Two New Breweries East of the Mountains

Yesterday, Seattle Beer News broke the story about a new brewery in South Seattle – Odin Brewing Company. While our news may not be as metropolitan or urbane, we have recently learned about two new breweries in Washington. One is brand spanking new and the other is just kind of new. Although we have not visited either of them ourselves (yet), we do have some information to share.
Note that these are by no stretch of the imagination “Seattle-area” breweries. In fact, they’re both in Cougar country.  You know, way out there in the sticks. We try to get around. Lord knows we’ve put a lot of miles on the Washington Beer Cruiser, but our beer adventuring has not yet taken us to the Palouse.
palouse_falls_brewingPalouse Falls Brewing Company
Pullman has a new brewery – Palouse Falls Brewing Company. We learned about this new brewery from our pal Hutch, the brewer at the Rogue Issaquah Brewhouse. He stopped in at the fledgling brewery recently and reports that they opened on October 3rd. “It’s owned by Jeff and Linda Greene,” Hutch tells us. “They have a 30bbl brewhouse and a bottling line. The tap room holds about 30 or so people. When we were there, they had four beers on tap. The Gold Ale is as pale as any beer I’ve ever seen. Very refreshing.”
Palouse Falls beers:

  • Gold Ale (It was called Cougar Gold Ale, but WSU had something to say about that since their cheese is already called Cougar Gold.)
  • Crimson Pride (An amber ale)
  • Kamiak IPA
  • Steptoe Stout

Palouse Falls Brewing
1335 SE Bishop Blvd
Pullman, WA  99163
(509) 334-6427
No Web site that we could find, but they do have a Facebook page.
riverport_brewingRiverport Brewing Company
South of Pullman, but still in cougar country, you’ll find the hamlet of Clarkston. It’s just this side of the border from Lewiston, ID. Riverport Brewing Company opened last year and somehow managed to stay off of our radar screen until last weekend. While visiting the new Grove Street Brewery in Shelton last Saturday, a fellow patron at the bar told us that his father-in-law opened a brewery in Clarkston, WA.
Who knew?
Nearest we can tell, their beer is widely available throughout the greater Clarkston-Lewiston metroplex. Their beer lineup includes a blond, a pale, an IPA, a red, a stout, and a bock (seasonal).
Riverport Brewing Company
150 Ninth St. Suite B
Clarkston, WA 99403
(509) 758-8889


3 thoughts on “Two New Breweries East of the Mountains

  1. I love good beers, but I hate Cougars! I’m torn. Guess I will have to go try ’em and wear some manly purple while I do it.

  2. Living in the area, I’ve been to both breweries.
    Riverport’s beers are all decent but nothing is surprisingly good. Being an advocate of local consumption, I’d drink their beers over others just because of their geographic proximity, (which, to be honest, I wouldn’t do for Cd’A Brewing), but I would prefer they create some stronger products.
    On the other hand, I feel that Palouse Falls has some good starting products, especially the Kamiak IPA. Also, they’ve expressed interest in trying some interesting styles in the future.
    In any case, I’d say the Kamiak IPA is the best beer anywhere between Spokane and Terminal Gravity in Oregon based on my experience.

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