The beer list for the South Sound Winter Beer Festival on November 10th



We now have the list of 90+ beers that will pour at the South Sound Winter Beer Festival next weekend (November 10th). The event, brought to you by the Washington Beer Commission, takes place at the Tacoma Dome Exhibition Hall.

5th Annual South Sound Winter Beer Festival
Saturday, November 10, 2018
Noon – 6pm
Tacoma Dome Exhibition Hall
2727 E D St, Tacoma, WA 98418

$20 advance tickets or $25 at the door..



















Must be 21 years old or older and have a valid ID to be admitted.

Designated driver admission is $5 and available at the door only.












Parking is FREE! The Washington Beer Commission encourages designated drivers and reminds everyone to enjoy themselves responsibly. Please do not drink and drive.

Here is the list of breweries and beers:


Bale Breaker Brewing-Yakima

1) Dormancy Breakfast Stout (ABV 6.8% / IBU 50)











Dormancy Breakfast Stout as initially brewed as a heavier, dark beer to get us through the cold weather months when the hops lay dormant. However, it is now the only dark beer to make its way into our year-round lineup. We call it a breakfast stout because we use certain grains – like flaked oaks, victory malt and chocolate malt, that mimic breakfast flavors. Also, we condition this beer for three days on locally roasted Lincoln Avenue Espresso Costa Rican Blend at 1lb per barrel. There are negligible levels of caffeine in this beer. There are .11 cups of coffee/pint or 10 Dormancys = 1 cup of coffee.

2) Jameson Barrel-Aged Red Rye IPA Ossifier (ABV 8.8% / IBU 55)

Limited collaboration batch. After the January 2018 release of The Ossifer barrel-aged IPA, our first collaboration with Jameson, they sent us more Irish Whiskey barrels all the way from Middleton to play around with. Our next experiment:  red rye the color of Yakima wildfire sunset. Aged in Jameson barrels for one month.

Bellevue Brewing Company–Bellevue
1) Double Red IPA (ABV 8.3% / IBU 66)

This incredible Double Red IPA starts with spruce and wispy tropical notes, and the Washington hops are balanced with full flavored malt and a delicate caramel finish.

2) Oatmeal Stout (ABV 5.8% / IBU 36)

Our delicious Oatmeal Stout has a big, silky, toasty character with hints of molasses licorice, cocoa and coffee.

Brothers Cascadia Brewing–Vancouver

1) JP’s Coffee House Brown Ale (ABV 5.5%)

American brown ale with coffee
2) Stout (ABV 5%)

Traditional stout

Cash Brewing Company-Silverdale
1) Top Spin Double IPA (ABV 9.1% / IBU 90)

Topspin Double IPA balances rich malt flavor with Mosaic, Amarillo and Cascade Hops, delivering notes of tropical fruit, floral and grapefruit. You will find no alcohol bite here, just a smooth and drinkable Double IPA.

2) Board Track Belgian Dubbel (ABV 8.7% / IBU 20)

Dubbel is a beer-style as classic as the idea of combining malt with hops, this tasty beer has been brewed in Belgian monasteries for 1000 years. Dubbel or double in Flemish refers to these beers high, or doubled, alcohol content.  The high alcohol content is balanced with a rich toffee-sweetness and finishes with the customary Belgian flavor profile of fresh banana and cloves.  Grab a Dubbel Header and taste some delicious beer history!

3) Butter Brew (ABV 9% / IBU 31)

Set down your Quidditch Broomstick and try our potion-masters Butter Brew! This Scottish Imperial Golden Ale is brewed with Pale Malt, Flaked Oats and U.K. Golding Hops.  Strong but light, this ale will warm you from the inside and finish with a hint of butterscotch.

Dick’s Brewing-Centralia
1) Double Diamond Winter Ale (ABV 7.5% / IBU 65)
Dick’s Double Diamond Winter Ale combines rich Munich malt, sweet caramel malt and malted white wheat, with a touch of highly roasted black barley to give complexity to this ale. If you like your ales with a balanced bitterness and a nice finish try this beer to keep you toasty warm on a cold night

2) Lava Rock Porter (ABV 6.2% / IBU 25)
Dick’s Lava Rock Porter is a dark and rich beer with a plethora of deep, malty flavors. The Porter is dark brown, almost black in color, with lots of body and smooth drinkability.

Elysian Brewing-Seattle

1) BIFROST Winter Ale (ABV 7.6% / IBU 58)

Named for the mythical bridge connecting the mortal world to the heavens. Brewed with pale malt and small amounts of Munich and Crystal malts. Bittered with Magnum and finished with Chinook and Styrian Goldings hops.

2) Ol’ Skag English Barleywine (ABV 10.2%)

Ol’ Skag is our English-style Barleywine. Featuring a malt bill of Copeland, Pilot Pale, Light Munich and Caramel 30 from Skagit Valley malting; this beer is big-bodied and fruity. Bittered with Magnum, Crystal hops were added for a spicy and herbal contrast in flavor and aroma.

Fish Brewing-Olympia

1) Winterfish (ABV 7.5% / IBU 70)

Full bodied seasonal ale. Pale & honey malts provide and deep foundation with Yakima Chinook hops providing bitterness and aroma.

2) Organic Porter (ABV 5.5% / IBU 40)

Medium bodied certified organic porter with a dry finish and notes of chocolate.

3) Session Pilsner (ABV 4.5% / IBU 20)

Light, refreshing, and sessionable our Session Pilsner is a tip of the hat to the original Czech Pilsners.

Fremont Brewing-Seattle
1) Winter Ale (ABV 8.0% / IBU 60)

This is a tasty Winter Ale to snuggle up to, released for the winter months when snow blankets the terrain of the mind and the body craves warmth and, let’s be honest, it’s dark and wet most of the time so your beer better be damn good. Winter Ale is dark like the weather with roast chocolate and warm malt flavors balanced by Noble hop aroma and subtle hoppy spice. Warm up to it.

2) Mod Pod (ABV 7.0% / IBU 60)

Mod Pod IPA has notes of tropical fruit and tangerine with an echo of malt sweetness and honors our three pods of Southern Resident Orca whales living full-time in the Puget Sound, the J, K, and L Pods.Currently numbering 78 whales, our whales are a treasure worthy of reflection and thought.

3) Dark Star – Nitro (ABV 8.0% / IBU 50)

Served on Nitro (and now available year-round!), Dark Star is a dark, mysterious yet silky oatmeal stout of grand proportions balanced by a firm hop handshake…go ahead, enjoy the journey…Because Beer Journeys Matter!

4) Interurban: Ruby Fizz Infusion (ABV 6.2% / IBU 80)

Named after Fremont’s most famous outdoor sculpture, Waiting for the Interurban, Interurban India Pale Ale offers the adventurous beer lover a warm embrace of Northwest Pale malt swirled with a hand-selected blend of Chinook, Centennial, and Amarillo hops. We’ve infused this IPA with ruby red grapefruit, rosemary and a splash of lemon zest just for this festival. Cheers!

5) Lush (ABV 7.0% / IBU 80)

We bring this tropical treat to you as a gift from the Pacific Northwest. Lush is brewed with a hand-selected blend of malts and lush, tropical hops reminiscent of lime, mango, and guava…Because Beer Matters!

6) Brett Hazy IPA (ABV 7.0% / IBU 60)

Hazy IPA fermented with Brettanomyces from our Black Heron Project.

7) Heritage Wheat with Raspberries (ABV 6.0% / IBU 15)

Locally grown malts play with a blend of Belgian Wit and French Saison yeast to bring you a tart, lightly sweet wheat ale with raspberries.

8) Barrel Aged Rotator

Rotating selection of barrel aged beers including Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star: Coffee Edition, The Rusty Nail and B-BOMB. See our booth for tapping times.

Ghostfish Brewing-Seattle

1) Peak Buster Double IPA (ABV 9.0% / IBU 100)

Unmistakably ambitious, this bold and challenging beer is busting with intriguing tropical fruit and evergreen aromas from the Azacca, Eureka, and Centennial hops. Deceptively smooth for the high ABV.

2) Lunar Harvest Pumpkin Spiced Tripel (ABV 8.0% / IBU 20)

Brewed in the Belgian Tripel style, and spiced with a traditional mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, allspice, and coriander, all of which blend seamlessly with the naturally spicy Belgian yeast character. A crisp malt flavor and subtle bitterness from the Mt. Hood hops balance the spices and keep this beer refreshing.

Gig Harbor Brewing Company-Tacoma

1) Blackberry IPA (ABV 6% / IBU 48)
Blackberry and IPA fusion tastes slightly berry sweet up front, but finishes nice and bitter just like an IPA should. The blackberry isn’t overpowering and the caramel malts still deliver a subtle malt quality to the light ruby copper body.

2) Black Cherry Imperial Stout ABV 8% / IBU 26)
We’ve swirled in sweet and tangy black cherries to an already rich, silky, robust ale. Now it’s a dessert!

3) Battle Axe Bavarian Lager (ABV 8% / IBU 26)
Brewed with Vienna malt to produce a golden pale crystal clear medium-bodied lager.  Slightly sweet and malty smooth, delivering a complex toasted tangy aromatic nose.  Finishes clean with subtle spicy notes.

Harmon Brewing-Tacoma
1) To The Dome Double IPA (ABV 8.5% / IBU 150)

This big beer was created to celebrate our long history with Tacoma. Made with Columbus, Simcoe, and Centennial hops that were generously added to this beer. Then we double dry hopped it to give it a big punch. The name? Well, when you drink this beer, it is going to your dome!

2) Harmon Orange Creamsicle Blonde (ABV 4.4% / IBU 20)

Yes, this tastes just like a creamsicle! We use special German malted barley to round out the grain bill in this clean and crisp pale ale. Palisade and Cascade hops provide a balanced finish. Whole Madagascar vanilla beans and orange are blended together, creating a wonderful creamsicle treat.

3) Good Mourning Breakfast Stout (ABV 7.66% / IBU 71)

We designed this beer to pair well with several types of breakfast food. With its thick and viscous body, that helps carry the plethora of dark roasted malts.

This bold dark beer is a great fall drinker sure to warm you up on those cool autumn days and nights. Brewed and conditioned on coffee it is sure to raise the dead!

4) Steep & Deep Chocolate Amber (ABV 7.0% / IBU 70)

Steep and Deep is a chocolate amber brewed with 5 different malted barleys and 4 different hop varieties. With flavors and aromas of bitter chocolate and roasted barley this combination creates a smooth, hoppy and satisfying medium bodied winter ale.
Then finishes crisp, clean and dry just like the cool mountain air!

Hellbent Brewing Company–Seattle
1) Dang! Citra IPA (ABV 6.6% ABV / IBU 60)

Packed with hop aroma, this IPA will smack your face with hoppiness. A mellow malt flavor sits quietly in the background and provides 6.6% ABV, yet the hops shine through. Citrus with a slightly peppery pine hop aroma. Unfiltered and unfined, cloudy and full-flavored.

2) All Spruced Up Winter Ale (ABV 7.5% / IBU 32)

Brewed in the style of a traditional winter beer, it’s dark amber in color with brown hues yet has a mild malty richness.  The hops Citra, Chinook, and Cascade along with fresh Spruce tips add a citrus floral and “candy-like” aroma. As with most winter beers the alcohol content is high at 7.5%.
3) Warm Fuzzies Winter Ale (ABV 8.8% / IBU 28)

Warm Fuzzies Winter Ale is a strong, copper-colored ale brewed with over half a ton of peach purée and a touch of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. It’s lightly hopped, slightly sweet, and fully loaded at 9.5% ABV to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy all winter long.

Jellyfish Brewing-Seattle
1) Cerveza de los Muertos (ABV 8.2% / IBU 20)

Inspired by Pan de los Muertos, a scented corn bread served at Dia de los Muertos festivies, this Winter seasonal is a Strong Ale with additions of Mexican chocolate, orange peel & anise seed. It’s deliciously, deceptively strong.

2) Smack IPA (ABV 7% / IBU 70)

Smack is the term for a group of jellyfish. It’s true. This NW IPA is extremely balanced with notes of dank pine and bright citrus.

Kulshan Brewery-Bellingham
1) Kitten Mittens Winter Ale (ABV 8% / IBU 35)

This rich, medium bodied beer elicits nuances of chocolate, dates, and figs. Balanced bitterness and playful hop aroma fit like a mitten.

2) Heliotrope IPA (ABV 7% / IBU 74)

This is a fruit forward IPA, with a focus on citrus and tropic fruits. You’ll notice a little berry with a pleasant pine finish that leaves a dry linger for more. It’s the IPA we’ve been missing in our lineup so come give it a try!

Lowercase Brewing-Seattle
1) mARTZEN (ABV 5.6% / IBU 21)
Celebrate autumn with this Bavarian amber lager…best consumed in giant steins! The blend of Bavarian malts (light and dark Munich malts and Vienna malt) give this Märzen its rich, elegant profile and deep golden color. German Hallertau Mittelfrueh hops are added to balance the malty sweetness while also adding a delicate floral aroma. Flawlessly smooth, it’s no wonder the Märzen was originally brewed as a celebration beer.
2) sQUASH (ABV 5.1%)
A non-traditional spin on the normal gourd inspired beer of the season: Who ever said pumpkins should get all the love?  For our fall seasonal we created a fabulous brew from the butternut squash. “Pumpkiny” tasting in its own right, this brown ale pairs the vegetal flavor of fresh squash with whole spices, Skagit Valley grown Copeland malt, toasted malts and Mt. Hood hops to make a wonderfully delicious fall treat.

Lumber House Brewery-Black Diamond

1) Hazy IPA (ABV 5.3% / IBU 72)

Juicy Hazy IPA dry hopped with citra, galaxy, amarillo, and centennial.

2) Timber Pale Ale (ABV 5.9% / IBU 18)

Our creation of a NW Pale Ale, brewed w/ Marris Otter Malt and Cascade Hops.  It has a light body and perfectly balanced.

3) Oatmeal Stout (ABV 6% / IBU 26)

Brewed with dark grains and balanced with flaked oats. This Stout has chocolate/ coffee notes with a smooth creamy finish.

McMenamins Breweries-Seattle
1) Cashmere Fresh Hop IRA (ABV 6.19% / IBU 76)

Don’t let the color fool you; this is a hoppy beer. Dark red hues and rich flavor of fresh Cashmere Hops blend together to form an excellent representation of an IRA, or India Red Ale. Rolled Oats and Crystal Malt give this beer body and flavor not often found in a standard IPA, creating a more complex and flavorful beer.

2) Wildfire Hef (ABV 4.9% / IBU 10)

The air is beginning to clear up, but smoke lingers in this Hefeweizen, making this the perfect fall interpretation of a summertime classic. Bavarian yeast esters contribute notes of banana and clove, while Wheat provides a tangy sweetness and 55 pounds of Cherrywood Smoked Malt adds a complexity that takes this beer to a new level.

Narrows Brewing-Tacoma
1) Pastry Stout (ABV 9.8% / IBU 18)

Stout made with vanilla beans and cacao nibs. Thick like a vegan brownie batter and rich with flavors of dark fruits and coffee.

2) All The Holidays Lager (ABV 5.7% / IBU 15)

Marzen style lager is light and smooth on the palate. Easy drinking and pairs well with lederhosen.

3) Peach Rings DIPA (ABV 8% / IBU 70)

An experimental double IPA made to focus on the peachy aspects of yeast. A little tart and a little sweet.

No-Li Brewhouse-Spokane

1) Rise and Grind

Coffee Beer

2) Falls Porter

Light and crisp Porter

3) Wrecking Ball Imperial Stout

Five types of dark, roasted malt are added to this beer to give it a complex flavor of coffee, chocolate and brown sugar. That much maltiness requires plenty of hops for balance. Two large hop additions prevent the dark malt from totally dominating this monster of a beer.

Odd Otter Brewing-Tacoma
1) Ottermelon Hefeweizen

An unfiltered hefeweizen with a squirt of all-natural watermelon and a squeeze of summer sunshine.  Not your typical German Hefe.  No banana.  No clove.  All watermelon.

2) Coconut Chai Brown Ale (ABV 6.4% / IBU 24)

Pyramid Breweries-Seattle
1) Belgo-Drupeceous Saison (ABV 6%)

A slightly dark Belgian Saison with tart cherries and a touch of dark malt.

2) First Pitch Pils (ABV 4.5%)

A classic Pilsner. Crisp and clean, with Sterling for the hop profile.

3) Ziggurat IPA (ABV 7%)

An IPA with juicy hazy tendancies.

Rail Hop’n Brewing Co.-Auburn
1) Rusty Dick IPA (ABV 7.5% / IBU 106)

Smash IPA, one malt and one hop.

2) Firebox Jalapeno Amber (ABV 5.4% / IBU 15)

We merged our sweet finishing Amber with fresh Jalapenos to create this drinkable Jalapeno Amber Ale. Enjoy the smell and taste without the upright fire you would expect.

3) 1883 Winter Porter (ABV 8% / IBU 22)

Our winter porter has a more robust chocolate and roasted taste. It’s brewed to warm your taste buds.

4) Crazy Train Pumpkin Ale (ABV 5.5% / IBU 14)

Golden colored Amber lightly accented with smoked pumpkin, brown sugar and pepper.

Rainy Daze Brewing–Poulsbo
1) Only The Tip Double IPA (ABV 9.1% / IBU 80)

This Big IPA boasts hints of Pine,Citrus and berries. Mosaic, Citra and Cascade Hops and Spruce Tips

2) Holiday Bazaar (ABV 10.6% / IBU 15)

Golden Strong with the addition of Orange Zest, Juniper Berries, Coriander, Grains of Paradise and Szechuan Pepper corns

3) Frosty Chairlift (ABV 6.9% / IBU 60)

A NW Hoppy Winter Ale, A dark copper hue with subtle roast character.Hopped with Northern Brewer, Chinook and Golding Hops

4) Santa’s T-bag (ABV 9.7% / IBU 20)

A Winter Warmer with additions of Maple Syrup. Molasses, Orange Zest and a blend of Holiday Tea.

RAM Restaurant & Brewery–Tacoma

1) RX Pils (ABV 4.8%)

Classic crisp and refreshing German style pilsner.

2) Ol Dan’s Strong Ale (ABV 8.2%)

Big, malty, and smooooth.

3) far far away IPA (ABV 7.5%)

An intergalactic ton of Galaxy, Citra, and Simcoe hops lend a tropical and fruity flavor that you’ll be happy to drink on your interstellar travels.

Rooftop Brewing–Seattle
1) Up on the Rooftop Holiday Ale! (ABV 6.3% / IBU 11)

Brewed with fresh ginger, fresh orange zest, cinnamon sticks and honey and a lot of LOVE! Up on the Rooftop is a beautiful aromatic bouquet to remind you of all the fun and spice of the Holiday season!

2) Rye IPA (ABV 6% / IBU 64)

Spicy rye notes with the strong aroma and flavor of Simcoe Hops make this a favorite seasonal IPA.

3) Gateway Creamsicle

FIRKIN-Our favorite Gateway Hazy Pale Ale is infused with real orange pulp and a vanilla bean to astonishing effect.  The orange-citrus from the Citra and Amarillo hops mixes just right with the orange and vanilla to create a taste just like the Creamsicle.

Scatter Creek Brewing–Tenino
1) Screamin’ Rails Key Lime IPA (ABV 6.8% / IBU 119)

This 6 hop IPA is balanced well for finish with Key Lime Addition.  Hop Heads be hoppy!

2) Peach Locomotion Holiday Express (ABV 5% / IBU 46)

Smooth, light bodied Pale Ale, with peach.  Rounded with a unique holiday spiced blend.

3) Smokey Joe (ABV 5.5% / IBU 51.5)

Nice drinkable coffee stout, aged in Scatter Creeks own Syrah barrel.  Nothing like it!

Sound Brewery–Poulsbo
1) Entendez Noel

2) Ursus Spelaeus

3) Whiskey barrel aged Tripel Entendre

Sumerian Brewing-Woodinville
1) Vienna Lager (ABV 5.0%)

Vienna Style Lager influenced by our neighbors south of the boarder. European malts & hops, are combined with a special yeast from a popular long time brewery.

2) Hopruption Double IPA (ABV 8.0%)

Multi-award winning Double IPA: 2016 Silver Winner at WA Beer Awards, Double Gold Winner in 2017 from SIP Magazine, and a 2018 Bronze Winner at WA Beer Awards. This beer is hop loaded from start to finish with a base of Cascade and Centennial. Then we double dry hop it with Mosaic and Citra which creates a rich mouthfeel and clean balance.

Ten Pin Brewing–Moses Lake
1) Snake Eye Stout (ABV 6.3% / IBU 33)

This stout is a thick, rich delectable nectar.  Silky oats and subtly sweet milk sugar complement roasted barley malt notes of chocolate and coffee.

2) Angle Amber (ABV 6.1% / IBU 35)

Ten Pin’s amber ale is a balanced malty brew with a mild hop presence that is sure to satisfy any craft beer lovers appetite. The rich caramel flavors from the malted grains mesh seamlessly with the citrus and earthy flavors of some classic American hops.

3) Citra Strike Brown Ale (ABV 5.8% / IBU 30)

American Brown Ales provides a nice balance of malt and hops that makes it easy to enjoy both in one glass.  In Ten Pin’s version, a large blast of fresh Citra hops complement and enhance the caramel and chocolate flavors of the malted barley in this robust ale.

4) Black-Eyed Katy Imperial Stout (ABV 10.7% / IBU 75)

A deep, dark, strong, and borderline psychedelic stout. This granddaddy of all stouts is loaded with chocolate, coffee, and nutty flavors from large quantities of the darkest crystal malts and roasted barleys available.  Enjoy a pint with 11/22/97 and have your mind blown. *2017 NABA Gold Medal Winner*

Wet Coast Brewery-Gig Harbor
1) Moving Day IPA (ABV 6.4% / IBU 55)

Moving Day IPA is packed with resinous/citrus/tropical flavors and aromas thanks to 4 different hop varieties and is balanced by its solid malt bill featuring Munich and Crystal malts.

2) Overnight Felon Dark Ale (ABV 5.4% / IBU 28)

Dark as the night but not heavy, Overnight Felon gets its deep dark color and toasty flavor from de-bittered black malt. The beer is finished with Golding and Cascade hops for a clean and smooth finish.

Wingman Brewers-Tacoma

1) Smores P-51 Porter (ABV 7.5%)

Porter with grahmcrackers, marshmallow and chocolate

2) Noel (ABV 10%)

A belgian style winter warmer

3) Mayan Chocolate P-51 Porter (ABV 7.5%)

Mayan spiced porter.

7 Seas Brewing-Tacoma

1) Booby Traps Cascadian Dark Ale (ABV 7.0% / IBU 65)

A truly Northwest original, Cascadian Dark Ale is surprisingly light on the pallet, yet velvety smooth. Dark as a Cascadian winter, generously layered with piney hops, and a hint of roasted malts for a lingering, flavorful finish. Like the divergent landscapes of its Pacific Northwest roots, this ale offers both power and finesses, audacity and subtlety.

2) Ballz Deep Double IPA (ABV 8.4% / IBU 84)

A mash tun packed with Pale Ale Malt, medium crystal malt, and cara-pils malt provide a firm, slightly sweet malt flavor while copious amounts of resiny Yakima Valley hops go berserk on bitterness, flavor and aroma. Truly a Big, Bold, and Balanced double IPA.

3) Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout brewed with Coco Nibs and Orange Peel.