The Beer List for Next Weekend’s Washington BelgianFest


Updated Wed, Jan 29. Just heard a rumor that anyone wearing Seahawks gear to BelgianFest will receive 12 tokens with their admission instead of the expected 10 tokens. Okay, not a rumor, just a fact. Wear your 12th man gear to BelgianFest!  GO HAWKS!

Let’s face it, by Saturday we are all going to be climbing the walls, so escaping to BelgianFest will be a welcomed distraction.

Here it is, straight from the Washington Beer Commission.

The Washington Beer Commission announces Belgianfest Beer List!




















February 1, 2014 at Bell Harbor International Conference Center, Seattle, WA

The Washington Beer Commission is proud to announce the beer list for the 5th Annual Belgianfest beer tasting festival at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center (Pier 66) on Seattle’s waterfront. The event will feature 42 Washington Breweries pouring more than 100 unique, innovative and delicious Belgian style, Washington brewed beers.








Belgianfest will have two sessions on Saturday, February 1, beginning with a Noon – 4:00pm session, and followed by 5:30pm – 9:30pm session on Saturday evening.

The Bell Harbor International Conference Center is located at 2211 Alaskan Way, Pier 66, Seattle, WA 98121. Tickets are available now at Brown Paper Tickets and are $35 in advance or $40 at the door (per session). This event sold out the last four years and overall ticket sales to date are 55% sold!


Belgian style beer is perhaps the most unique of all of the beer styles. As you look over the list of Washington Breweries and their Belgian style names imagine beers with flavors of orange zest, vanilla, toffee, cherries, chocolate, raspberries, citrus, apricot, or peppercorns, just to name a handful of the flavors infused in these amazing brews. This is a perfect way to get warmed up a day before the Seahawks take on Denver in the Super Bowl on Sunday!

Complete event info is available at Washington Beer Belgianfest.












2014 Belgianfest Beer List

7 Seas Brewing

Gig Harbor

1) Noonday Demon Dubbel Ale

Named in reference to the crucial monastic tribulation of monotony. The demon embodies the concept of cutting corners and avoiding meticulousness. Monks were encouraged to court the Noonday Demon rather than ignore it – believing such would strengthen their person. Within this complex beer we utilized Golden Promise, Special B, Kilned Amber, and a sprinkling of Chocolate malts to impart toasty sweet flavors topped with fruit. This demon was nobly hopped lending it a subtle earthy character. IBU 25/ABV 7%

2) 7 Seas Belgian Wit

Brewed with 30% malted White Wheat, this traditional Belgian style Wit is dry and refreshing with hints of clove, orange peel, subtle coriander and bready notes. Fermented with a combination of Belgian and American yeast strains and lightly spiced in the conditioning tank, this Wit showcases authenticity and refinement. IBU 14/ABV 5.1%


Anacortes Brewery


1) Magritte’s Schnozpipe

S.M.A.S.H. beer with UK pale malt and saaz hops. Aged 1 year in oak with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis at Elliot Bay Brewing. Lagered 4.5 years. Brewed 8/2/08 by Allen Rhoades, Arlen Harris and Kevin Pierce. ABV 11%

2) Ned Flanders

Flanders style sour red ale aged in a bourbon barrel. ABV 4.8%

3) Ransack the Elder
Dopplebock aged in a Cabernet barrel with Marionberries. ABV 9.2%

4) VanDon Bythie River
Made with chocolate wheat, local honey with Wyeast 1762. Brewed 3/1/09 Allen Rhoades, Thomas Munoz and Kevin Pierce (Formerly known as “Dark water Between Two Cities”). ABV 8.8%

5) Guust Flater

Sour Belgian Dubbel aged in a Cabernet barrel. ABV 7.6%

6) Ca Plane Pour Moi – Sour Belgian Blonde Ale. Collaboration with North Sound Brewery. ABV 5.4%

7) Tin Tin and the Secret of the Unicorn – Sour Belgian Dubbel aged in a cabernet barrel with raspberries. ABV 7.6%

8) Jacques Brel is Alive and Living in this Barrel – Sour Belgian Dubbel aged in a Bourbon barrel. ABV 7.6%

Big Time Brewing


1) Jack Candi Grand Cru

A bitter sweet Belgian Style Strong Pale Ale which lingers on your tongue like a honey hard candy. Scant use of Magnum and Saaz hops allow the malt and yeast flavors to shine. ABV 7.0%

2) Sour Cherry Trombipulator

A Belgian Style Triple aged for 20 months in a second use oak barrel innoculated with Roeselare yeast from the Flanders region of Belgium and infused with cherry purée. ABV 8.2%

Black Raven Brewing


1) Tangerine Dream

This golden conundrum was re-fermented in white wine barrels with brettanomyces and top of the season Sumo tangerines. We utilized the fruit juice; flesh and peel to infuse a strong essence of citrus and lingering super clean pithy bitter. ABV 8.9%

2) Bourbon Barrel La Petite Mort

This Belgian inspired strong abbey brown ale was brewed with a Belgian Ardennes yeast strain. Additional time and barrel aging has brought out flavors of dark fruit such as plums and raisins, deep caramel notes, bourbon and vanilla. ABV 11%

3) Pour les Oiseaux

P.L.O. is a blend of complex earthy, fruity and light tannic flavors with a crisp and refreshing finish. Earthy hay and wild yeast aromas mingle with notes of Washington wine grapes. Pour Les Oiseaux is aged in French oak white wine barrels with the addition of brettanomyces. ABV 7.4%

4) Corvus Kriekus

This could be considered our first truly soured fruit beer. We added season peak Washington sourced cherries in two varietals, Chelans and Titans, to barrel aging scotch ale. The cherries were intentionally field direct and added not only fermentables, cherry tannin and color to the beer but also provided the necessary micro-flora to sour the beer. We then blended various barrels to yield a balanced, quaffable, complex and fruity Black Raven first. ABV 9.6%


Boundary Bay Brewery


1) Not Shawn’s Saison

In the style of a traditional Belgian, Farmhouse Saison, “Not Shawn’s Saison” is a balanced, dry, crisp, and memorable beer. At 6% ABV, it is a truly sessionable ale, and is the third release in the Galbraith Mountain Series. It is brite as crystal and a mellow, golden-orange color and is never filtered. We gave this brew a little extra time and cellar-love to allow for the lemon, bubblegum, and melon aromas and superbly balanced, continental malt characters to fully develop. Styrian Golding noble hops harmonize incredibly well with the biscuit and grain flavors from pilsner malt. With a slight tang and just a touch of spicy rye malt and lemony citrus notes from New Zealand Pacific Gem Hops, this beer is complex, smooth, and refreshing – and leaves you wanting another! Let it warm a little in the glass to release even more of Not Shawn’s special aromas and flavors. You’d never know you aren’t in Brussels… “Sante!” ABV 6%

2) Infused Not Shaw’s Saison

Our saison infused with coriander and bitter orange peel. ABV 6%

3) Infused Not Shaw’s Saison

Our saison infused candied ginger and green & pink peppercorns. ABV 6%


Der Blokken Brewery


1) Pineapple Belgian Cask

Cask aged Belgian with pineapples. ABV 8%

2) Dark Belgian

Cask of our Belgian Dark Beer. ABV 6.7%


Dicks Brewing


1) Belgian Brown Ale

A nice malty and roasty Belgian style ale. Brewed with a heavy dose of black malt and fermented with a traditional Belgian yeast. This dark ale drinks smooth and finishes slightly sweet. ABV 5.9%

2) 2010 Grand Cru

Intensely fruity and complex Belgian-style strong ale with special kettle sugars added to a full mash tun of malted barley and a classic yeast strain pitched during a long fermentation. ABV 10%

Duvall Springs Brewing


1) Bos Brutt Belgian Strong

Bos Bruut translates to ‘Forest Monster’ in English. Strange calls and movement have been seen and heard surrounding the Duvall Springs

Brewery. We needed a strong Belgian to quell our fears as we brewed late into the night. Enjoy this Belgian, and you too may soon forget the things that go bump in the night. ABV 10.5%

2) The Belgian Pretzale

Nothing seems to go together as perfectly as pretzels at Belgianfest. That’s why this year we decided to embrace them with open arms. We made a special brew using a blend of Belgian grains and pretzels in our mash finished off with an Abbey yeast. Having a wonderful rich flavor, it will easily compliment your pretzel necklace or sweater.  ABV 7%


E9 Brewery


1) Life Of Pi(ker)

Trippel aged in a virginal American oak barrel. Named after the man who drove us the barrel across country (Thanks Jeff). Soft spiciness and citrus notes are wrapped in a blanket of rich oak and vanilla imparted from the barrel. ABV 9.0%

2) House of the Holy Saison

A collaboration brewed with our friend Colin Lenfesty from Holy Mountain brewing. Dry, subtle fruity flavors with a touch of spiciness. Light, crisp, and silky mouth feel. ABV 5.8%

3) Belgian Pale Ale

Copper colored with spicy, fruity smooth malty mouth feel that is complimented by a clean dry finish. ABV 6.4%

Elliott Bay Brewery


1) Blended Sour Ale

A custom creation especially for Belgianfest from our barrels in Burien. Combination of beers fermented with Brettanomyces and aged in oak with Lactobacillus and Pediococcus cultures.

2) Nitwit Imperial Wheat Ale

Call us foolish, but we like this strong-ish glowing golden and ramped up interpretation of a Belgian-style wheat ale. ABV 7.8%

3) Hop von Belgian IPA

A recipe emulating assertively hopped Belgian ales like Urthel Hop-It combining New World hops varieties with an Old World yeast strain. ABV 6.3%


Elysian Brewing


1) Barrel Aged Bete Blanche Belgian Tripel

A twist on the French expression “Bête Noire.” Bête Blanche is extremely drinkable, blonde and somewhat treacherous. Brewed entirely from Pale malt and augmented in the boil with clear Belgian candy sugar. Bittered with German Northern Brewer and finished with Styrian Goldings hops. Fermented with Belgian ale yeast. Aged in Washington’s Januik Winery red wine barrels. IBU 36/ABV 7.4%

2) Serenity NOW! Saison

This time of the year can be a little angering for the beer drinker that prefers lighter, more delicate beer styles. But stress not, we’ve got your back: here we bring you a light yet hop forward saison to remedy. A backbone of pale, white wheat, dextrapils malts sets up a fruity hop bill of mostly Nelson Sauvin, with a little cascade & 291 to round it out. Serenity now, Insanity later. IBU 22/ABV 5.5%

3) Comtesse d’ Elysee Dark Sour Ale

Brewed with Pale, C77, Vienna, special b, brown malts and flaked barley (specialties make up 36% of total grist). Bittered w 2007 Fuggles to 15 IBUs, and Fermented with White Labs 655 Belgian Sour mix yeast.  OG 14.0/TG 3.0/ABV 5.7%

4) Bramble On Blackberry Saison

A Saison brewed with 10 lbs per barrel of blackberries. And to our health we drank a thousand times, its time to Ramble On. IBU 18/ABV 6%

5) André the Giant Belgian Double IPA

A double IPA made with Belgian yeast, Chinook, Mosaic and hop 366.

IBU 70/ABV 8.8%

6) Blueberry Tart Sour Blueberry Ale

You will live in happiness too after sipping our first ever Sour Blueberry Ale- Brewed with pale malt, white wheat, unmalted wheat and eighty pounds of blueberry puree per barrel. Primary fermented with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis. Then, aged in French and American Oak barrels with more blueberries for 10 months. IBU 30/ABV 6.1%


Epic Ales


1) L’Abbaye d’ Orange

Dubbel brewed with orange blossoms Dark and semi-dry. Full of fruity and floral notes. Brewed with malt, candi sugar, hops and orange blossoms, fermented with a classic Abby-strain. It is a fun twist on a classic Belgian Beer. ABV 8%

2) Fluffy Bunnies-Farmhouse Session Ale

Light and hoppy with fruity esters lurking throughout. This is a perfect beer for a break from the heavy hitters that’ll be at the fest. Made with malt and hops. ABV 4.1%


Fremont Brewing


1) Rye Saison

IBU 30/ABV 6.6%

2) Sour Kettle

IBU 7/ABV 4%

3) Randalled Sour Kettle

IBU 7/ABV 4%


Georgetown Brewery


1) Donkey Deux 2014

A Belgian Dubbel style brewed for a classic Belgian flavor and aroma: complex malt flavors of caramel, raisin and dried fruit with traditional Belgian yeast esters of clove and banana. The light sweetness from two dark Candi Sugars is balanced by the woody, evergreen notes of Northern Brewer hops. IBU 31/ABV 7.6%

2) Cask Version of Donkey Deux 2014

Side by side with our Donkey Deux Dubbel will be a cask version aged with brandied cherries and oak. IBU 31/ABV 8%


Hales Ales


1) Whiskey Gold Rush

Bourbon barrel aged strong Belgian golden ale. Brewed with 2-row, oats, and unmalted wheat, fermented with French Saison yeast. ABV 10%

2) U.S.K. Strong Belgian

Belgian golden ale brewed with 2-row, oats, and unmalted wheat, fermented with French Saison yeast, aged in Merlot barrels with all-natural tart cherry concentrate. ABV 10%

3) Guapo’s Saison-

Brewed with 2-row, unmalted wheat, and oats, hopped with Strisselspalt, and fermented with French Saison yeast. Brewed only for Belgianfest, approximately. ABV 3-4%


Issaquah Brewhouse


1) White Frog Belgian Style Wit

Aromas of coriander and orange spice dominate the nose. A very light mouthfeel is countered with sweet orange peel, coriander and subtle notes of chamomile. It finishes with delicate banana and clove spices. Surprisingly light and immediately quaffable. IBU 13/ABV 5.3%

2) ManageAFrog Belgian Style Tripel

Monster aromas and sweet flavors coming from the yeast and a huge amount of Belgian Candi Sugar. IBU 16/ABV 10.5%

3) Belgian Cherry Stout

A Stout brewed with Belgian yeast and Washington Sour Cherries.

IBU 50/ABV 6.4%


Kulshan Brewing


1) Hop Howdy Belgian Blonde Ale

Belgian Blonde with light body. Hoppy, Earthy and Hebral aroma. Has a green herbal hop flavor. IBU 50/ABV 8%

2) Bellingham Beer Week Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Belgian Dark Strong. Flavor hints of fig, raison and chocolate.

IBU 22/ABV 8%

3) Bon Garcon Belgian Pale Ale

Light with Balanced Bitterness IBU 20/ABV 5.25 %


Lantern Brewing


1) Lucienne

A Sour Blend Pale Ale, a solidly tart and well-aged ale blended with young pale ale for an enticingly different and delicious taste. ABV 5.2%

2) Café Au Dubbel

A Lantern Brewing’s Dubbel matched with Pier Coffee’s Bolivian Buena Vista Reserva coffee concentrate, providing subtle coffee aroma and a flavor nudge to the Dubbel’s solid body. ABV 6.9%

3) Blondine

A lightly-hued but deeply flavored Belgian-style blonde ale, refreshing and balanced. ABV 4.8%


Lazy Boy Brewing


1) Belgian Golden Ale

Brewed using all Pilsner and Munich malt, and fermented with White Labs Abbey Ale yeast. IBU 20/ ABV 8.7%

2) From Russia With Love

Russian Imperial Stout brewed with White Labs Abbey Ale yeast and aged on Jack Daniels oak chips…Take that 007! IBU 26/ ABV 10.2%


Loowit Brewing Company


1) Silver Star Saison

A generously hopped NW-style Saison. ABV 6.5%




1) The Second Reckoning

This two year old Dark Belgian Strong has been aging beautifully! A traditional Belgian flavor with a hint of chocolate make this the perfect beer to keep you warm on these cold winter nights. ABV 9.68%

2) Ambrosia

This unique ale is brewed with raspberries and boysenberries using a favorite Belgian yeast strain. The result is a complex layering of fruit flavors and spicy phenolics. ABV 6.5%


New Belgium Brewing


1) Cascara Quad

Cascara Quad is a dark, strong and surprisingly delicate ale made with dates and coffee cherries. Channeling the Trappist tradition, itÂ’s brewed with an ethereal malt bill, and spiced with the fruit of the coffee bean (cascara). The aroma brings dates, cherries and pipe tobacco right to the nose and builds layers with hints of spice and fruity Belgian yeast. Once on the palate, Cascara Quad starts swinging clove, fig and molasses. Each sip offers sweet warmth, deep complexity. ABV 10%.

2) Wild 2 Dubbel

Wild2 Dubbel ale, our mahogany-hued autumn ale spiced with schisandra, opens with the floral, earthy notes of fall itself. Schisandra berries, known as “five-flavor fruit,” possess all five flavors: salty, sweet, sour, spicy and bitter. This malt-forward dubbel ale is fermented with a Trappist yeast and finishes dry and slightly sour with a touch of bretta. ABV:  8%

3) Snapshot Wheat

The 5 percent alcohol-by-volume unfiltered wheat beer is actually a blend of two beers-one that is traditionally fermented and another fermented with lactobaccilus, giving it a tart punch.


Odin Brewing


1) Thor’s Equinox

Dark Belgian-Style Strong Ale. Hints of rum, dates and figs are complimented by licorice phenolics. Locally made dark candi syrup helps keep a light body in big a beer worthy of rumination. ABV 9%

2) Abbey Single Pale

Belgian Table Beer. Delicate hints of spice mingle with banana and fruit esters to round out this subtle, yet complex beer.  With its refined body and lower alcohol our table beer makes a great aperitif but can also be enjoyed with lighter fare.

ABV 5%


Paradise Creek Brewery


1) Daily Dubbel

This full bodied, amber colored Belgian ale has a rich malty backbone that supports a beautiful bouquet of spicy fruity esters from the yeast.  So well balanced at 7.8% ABV you will want to have a double daily.

2) Paradise Hoe

The Hoe is a wit but isn’t white. It leads off with a nose of coriander and orange that leads to a bit of banana and clove. You could be satisfied just basking in the complex aroma but once you taste it you will be convinced that to drink it is the ultimate pleasure. ABV 5.2%


Peddler Brewing


1) Golden Pedal Belgian

A light bodied Belgian golden ale that uses a simple malt bill and noble hops to allow the flavors an aromatic of the authentic Belgian yeast to dominate. IBU 22/ABV 8.3%

2) Belgian Spice

A classic Belgian style ale brewed with a blend of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and other spices to create a complex and unique beer. IBU 27/ABV 7%

3) Brett Barrel Aged Belgian Spice

Our Belgian Spice aged in oak barrels with Brettanomyces.

IBU 27/ABV 7.2%


Populuxe Brewing


1) Merlot Barrrel Aged Saison

A collaboration beer with local winemakers and Domanico Cellars, our saison was aged 3 months in a French oak Merlot barrel.  Subtle yeast derived flavors integrate well with the oak tannins and a delicate, vinous character.  ABV 6.8%

2) Belgian Dubbel

Rich, malty sweetness with a spicy, dry finish characterize our traditional Belgian Dubbel.  A Pilsner malt base contributes bready notes, while European caramel malts bring flavors of dried fruit and molasses.  Belgian yeast contributes to the dry, spicy finish.  ABV 6.9%


Propolis Brewing

Port Townsend

1) Golden Belgian Ale brewed with Spruce

Earthy piney citrus nose, golden straw hue, light spring wooden tartness melded with light pepper notes, fresh baguette, slight farmhouse rustic aroma, creamy mouth, notes of citrus, and the forest, that evaporates into a pinny resinous dry finish. ABV 7%

2) Belgian Dark Ale brewed with Heather

Herbaceous malty nose, chestnut and leather, medium body, toasted fruit, plum, licorice and pepper mid-tones, light floral and violet notes, dried herb earthiness, rounding down a moderate malty linger. ABV 7%

3) Belgian Dubbel Brewed with Sage

Bready fruit nose, light pepper, clove and toffee, deep mahogany hue, crisp and creamy mouth, mid-tones of fig, anise, light butterscotch and spice that carry through a myriad of warming dry herbal highlights of grass, mint and brush ABV 7%


Rainy Daze Brewing


1) Belgian Bastard IPA

This Silver award winner at the Washington Beer Awards for other Pale,

Is a NW style IPA that we added a Belgian yeast strain to.

Golden in color, with lots of fruity esters that blend well with NW hops. IBU 70/ABV 7.5%

2) Klaas Vaak

Rye Dark Strong

A mythological type of Sand Man, but don’t be scared of this beer!

We took a dark strong and added Rye Malt, Crystal Rye and a touch of Roasted Rye, to add a little more complexity to this style.

IBU 25/ABV 8.5%


Redhook Brewery


1) Chasing the Sun Belgian IPA

A true Northwest hop profile is the soul of this Belgian IPA. Plenty of Cascade hops lend a floral hop aroma balanced by Pale and Caramel 10 malts and flavors from the Belgian yeast.

2) Belgian Blondage

You’ll get tied up in this tasty hybrid; imagine a blonde ale and a pale ale “fooling around” with Belgian yeast. The result is a very crushable beer with plenty of body and flavor.


Reuben’s Brews


1) Rye Saison

A fruity and spicy nose, with a smooth body and dry finish. 50% rye in the malt bill. ABV: 5.8% IBU: 19

2) Brewers Choice


Scuttlebutt Brewing


1) Barrel Aged Jalapeno Tripel 7

An interesting pairing, this beer isn’t a burner it’s surprisingly refreshing and drinkable.  The broad pungent flavor of the peppers ally beautifully with the delicate white pear and clove flavors present in the Tripel 7.  After being aged in a barrel for nine months, a soft but endlessly deep, vanilla element has emerged without changing the strengths of the original beer.   Very limited release. IBU 10/ABV 9%

2) Explore the Hopvoodoo Belgian Style IPA

Fermented with Abbey II yeast this BIPA combines many qualities to create a pleasing encounter.  Bullion hops add a luminous orange quality federating with flavor notes of smoke and dry fruits. Briesse Victory malt adds a biscuit element to the malt bill providing an honest canvas for the yeast to paint.  The resulting beer is full bodied, hop forward and complex in execution. IBU 79/ABV 6.6%

3) Tripel 7

Very light in body but heavy in strength of alcohol, Scuttlebutt’s Tripel 7 is an honest model of deception in the finest Belgian tradition.  Delicate clove and white pear flavors are evident when the beer is young. If able to try one with a year or two of age complex apricot flavors prevail.

IBU 10/ABV 9%


Silver City Brewery


1) Le Fat 2012

Le Fat, is a scotch ale that is a scotch ale no more. Leaving its Scottish roots long behind in the summer of 2010, the ale adventured out to find its own way. Belgian influences from a host of micro-organisms have soured this once sweet behemoth.  Hints of fig, plum and tart cherries occur naturally; the result of its unique fermentation. Over time, Le Fat has softened and mellowed while gaining refinement and character through extended aging in Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet barrels.

ABV 9.9%

2) Nutcracker Belgian Style Strong Brown Ale

A festive beer with a medley of dark roasted malt, fruit and spice. Some hints of fruit (plum, cherry, peach) come from a wonderful and distinctive Belgian yeast strain. Additionally, ginger, orange and tangerine peel was added to spice things up. ABV 9 %

3) The Giant Made of Shadows

The Giant Made Of Shadows is a malty Dark Strong Ale in the Belgian Style. Belgian brewers have never placed style over expression and our  full flavored ale is rich in black cherry, carmel, and coffee character.  Spicy Belgian yeast marries with biscuity malt and warming alcohol in this distinctive, mysterious nightcap. ABV 9.9%


Snipes Mountain Brewing


1) Terror in the Wood

13 different malts of 5 grains, with Glacier, Palisade and Strisslespalt

hops then fermented with Saison yeast.  Finishing additions of molasses,

local honey, apples and blackberries round out this French Provincial

Stout.  Aged in Gilbert Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah barrels for

over a year. IBU 45/ABV 10.6 %

2) Pear Valley

Beneath a thick creamy head and a strong fruity pear aroma lies a cloudy

golden concoction born of French Saison yeast, a healthy percentage of

white wheat malt and 50 gallons of fresh local pear juice that come

together beautifully in a celebration of the local harvest as crisp as

Valley air. IBU 24 ABV 6.5%


Snoqualmie Falls Brewing



1) Spring Fever

Spring Fever is our Belgian Style beer crafted from Two-row Pale, Munich, Crystal and Belgian Aromatic malts paired with distinctive Columbus and Saaz hops. We add fresh crushed coriander then ferment with an authentic Belgian yeast strain to get a beautiful beer with tropical aromas reminiscent of crushed pineapple and banana. IBU 32/ABV 7.0%


Sound Brewery


1) Bombshell-Belgian Style Blonde Ale

Made with belgian malts, trappist yeast and a new German Hop, this authentic Belgian style “Blonde” ale bears a family resemblance to our Tripel Entendre, in an lighter, more refreshing ale. The newly developed “Smaragd” (Emerald) hop brings a classic german aroma hop to a new level with hints of lime zest and other citrus, and the classic European malts make for a crisp, yet creamy texture. IBU 26/ABV 7.3%

2) Tripel Entendre Belgian Style Tripel

Complexity and balance from a simple recipe of the finest ingredients obtainable. Clear and light in color, this strong Belgian ale drinks smooth and easy but has the complexity to complement the finest meals or to savor alone at the end of the evening. ABV 9.9%

3) Dubbel Entendre Belgian Style Dubbel

Comforting aromas of chocolate malt and dark toffee, with a hint of banana and stone fruits. A dark abbey style ale with a subtle rich maltiness and a dry, spicy finish. ABV 8.0%


Stoup Brewing


1) Dagon Golden Strong Ale

Our Belgian Golden Strong Ale is a vibrantly golden, multi-faceted (some might say two faced) beer. It greets you gently with a hint of fruit, a touch of spiciness, and a mild malty sweetness. That warming sensation as you swallow? That’s the devilishly smooth, but generous alcohol content reminding you that this beer is no angel. Dagon was the avenging devil of the sea. IBU 35/ABV 8.7%


Strong Arm Brewing


1) Berserker – Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Description: Deep amber and copper color with huge, dense, cream-colored head. Low bitterness with a moderate malt and sweet profile that finishes medium dry. A dark, extremely rich, complex, very strong Belgian ale reflecting the unique characteristics of Strong Arm Brewing. ABV 10.5%

2) Le Torque Deux – Belgian Double IPA

Description: That right! A true ground up Belgian Double IPA with everything from the malt to hops factored in. The tart, farm house flavor you love balanced perfectly with twice the hop bitterness you crave with just a touch of sweetness. An amazing variation of the standard that will satisfy even the most discriminating.

ABV 8.5%

Triplehorn Brewing


1) Mystic, Belgian Strong Dark

Belgian Dark Strong Ale. Brewed with Belgian candy sugar made at Triplehorn, and Westmalle Abbey Yeast. ABV 9.5%

2) Mystic Belgian – Barrel Aged

Belgian Dark Strong; Jack Daniels Barrel Aged 4 Months.

Brewed with Belgian candy sugar made at Triplehorn, and Westmalle Abbey Yeast. Caramel and honey flavor blend well with the oak and Jack Daniels whiskey. Some soft spice and warming effect! ABV 10.5%

3) Shakti, Belgian Saison

Crisp with notes of spice and honeysuckle. ABV 7%


Urban Family Brewing


1) Saison Maiden

Brewed with barley, oats, wheat, & rye. Dry with a full mouth feel. Grassy, herbal hops with a fruit character leaning towards citrus. Finishes bitter with a subtle spice.

2) Brewer’s Choice


Valholl Brewing


1) Poulsbo Abbey Dubbel

A deep amber color with hints toffee, caramel and toasted biscuit. IBU 36/ ABV 8.2%

2) Poulsbo Abbey Golden Strong

A big golden ale brewed with generous amounts of candi sugar.  2013 Bronze Medal at NABA. IBU 32/ABV 9.8%

3) Poulsbo Abbey Wit Bier,

A traditional Belgian wheat ale brewed with coriander and orange peel.  IBU 26/5.5%


Wingman Brewers


1) Chocolate Fortress

This is an high ABV Chocolate version of our Stratofortress.  It is a dark strong Belgian beer with some delicious chocolate added. ABV 11.2%

2) Miss-B-Haven Tripel

It is a Belgian style tripel with a Northwest twist. We add in a healthy portion of PNW hops and orange peel. Miss-B-Haven clocks in at 9% ABV.


Yakima Craft Brewing


1) Good Monk Golden Ale

Good Monk is a Belgian-style golden ale that tastes of pepper, banana and a pleasant warmth, Good Monk will make you happy.

IBU 19.7%/ABV: 8.20%

2) Bad Monk Dark Ale

is a spicy, Belgian-style dark ale good for keeping you warm on cold nights. IBU 22.7/ABV 8.89%