Washington Brewers Festival – The list of beers


This year the 10th Annual Washington Brewers Festival offers nearly 500 beers from 105 breweries. It actually averages out to about 4.5 different beers per brewery, but some breweries are bringing as many as 15. However you split the pitcher, it’s a lot of beers. We provide the complete list of breweries and beers below.

The event takes place Friday, June 19 thru Sunday, June 21 at Marymoor Park in Redmond. Friday night is for grownups only (21+) and the participating breweries plan to bring special, small-batch, and uncommon brews for your enjoyment, which are marked below as (Fri). Also, you save $5 on your ticket price on Friday.

four_on_the_floor-feedback-An added bonus, Friday night the festival will be rockin’ it old school with live music provided by Four on the Floor (6:00) and Spike and the Impalers (7:30). The former is my band, the latter is the Northwest’s premier classic rock tribute band. Yes, it’s true: in addition to writing about beer I sing and play guitar in a classic rock cover band.

Admission is $25 on Friday (in advance or at the gate). Saturday or Sunday it’s $25 in advance at ticket outlets, $30 online or at the door. Having a pre-purchased ticket will get you express entry. Minors are admitted for free but must be accompanied by an over 21 adult.



















For tickets and more information, visit the official event website at














The List of Breweries and Beers:


192 Brewing -Kenmore
Shticky Blonde Ale (6.75% ABV)
‘Nilla Stout (5%)
Lake Trail Pale Ale (4.4%)
(FRI) Granny’s Apple Ale (11%)

7 Seas Brewing-Gig Harbor
Rude Parrot IPA (5.9%)
Depth Finder India Red Ale (5.9%)
Life Jacket Session IPA (4.8%)











American Brewing –Edmonds
Courage Orange Wheat Ale (5%)
American Summer Saison
Power Play Imperial IPA (8%)

Anacortes Brewery-Anacortes
Whistle Lake Weizen (4.6% ABV)
Locomotive Breath Imperial Stout (8.5% ABV)
India Pale Ale (6.1% ABV)
Cask IPA (6.1%)
(FRI) NorWA Collaboration Lager

Ashtown Brewing-Longview
The Truman-NW Imperial Stout (11%)
Citronic Citra Pale Ale (5.3%)
Bridge Bender IPA – India Pale Ale (7.5%)
Dark May Cascadian Dark Ale (Black IPA) (8.5%)

Aslan Brewing -Bellingham
Organic Batch 15 IPA (7%)
Organic Dawn Patrol Pacific Ale (5.3%)
Organic Ginger Rye (5.3%)
(FRI) Organic Head of Security Sour Brindle

Backwoods Brewing-Carson
Logyard IPA (6.7%)
Blueberry Wheat (5.2%)
Clear Cut Pale Ale (5.8%)
(FRI) Double Cutt Imperial IPA (8.5%)

Bad Jimmys Brewing-Seattle
Blood Orange and Honey Wheat (6.7%)
IPA (8.2%)

Bainbridge Island Brewing-Bainbridge Island
Eagle Harbor IPA (6%)
Kommuter Kolsch (5%)
Downrigger Double IPA (8%)
Rotating Tap

Bale Breaker Brewing -Yakima
Raging Ditch Dry-Hopped Blonde Ale (5.3%)
Bottomcutter IIPA (8.2%)
Topcutter IPA (6.8%)

Bellevue Brewing-Bellevue
Rye IPA (6.2%)
Scotch Ale (7.7%)
Cascadian Dark Ale (Black IPA) (8.2%)
(FRI) Cask of Pineapple Infused IPA (7.2%)
(FRI) Cask of Mango IPA (7.2%)

Big Al Brewing-Seattle
Brewer’s Choice
Brewer’s Choice
Brewer’s Choice

Big Time Brewing -Seattle
Icculus IPA (5.8%)
Prime Time Pale Ale (4.5%)
Bourbon Breakfast Cereal Killer (8.5%)
Rotating Cask

Black Raven Brewing -Redmond
Beaktweaker Citrus IPA
Diamond Tail Double Wit
Kitty Kat Blues
Hochzeit Pilsner
(FRI) Great Grandfather Raven Imperial Stout

Blue Lightning Brew-Woodinville
Scotchy Scotch Scotch Scotch Ale (7.2%)
3rd Base Imperial IPA (8%)
Papa Gay Gay IPA ABV (6.9%)

Boundary Bay Brewery-Bellingham
Steady as She Gose Wheat Sour (3.8%)
Cedar Dust IPA (6.5%)
Dubbel (8%)
Pilsner (5%)

Brickyard Brewing-Woodinville
(FRI) Bourbon Aged Masonry Oatmeal Stout (6.8%)
(FRI) Trail Marker IPA (7.2% ABV)
(FRI) Concrete Blond Ale (5.0%)
(SAT & SUN) Trail Marker IPA (7.2%)
(SAT & SUN) Masonry Oatmeal Stout (6.8%)
(SAT & SUN) Rotating Tap
(SAT & SUN) SW Hatch Green Chili Blond Ale (5%)

Bushnell Craft Brewing -Redmond
Dirty Shirley Blonde Ale (5.6%)
Crackback IPA (7.3%)
Bofuss Amber Ale (5.2%
Dunkadelic Milk Stout

Chuckanut Brewery-Bellingham
Devil’s Little Nut Lager (3.7%)
Vienna Lager!

Counterbalance Brewing-Seattle
Summer Wheat Ale (5.6%)
Counterbalance IPA (6.1%)
Kushetka Russian Imperial Stout (8.9%)

Der Blokken Brewery-Bremerton
Russian Overcoat Imperial Stout (8.5%)
Hessian Session IPA (5.2%)
13 Mile Lager (6.2%)
Sacred Hop Double IPA (8%)

Diamond Knot Craft Brewing-Mukilteo
Industrial IPA (7.3%)
Rye Knot (6.8%)
Imperial Chocolate Vanilla Oatmeal Stout *NITRO (8%)
(FRI) Abe Lincoln Lemon Ale (5.5%)
Rotating Tap
20th Anniversary Ale
Industrial Red
Barrel Aged Industrial Ho!Ho!
Cask on Saturday and Sunday: TBD

Dick’s Brewing-Centralia
Dick Danger Ale-American Black Ale (5.2%)
The Buck Session IPA
(Sat & Sun) Raspberry Tripel-Belgian Style Tripel (8%)
(Fri) Imperial IPA (8.2%)

Dirty Bucket Brewing-Woodinville
Sicyne IPA (6.5%)
Hefen Pineapple (5%)
Irish Apricot Ale (6% ABV)
Hot n’ Dirty Chili Pepper Ale (6.5%)
Doomsday Brewing-Washougal
Nuclear IPA (7%)
Redemption Red Ale (6.5%)

Dru Bru Taproom & Brewery-Snoqualmie Pass
Hop Session (4.7%)
Wit Belgian Wheat Ale (4.3%)
(FRI) Alt German Copper Ale (4.9%)

Duvall Springs Brewing-Duvall
Belgian IPA (8%)
Centennial IPA (7%)
Burn Ban Porter (6%)
Triple IPA (9.3%)

E9 Brewery -Tacoma
Nameless Double IPA (8%)
Rowdy & Dick Amber
Belgian White
Ferme Agrume Brett Saison #3
Wild Tacoma #2 Wild Ale

Elliott Bay Brewing–Burien/Seattle
Grapefruit IPA (West Seattle)
Berliner Weisse (Lake City) (3%)
Vietnamese Coffee Stout (Burien) (6.5%)
Nordic Saison (Burien) (5.75%)

Elysian Brewing-Seattle
Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale (5.4%)
Space Dust IPA (8.2%)
Dayglow IPA (6.5%)
Hot Tropic Pineapple Habanero Sour
The Dread Imperial Stout (9.6%)
Huckleberry Sour (2.8%)

Everybody’s Brewing-White Salmon
Country Boy IPA (6.2%)
Local Logger Lager
(FRI)Tiny Tank Series TBA

Fish Brewing-Olympia
Beyond the Pale Ale (5.0%)
Leavenworth Blackbird Island Hopfenweizen (6.1%)
Hodgson’s Double IPA (9.9%)
Chocolate & Coffee Imperial Saison (7.0%)

Flycaster Brewing-Kirkland
Rocky Ford IPA (8%)
Hopper Pale Ale (6%)

Foggy Noggin Brewing-Bothell
Rufus (English IPA)
Kastrated Dawg (English Strong Ale)
(SAT) 2015 Anniversary Ale (English Old Ale)
(SUN) Big Chief (Imperial Irish Red Ale)

Fremont Brewing-Seattle
Summer Ale Radler (5.2%)
Interurban IPA Pina Colada (6.2%)
Cantaloupe Boat Pilsner through Randall of Cataloupe (4.8%)
The Sister Imperial IPA (8.5%)
Summer Ale (5.2%)
Friday Night Rotating Tap:
4pm: Gin Barrel Aged Rye Saison
6pm: BBA Dark Star Coffee Edition (special Friday night only beer)
8pm: Bourbon Abominable
Saturday Rotating Tap:
1pm: Bourbon Abominable
3pm: Gin Barrel Aged Rye Saison
5pm: BBA Dark Star
7pm: First Nail
Sunday Rotating Tap:
11am: Gin Barrel Aged Rye Saison
1pm: Bourbon Abominable
3pm: BBA Dark Star

Gallaghers Where U Brew-Edmonds
The Monk Tripple
Dusty the Space Hop IPA (7%)
Two Hens Down Black IPA
(FRI) Cole Train Irish Whisky Stout.

Geaux Brewing-Bellevue
(FRI) Bourbon Barrel-aged Wee Y’at Scotch Ale (9%)
(FRI) Ragin’ Cajun (Double IPA) 8.6% ABV
(FRI) Vanilla Mint Chai-infused Poydras Robust Porter (6.5%)
(SAT) Pirates Alley (Pale Ale) (4.5%)
(SAT) Camellia White/Belgian IPA (5.7%)
(SAT) Au Lait Imperial Oatmeal Milk Stout with Coffee & Chicory (7.5%)
(SUN) Big Easy Collaboration Imperial Stout (9%)
(SUN) Lafitte Rye & Wheat Ale (5%)
(SUN) Wee Y’att Scotch Ale (7.9%)
Tremé IPA (6.9%)

Georgetown Brewing-Seattle
Manny’s Pale Ale (5.4%)
Lucille IPA (7%)
Barrel Aged Chopper’s Red Ale (6.3%)
Oharov Strong Stout (8.3%)
Craigalicious Lager (5%)
Gooch Cold Fermented Ale (5%)
L.A. Woman Ale (5.2%)
Cousin Eddie IPA (6.5%)
Johnny Utah Citra Pale Ale (5.6%)
Bodhizafa IPA (6.9%)
Warchild IPA (6.2%)

Ghostfish Brewing -Seattle
Watchstander Stout (5.2%)
Vanishing Point Pale Ale (4.7%)
Shrouded Summit Witbier (4%)

Hale’s Ales Brewery-Seattle
Cream Ale (5.1%)
Nitro Supergoose IPA (6.9%)
Shed Stout (8.2%)
Bill’sner Pilsner (5.1%)

Harmon Brewing-Tacoma
One Hop Wonder IPA (7.3%)
Creamsicle Pale Ale (4.4%)
T-Town Mt. Takhoma Blonde Shandy (4.4%)

Hellbent Brewing-Seattle
Spring Golden Ale (5.4%)
Red Ale (5.3%)
IPA (6.5%)
Jasmine Wheat

Hi-Fi Brewing-Redmond
Sitar IPA (5.8%)
Tweeter Pilsner (5.4%)
Peanut Butter Wolf Brown Ale (6.4%)
Woofer Porter (6.7%)
(FRI) Diablo in Disguise Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Hilliard’s Beer-SEATTLE
BoomBox IPA (6.5%)
Saison (6.6%)

Hood Canal Brewery-Kingston
Mt. Walker Wheat Ale (4%)
Hood’s Head Smoked Amber (5.5%)
Dabob Bay IPA (6%)
Big Beef Oatmeal Stout (5%)

Iron Goat Brewing-Spokane
Impaler Imperial IPA (8.5%)
Headbutt IPA (6.7%)
Trashy Blonde (5%)
Garbage Pale Ale (5.2%)
Goatmeal Stout Oatmeal Stout (5.6%)
Blackberry Apricot Sour (6.5%)
Dryfly Whiskey Barrel aged Cap’n Kidd Scotch (8.5%)
Dryfly Whiskey Barrel aged Goatnik Russian Imperial Stout (12%)
12% ABV 72 IBU
(FRI) Dryfly Whiskey Barrel aged Punkid Pumpkin Ale (8.2% ABV)
(FRI) Farmhouse French Saison (6.2%)

Iron Horse Brewery-Ellensburg
High Five Hefe (6%)
Farmlandia (6%)
Dry-hopped, tongue-friendly, danktastic. 6.0% ABV, 5

Island Hoppin’ Brewery-Eastsound
Elwha Rock IPA (6.2%)
Old Madrona Dry Hopped Red Ale (8%)
K Pod Kolsch (5.2%)
Soccer Dad Saison (9.2%)
(FRI)”Twisted Root” Whisky Barrel Aged Old Madrona Red Ale (9.2%)

Justice Brewing-Everett
White And Nerd Belgian Wit (6%)
13 Questions Single Hop Pale Ale (5%)
Rotating Tap
(FRI) Experience Everett Imperial Coffee Porter (8%)

Kulshan Brewing-Bellingham
Dude Man Wheat Ale (4.9%)
Full 90 Session Ale (4.2%)):
Red Cap Red Ale (5.25%)
Bastard Kat IPA (6.66%))
Transporter Porter (5.1%)
Saison Du Kulshan (3.9%)
Russian Imperial Stout (9.5%)

Lantern Brewing-Seattle
Kriekenwit Belgian Wheat Beer w/Cherries (4.5%)
Bonneville Belgian Pale (7%)
Wallonia Saison (4.8%)

Lazy Boy Brewing-Everett
9th Anniversary IPA (6.7 %)
Belgian Stout (7.9%)

Loowit Brewing-Vancouver
Shadow Ninja IPA (7.2%)
2)Storm Shadow Imperial IPA (9%)
3)Vandalia Summer Ale (4.2%)

Lowercase Brewing-Seattle
iPA (6.2%)
eSB (5.7%)
bROWN (5.2%)
pALE (5%)
(FRI) Honey Wheat Summer Seasonal (5%)

Mac & Jack’s Brewing -Redmond
Ibis IPA (7%)
Maxx Stout
Serengeti Wheat.
African Amber (7%)
(FRI) Saison 7.0% ABV

Copper Moon Pale Ale (5%)
Monkeywrench (7.75%)
(FRI) Whiskey Barrel Aged Terminator Stout (6.5%)

Middleton Brewing-Everett
14 Steps Peanutbutter/Chocolate Oatmeal Stout (7.3%)
That’s my Jam! (Strawberry American Wheat (4.2%)
Double Tapered Coconut Brown Ale (5.7%)
(FRI) Mierda Fuego Jalapeno Pale Ale (5%)

Naked City Brewery-Seattle
Yankee Drifter Summer Ale (5%)
2)Orange Blossom Special IPA (5%)
No-Li Brewhouse-Spokane
Spokane-Style Irish Coffee (6.5% ABV)!
Refueler Wheat Whiskey Barrel Age Red Ale (5.8% ABV)
Defacto Barrel Aged Black IPA (9% ABV)
Brass Monkey Orange Peel Malt Liquor (8% ABV)

North Jetty Brewing-Seaview
Simquinox Hopped Up Dark Ale (6%)
Starvation Alley Weissbier (4.6%)

North Sound Brewing-Mount Vernon
Cask conditioned Mango Infused Hopsolute IPA (6.6%)
Coconut/Hazelnut Goosetown Brown Ale on nitro (7.2%)
Barrel Aged with Big Gin botanicals Pearl’s Pale Ale (5.6%)

Northwest Brewing -Pacific
Session IPA (4.5%)
Crazy Bitch DIPA (7.5%)
MangoWeizen (5.3%)
Bad Panda Ginger Pale Ale
(FRI) Bourbon Goggles is our Winter Oatmeal Stout (10%)

Odd Otter Brewing-Tacoma
Ottermelon Watermelon Hefeweizen (5%)
Ottzel Quatzel Pale Ale (5.1%)
Ottcho Borracho Lager w/ Cilantro and Lime (6%)
Coconut Chai Porter ABV: (7.2%)

Odin Brewing-Tukwila
Grapefruits of Wrath Pale Ale (5.5%)
Asgard IPA (6.5%)
Odin’s Gift (5.4%)
(FRI) Chardonnay Barrel-Aged Brett Aaison. (5%)

Old Schoolhouse Brewery-Winthrop
Ruud Awakening IPA (8%)
Hooligan Stout (7%)
Epiphany Pale (6%)
(FRI) Imperial Stout (10%)

Orlison Brewing -Airway Heights
India Pale Lager (7%)
Underground Stout on Nitro (6.2%)
Rye IPL (6.8%)
Small Batch Series TBA

Outlander Brewing-Seattle
Holy Basil Pale Ale
Falkor IPA
Jamaican Stout

Pacific Brewing & Malting-Tacoma
1897 Pale Lager (5.0%)
Potomac Citra Pale (6.0%)
Dirty Skoog IPA (8.1%).
Simcarillo IPA (7.0%)

Paradise Creek Brewery-Pullman
Huckleberry Pucker Beliner Weisse Sour
Pokerface Blonde (6.5%)
Over the Hop IPA (7%)
Scottish Stovepipe (6%)
Invective Stout (6.2%)
Rotating Tap
(FRI) Culture Shock Sour Series-Imperial Stout/Black IPA

Peddler Brewing -Seattle
Coffee Saison 7.5%, 20 IBUs
Tangerine Hefeweizen 5.0%, 15 IBUs

Pike Brewing –Seattle
Pike Locale Skagit Valley Alba (5.5%)
Pike Derby Lager (5%)
Pike Space Needle Golden IPA (6.5%)
Pike 5X Stout (7%)
(FRI) Firkin of Pike Space Needle IPA (6.5%)

Port Townsend Brewing -Port Townsend
S.H.I.P. Single Hop India Pale
Peeping Peater Scotch Ale
Yoda Green Tea Gold

Postdoc Brewing-Redmond
Alpha Factor IPA (6.8%)
Prereq American Pale Ale (5.7%)
Kilty MacSporran Scottish Ale (5.7%)
Weizen Shine German Weizen (5.0%)
Cram Session Coffee Porter (5.0%)
(2pm SAT & SUN) Bourbon Barrel Aged Postdoc Porter (5.0%)
(6pm FRI & SAT) Hogus Maximus Barriclus Barrel Aged Triple IPA (11.1%)

Rainy Daze Brewing-Silverdale
Hypocrite Double IPA (9.2%)
Mind Funk-Oatmeal Pale Stout (6.5%)
Sod Slayer ISA (4.5%)
Belgian Bastard IPA (7.8%)
Wheat Daze
(FRI) A Special Barrel conditioned Cask beer to be announced.

Ram Restaurant and Brewery-Seattle
ZZ Hop (7.2%)
Peachy Keen Pale (5.5%)
Grapefruit IPA (6.4%)

Redhook Brewery-Woodinville
Firkin of 2014 Bourbon Barrel Aged Blackhook-Limited (7.5%)
Humulus Experimentus (5%)
Extra Special Lager (5%)
Dry Hopped ESB (5.8%)

Reuben’s Brews-Seattle
Crikey IPA (6.8%)
Summer IPA (6.8%)
Imperial IPA (9.4%)
Blimey that’s Bitter! Ale: (10.5%)
Marzen Lager (6%)
Robust Porter (5.9%)
Rotating Tap
Keep an eye on Reuben’s Twitter and Facebook accounts to see what’s rotating.

Riverport Brewing -Clarkston
Bullseye P.A. IPA (5.8%)
Bedrock Bock (7.8%)
5/5 Pepper Beer (6%)

Rock Bottom Brewery Seattle-Seattle
Czech Pilsner
2) Hop Bomb West Coast IPA
3) Summer Honey Ale
4) Schwarzbier Dark Lager

Roslyn Brewing-Roslyn
Brookside German Style Pale Lager (5.2%)
Roslyn German Style Dark Lager (4.8%)
Roslyn Red Lager (6.0%)
Roslyn India Pale Lager. (5.8%)
Roslyn Belgian Ale (6.5%)

Salish Sea Brewing-Edmonds
Brewer’s Choice
Brewer’s Choice
Brewer’s Choice
Brewer’s Choice

Schooner EXACT-Seattle
Berliner Weisse (3.2%)
Hopvine IPA (6.1%)
Seamstress Union (5%)
Whiskey Dick Cantwell Barrell Aged Pumpkin Beer(10%)
Amarillo Saison (5.6%)

Scuttlebutt Brewing-Everett
Ember Smoked Red Ale (5%)
Aye Caramba Garlic Chili Hefe (5.2%)
Nacino Walnut Porter (5.7%)
Rotating Barrel Aged Selection

Seapine Brewing -Seattle
Seapine IPA (6.5%)
Super “C” Saison. (5%)

Silver City Brewery-Bremerton
Ridgetop Red Ale (6%)
Saint Florian IPA (7.3%)
Ziggy Zoggy Summer Lager (5%)
Fat Scotch Ale
(FRI & SUN) Cask Conditioned Whoop Pass Double IPA
Rotating Tap
Bourbon Barrel Aged Fat Scotch Ale
Giant Made of Shadows

Skookum Brewery-Arlington
Cont(r)act High P A Doublt IPA (9.3%)
Breakfast of Crows Imperial Stout (10.3%)
Cameo Saison Farmhouse Ale (5.7%)
The Three Six Oh Pale Ale (5.5%)
(Fri) Pecan Pie (Rye) porter (6.4%)

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing-Snoqualmie
Sunny Si IPA (6.6%)
Summer Beer Pilsner (5.6%)
Plant 1 Powerhouse Double IPA (7.5%)

Sound Brewery-Poulsbo
Brewer’s Choice
Brewer’s Choice
Brewer’s Choice
Brewer’s Choice

Sound to Summit Brewing -Snohomish
6 Gill IPA (6.7%)
Kiteboard Kolsch (5%)
Black Sail CDA (7%)

Stoup Brewing-Seattle
German Style Pilsner (5.1%)
Bavarian Hefeweizen (5%)
Citra IPA (5.9%)
(FRI) Stoup Sour #1Berliner Weisse (3.8%)

Strong Arm Brewing -Renton
(FRI) Denunciation Triple IPA (12%)
Leadfoot IPA (6.5%).
Naked Bootleg Wheat Ale with Apricots & Ginger (5.2%)
Cincinnatus Imperial Brown (8.4%)
Bravo Charlie Papa Whiskey Barrel Aged Coconut Porter (5.6%)

Sumerian Brewing-Woodinville
Lucidity Pilsner (4.5%)
India Session Ale (4.8%)
Narcissism IPA (6.5%)

Three Magnets Brewing-Olympia
Sunbreak IPA
Palm Sugar Cream Ale
Helsing Farmhouse Ale
(FRI)Invert Stout; Foreign Export Stout.
(FRI)Sour Blond Ale; American Sour Ale.
(FRI)Karakterbier; Dry Hopped Brett Farmhouse Ale.

Tin Dog Brewing-Seattle
Apricot Thai Basil Pale (7%)
Black Tripel (9.4%)
Hoppe the Belgian (6.5%)
Saison (6.8%)

Top Rung Brewing-Lacey
(FRI) Lacey Dark Lager w/Coconut (thru the Randall) (5.8%)
(FRI) Raspberry Wheat (4.8%)
(Sat & Sun) Lacey Dark Lager (5.8%)
Raspberry Wheat (4.8%)
360 Red Ale (5.8%)
Equinox/Mosaic ISA (4.8%)

Triplehorn Brewing-Woodinville

  • Enabler ISA (4.9% ABV)
  • Session IPA; WA Beer Awards 2014 Gold
  • Landwink IPA (6.6% ABV)
  • Dry Hopped On Whole Leaf Simcoe
  • Intervention; Imperial IPA (9% ABV)
  • Balanced Double IPA, Dry Hopped
  • Pepperbelly Blonde (6.9% ABV)
  • Spicy Blonde; Habanero, Anaheim, Jalepeno
  • (FRI 4-7pm) Shakti; Farmhouse Saison (5% ABV). Notes Of Clover Honey And Spice
  • (FRI 4pm-7pm)Symbel; Apricot Wheat (4.7% ABV). Tart Fruit In Sweet White Wheat 4pm
  • (FRI) Mystic; Whisky Barrel Aged Belgian Strong (10.5% ABV). Dark; Plum Notes, And Caramel
  • (FR 7pm) Symbel; Blackberry Wheat (4.7% ABV). Tart Fruit In Sweet White Wheat
  • (FRI 7pm) Stupid Monk-E; Belgian Tripel (9% ABV). Clove, Honey, Spice
  • (FRI 7pm) Choko Thunder; Barrel Aged Imperial Sweet Stout (10% ABV). Whisky Chocolate
  • (FRI) Cask: Hoppy Town; IPA; Dry Hopped On Mosaic.
  • (FRI) Cask: Rhino Plums; Cream Ale With Baer Winery ‘Ursa’ Oak And Plums (5% ABV)
  • (FRI) Cask:Trolls Gold; Braggot; Honey And Barley, Virtually No Hop Note (8.5% ABV)
  • (SAT (11am-5pm) Valknut; ESB (5.7% ABV). Traditional Esb, Smooth, Malty, Soft Hop Notes
  • (SAT 11am-5pm) Bygg Vin; Barrel Aged Barley Wine (13.5% ABV). Part One Of Our Verticle Of Barley Wines
  • (SAT 5pm) Symbel; Blackberry Wheat (4.7% ABV). Tart Fruit In Sweet White Wheat
  • (SAT 5pm) Mystic; Belgian Strong Dark(10% ABV). Caramel And Spice Very Aromatic
  • (SAT 5pm) Bygg Vin; Barrel Aged Barley Wine (13.5% ABV). Part Two Of Our Verticle Of Barley Wines
  • (SAT) Cask: La Pow; IPA; English IPA Rested On Amarillo Hops.
  • (SAT) Cask: Hawaiian Neck Chop; Blonde Ale With Tropical Fruits; Summer Favorite (6.9% ABV).
  • (SAT) Cask: Valknut; Cask Conditioned ESB.
  • (SUN 11am-2pm) John Beere; Cream Ale (4.7% ABV).

Twelve Bar Brews-Woodinville
Wicked Riff IPA (6.90%)
Turnaround NW Red (5.60%)
Supertonic India Black (6.90%)
(FRI) TBA! Something Wonderful!

Twelve String Brewing-Spokane Valley
G-string Blonde Ale (4.5%)
Arpeggio Pale Ale (4.7% ABV)
Batch 201 IPA (7%)
Electric Slide Imperial IPA (8.3%)
Double Drop DD Stout (9%)
Tequila Barrel aged Imperial Mango Mambo (8.3%)
Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Coconut Porter (8.3%)
Rotating Barrel Aged Tap

Two Beers Brewing -Seattle
Pilchuck Pilsner
Day Hike Session Ale

Valholl Brewing -Poulsbo
Poulsbo Pilsner – 4.9%
Erik Sweet Imperial IPA – 7.6%
Rotating NITRO beer.
(FRI) Stouty and Beefy Girl Apricot Barley Wine

Waddell’s Brewing -Spokane
Shattered Glass Imperial IPA (9.5%)
Hop Comet (5.25%)
Connie Mack’s Aged Reserve Strong Ale (8%)
Vienna Lager
(FRI) Alligator Nitro Stout (7.5%)

Walking Man Brewing-Stevenson
Black Cherry Stout (7.5%)
A Walking Man Brewing favorite! Big chocolate, coffee, and cherry flavors with a smooth body. 7.5% ABV
Littlefoot ISA (4.4%)

Wander Brewing-Bellingham
Uncommon Common California Common (5.5%)
Correspondent Foreign Extra Stout (6.4%)
Warehouse Farmhouse Saison (6.1%)
(FRI) Barrel-Aged Imperial Global Mutt Baltic Porter (9%)
(SAT) Raspberry Millie Raspberry Sour (4.8%)
(SAT) Uno Bretto Brett Pale Ale (6.2%)

Whitewall Brewing-Marysville
Retread Red IPA (6.4%)
Dirt Track Brown Ale (6.5%)
Anniversary Ale – Barleywine (Limited) (11%)
(FRI) N^3 – Sour Brown (6.8%)

Wingman Brewers-Tacoma
Coconut P51 Porter (8%)
Blood Orange Brett IPA (7%)
Brux 2 The Cu Cumcumber Ale (7%)