Seasonal beer releases abound at Lucky Envelope Brewing

Lucky Envelope Brewing Gingerbread.

Seattle’s Lucky Envelope Brewing is poised to release four new seasonal beers over the next two weeks. One is a draft-only product while the others are available on draft and in cans. One of the beers is already on tap at the brewery’s taproom in Ballard. None of them are your run-of-the-mill, expected styles of beer; rather, they are creative offerings to excite your palate. Here is all the release info from the brewery.


Beer: Xocolatl Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout (12% ABV)

Availability: Saturday, November 6th Release On Draft Only




Description: This beer is inspired by the ancient Mesoamerican bitter drinking chocolate made from crushed cocoa beans. Our Xocolatl Imperial Stout features the decadent, deep cocoa flavors of our whiskey barrel-aged Imperial Stout infused with green chilis and a touch of cinnamon for a unique intensity.

Lucky Envelope brewing Xocolatl.

Beer: Buddha’s Hand Citron IPA (6.6% ABV)

Availability: Wednesday, November 10th Release in 4-Pack Cans ($17) *Draft Currently Available*

Description: Available for a limited window in late fall, zest from this uniquely shaped fruit is brewed into this seasonal West Coast ENIAC IPA. Buddha’s Hand Citron is used widely in East Asian cuisine and as ornamental decoration in Chinese households during New Year celebrations. The fragrant, juiceless fruit imparts botanical notes and intense flavors reminiscent of fresh cut lemon and crushed lemon candies.


Lucky Envelope Brewing Buddha's Hand.

Beer: Světlý Ležák 12º Czech Pilsner (4.8% ABV)

Availability: Wednesday, November 10th Release On Draft and 4-Packs Cans ($17)

Description: Světlý Ležák 12° was brewed in reverence to the original pilsner, using traditional floor-malted Bohemian pilsner and hopped with herbaceous Saaz throughout the boil. Seattle water closely mimics the beautifully soft water of Plzeň which produces a rounder mouthfeel than traditional German pilsners. Světlý Ležák directly translates to “light lager” and 12° (degrees plato) indicates the strength of the beer. We are privileged to collaborate on the design and production of this Czech-inspired Pilsner with all-knowing lager expert (and BFF!) Annie Johnson. Her insight and knowledge of everything beer has been instrumental in Co-Founder Barry’s development as a brewer.

Lucky Envelope Brewing Svetly can.

Beer: Gingerbread Cream Stout (6% ABV)

Availability: Wednesday, November 17th Release On Draft and 4-Pack Cans ($16)

Description: Forget cookies, Santa will want a pint of this sweet, spice-filled Gingerbread Cream Stout on Christmas Eve. Our rich, roasty cream stout base was brewed with gingerbread spices, vanilla, lactose, and real blackstrap molasses to create this quintessential holiday treat.

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