Inland Northwest Craft Beer Festival – list of breweries and beers



The Washington Beer Commission presents the Inland Northwest Craft Beer Festival. The event takes place on Friday, September 22nd and Saturday, September 23rd at Avista Stadium in Spokane, Washington. Tickets are on sale now.

The event showcases some of Washington’s top breweries from both sides of the mountains. In all, 41 participating breweries will pour at least 175 different beers. The list of breweries and beers is below.

Friday night is an adults-only affair, but kids are welcome on Saturday. The event takes place in the outfield of Avista Stadium, the home of the Spokane Indians minor league baseball club. Along with the beer, festivalgoers will enjoy live music, food, and baseball-themed fun.



















Tickets are $20 advance or $25 at the door ($15 for military with valid ID at the door). Get your tickets online here, or at the Avista Stadium box office. Tickets are good for one day of the festival.

For more details about the event, and for tickets, visit the official event website.












Here are the 41 Craft Breweries and their 175 that they’ll pour at the festival:

7 Seas Brewing
Gig Harbor


1) Autumn Ale (6.5% ABV/27 IBU)
Brewed for early-mid autumn consumption, Autumn Ale takes its inspiration from the venerable traditions of German Oktoberfest and Vienna Marzen style of beers. Employing a blend of German Munich and Vienna malts as a base, this beer displays brilliantly clear copper-orange hues evocative of the vibrant, rich, and deep colors that surface seemingly overnight on trees this time of year in the PNW.

2) Ballz Deep Double IPA (8.4% ABV/ 84 IBU)
A mash tun packed with Pale Ale Malt, medium crystal malt, and cara-pils malt provide a firm, slightly sweet malt flavor while copious amounts of resiny Yakima Valley hops go berserk on bitterness, flavor and aroma. Truly a Big, Bold, and Balanced double IPA.











Badass B­ackyard Brewing
Spokane Valley

1) Daring Diva Raspberry Wheat (6% ABV)
Neutral malt profile which allows the raspberry flavor to shine through. Sweet and autumnal with a fresh floral finish. This is definitely a Badass Backyard Brewing fan favorite, and tastes even better on a nice warm summer day.

2) No Alibi Coconut Brown (5% ABV)
Is there anything more iconic of the lush tropics than the coconut? The delicious heart of the island treasure has a nutty, toffee flavor and aroma that send you straight to the beaches of Paradise. Kick back with a No Alibi Coconut Brown and savor the mahogany color and smooth, roasty malt taste. Before you know it, you’ll feel like you’re on a crescent beach, ringed with feathery palm trees swaying in a light ocean breeze and basking in the warm sun.

3) Mojo Coffee Stout (6% ABV)
Our coffee stout is a classic combination of a traditional stout and premium signature blend coffee from a local roaster, Thomas Hammer. Roasted barley and coffee dominate the aroma, with the sweetness from the stout balancing the acidity of the coffee.

4) Harju Fresh Hop IPA (5.6% ABV)
Locally grown hops from the Harju’s backyard are the sole hop ingredient in this fall favorite. Medium crisp bitterness, smooth and full malt flavor, and aroma to knock your hop socks right off your feet! Enjoy!

Bale Breaker Brewing

1) Bale Finder IPA: Founders Collaboration (6.5% ABV/60 IBU)
An IPA featuring experimental hop HBC 522 brewed in collaboration with Founders Brewing. Part of the Harvest Collaboration Series.

2) Dormancy Breakfast Stout (6.8% ABV/50 IBU)
Who says Bale Breaker only does hoppy? This year’s batch of Dormancy Breakfast Stout incorporates even more oats with the malt, plus an intense coffee presence, thanks to over 1 lb/barrel of Coast Rican beans roasted by Yakima’s Lincoln Avenue Coffee Co. As winter settles in to the Pacific Northwest and the hop fields surrounding our brewery lay dormant, this beer was crafted to remind us that good things can still happen in the off-season for hops.

3) Bottomcutter Imperial IPA (8.2% ABV/100 IBU)
Double dry-hopped with homegrown Yakima hops, Bottomcutter IIPA may be light in color but is packed with citrus and pine hop character. This Imperial IPA is brewed to finish dry, perfect for the combination of Citra®, Simcoe®, and Ekuanot™ hops. As the bottomcutter is a tractor that leads the topcutter through the fields during harvest, this beer will lead to a new appreciation for our valley’s hops.

Bellwether Brewing

1) Fernweh, Baltic Porter (6.9% ABV)
Fernweh is a deep longing to be on an adventure, or simply to be somewhere other than where you currently are. As when Bilbo told Gandalf he so desperately wanted to see mountains again. Fernweh, the beer, starts of rich with a malt body of chocolate and caramel, then lingers into a clean roast that finished slightly dry with just a twinge of star anise. Gold Medal winner for best Baltic Porter at 2017 Washington Beer Awards!

2) Albion, Ancient Celtic Wild Sour (8.2% ABV)
Albion is the oldest name on record for the island of Great Britain. This beer aims to reflect that legend. Being brewed with heather and no hops gives this beer little-to-no perceived bitterness with a burst of floral, almost lavender-mint, bouquet. Late additions of heather, that are wild-harvested and imported from Scotland, introduce microbes that sour the beer. Peated malt provides a bit of smoke that rounds out this complex ale of antiquity.

3) Extreme and Experimental Rotation
This tap will rotate, so come by and see what we have on tap! How about a gruit ale that is the most bitter thing you’ve ever tasted? Challenge accepted? Perhaps an imperial dandelion sour? Something super hoppy? These and more to be found on rotation, so check in often!

4) Scots Bere Barley Rotation
Have you ever wondered about ancient ingredients? Bellwether had exclusive first-time use of Scots Bere Barley, the nigh-exclusive grain used for brewing beer in ancient Alba, modern day Scotland. It has been adapted to life, a true landrace grain, in the American Northwest and grown by Palouse Heritage Farms. Try our different single malt beers made with Scots Bere Barley, ranging from lagers to a bochet braggot! These are some of the rarest beers in the country… possibly the first time this grain has ever been used in the US. Stop by the table and see what’s pouring!

Bennidito’s Brew Pub

1) IPA (7% ABV/65 IBU)
Mosaic, Simco, Citra, and Columbus. Nuff Said!

2) Clock Tower Imperial IPA (9% ABV/80 IBU)
Amarillo, Cascade, and Simcoe! Smooth and dangerous!
3) Whiskey Barrel Aged Brown Ale (6.8% ABV/15 IBU)
Aged 5 months in a fresh Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey Barrel.

4) Mystery Beer
Visit our booth to see what we have in surprise for you!

Big Barn Brewing

1) Big Barn Raspberry Braggot (10.5% ABV, 15 IBU)
Here’s to making farm-style beer that impresses northwest beer connoisseurs as simultaneously unique and easy to drink. This brand-new release from Big Barn is a full-bodied honey beer with subtle raspberry notes. A malt-forward body harmonizes with the sweetness of farm fresh honey and finishes with lingering fruit notes from fresh-picked raspberries we grew here on the family farm.

2) Blackberry Porter (6.8% ABV/ 65 IBU)
This porter does great justice to our brewery’s farming roots. Our farm-fresh blackberries make their appearance via the addition of our homemade blackberry syrup just at the end of the boil. A hint of blackberry on the nose is followed by a hearty porter body. As in most of our fruit beers, the blackberry undertones remain subtle yet just strong enough to make this an outstanding fall seasonal.

3) Golden Pumpkin Ale-ABV (6.3% ABV/ 13 IBU)
Few pumpkin ales can offer what ours does here at Big Barn Brewing. Our home-grown, freshly-harvested sugar pumpkins are roasted with seeds and all until caramelized then steeped with a hearty grain bill to make this brew truly golden. The carefully balanced 2-row barley, roasted pumpkins, cinnamon, molasses, ginger, clove, and real vanilla pair to make this a superb fall seasonal micro-brew.

4) Fresh Hop Midnight Harvest Black IPA (6% ABV/80 IBU)
Farm based brewing means we want “our farm” product in our beer! Our MIDNIGHT HARVEST celebrates that goal. As Spokane County’s first “unofficial” commercial hop farm, we boast making a fresh hop ale with only hops harvested on our farm…. big C’s celebrate the flavor of this IPA as we load it with Centennial, Cascade and Chinook hops.

Black Label Brewing

1) The Tropical Thunder IPA (6% ABV/80 IBU)
This beer has a deliciously light malt profile with a smack of tropical blends consisting of Sorachi Ace, Amarillo, and Citra Hops.
2) Rhubarb Cherry Sour (5.6% ABV/9 IBU)
A mild sour with hints of locally grown Green Bluff Cherries and Rhubarb grown right in the brewer’s backyard. Nice and refreshing!

3) The S.M.O.G. Imperial Stout (11% ABV/59 IBU)
Is our new amazing Imperial Oatmeal Stout done with a delicate blend of Carmel and Chocolate malts and finished with some maple syrup. This is hopped with Chinook and EKG hops moderately balancing off the sweetness from the malt. You don’t want to miss this one!

4) Coffee Cream Ale (5.3% ABV/16 IBU)
This is a nice light and crisp Cream Ale with hints of Corn and Pilsen malt. We then blend in some locally roasted coffee into the beer to add a subtle additional layer of delicious coffee to the beer. This beer is a beautiful light and tasty treat.

Blewett Brewing

1) Fresh Hop Double IPA (9.5% ABV/160 IBU)
Hops: Simcoe, Ekuanot. Fresh hopped with Simcoe.

2) Pumpkin Ale (5.5% ABV/32 IBU)
Hops: Styrian Golding, Tettnang

3) Crikside Citra IPA (6.5% ABV/80 IBU)
Hops: Citra, Mosaic

4) BarnStorm Pale Ale (6% ABV/55 IBU)
Hops: Simcoe, Northern Brewer

Boundary Bay Brewery

1) Fresh Hop Pale
Boundary Bay’s Fresh Hop Pale Ale is brewed solely with Amarillo hops from Vigil Gamache Farms in Toppenish, WA. Delight your senses with heady floral, spicy, sweet peach, and citrus flavors of grapefruit, orange, and kumquat, as well as a slight and pleasant grassy flavor from the fresh hops.

2) Cedar Dust (6.5% ABV/66 IBU)
Inspiration for Cedar Dust IPA hails from Bellingham’s iconic mountain bike trail on Galbraith Mountain. Brewed with four varieties of Washington-grown hops to encapsulate the spirit of the adventurous PNW.

3) Thirsty Ghost (6% ABV/25 IBU)
The second beer in our new Cellarman Series, Thirsty Ghost is a hybrid style with elements inspired by Sake and Kolsch. Using a blend of three yeasts (two of them uncommon to beer brewering), our double-dragon team of brewer and cellarman transformed mere rice into this Pan-Pacific delight. A deep-golden straw appearance, aromas of pear, apple, and banana and mild earthy & coconut notes journey your tastebuds in an unknown frontier. Don’t be haunted, drink this beer before it disappears.

4) Oktoberfest (5.7% ABV/35 IBU)
The original Oktoberfest lager was created more than 200 years ago in Germany to celebrate a royal wedding. This recipe, brewed by Boundary Bay, is a delicious modern rendition utilizing 100% local malt from Skagit Valley. A generous amount of Munich malt blends the robust, medium-bodied lager with flavors of toasted pretzels, toffee and honey-caramel sweetness.
MALTS: 100% Skagit Valley: Pale, Pilsner, Munich, Vienna, Acidulated, and Brew Malt.

Diamond Knot Craft Brewing

1) Azacca IPA (6.5% ABV/45 IBU)
Light bodied with aroma of pineapple and bright mango flavors settling in slowly, leaving a crisp almost honeydew finish.

2) Blonde Ale (4.2% ABV/13 IBU)
Light yet flavorful with a bright, floral aroma and clean finish thanks to a complex malt bill and delicate use of noble hops.

3) Fog Bank Fall Ale (5.6% ABV/25 IBU)
This Märzen inspired ale pours reddish amber with a complex malty body, toasty caramel notes, and crisp finish.

4) Industrial IPA (7.9% ABV/80 IBU)
An imperial version of our original IPA, with double the hops! Malty, hop forward, yet balanced. Cascadia in a glass.

Dirty Bucket Brewing

1) BlackBerry Sour (5% ABV)
Fresh Northwest BlackBerry Kettle Sour

2) Sicyne IPA (6.5% ABV/72 IBU)
Northwest IPA, hop forward with a citrus nose and unusually dark, balanced malt profile

3) Not Yo’ Honey Honey Cream Ale (5% ABV)
American cream ale brewed with locally sourced honey.

4) Raspberry Lambic (5.5% ABV)
Belgian fruit beer, made with fresh raspberries.

Dru Bru

1) Fresh Hop
We got our hands on 100 lbs of freshly picked Centennial Hops from Virgil Gamache Farms. A modest malt backbone and loads of earthy, lemon, and floral flavors of the wet Centennial hops combine for this once-in-a-year experience. Enjoy this while it lasts.

2) Oktoberfest
A light bodied, orange colored, session beer with soft, elegant German Malt flavors. Heaps of Vienna malt and German noble hops create a toasty, well balanced, and refined beer reminiscent of a German Style “fest” beer.

Fremont Brewing

1) Lush India Pale Ale (7.0% ABV/80 IBU)
We bring this tropical treat to you as a gift from the Pacific Northwest. Lush is brewed with a hand-selected blend of malts and lush, tropical hops reminiscent of lime, mango, and guava…Because Beer Matters!

2) Smoked Imperial Porter (9.5% ABV/ 50 IBU)
Kinda like our Winter Seasonal, Bonfire, but bigger…and quite possibly, even better!

3) Field to Ferment- Centennial (6.0% ABV, 50 IBU)
Brewing is the craft of blending science with artistry then introducing the mystical. Field to Ferment exemplifies this adventure. We brew this fresh hop ale throughout the entire hop harvest in Yakima highlighting different hop varieties as they are harvested. This batch highlights Centennial fresh hops, presenting notes of warm pine needles and fresh grass.

4) Field to Ferment- Amarillo (6.0% ABV/50 IBU)
Brewing is the craft of blending science with artistry then introducing the mystical. Field to Ferment exemplifies this adventure. We brew this fresh hop ale throughout the entire hop harvest in Yakima highlighting different hop varieties as they are harvested. This batch highlights Amarillo fresh hops, presenting notes of orange and fresh pine.

5) Universale infused with Berries, Rosemary, & Sage Pale Ale (5.6% ABV, 35 IBU)
Universale Pale Ale offers a distinctive Northwest twist on the classic pale ale, using a select blend of Northwest Pale Roasted malt and Old-World malts balanced with classic Northwest hops to achieve a heavenly beer of rich malt flavor and subtle hop spice. For this most awesome event, we jazzed up Universale with berries, rosemary, and sage.

6) Brother Imperial IPA (8.5% ABV/ 1 billion IBU)
This Brother is appropriately big, intimidating, and unbalanced with unrestrained quantities of hops for a head slap of beery ferociousness.

7) Helles Lager (5.1% ABV, 27 IBU)
Clean, balanced, drinkable…need we say more?

8) Cowiche Fresh Hop Pale Ale (6.0% ABV/ 50 IBU)
Cowiche Canyon Fresh Hop Ale is brewed from select organic hops grown in the Cowiche Canyon of the Yakima Valley which are harvested and placed into our kettle within 24 hours, creating a unique, once-a-year beer.

9) Ales for ALS Hazy IPA (7.2% ABV/35 IBU)
Hazy, tropical, peppery, stone fruit, ginger…AND proceeds benefit ALS Therapy Development Institute, the world’s first and largest nonprofit biotech focused 100 percent on ALS research.
5pm: Spice Wars Barrel Aged Dark Star
7pm: Black Heron Project: Dark Saison with Brett

1pm: Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb
3pm: Black Heron Project: Brett French Saison
5pm: Rusty Nail

Georgetown Brewing

1) Bodhizafa IPA (6.9% ABV)
This IPA gets its light silky texture from rolled oats. The flavor and aroma both express mandarin and citrus all around. Over five pounds of hops per barrel makes this IPA truly Bodhilicious. Gold medal winner in the American Style IPA category at the Great American Beer Festival in 2016!

2) Gusto Crema Coffee Ale (4.5% ABV)
Building on Gusto Crema blend, a medium roasted bean from our friends at Caffè Umbria, we made a smooth, rich cream ale. This beer has roasted flavor, aroma, and color from cold brew coffee. Smooth, rich mouthfeel comes from oats and Munich malt. Gold medal winner in the Coffee Beer category at the Great American Beer Festival in 2016!

Hopped Up Brewing
Spokane Valley

1) Tangerine Man Ale (5.25% ABV/40 IBU)
A nice crisp pale with a slight blast of Tangerine.

2) Wicked Wahini Cream Ale (5% ABV/15 IBU)
A very flavorful beer. Light pineapple aroma with a great light lingering coconut flavor.

3) Mad Hopper IPA (7.7% ABV/ 85 IBU)
A hearty IPA brewed with honey malt, hopped with Cascade and Centennial hops. Dry hopped with Falconers Flight.

4) Speed Shifter IPA (6.5%/ABV 65)
Quite a hoppy beer brewed entirely with Simcoe Cryo LupuLN2 Hop powder.

5) Pogue Mahone Irish Stout (7% ABV/35 IBU)
A hearty stout brewed with Irish cream, intense coffee, chocolate and Irish cream flavor.

6) Banana Foster Imperial Stout (10.5 % ABV/35 IBU)
A limited release stout very complex and tasty strong stout finished with Bananas Foster. Foster Imperial Stout will be Released Friday at 6:00 pm – Saturday at 4:00pm

Icicle Brewing

1)BootJack IPA (6.5% ABV/64 IBU)
This ‘Northwest Classic’ is a harmonious blend of our pride and our passion inspired by the rugged and gentle terrain of the Cascade Mountains. Starting with the pristine waters of Icicle Creek, we add the intense flavors and aromas of our locally grown Yakima hops, pairing the citrusy floral hop notes with a sweet-malty undertone. It’s an IPA that’s breaking the barrier between bitter and bold.

2)Dark Persuasion (6.5% ABV/22 IBU)
Delicate dark chocolate with a whisper of coconut… You know you want it, go ahead and indulge. You can finally have German Chocolate Cake and drink it too. There’s no need to be nervous, it’s just wickedly deep and full of flavor and desire. With its provocative aroma and smooth body, this is certainly the darkest of fifty shades of risqué.

Iron Goat Brewing

1) Blood Orange Pro-Am India Pale Lager (4.7% ABV/65 IBU)
2) Let it ESB (5.3% ABV/29 IBU)
3) Barrel Aged Chocolate Sour with Hidden Acres Cherries (7.1% ABV/2 IBU)
4) Black Berry Apricot Sour (6.5% ABV/16 IBU)
5)Trashy Blonde (5% ABV/38 IBU)
6) (Friday) Headbutt IPA (6.7% ABV/90 IBU)
7) (Friday) Trashy Blonde (5% ABV/38 IBU)
8)(Saturday) Brick and Steel IPA (6.7% ABV/67 IBU)
9) (Saturday) Impaler Imperial IPA (8.5% ABV/72 IBU)

Iron Horse Brewery

1) Quilter’s Irish Death (7.8% ABV/12 IBU)
Created by the brewery’s founder, Quilter’s Irish Death is what we call a dark, smooth, ale. We lovingly refer to Irish Death as beer candy. While tempting to session this beer, the name is a necessary reminder that despite the surprising approachability, this beer weighs in at a hefty 7.8% ABV

2) Life Behind Bars (5.5% ABV/19 IBU)
This retro-style beer is an ode to simpler times. Life Behind Bars has notes of crackers and dough with a subtle pinch of spicy and fruity hops. With a light body, effervescent feel, and clean finish this is the beer you want to session after putting in some hard miles on the hog. It’s a kolsch-like style made with azacca & mosaic hops and 2 row malts.

Little Spokane Brewing

1) Sun Child IPA (7.1% ABV/ 77 IBU)
A citrusy northwest IPA with a robust malt profile.

2) Coffee Dark and Lovely (6.4% ABV/ 55 IBU)
A velvety, Chocolatey oatmeal stout + Organic Peruvian Coffee.
3) Mi Reina Saison (7.9% ABV/24 IBU)
Belgian Saison

4) Bull Moose Imperial Stout (9.99%/100 IBU)
Russian Imperial Stout

Lumber House Brewery
Maple Valley

1) Timber Pale Ale (5.9% ABV/18 IBU)

2) You Mad Brew Oatmeal Stout (6% ABV/26 IBU)
Brewed with dark grains and balanced with flaked oats, this Stout has chocolate/ coffee notes with a smooth creamy finish.

3) Rockslide Amber (5.7% ABV/43 IBU)
This is a traditional Pacific NW Amber Ale, with a perfect balance between bitterness and malty-ness. Accompanied with a deep caramel color, subtle caramel flavors and a clean hop finish.

4) 3 C’s IPA (60 IBU/ 5.5% ABV)
Lumber House 3 C’s IPA is a Traditional Pacific NW IPA. Brewed with 3 different kinds of hops, Columbus, Centennial, Chinook- developed to feature the unique combination of these three hop flavors. We are reintroducing Chinook & Centennial Hops during a dry hop process to enhance the hop flavors.

New Boundary Brewing

1) Pecanator (7.5% ABV/18 IBU)
Pecanator is a rich German Dopplebock flavored with pecans.

2) Lemon Kick (6% ABV/ 0 IBU)
Lemon Kick is a malt based hard lemon that leans more towards the tart side.

3) Renegade Red (5.5% ABV/ 24 IBU)
Renegade Red is a malt forward Irish Red ale with toasted malt and toffee flavors.

No-Li Brewhouse

1) – FrostFest Barley Wine 12.0 (12% ABV/50 IBU)
Get a taste of No-Li’s upcoming FrostFest at the Spokane Arena on Dec. 9 with this massive barrel-aged barley wine that’s been getting ready for more than two years.

2) #NoFilter Pale (6.1% ABV/31 IBU)
This aromatic pale ale comes to you unfiltered and dry hopped with Belma, Mosaic and Topaz hops for a big nose and a hazy, bright finish.

3) Totez Ma Goatz (6.1% ABV/39 IBU)
Fans of Rise & Grind coffee stout will recognize this variation of the classic No-Li brew that features an oatier flavor.

4) Born & Raised (7% ABV/85 IBU)
No-Li’s beloved IPA is a big, bold copper colored ale with malty notes on top of Chinook and Cascade hops.

Northern Ales
Kettle Falls

1) Flume Creek IPA (6.5% ABV)

2) Okanagan Highlander Scotch Ale (6% ABV)
Our Scotch Ale

3) Whipper Snapper Oktoberfest (6% ABV)
Our interpretation of an Oktoberfest bier.

Orlison Brewing
Airway Heights

1) Hill Climb Honey Wheat (5.1% ABV)
Orlison Brewing Co. is excited to introduce its newest member in the “Adventure Ale” series, Hill Climb Honey Wheat is brewed with almost 50% wheat, lightly bittered with German noble hops, and finished with rich PNW amber honey. Smooth and sweet, this unfiltered American Wheat Ale is dialed in.

2) Orangelicious Golden Ale (5.3%/ 15 IBU)
Inspired by those frozen treats enjoyed during our youthful summertime respites. The careful use of vanilla bean and orange zest present themselves as quaffable elements without being sickly sweet or over-the-top, while the addition of lactose produces a mouthfeel just silky enough for effect. Light, diligent hopping reminds you it’s a beer and not, in fact, a freezer isle goodie.

3) Boulder Garden Brown Ale (6.1% ABV/20 IBU)
Grab a glass and pour a pint of this full bodied yet smooth American-Style brown ale. Boulder Garden provides a pleasant blend of caramel and chocolate notes with just enough hop bitterness to balance the maltiness.

4) Rachel’s Rotators
Three different R & D beers by our head brewer Rachel Nalley

Paradise Creek Brewery

1) Huckleberry Pucker Berliner Weisse (4.6% ABV/3 IBU)
2) Peach Saison (7.5% ABV/28 IBU)
3) Alpha Madness Simcoe Fresh Hop IPA (6.8% ABV/75 IBU)
4) Kugar Kolsch 23 IBU (4.8 ABV/23 IBU)

Perry Street Brewing

1) Fresh Hop Amarillo Pale
150lbs of Fresh Amarillo hops steeped into a 7 bbl batch. Boom.

2) Fresh Hop New England IPA
The best of both worlds. Hazy and oozing with fresh hops!

3) Rotating Tap
Top Secret! Stop by to see what’s pouring.

Pike Brewing

1) Pike Space Needle Golden IPA (6.5% ABV/58 IBU)
A golden IPA with assertive hop character and floral notes

2) Pike Hive Five Hopped Honey Ale (5.5% ABV/26 IBU)
Made with honey from Salish Lodge and Yakima Valley hops

3) Pike Organic Oatmeal Stout (7.5% ABV/30 IBU)
Organic malts and oats, dark and smooth

4) Pike Harlot’s Harvest Pumpkin Ale (8.30% ABV/30 IBU)
Caramel and molasses with the smooth sweetness of pumpkin

Reuben’s Brews

1) Gose (4.3% ABV/3 IBU)
Our GABF Gold Medal Gose is brewed with Coriander and Sea Salt. A light refreshingly tart beer with a dry crisp salinity.

2) Pilsner (5.4% ABV/35 IBU)
Our Czech style Pilsner is a clean, bright lager with bready malt notes and floral with a firm bitterness.

3) Crikey (6.8% ABV/53 IBU) –
Led by notes of citrus, tangerine, tropical fruit, with a little pine in the background. The malt backbone provides balance to every sip.

4) Roasted Rye (7.0% ABV/80 IBU)
Citrus and Tangerine in the nose, supported by chocolate, roast and caramel notes from the malt. The best of an IPA and a Winter Warmer, wrapped into one brew.

5) Amarillo Fresh Hop (6.0% ABV/50 IBU)
Intense notes of fresh cut grass, a deep orange flavor with background notes of lemon zest.

6) Nelson Crush (6.0% ABV/50 IBU)
Our take on the Hazy IPA. Using flaked oats and wheat help give this beer a soft, full body. The heavy dry hop allows the aroma and fruit to really shine through creating a very juicy beer.

River City Brewing

1) Funkadelicious Fresh Hop Ale (5.8% ABV/50 IBU)
Pale ale brewed with a high-attenuation, west-coast style yeast and Fresh Citra Hops.

2) Inconceivable Imperial Pilsner (7%ABV/34 IBU)
Big and bright pale lager with a bit more hop and strength than its ancestor.

3) Gose-Way (4.2%ABV/9 IBU)
A bright and refreshing sweet/tart Gose brewed with Cranberries, Blueberries and Orange Peel, with added additions of Potassium, Magnesium and Sodium. Inspired by but not adhering to tradition.

4) River City Red infused with Coffee (5.6%ABV/16 IBU)
A malt forward, clean finishing Amber Ale infused with Vessel Coffee Roasters coffee beans.

5) Girlfriend Golden Ale infused with Jalapeño, Lime and Cilantro: (5%ABV 10 IBU)
A crisp easy drinking golden ale infused with fresh Jalapeno, Lime and Cilantro. Tastes like liquid chips and salsa.

6) Horned Marmot Shadow Ram (8.7%ABV/78 IBU)
Friday Only: Tapped at 5:30pm
Blend of the 2015 Wine Barrel Aged Congratulator Doppelbock and 2015 Midnight Marmot Imperial Stout.

7) Wine Barrel Aged Raspberry and Oak Chip Aged Midnight Marmot Imperial Stout (8.7%ABV/78 IBU) Saturday Only Tapped at 1pm:
2015 Midnight Marmot Imperial Stout aged with Washington Raspberries and French Oak Chips in a Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Barrel.

8) 2016 Oako-Coco Nitro (8.6%ABV/14 IBU)
Saturday Only Tapped at 5pm.
We lovingly aged Midnight Marmot with Oak chips and Cacao nibs and carbonated it with nitrogen. The result is a smooth, creamy head on a full-bodied stout complimented by chocolaty flavors mixed with oaky, nutty bittersweet notes.

Schooner Exact Brewing

1) El Nino (5.5% ABV/28 IBU)
Our Summer Ale with a searing addition – serrano peppers. The glob-ale warming effect of El Nino on this typically crisp, golden, and refreshing summer ale is undeniable. It brings the heat. Beware the wrath of El Nino!

2) Amarillo Fresh Hop
For the uninitiated, the Yakima Valley produces some of the best hops on earth. Our fresh hop ale is brewed with Amarillo hops grown by the Gamache Farms in Toppenish. The beer has a medium malt body providing the flavors of the Amarillo hop with a stage to be the star. Happy harvest!

3) WA Dat?! Sour IPA (4.5% ABV/30 IBU)
What happens when you’re standing in front of the Slurpee machine and can’t decide on a flavor? You combine them and get The Suicide. What happens when you can’t decide between a sour and an IPA? You combine them and get WA’ Dat?! This beer is a 50-50 blend of IPA and lacto sour then dry hopped to finish – tart like a grapefruit rind with the bitterness of an IPA.

4) Whiskey Dick Cantwell (“Hey Matt! Where’s my f!#&ing pumpkin beer?”) (9.9% ABV, 30 IBU)
Brewed in honor of the Great Pumpkin Beer Master himself, Mr. Dick Cantwell, this barrel-aged concoction is short on pumpkin, long on Whiskey, and big on booze. Enjoy at your own peril. . .

Silver City Brewery

1) Ridgetop Red Ale (6% ABV/15 IBU)
The Red of All Reds

2) Tropic Haze IPA (6.4% ABV/ 50 IBU)
A seemingly magical reaction between a specialized yeast strain, oats, wheat, and an experimental hop variety results in a blossom of rich, tropical fruit flavor that is a feast for the eyes, with a silky-smooth texture and clean finish.

3) Oktoberfest (6.4% ABV/21 IBU)
Celebrate the season with tradition & authenticity. This classic amber lager presents rich malty sweetness, and spicy hop character.

4) Fat Scotch Ale (9.2% ABV/ 30 IBU)
World Class Scotch Ale

Steam Plant Brewing

1) Cutter’s Pale Ale (5.2% ABV/28 IBU)
Named after Kirkland Cutter, the architect of the Steam Plant, this pale ale was designed to stand the test of time. A perfect balance between malt, hops and alcohol provides a solid beer that all beer lovers can enjoy.

2) Double Stack Stout (6.4% ABV/43 IBU)
Rich, dark and full-bodied stout with bourbon vanilla. Flavors reminiscent of chocolate and espresso will linger as you sip on this delightful dark ale.

3) 1889 Imperial IPA (8.0 ABV/80 IBU)
In remembrance of the Great Fire of Spokane we brewed our biggest IPA to date. A blend of Columbus, Cascade and Galena hops overwhelm the caramel malt and high alcohol of this bold ale. Full flavored and medium bodied for the hoppy beer fan.

4) Boiler 5 Red IPA (5.0% ABV/68 IBU)
The latest edition to our Boiler IPA series is here. Brewed with local Palouse Pint malt and Mosaic and Citra hops, this red IPA is full of hop aroma and flavor. The hops were balanced by a blend of caramel and Munich malt. It’s light bodied and drinks like a session IPA.

Ten Pin Brewing
Moses Lake

1) Groove Pineapple Wheat (5.8% ABV/25 IBU)
This ale is the result of our collaboration with the Moses Lake band, Dimestore Prophets. The beer takes the easy drinking smoothness of an American wheat ale, adds just enough Mosaic hops to brighten it up with tropical fruit aromas, and takes it home with a fresh pineapple squeezed into every case.

2) Head Pin IPA (7.1% ABV/62 IBU)
Head Pin IPA – This gold medal winning American IPA is a strong, pleasantly bitter ale showcasing the mango and earthy pine flavors of Mosaic hops blended with the citrus and dense fruit flavors of Centennial and Citra hops.

3) Angle Amber (6.1% ABV/35 IBU)
Ten Pin’s amber ale is a balanced malty brew with a mild hop presence that is sure to satisfy any craft beer lovers appetite. The rich caramel flavors from the malted grains mesh seamlessly with the citrus and earthy flavors of some classic American hops.

4) Snake Eye Stout (6.3% ABV/33 IBU)
Snake Eye Stout – This stout is a thick, rich delectable nectar. Silky oats and subtly sweet milk sugar complement roasted barley malt notes of chocolate and coffee.

Top Frog Brewery

1) Wobley Leg Pilsner (6.2% ABV/42 IBU)
Light pilsner dry-hopped like a Pale ale.

2) Espresso Red (5.6% ABV/28 IBU)
Beer is run through fresh roasted espresso beans. Low hops.
3) Equinox/ Cascade Pale Ale (5% ABV/30 IBU)
Smooth and refreshing

4)Rye IPA (6.2% ABV/76 IBU)
Simcoe Amarillo dry hoped rye.

5) Nitro Imperial Stout (10.2% ABV/50 IBU)
Fallen Frog Stout smooth rich chocolate

Twelve String Brewing
Spokane Valley

1) A Cappella Kolsch (4.5% ABV/16 IBU)
A delicious lighter style beer full of flavor from Ahtanum and Cascade hops. A Northwest version of the classic German style. Very crisp and refreshing.

2) Mango Mambo (4.3% ABV 17 IBU)
Our ever-popular Mango infused Hefewiezen. Great flavors of Mango meld perfectly with the wheat malt base and Cascade hops for a beer that everyone likes.

3) Fresh Hop Simcoe IPA (6% ABV)
Only once a year do we get to brew with freshly picked wet hops. Simcoe is our favorite hop for this beer with loads of fresh flavors. These hops were in the beer less than 5 hours after being harvested. Absolutely yummy.

4) Electric Slide Imperial IPA (8.3% ABV)
Our BIG IPA is full of great hop flavors and aromas. Very easy drinking with a smooth well-balanced profile that will surprise you. Don’t let the big IBU’S scare you. This one is very smooth.

5) Volume 5 Imperial Bourbon barrel aged TART Porter (8.3% ABV)
Our 5th anniversary beer was aged in Woodinville Bourbon barrels for almost a year. Brewed as a tart to give it the most unusual zing. A mouthful of flavors awaits you.

6) Gin Barrel Grapefruit Golden Strong (7% ABV)
A new favorite at our brewery you are sure to like. A light bodied beer that packs a ridiculous amount of flavors from the Gin, Grapefruit and the Golden Strong style of beer. Barrel aged for one year it has mellowed with further time aging in the keg. Delicious!

7) BDCDD (9.5% ABV)
Bourbon Barrel aged Double Chocolate Double Stout. The hit of the Festival last year returns with another year of age under its belt. Imagine liquid Chocolate Cake with a shot bourbon. It will be your new favorite for sure. 9.5 ABV

8) Tequila Imperial Mango Mambo (8.3% ABV)
It’s baaack! We finally found some good tequila barrels again and brewed this one up special. Lovely smooth tequila flavors working in harmony with the sweetness of the mango and the power of the imperial Hefewiezen base beer. Our best batch of this beer yet.

Two Beers Brewing

1) Fresh Hop IPA (6.2% ABV/70 IBU)
This super seasonal IPA is a Two Beers tradition not to be missed. A brewery-wide road trip provides us with some of the first hops of the Yakima Valley hop harvest. The result is an intoxicatingly aromatic IPA that’s new and exciting every year.

2) Wonderland Trail IPA (7.1% ABV/84 IBU)
Inspired by the Wonderland Trail, an exhilarating 93-mile trek around Mount Rainier, this beer was developed to honor the treasures of the Pacific Northwest. Featuring a seamless blend of Washington-grown Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic and Cascade hops, a slightly sweet aroma of tangerine is followed by a wave of citrus and passion fruit.

3) Immersion Amber (5.2% ABV/27 IBU)
Immersion Amber is bright, ruby-colored Northwest-style amber ale. Starting with a clean caramel character and finishing with soft citrus notes – courtesy of Yakima Valley Chinook and Cascade hops – it is both smooth and refreshing.

4) Pumpkin Spice cider (6.9% ABV)
his semi-sweet cider is copper in color and perfect for fall. Fermented with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves, it offers hints of the season’s favorite spices followed by just a touch of pumpkin.

V Twin Brewing

1) Suicide Shifter IPA (8% ABV)
IPA made with 7 different hops and local honey.
2) Blue Barry SMaSH (6.9% ABV)
Single Malt Single Hop with local blue berries

3) Hella Jalapeno (6% ABV)
Pilsner beer with Jalapeno’s

4) Wind Whipped Wheat (7% ABV)
Light easy drinking Hefeweizen

Waddell’s Brewing

1) Oktoberfest Marzen
Our Oktoberfest Lager is a beer rich in malt with a balance of clean, hop bitterness. Bread or biscuit-like malt aroma and flavor is common. (“Marzen” meaning “March”), with the fest-style versions tapped in October.

2) Red Wine Barrel Aged Blackberry Sour
Our Black Berry sour aged in french oak cabernet sauvignon barrels for eight months. Good tart blackberry notes with hints of french oak and cabernet wine flavors from the barrel.

3) Imperial Alligator Oatmeal Stout (10.5% ABV/55 IBU)
Our big black imperial Stout aged in Dry Fly whiskey and bourdon barrels for 8 months.

4) Strawberry Wild Fire (5% ABV/5 IBU)
This is a Strawberry Berliner Weisse with a kick a Habanero awesomeness! Think Sweet strawberry in the front and habanero heat in the finish! They go surprisingly well together.

5) 1.21 GigaHops Fresh hop IPA (6.2% ABV/50 IBU)
We brewed and dry hopped this fresh hop with Amarillo and Centennial hops from the Yakima Valley
6) Dragon Slayer (5.5% ABV/50 IBU)
This is a Pale ale infused with our habanero elixir. A delicious good burn in the back of your throat.

Whistle Punk Brewing

1) Espresso Milk Stout (7.1% ABV)
Imperial Milk Stout brewed with Anvil Coffee, vanilla beans and
small batch bourbon. Big coffee aroma and a sweet finish, with
notes of vanilla and oak. *Contains Lactose

2) Cryo Hopped New England IPA (7.1% ABV)
IPA brewed with oats and generously hopped with Mosaic, Citra,
and Simcoe Cryo Hops. Highly aromatic and juicy.

3) Rotating Tap
This tap will be rotating throughout the event, so stop by and see
what’s on!

White Bluffs Brewing
1) Nectar of the Gods (NOG) IPA (6.7% ABV/75 IBU)
Gold medal winner for 2017 Washington Beer Awards IPA. Juicy IPA in the flavor of a NE style IPA with the look of a west coast IPA. Simple malt backbone to stay out of the way of the hops. Double dry-hopped.

2) Biere de Mars (6.5% ABV/25 IBU)
Brewed as a French Farmhouse style Biere de Garde with a significant wheat component to lend easy drinkability and balance. Hopped with Halletauer for a great warm weather quaff.

Young Buck Brewing
1) Bucktoberfest Marzen (6.8% ABV/ 26 IBU)
A traditional Oktoberfest style beer, lagered for over a month. We use two different aromatic malts and Styrian Celeia hops for a malt-forward, full-bodied lager with subtle spiciness and subtle undertones of caramel.

2) Warp 4 IPA (6.5% ABV/ 80 IBU)
The fourth in our line of experimental IPAs. This batch is a heavily dry-hopped (and partially fresh-hopped) West coast-style IPA featuring Cascade, Willamette, and El Dorado hops. Citrus/ tropical fruit aroma, medium-bodied, finishing firmly bitter and super-addicting.

3) Mimosa Gose (3.6% ABV/ 0 IBU)
Our uber-popular base Gose’, infused with fresh orange zest and juice. It tastes and smells just like a Sunday morning Mimosa, but clocks in at a mere 3.5%, perfect for sipping on the patio all summer long.

4) Farmhouse Funk Barrel-Aged Sour (6.5% ABV/5 IBU)
A Belgian Golden Ale base beer blended with a French Saison, aged in a French oak Chardonnay barrel on a blended house-culture of Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus., and Pediococcus. Medium tartness, lightly funky, with a huge fruit-forward aroma leading into a dry champagne-like finish.



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