy Schwartzbier brewed from Wheat, Rye and Triticale malts. This bold dark lager has a dark brown, bordering on black hue with roasted toffee and cocoa aroma. The flavor of roasted malt is complimented with caramel and baker’s chocolate and a mouthfeel of thick body and bold bitterness.

3) Washington Native VII

This beer is Washington. Round 7 of our 100% Washington sourced IPA series pays tribute to the hop that rose with the microbrewery movement, Cascade. Paired with Centennial and Bravo all sourced from Roy Farms in Moxie, WA and on top of Copeland Pale and BruMalt from Skagit Valley Malting in Burlington, WA. Dark orange and slightly cloudy in color with an aroma of citrus, grapefruit, and orange blossom. The mouthfeel is crisp, bitter, and smooth, tasting of grapefruit, pine, and honey.

Rooftop Brewing-Seattle

1) Up On the Rooftop Holiday Ale (ABV 6.3% / IBU 14)

Holiday flavor that goes down just as smoothly in July as it did in December. Full of orange, ginger, cinnamon, honey and Love!

2) Tank Ride Russian Imperial Swirl (ABV 8.6% / IBU 40)

The Tank Ride infused with cocao nibs and a vanilla bean on Nitro. It is like your favorite beer and your favorite soft serve in one.

3) American Mosaic IPA FIRKIN (ABV 7.5% / IBU 48)- Saturday Only

We like to celebrate the Mosaic of human existence that lives in the good old US of A. What better way than an IPA featuring Mosaic Hops. Combining citrus with berry, Mosaics are among the most sought-after aroma/finishing hops around for good reason.

Salish Sea Brewing-Edmonds

1) Blizzak! (ABV 8.2% / IBU 17)

Fresh for winter 2018/19. An Imperial Red Ale / Winter warmer. Robust flavor from a base of English malt, bountiful in Carmel malts, roasted  barley, and cinnamon. Finished with fresh cascade hops.

2) Harvest Pale (ABV 4.2% / IBU 45)

A fresh and ligh pale ale.  Presents with a bright golden color and fruity and floral finish from Saaz and Hallertau hops.

Silver City Brewery-Bremerton

1) Wonderland Winter Lager (ABV 7%)

2) Old Scrooge Christmas Ale (ABV 8.5%)

3) Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Scrooge (ABV 9.2%)

4) Bourbon Barrel Nutcracker Belgian Spiced Brown Ale (ABV 9.9%)

Slaughter County Brewing-Port Orchard

1) Krampusnacht Spiced Imperial Pilsner (ABV 9%)

Brewed as an imperial pilsner, infused with orange zest, cinnamon, and tea.  Something for the naughty boys and girls.

2) Skill Shot Amber (ABV 6.2%)

Northwest style amber. Malty with a balanced hop presence.  A solid, drinkable ale.

Snoqualmie Falls Brewery-Snoqualmie

1) Bitter Orange Axe Men (ABV 7.5% / IBU 20)

The brewers decided to get a little creative and crazy and spiked our malt forward and over the top Axe Men Red Ale with over a half pound of fresh Bitter Orange Peel per keg and then aged it for a full month.  This exceptionally smooth beer with a very silky mouthfeel now has some tartness, the flavor of orange rind, tang, and an overall bittersweet flavor.

2) Dry Hopped Avalanche Winter Ale (ABV 6.8% / IBU 48)

Our brewers got a bunch of Chinook hops and used them to dry hop a keg of our Winter ale.  Aged for a full month, the dry-hopping contributes herbal, piney, grapefruit flavors and earthy and profile that rounds it out.

Standard Brewing-Seattle

1) West Coast IPA

2) True Neutral Pilsner

3) Earl Biere de Garde

4) Good Space Guy Juicy Pale

Stoup Brewing-Seattle

1) Winter Warmer (ABV 7.5% / IBU 30)

A full-bodied winter treat in the English tradition. This well balanced beer is loaded with rich layers of malt that are first evident in the aromas and follow through on the palate.

2) Shapka Bourbon Barrel aged Imperial Stout (ABV 10.8% / IBU 90)

A big, bold, roasty stout brewed with generous amounts of English crystal malt and roasted barley. Aggressively hopped yet balanced with malt sweetness and a full-bodied mouthfeel. Aged for 1o months in 12 year old Elijah Craig bourbon barrels smooths out the rough edges and contributes notes of wood, bourbon, chocolate and vanilla.

3) Both sides of the Pillow Double IPA (ABV 8.0% / IBU 80)

This double IPA is  bittered with Warrior Resinate and with Dry hopped with copious amounts of Citra and Simcoe T90 and Cryo pellets.  This combination creates a smooth floral and citrus aroma along with notes of passion fruit, pine and a little berry.

Sumerian Brewing-Woodinville

1) Scotch Ale (ABV 7% / IBU 25)

Scotch Ales traditionally go through a long boil in the kettle for a caramelization of the wort. This produces a deep copper to brown colored beer. Our classic Scotch Ale is, malty, has rich caramel notes, with a light sweet finish.

2) Narcissism (ABV 6% / IBU 66)

Our hop driven West Coast style IPA, uses 6 hops, but the main players is loads of Equinox & Mosaic that create a dense, dank, piney
aromatics with hints of pineapple and citrus peel on the finish.

Triplehorn Brewing-Woodinville

1) Incinerator (ABV 9.3% / IBU 23)

Holiday lager will a big malt backbone of caramel, biscuit and a hint of toasty fruits

2) Oatstanding Xmas Porter Randall with Candy Cane (ABV 6% / IBU 34)

The oatmeal in this chocolate porter lends a rich frothy foam, bursting with roasted aromas, giving way to rich, smooth chocolate on the palate. This Porter is randalled with Candy Canes to give a Chirstmas Twist.

2) WassHop

A light bright Fresh Hop IPA with notes of funky grapefruit! For this beer we used 200lbs of fresh Azacca cones from Roy Farms in Moxee, WA.

Watts Brewing-Bothell

1) Solitary Series: Winter 2018 (ABV 8.5%)

The Solitary Series is our line of special release strong ales.  This year’s winter’s masterpiece is an imperial brown ale, an 8.5% ABV beer that shares the rich, toffee sweetness of a traditional English barleywine and the toasted malt notes of a brown ale.

2) The Leafcutter (ABV 5.1%)

A crisp, pale beer inspired by the ales of Koln, Germany.  We took the precision of this classic German style and adapted it to the American palate with PNW hops, producing a beer of surprising depth and nuance for such a refreshing style.

3) Xylocopa (ABV 6.2%)

An intense, pitch-black stout with bold coffee- and dark cocoa-like flavors from the dark roasted malts. This beer takes it’s name from the jet-black carpenter bees, genus Xylocopa.

Wet Coast Brewing-Gig Harbor

1) Fixed the Newel Post (ABV 7.6% / IBU 72)

Imperial India Red Ale; Fixed the Newel Post! hits you with the resinous pine and juicy citrus flavors and aromas of Eureka! hops. While Caramel Steam and Crystal Rye malts add the perfect amount of sticky-red-sweetness…Tis the Season to be Merry!

2) Dark Ale Infused w/ Holiday Cheer

We take one of our delicious seasonal dark ales and infuse it with “Holiday Cheer”, utilizing a Randall with specially selected candy bark from Gig Harbor Candy Company. Cheers to the Holidays!

3) Sneak Thief Milk Stout (ABV 5.2% / IBU 28)

Sweet Stout (with lactose); Our Milk Stout holds nothing back. We combine all the necessities, Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt and Flaked Barley. Afterwards we add a serious dose of lactose (milk sugar) which give this stout it’s silky sweet finish.

4) Moving Day IPA (ABV 6.4% / IBU 55)

Moving Day IPA is packed with resinous/citrus/tropical flavors and aromas thanks to 4 different hop varieties and is balanced by its solid malt bill featuring Munich and Crystal malts.

Whitewall Brewing-Marysville

1) Wonderland Winter Ale (ABV 6.2% / IBU 37)

2) Sham Pain Brut IPA (ABV 5.6% / IBU 21)