Tonight – Washington Beer Night at Brouwer's Cafe

Tonight (Fri. Oct. 23th), Brouwer’s Cafe will begin its celebration of Washington Beer. This is similar to the WA beer event we hosted at the Beveridge Place Pub last June (here), only on a grander scale. Brouwer’s will turn over their 60+ taps to serve Washington beer exclusively. Obviously, they won’t go through all 60 kegs in one night, so you can expect to find an outstanding selection of Washington beers on tap through the weekend if you cannot make it tonight.
This event is being sponsored by WABL (Washington Beer Lovers). If you are a WABL member don’t forget  to bring your passport. You will receive happy hour prices all night long. If you are not a WABL member, you should be. Click here to learn more about becoming a member.
Here is a list of the beers they’ll be pouring at Brouwer’s:
Alpine Octoberfest
Anacortes Darkside IPA
Baron Liberator Doppelbock ’07
Big Al Harvest Ale
Big Al Mild Mannered Ale
Big E Two Pints Imperial IPA
Big Time Jeezum Crow
Birdsview Ditzy Blonde
Black Raven La Petite Mort
Boundary Bay Irish Stout
Boundary Bay Oak Aged Cabin Fever ’08
Breakaway IPA
Chuckanut (not sure which)
Diamond Knot Shipwreck XXXIPA
Dick’s Bottleworks Rye
Dick’s Double Diamond
Elliot Bay Imperial Von Boorian
Elysian Haleakala Hibiscous Sour
Engine House #9 Brewing Co Dry Hop Pale
Fish Winterfish
Flyers PBY Pale
Flyers Pro-Am Stout
Fremont Lil’ Woody
Georgetown Choppers Red Cask
Hale’s Dry Hopped Pale
Hale’s HSB Nitro
Harmon IPA
Hood Canal Big Beef Stout
Ice Harbor Hop Warrior
Iron Horse Mocha Death
Lazyboy Big Trouble Double
Leavenworth Alt
Lunar Goat Roaper Scottish Ale
Maritime Dry Hopped Pale Cask
Northern Lights Chocloate Dunkel
Olympia (It’s the water)
Peaks Pub Big Ass Red
Pike 5x Stout
Pike Old Bawdy 08
Port Townsend Oak Aged Scotch Ale
Port Townsend Scotch Ale Nitro
Ram Northgate Barrel Aged Red Cherries & Bugs
Ranier (Mountain fresh)
Red Hook Belgian Tripel
Rogue Issaquah Pumpkin Frog
Roslyn Dark Lager
Schooner Exact Dry Hopped 3-grid Cask
Scuttlebut Golden Mariner
7 Seas Balls Deep douple IPA
Silver City Fat Woody
Silver City Red
Skaggit Black Jack Lager
Skookum Hooskal Stout
Snipes Mountain Porter
Snoqualmie Dry Hopped Avalanche
Three Skulls IPA
Trade Route Chieftan Amber
Two Beers Stout
Walking Man Black Cherry Stout
Water Street (not sure which beer)