Beer List for Bremerton Summer Brewfest – This Saturday

Join the Washington Beer Commission as they celebrate the season at the third annual Bremerton Summer Brewfest. Below we have the complete list of breweries and beers for this year’s festival.

The event takes place this Saturday, July 13 on the streets of downtown Bremerton from noon – 6:30p.m. There will be a live music stage and more than 3,000 attendees are expected to celebrate and enjoy Washington craft beer in downtown Bremerton. From Seattle, walk on the ferry. The festival is within easy walking distance of the ferry dock and is easy to find (on Pacific Avenue between Burwell St. and 6th St.). Below we have the list of participating breweries and the beers they will pour. Tickets are on sale now. For more information, visit the official event website.

7 Seas Brewing

Gig Harbor





















1) Rude Parrot India Pale Ale

Brewed with Vienna, light Crystal, and a touch of Honey malt, this golden hued IPA is aggressively hopped with Simcoe and Citra hops. A big juicy, tropical fruit hop nose yields way to an off dry, pleasantly bitter finish. IBU: 75 ABV: 5.9%









2) Life Jacket Summer Ale

This brightly colored light bodied summer ale will quench your thirst with a light, crisp flavor and big fruity nose. The Pilsner and Vienna Malts lend a gentle mouth feel to a citrus blueberry aroma. IBU: 45 ABV: 4.2%


3) Broken Mast Brown Ale (With ‘Ohana Harbor Coffee)

This medium bodied, smooth Brown Ale boasts flavors of toast, brown sugar, and toffee with subtle floral notes. The addition of the ‘Ohana Harbor Coffee highlights the brown sugar, and toffee notes, yet lends plenty of espresso. IBU: 26 ABV: 5.1%

American Brewing


1) American Blonde

This Blonde Ale has a summery golden color. It has delicate hop notes with a light, floral citrus aroma. This is a crisp ale with a clean and dry finish. Light in body and very refreshing, a real thirst quenching beer. IBU: 16 ABV 4.5%

2) Flying Monkey Pale Ale

Northwest twist on a Pale Ale, with a bright and deep golden color and a crisp citrusy nose. Although hop-forward, this ale is well balanced with a light, biscuity malt body that finishes dry. An excellent session beer! IBU: 50 ABV 5.7%

Bainbridge Island Brewing

Bainbridge Island

1) Eagle Harbor IPA

Eagle Harbor presents a firm hop aroma, supported by enough malt character to keep you coming back for more. Malts: ESB, Crystal 40, Special Aromatic, Wheat, and Sour. Hops: Cascade, Nugget, Centennial, Apollo, and Crystal. ABV: 6.0%

2) Kommuter Kolsch

Kolsch is a light, malty German ale, brewed like a lager for maximum clarity and a bright, clean, refreshing taste. Malts: German Pilsner, CaraHell and Sauermalz. Hops: “Noble” Sterling gives it just a hint of hoppiness to balance the malt-forwardness. ABV: 5.0%

3) Summer Saison

Our summer seasonal Belgian farmhouse-style ale, Summer Saison is an effervescent, spicy and slightly tart beer brewed for those hot days around the harvest. Predominantly pilsner malt, with a touch of wheat and vienna malt, and floral Sterling hops. IBU: 25 ABV: 6%

4) Grounds For Change Brown Ale

Our award winning Port Blakely Brown Ale infused with coffee from Poulsbo roaster Grounds For Change. Celebrating their 10th year, GFC works with coffee farming communities to source fair trade, organic, shade grown and carbon neutral coffee. Roast and Coffee meets Chocolate and Toffee in this session English Brown Ale. IBU: 15 ABV: 4.2%

Big Al Brewing


1) Rat City Blonde

A light, refreshing beer with subtle malt sweetness and mild hop flavor. Brewed crisp and quenching for hot, dry Summer days. Malt = Pilsner, Munich, Wheat, Carapils. Hops = Nugget, Cascade, and Glacier. Yeast = Irish Ale. OG: 1.042/10.3P IBU: 22 ABV: 4.0%

2) Irish Red

A sweet, caramel, roasty red lovefest Big Al style!. Malt = Pale, C10, C20, C80, Carapils,Wheat, Black Barley. Hops = Nugget & Fuggle. Yeast = Irish Ale yeast. OG: 1.054/13.2P IBU: 26 ABV: 6.0%

Der Blokken Brewery


1) Der Blokken Hazelnut Coffee Stout

Our Der Blokken double black stout aged with espresso and hazelnut flavor. ABV: 8%

2) Ginga Irish Red

Deep auburn color caramel malt notes good cascade hop aroma and clean finish. ABV: 6.5%

3) Preatorian Pale

American style pale ale citrusy hops and a mild malty backbone. ABV: 5.8%

Diamond Knot Craft Brewing


1) IPA

Our IPA is very hop-forward with aromas of grapefruit and cedar as well as a resinous bitterness imparted by additions of Galena and Columbus hops. A simple but expertly designed grain bill compliments the hops by imparting subtle caramel and malt characters. IBU: 40 ABV: 6.2%

2) Brown Ale

This is your basic American-style Brown Ale. Six different malts and two types of hops come together in this beer to create a sublime blend of roasty, creamy and hoppy flavors. IBU: 27 ABV: 6%

3) Coffee/Orange-infused Blonde

Our Blonde Ale infused with coffee and orange.

Dick’s Brewing


1) Dick’s Mountain Amber

Classic amber ale; Dick’s style. Large quantities of two special varieties of lightly roasted malts contribute a deep malt profile to this very drinkable and attractive ale. The bittering hop addition is designed to achieve a perfect balance: not bitter, not sweet – just right. Larger additions of Northwest flavor and aroma hops give our amber its delicious finish, which lingers on the palate. OG: 1.050 TG: 1.010 ABV: 5%

2) Dick’s IPA

This beer starts out as a nice pale ale until it reaches the kettle. Throughout the 90 minute boil four massive hop additions transform this beer into a hop-head’s dream come true. Aromatic Columbus hops from the Yakima Valley are added in large quantities for substantial bitterness, flavor and aroma. Fermentation is conducted with our house ale yeast, contributing to a clean finish and allowing the hops to show all the way through. The result is one of the hoppiest I.P.A.s on the market! ABV: 5.5%

Dirty Bucket Brewing


1) Ruski Porridge Double Oatmeal Coffee Stout

A perfect combination of specialty malts, together with a special coffee blend from Highland Coffee Co. and a healthy dose of oats, this oatmeal stout will leave you warm all over. IBU: 33 ABV: 5.5%

2) 1 Year Anniversary IPA

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary we took the grain bill from our flagship Dirty Amber and combined it with the Hop Schedule of our Filthy Hoppn IPA and sourced the yeast from our Dirty Amber to create our Anniversary IPA. Very balanced and a wonderful grapefruit aroma from the Citra Dry Hop makes this an IPA lovers favorite. IBU: 72 ABV: 6%

3) Dirty Blonde (Kolsch Ale)

Our refreshing golden craft ale will quickly become a spring and Summer favorite. Crisp, smooth, light and refreshing with a handcrafted oat finish. IBU: 22.7 ABV: 4.7%

Fish Brewing


1) Swordfish Black IPA

Swordfish Cascadian Dark Ale (CDA) is dark in color, with a prominent “Northwest” hoppy aroma – citrusy, piney and resinous – with sweet malt, hints of roastiness and toasted malt. The flavors strike a beautiful balance between citrusy Northwest hops and, to a lesser degree, roasted, chocolate malt or caramel notes. Despite it’s rich color, the body is more reminiscent of an India Pale Ale, not heavy like a porter or stout. IBU: 64 ABV: 7.5%

2) Leavenworth Premium Lager

A real, premium lager, this brew shows the distinct influence of malt and hops but with a slightly softer side. Combining traditional Bavarian pilsner flavors with the bolder Northwest craft beer profile, the result is unusually tasty. IBU: 23 ABV: 5%

3) Fish Tale Vicious Circle Amber Ale

Well balanced and full flavored, Vicious Circle Amber Ale has a rich, malty body with a pleasant caramel character derived from a special blend of six malts. A complex hop aroma, with a hint of floral and citrus, comes from a combination of Northwest hops. It has a deep copper hue and a rich, creamy head with a fine lace that almost seem to suggest the hints of nutty sweetness and toffee that are about to follow. IBU: 35 ABV: 5%

4) Spire Mountain Dark & Dry

Savor this refreshing glass of complexity. Dark & Dry’s assertive tartness is pleasingly balanced by a hint of molasses and brown sugar. More rounded and intricate than its sister ciders, this potion will appeal to beer aficionados, wine devotees, and cider enthusiasts alike. ABV: 5%

Fremont Brewing


1) Fremont Summer Ale

Tangerine flower in a glass, endless days distilled into nectar of barley and hops. One grain, one hop. Simplicity….yet, so much more. ABV: 5.2%

2) Interurban IPA Randalled with a special Dry Hop Blend

Our IPA poured through a Randall for additional hop flavor. ABV: 6.2%

3) Kentucky Dark Star Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout ABV: 9.5%

4) Coffee Randalled Kentucky Dark Star Stout

Stout poured through a Randall filled with coffee. ABV: 9.5%

Georgetown Brewery


1) Manny’s Pale Ale

A careful selection of Northwest hops, premium barley, and our unique yeast give this ale a rich and complex malty middle with a snappy hop finish. It’s truly a micro that finishes crisp, clean, and smooth. ABV: 5.2%

2) Lucille IPA

Floral, citrusy and awesome. Anything so innocent and built like that just gotta be named Lucille. ABV: 6.85%

3) Brewer’s Choice  TBA

Hale’s Ales Brewery and Pubs

Seattle & Silverdale

1) Hale’s Pale Ale

First brewed in 1983 as the brewery’s flagship beer, Hale’s Pale Ale established the pale ale category in the NW with its deliciousness, balance and drinkability. Come and taste why this beer has been a part of the NW craft beer scene for 30 years!

2) Hale’s Aftermath Imperial IPA

Aftermath Imperial IPA is a much anticipated Hale’s seasonal. Brewed with a pronounced hop profile and a malty backbone Aftermath is nonetheless balanced and approachable in flavor.

3) Supergoose IPA

A Quintessential Northwest Strong IPA. You know it. Come and have some. Never had it before? You are in for a real treat. Supergoose has a great floral hop character followed by a rich malt body.

4) Hale’s Kolsch

Hale’s award winning Kolsch, a perfect beer for the summer months in the Northwest. Very similar in flavor to a pilsner with just a bit more fruitiness from the special yeast. Clear. Crisp. Light. A sessionable and delicious beer.

5) Coffee Infused Troll Porter on Nitrogen

Our Troll Porter infused with Coffee from Seattle’s Herkimer Coffee poured on Nitrogen.

Harmon Brewing


1) Mocha Porter

Our mocha porter is brewed with local Forza coffee. The base of this tasty brew is our award winning Puget Sound porter. Mocha Porter is brewed with eight different malts to produce a smooth, well balanced dark beer. This tasty brew has big flavors of chocolate and coffee. IBU: 40 ABV: 5.4%

2) Mt. Takhoma Blonde

The Mt. Takhoma blonde is a light bodied, crisp and refreshing brew. German pilsner malt and a touch of wheat are used to produce this ale. Liberty hops provide the balance. This beer finishes crisp and dry. IBU: 18 ABV: 4.4%

3) Pt. Defiance IPA

Pt. Defiance IPA is brewed with 4 different malted barleys. Centennial, Ctz and Zythos hops provide the big hoppy flavor. Dry hopping with Falconers Flight & Amarillo hops provides this beer’s hop aroma. IBU:70 ABV: 6.1%

Hood Canal Brewery


1) Bywater Bay ESB

This ESB has an inviting dark straw color. The toasted grain flavor goes very well with light hop finish. The ESB has a drier mouth feel than the pale ale, but not as bitter as an IPA. A pleasant session ale. IBU: 43 ABV: 4.5%

2) Termination Point

Termination Point Imperial IPA is a showcase for hops. Four Northwest hop varieties are added at five stages in the production of this full-bodied brew with the intention of exhibiting the subtleties of that noble flower. A strong profile of deeply caramelized malt – and a generous ABV – provides a strong foundation so that the hops can take center stage. The fruity and floral esters evolve in the glass and linger on the palette, but at just over 90 IBUs, this beer remains enjoyable to a wide audience.

3) Big Beef Oatmeal Stout

Big Beef Oatmeal Stout has a wonderful flavor of roasted barley grains that have been blended with rolled oats to give this stout a unique mouth feel that has a dry finish. Just enough Northern Brewer hops have been added to give this creamy-headed ale a fine balance. ABV: 5%

Iron Horse Brewery


1) Iron Horse IPA

A highly approachable IPA with lots of hop flavor and aroma, mild bitterness, and a dry finish. Dosed late in the boil, as well as dry-hopped, this India Pale Ale focuses not on the bitterness in the finish, but instead on the flavor and aroma of the hops.

2) Brewer’s Choice


Kulshan Brewing


1) Bastard Kat IPA

Bastard Kat IPA is an American IPA, brewed in the style of West Coast IPAs. The light golden ale is topped with a thick white head. Generous doses of hops throughout the brewing process, including the hop back and dry hopping, give Bastard Kat a crisp, citrusy, hop aroma. The finish is dry and crisp, leaving you ready for another sip. IBU: 75 ABV: 6.6%

2) Red Cap Red

Red Cap Red is our Northwest twist on an Irish Red Ale. A combination of stewed crystal malts and roasted barley gives Red Cap its distinctive garnet color and light tan head. The aroma is malty sweet with a light hint of Northwest hops. The flavor is primarily toffee-like malt with a crisp hop balance and slightly dry finish from the roasted barley.

ABV: 5.5%

New Belgium Brewing


1) Pluot Ale

Belgian Strong Ale brewed with Pluots. ABV: 10%

2) Shift Pale Lager

3) French Aramis IPA

A drier IPA for the Summer. Brewed with Aramis hops to create an aroma of fresh cut flowers and herbs. IBU: 74 ABV: 6.7%

Odin Brewing


1) Freya’s Gold- Kolsch Syle Ale

A light, crisp, and refreshing ale. A very drinkable beer with a clean body and mild flavors. Freya’s Gold is also balanced with acidulated malt and brewed with a touch of ginger. IBU:23 ABV: 4.5%

2) Sigrun IPA

Sigrun India Pale Ale is an easily approachable IPA that is light copper in color and brewed with lightly kilned barley and rye malts. Numerous hop additions provide supple aromas of stone fruit and melon that finish with a crisp hop tang. IBU: 50 ABV: 6.1%

3) Thor’s Sunstone Tripel

Thor’s Sunstone – Belgian-Style Tripel is a dryer interpretation of this old world classic. The yeast notes are much more apparent in the nose than the renowned equinox and a touch of Spelt grain balances this brew with a light earthy note. IBU: 23 ABV: 7.9

Rainy Daze Brewing
Port Orchard

1) Mind Funk Coffee Pale Stout

This Pale Stout will mess up your mind do to the fact it looks like your standard pale. Yet smells and tastes much like a stout. This was made possible with the use of Sierra Nevada Columbian that we got from the Port Townsend Coffee Roasting Co. ABV: 7.7%

2) Belgian Bastard IPA

A spin on a NW style IPA, we use Columbus, Citra and Zythos hops, and then use a Belgian strong yeast. This gives this beer some very fruity esters that compliment the hops in such a way that you will be wanting more. ABV: 7%

Ram Restaurant and Brewery


1) Kick Start Java Porter

Porter infused with locally roasted coffee. ABV: 5.4%

2) Big Red IPA

Gold medal NABA (2013) winner, aggressively hopped with Warrior, Apollo, Amarillo and Simcoe. ABV: 6.2%

3) Barefoot Wit

Bronze medal NABA (2013) winner brewed with wheat and barley malts and balanced with orange peel and coriander. Fermented with Trappist yeast. ABV: 5%

Redhook Brewery


1) Double Black Mocha (2013)

Redhook’s famed Double Black Stout has been aged two months with cocoa nibs. The robust flavors from the Caffe Vita Farm Direct coffee, roasted and caramel malts, and plenty of hops lend to a rich, creamy, dark brew. IBU: 30 ABV: 7.0%

2) Audible Ale

Mild amber in color, a light to medium body, with modest Cascade hop aroma, overall balance and a clean finish. Listen to your thirst; it’s Audible. IBU: 22 ABV: 4.7%

3) Wisecracker Wit

Redhook’s twist on the Belgian style ale is the addition of fresh ginger, which adds a refreshing snappiness to this lighter-bodied wheat beer. IBU: 8 ABV: 5.8%

Roslyn Brewing


1) Brookside Lager

Pale lager beer made without the darker malts that we use in Roslyn Beer. It is hopped primarily with Yakima Hallertau hops, and may remind you of a beer you might find at a small gasthaus in Germany. ABV: 5.4%

2) Belgian Ale

This unfiltered, Belgian-Style Ale is deep golden in color and uses traditional Belgian malts and yeast, with an added uniqueness from the Calypso hop variety producing a smooth drinking beer with fruit aromas and a subtle bitterness. ABV: 6.5%

Schooner EXACT Brewing


1) Stumptown Brown w/ Coffee

King St. Brown Ale with cold-brewed Stumptown Coffee. ABV: 5.5%

2) 3 Grid IPA

A northwest-style IPA uses a blend of hops from Yakima to give it a big, juicy, tropical, citrus flavor. The light caramel and soft bready malts balance but don’t interfere with the big hop character. ABV: 6.7%

3) Seamstress Union Raspberry Wheat Ale

Pours with a subtly “pink” hue. Locally-grown raspberries along with malted wheat give this fruit beer a refreshing “tartness.” Hallertau hops and a dry finish further distinguish this wheat from other Northwest fruit beer. ABV: 4.6%

4) Hopvine IPA

Pale, Munich, C40 and CaraPils malts blend seamlessly with the tropical citrus flavors of Chinook and Citra hops. Currents of juicy grapefruit, pineapple and guava course through this quaffable, hop-dominant IPA. ABV: 6%

Silver City Brewery


1) Ridgetop Red Ale

Washington’s Gold Medal Red Ale, Full-bodied and smooth with a sweet caramel flavor balanced with NW Liberty hops IBU: 15 ABV: 6%

2) Ziggy Zoggy Summer Lager

Ziggy Zoggy is an unfiltered lager that balances a crisp and elegant honey-like malt flavor with assertive, classic German hop character. Brewed in the tradition of German style IBU: 33 ABV: 5%

3) Saint Florian IPA

Saint Florian IPA uses Washington grown Cascade & Columbus hops that are boldly citrus, floral and piney. IBU: 55 ABV: 6.9%

4) Fat Scotch Ale

Exceptionally smooth and malty, with a touch of peat character. Fat Scotch Ale stands astride the brewing landscape a behemoth brew, uncompromising and unavoidable. IBU: 30 ABV: 9.2%

Slaughter County Brewing

Port Orchard

1) Regimental Scotch Ale

Well blended body of malt and hop. ABV: 6%

2) Gorst Pilsner Style Ale

Light body and taste with an unfiltered gold body look. ABV: 5.2%

3) Blackberry Wit

Brewed with fresh blackberries with a light body with a licorice ending note. ABV: 6%

Slippery Pig Brewery


1) Gullinkambi Kolsch

Our take on a summer favorite, Gullinkambi is a slightly tart wheat heavy beer that we brew with seasonally available fruits, then cellar age before dispensing. Like it’s namesake, Gullinkambi Kolsch announces the end of winter, but without sending the world into Ragnarok. ABV: 7%

2) Brewers Choice


Sound Brewery


1) Monk’s Indiscretion Belgian Specialty Ale

Dry hopped, and fermented with an aromatic Belgian yeast strain, Monk’s Indiscretion has an intense tropical hoppy aroma and flavor, with balanced bitterness, and is scarily drinkable for such a strong beer. ABV: 10%

2) Sommerweizen Clear Wheat Ale

Sommerweizen is clear and clean with a delicate aroma of wheat, light fruit, and spice. Sommerweizen is refreshing, yet satisfying and full of flavor. ABV: 5%

3) Humulo Nimbus Double IPA

A towering thunderstorm of hops against a sky of clean, dry malt. Crisp yet eminently satisfying for the extreme hop lover, Humulo Nimbus has a balance that brings it all together into one seriously quaffable Double IPA. ABV: 8.5%

4) Dubbel Entendre Belgian Style Dubbel

Comforting aromas of chocolate malt and dark toffee, with a hint of banana and stone fruits. A dark abbey style ale with a subtle rich maltiness and a dry, spicy finish. ABV: 8.0%

Valholl Brewing


1) Monster Double IPA

A big, malty double IPA brewed with Chinook, Centennial and Cascade hops. IBU: 109 ABV: 9.8%

2) Coffee Infused Crimson Cove Rye

Firkin of Crimson Cove Rye infused with coffee from a local roaster. Brewed with locally smoked grain from Crimson Cove and locally roasted coffee from Grounds For Change. ABV: 9.7%


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