Everett Craft Beer Fest, list of beers and descriptions


Straight from the source, info about the upcoming Everett Craft Beer Festival, including the beer descriptions. The event takes place on Saturday, August 20th.

The Washington Beer Commission is proud to announce the more than 100 mouth watering beer descriptions for the 5th Annual Everett Craft Beer Festival, taking place on Saturday, August 20, from noon – 7pm on Hoyt Avenue in downtown Everett.

The event will feature 34 Washington Breweries pouring more than 100 seasonal and special brews including a Disco Lemonade Berliner Weisse, a Pineapple IPA, a Nitro Brown with Hazelnut and Praline, a Strawberry Daiquiri Summer Ale, a Raspberry Wheat, and a deep red brew called Life on Mars, just to name a few to get your taste buds tingling.

Everett Craft Beer Festival tickets and complete event information are available now at washingtonbeer.com and are just $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Entry fee gets you a tasting cup and six tokens, each good for a 5 oz. taste. There will also be live music and food trucks on site.



















Additional tasting tokens are just $2 each or three for five dollars, but do remember to please drink responsibly.

The event will take place on Hoyt Avenue with the main entrance located near Hewitt Avenue and heading north to California Ave.












This unique beer tasting event is presented by the Washington Beer Commission and a wonderful chance for beer lovers to sample some of the amazing creations from some of our state’s finest craft brewers. Take a look at the amazing list of offerings from Washington Breweries for this unique event

Anacortes Brewery


1) Scarlett Letter IPA

A copper colored IPA with a tropical fruit aroma, moderate malt character and balanced bitterness. Dry-hopped with Equinox and Bitter Gold hops. “A pure hand needs no glove to cover it. (6.6% ABV / 85 IBU)











2) Aviator Dopplebock

Dark and malty with good hop character from German noble varieties, this bold, big bodied double strong bock is truly a meal in a glass! 8.4% ABV / 40 IBU)

3) Peppercorn Saison

Fresh green, red & white peppercorn provide complex flavors in this light, Belgian-styled ale. (3.5% ABV)

4) Whistle Lake Weizen

Our award-winning Hefeweizen is relatively dry with traditional Bavarian flavor and aroma. It’s mildly hopped with Perle & Mt. Hood varieties. (4.6% ABV / 18 IBU)

Aslan Brewing

1) Dawn Patrol Pacific Ale

This beer is mild yet complex in its delivery. The hop presence is noticed by subtle flavors of pineapples that meld beautifully with the slightly spicy and minty character derived from the use of Rye malt. This Pacific Ale is delivered unfiltered to accentuate its fresh farm to glass, unprocessed, organic qualities. (5.3% ABV/ 18 IBU)

2) Disco Lemonade Berliner Weisse

This refreshingly sour wheat beer is brewed to style, and is often referred to as “The People’s Champagne.” The tartness of this beer will bring out hints of lemon, while the generous amount of wheat will round out the body lending a remarkable similarity to lemonade.(4.5% ABV/ 4 IBU)

At Large Brewing      

1) I’d Tap That-Blonde

This is our house favorite, due to its drink-ability, Low malt notes with a crisp toasted finish. Cascade and Centennial hops compliment this beer. (4.6% ABV/ 21 IBU)

2) Hitting on All 6-IPA

This is truly hitting on all 6, performing at 100% in nose and flavor. For all you hop lovers, this one will not disappoint. Citra and Mosaic dry hopped. (6.5% ABV/ 68 IBU)

3) At Large-IPA

A true West Coast style IPA with a well-balanced malt profile. Dry hopped with Amarillo, Citra and Simcoe to bring out that citrus/tropical flavor and aroma. (6.6% ABV/ 66 IBU)

4)Packing Heat-American Hefeweizen

This is not your ordinary hefe, this one has a great spicy jalapeno aroma with a subtle spicy flavor. The secret behind this beer came from a friend of ours, thanks Jim. (4.8% ABV/ 21 IBU)

B-Side Brewing         

1) Adapter IPA

Brewed with Chinook hops and dry hopped with Citra, classic aromas of grapefruit and pine.  A nicely balanced IPA that is not over-hopped. (6.5% ABV/ 75 IBU)

2) Der Kommissar Kolsch

Light and refreshing German-style ale with mild hop bitterness.  Dry flavored and highly sessionable. (4.25% ABV/17 IBU)

Boundary Bay Brewery     

1) Cedar Dust IPA

Brewed with four varieties of bold, Washington-grown hops; Cedar Dust IPA has a distinctive herbal pine, citrus aroma. Bold, balanced and refreshing. A little bit of wood goes a long way! (6.5% ABV / 66 IBU)

2) Citraweiss

Boundary Bay’s kettle-soured Berliner Weiss is brewed with a modern nod to the traditional tart Weissbier of Berlin. Citraweiss is a sharp, clean-sour with natural haze from locally-grown ‘club’ wheat from Skagit Valley Malting. Being fermented with German ale yeast and a house blend of Lactobacillus bacteria creates the distinguishing tartness of this Berliner Weissbier. 3.3% ABV/4 IBU)

Counterbalance Brewing

1) Counterbalance IPA

Our signature IPA exhibits grapefruit and passionfruit, with a bit of cooling spruce on the finish. (72 IBU, 6.2% ABV)

2) Raconteur Rye Pale Ale:

Dark amber, medium bodied pale ale with wonderfully balanced malt sweetness and rye spice. (38 IBU, 5.8% ABV)

3) Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Light bodied, bright, crisp and complex golden ale. (8.5% ABV)

Crucible Brewing

1) Pineapple IPA

(6.5% ABV/ 70 IBU)

2) Twice Tempered Double IPA

(9.0% ABV/ 90 IBU)

3) Pink Drink Raspberry Kettle Sour

(4.5% ABV/ 4 IBU)

4) Wootz IPA

(6.9% ABV/ 72 IBU)

5) Black Ale Randalled through Coffee and Vanilla Bean.

(5.3% ABV/ 35 IBU)

Decibel Brewing

Table #19        1) Decibel Dark Ale

A dry hopped session ale featuring cascade, centennial and chinook hops. (3.7% ABV/ 53 IBU)

2) Trios

A Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale using pilsner, Munich, and crystal malts.  With just a touch of noble hops. (8.4% ABV/ 25 IBU)

Diamond Knot Craft Brewing

1) Nitro Brown Ale with Hazelnut and Praline

Flavors of chocolate and toffee permeate. Medium bodied and surprisingly light! Perceived Bitterness – Low / Moderate (6.0% ABV/ 27 IBU)

2) Matt’s Experimental Blonde

A traditional pre-prohibition-style  blonde ale dry-hopped with Lemondrop hops, and infused with blood oranges.

Perceived Bitterness – Low / Moderate (4.2% ABV/ 13 IBU)

3) Binnacle Summer Ale

Pours golden yellow with a spicy aroma. Subtle flavors of honey and cloves. Finish is light with a slightly dry sweetness.

Perceived Bitterness: Low (5.5% ABV / 20 IBU)

4) India Pale Ale

This is THE traditional PNW IPA. First brewed in 1994 by Diamond Knot founders Bob Maphet and Brian Sollenberger. Smooth and very well balanced. Flavors of pine and grapefruit. Finish is easy and refreshing. Perceived Bitterness: Assertive (6.2% AB / 69 IBU)

Dreadnought Brewing

1) Nightmare California Pale Ale

An agressivly dryphopped pale ale with all the citra flavor NW IPA fans love without the bitterness (6.2% ABV/27 IBU)

2) Citrino Lager

A refreshing czech lager, with a hint of lemon zest (6.1% ABV/ 8 IBU)

Elysian Brewing

Table #3          1) Space Dust IPA

A totally nebular IPA – Great Western premium two-row, combined with c-15 and Dextri-Pils, give this beer a bright and galactic Milky Way hue.  The hopping is pure starglow energy, with Chinook to bitter and late and dry additions of Citra and Amarillo.  Space Dust is out of this world. (8.2% ABV/ 73 IBU)

2) Night Owl Pumpkin Ale

The Original Pumpkin Ale Night Owl is brewed with over 7 lbs. of pumpkin per barrel and includes seven different malt varieties, green and roasted pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin in the mash, boil and fermenter. Bittered with Magnum hops and spiced in conditioning with nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, ginger and allspice. (6.7% ABV/ 18 IBU)

3) Batch 1000

A dry-hopped kettle sour using our house lacto culture, a boat load of Huell Melon hops and all we could muster of the elusive Australian Vic Secret yields this tart and refreshing ale which shows strong aromas of bruised cantaloupe and watermelon rind, with tropical notes and hint of pine. Bright and effervescent, this thousandth batch sparkles like one thousand tiny lights in the distance. (6% ABV)

Farmstrong Brewing

1) Combine IPA

Hop-forward IPA that has been dry-hopped with Citra hops resulting in aromas of citrus and pine. Medium bodied with a smooth bitterness that will make you think this is a bigger beer.

(5% ABV/ 58 IBU)

2) La Raza

This Mexican lager is light and crisp with sweet hints of caramel malt. Quite possibly the best Mexican lager you will ever drink. You can enjoy it with or without the lime but I say WITH!

(4% ABV/ 11 IBU)

3) Mostapfel Gose (Apple Gose)

We started with our “Here We Gose” which was our first beer brewed at Farmstrong and our first of the Skagit Valley Estate Series. We aged it for 8 months in a wine barrel from Betz Family Winery with 15 gallons of fresh pressed apple juice that we pressed at our farm, Ragged & Right. This very special and rare 1/6BBL will be tapped at 4PM and will be poured until it’s gone. You don’t want to miss it! (5.5% ABV/ 11 IBU)

Fish Brewing

1) Beyond Pale Ale

Medium bodied pale ale with a rich & complex malt character. Smooth & refreshing. Medium bodied pale ale with a rich & complex . 2015 World’s Best Beer, World Beer Awards. 5% ABV 35 IBUs

2) Whiskey Barrel Aged Saison

In Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels, the creamy vanilla and whiskey from the barrel meld wonderfully with the spicy and fruity esters of the Saison. 7% ABV 25 IBUs

Foggy Noggin Brewing

1) Rufus English IPA

(6.3% ABV/ 57 IBU

2) Morning Wood (Oak Aged Special Bitter)

(4.3% ABV/ 38 IBU)

3) Big Chief (Imperial Irish Red)

(8.3% ABV/ 69 IBU)

Fremont Brewing

1) Strawberry Daiquiri Summer Ale

Our Summer Ale infused with strawberry, lime, and rum-soaked wood. This. Is. Summer. (5.2% ABV/ 45 IBU)

2) The Brother Imperial IPA

This Brother is appropriately big, intimidating, and unbalanced with unrestrained quantities of hops for a head slap of beery ferociousness. (8.5% ABV / 1 Billion IBU)

3) Proletariat Porter

Proletariat Porter combines Pale, Munich, Chocolate, Carafa-2, and Extra Special malts to create a nutty, roasty Porter with notes of coffee and cocoa that finish clean and dry. (5.3% ABV /35 IBU)

4) Session Pale Ale

This session pale ale is made with Citra and Simcoe hops grown in Washington’s Yakima Valley (4.5% ABV/ 50 IBU)

5) Moscow Mule Interurban IPA

Our classic Interurban IPA infused with Ginger and Lime to create a special Moscow Mule Edition of Interurban! (6.2% ABV/ 80 IBU)

6) Cucumber Sour Weisse

Sour Weisse is touched by lactobacillus through a traditional souring process where we let this naturally occurring bacteria – found on all barley – have free reign of the wort in the kettle overnight before we boil it and ferment with our house yeast. It’s like a lactobacillus playground (until we kill them during the boiling process). This all-natural process lowers the pH of the wort giving it a pleasant tartness. We then ferment out any residual sugars with our house yeast so the beer finishes dry and delicious. (4.0% ABV/ 10 IBU)

7) Summer Ale

Summer Ale is our answer to bigger is better. One grain, one hop. Simplicity…yet so much more. (5.2% ABV/ 45 IBU)

8) Citra IPA

This single-hop IPA is made with only Citra™ hops from our friends in the Yakima Valley and brewed with American Pale, German Pilsner, and Canadian Honey Malts. Yellow-orange in color, Citra IPA has notes of tangerine, fresh hops, and tropical fruits. (7.0% ABV/ 80 IBU)

Rotating Tap

1pm: B-Bomb

3pm: Bourbon Dark Star

5pm: Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb

Georgetown Brewing

1) Johnny Utah Pale Ale

With heavy grapefruit, citrus and resin in the nose, this light colored ale has minimal malt interference giving the beer a clean finish without a cloying bitterness. Pronounced grapefruit and pine flavors with a faint verdant note. (5.6% ABV)

2) Roger’s Pilsner

Yakima grown Czech-style Sterling hops give this refreshing pilsner a spicy and earthy hop aroma. Malt character is accentuated by a Bavarian Lager Yeast that ferments dry but round and complex. (4.9% ABV)

Hellbent Brewing

1) Orange Is the New White Belgian-Style Wit

We brewed our version of the classic Belgian Wit with malted wheat, raw wheat, and pale malt, which give it a cloudy, golden hue. Orange peel and coriander seed compliment the Belgian yeast and provide a spicy, citrusy finish. (4.8% ABV/20 IBU)

2) Dry-Hopped Oatmeal Pale

Our Oatmeal Pale Ale is a dry-hopped American-style pale ale brewed with oats in addition to traditional malted barley.  The oats give the beer a smoother flavor and mouth-feel and help highlight the citrus and floral characteristics of the Mosaic, Simcoe and Cascade hops, which we add during fermentation.

(5.8% ABV/ 41 IBU)

Island Hoppin’ Brewery

1) Phosphorescent Pale

Our tribute to the bioluminescence of Puget Sound, a hoppy pale ale that sparkles across the palette. Aromas of lime zest and candy grape lead tangerine and grapefruit flavors with a mellow, malty body. Refreshing and zippy, like jumping in the Salish Sea!

(60 IBU/5.55 ABV)

2) Raspberry Wheat

An American wheat base, with organic golden raspberries added into conditioning. (5.8% ABV/20 IBU)

Lazy Boy Brewing

1) Summer IPA

Brewed with Zythos and Citra. Over 42 lbs of tropical and citrus aromas galore.

2) Belgian Golden Strong Ale

For our 10-year anniversary series we brought back a fan favorite. Poured through a Randall jam packed with fresh local peaches.

Lowercase Brewing

1) iPA

A balanced IPA for IPA lovers and doubters alike. Not intended to be a palette wrecker, we opted for a more subtle approach to this beer. The rye malt to provides a slightly spicy (warm), dry backbone and then we hop it up with the combination of Mount Hood and Centennial hops until we have jasmine-like aroma and taste – all while keeping the overall bitterness in check. (6.3% ABV/ 78 IBU)

2) eSB

An English creation with a state-side twist

Our English-style ESB combines a Marris Otter base, creating medium body with extraordinary hop undertones. This easy drinking beer (read: not bitter) has a nice ruby color and a great, almost liquorice-ish, hop finish thanks to a combination of domestic and imported hops. More complex but extremely drinkable. (5.2% ABV/ 50 IBU)

McMenamins Anderson School

1) The Reformer Imperial IPA

A bright, but earthy, citrus aroma hits the nose as the glass approaches the lips. Get ready for a great golden escape into refreshing hoppiness with this potent, yet very drinkable, concoction. This Imperial IPA is brewed with the finest hops and barley, then dry-hopped with Citra Hops for an added relief from your beer-barren day. Sit back and let this beer reform you. (8.5% ABV/ 87 IBU)

2) Wizard Walk Saison

Wizard Walk is an herb-infused Belgian Saison. It’s made with honey and infused with woodruff, mugwort and rose hips. The Saison Yeast gives this complicated brew a distinctly fruity, apple aroma. Although it tastes sweet going down, it finishes dry with a light but complex bitterness supplied by the herbs and noble hops. The rose hips add a very subtle tartness and rosy tint to this gold-colored ale that must be tasted to be fully understood. (6.7% ABV/ 18 IBU)

Middleton Brewing

1)Semper Watermelon (Limited Quantity)

Blonde ale, brewed with fresh watermelon.

(5.8% ABV/ 30 IBU)

2) Mierda Fuego (Gold Medal, WA Beer Awards)

Pale ale, brewed with bell peppers, jalapenos & cilantro.

5% ABV/ 42 IBU

3) You’re My Boy, Blue! Amber Ale

Amber ale, brewed with blueberries.

ABV = 6%  IBU = 37

4) 14 Steps Stout

Oatmeal stout, brewed with peanut butter.

7.3% ABV/ 44 IBU

Postdoc Brewing

1) Alpha Factor IPA

Our first run IPA, this beer is stuffed full of hops, just the way we like it. Alpha factor is a yeast mating pheromone, and without yeast, we wouldn’t have beer! Clean fermentation characteristics and light malt flavor help the hops shine their brightest, with a clean, lasting bitterness to finish. (6.8% ABV/ 63 IBU)

2) Dissertation Double IPA

Dissertation is a double-dry-hopped Double IPA with an intense amount of Galaxy, Mosaic, Citra, and Simcoe. It pours a vibrant gold with generous aromas of juicy passionfruit, ripe mango, earthy pine, and bright citrus. Although Dissertation is quite

strong and showcases an enormous amount of hop character, it remains smooth and drinkable with a clean finish and pleasant bitterness. (9% ABV/ 88 IBU)

3) Blondilocks

A light golden ale with a slightly sweet biscuity malt flavor, subtle tangerine/citrus notes, and delicate floral hop aroma. A smooth, easy drinking beverage that is not too hopped, not too bold, but just right! (4.6% ABV/16 IBU)

4) Rotating Tap

12pm: Hazelnut Cram Session Coffee Porter

Our Cram Session Coffee Porter amplified with a delicious hazelnut aroma and rich nutty flavor. (5.2% /28 IBU)

4pm: Saison de Postdoc

Saison de Postdoc is our interpretation of this classic Belgian farmhouse style.  Iconic aromas of black pepper, orange, pear, and clove greet your nose, which is followed by a delicate balance of malt and hop character. (5.5%/ 14 IBU)

Rainier Brewing      

1) Rainier Pale Mountain Ale

Rainier Pale Mountain Ale is the first new offering from Rainier in over 20 years and marks our return to brewing in Washington State. Pale Mountain Ale was inspired by one of Rainier’s own post-Prohibition pale ales from the 1930s. A light, sessionable, pale ale. Made using two row barley with Fuggle and Cascade hops grown in Yakama Valley. (5.3% ABV/ 28 IBU)

Reuben’s Brews

1) Life On Mars

A deep red brew, with a bright nose of citrus, tangerine, and pine supported by a medium full body with caramel notes and a smooth finish. 8.2% ABV/ 80+ IBU

2) Crikey IPA

Crikey has a hop profile led by notes, of citrus, tangerine, and tropical fruit with a little pine in the background. The malt backbone provides balance to every sip. 6.8% ABV/ 53 IBU

River Time Brewing

1) Irish Gold (Kolsch)

This recipe was brought back from travels to Ireland. Gold is in the name because of its beautifully bright golden color.

(5.6% ABV/ 18%)

2) Life Changer (Scottish Ale)

This light, malty, and perfectly balanced Scottish will have you playing the bagpipes in no time. This strong beer has mellow sweetness and low hop levels every taste bud can enjoy.

24 IBU/ 6% ABV

3) El Primo Duce’ (Brown IPA)

This full-bodied beer engages your entire palette with deliciousness. It’s a nice, dark, roasted beer with plenty of hop to it. (6.2% ABV/ 45% IBU)

Scuttlebutt Brewing

1) 20 Year Anniversary Russian Imperial Stout

Velvety smooth, rich, elegant, harmonious (11.83 % ABV/ 77 IBU)

2) Mateo Loco Imperial Red Ale

The beer Matt made to be stranded on a desert island with.

(9% ABV/ 74 IBU)

3) Red on Red IPA

Red IPA, one off beer that we’ll make again!

(5.8% ABV/ 72 IBU)

4) Gratzer

Oak smoked, Polish wheat ale.  Very unique and refreshing.

(4.1 % ABV/ 19 IBU)

5) Hopshine Blonde

Homeport Blonde infused with Hopshine, an organic hop product produced in Snohomish County.

(4.7 % ABV/19 IBU)

Silver City Brewery

1)Ridgetop Red Ale – The Red of All Reds

Ridgetop Red is everyone’s beer. Full-bodied and smooth with a sweet caramel flavor balanced with Northwest Liberty hops for a refreshing finish. (6% ABV/15 IBU)

2) Fat Scotch Ale

Exceptionally smooth with rich maltiness & a touch of smoky peat character. (9.2% ABV/30 IBU)

3) Nice Day IPA

Have a Nice Day… Enjoy this vibrant citrus & fruit juicy India Pale Ale that finishes crisp & dry for super smashability. (5.5% ABV/ 55 IBU)

4) Ziggy Zoggy Summer Lager

This Zwicklerbier, an uncommon style, is an unfiltered lager that balances crisp and elegant honey-like malt flavor with assertive, classic noble hop character. (5% ABV/ 40 IBU)

Skookum Brewery

1) Billowing Waves Double IPA

A massive dank and juicy IPA brewed with Skagit Valley wheat and flaked rye. Hopped intensely with Mosaic, Citra, and Galaxy hops.  Waves of flavor and aroma. 8% ABV   80 IBU

2)  Three Six Oh pale ale

Three malts, six hops, and zero regard for style guidelines.  An overly hopped oatmeal pale. (6% ABV/ 60 IBU) featuring Nugget, Summit, Simcoe, Mosaic, Cascade and Centennial hops.

3) Specialty Beer

Sound To Summit Brewing

1) Dock Jumper Session IPA

Everyone knows and and loves our 6 Gill IPA, but this lighter version will surprise you with its delicious lighter taste and easy drinkability, perfect for a beautiful sunny Washington day.

(5.2% ABV/ 30 IBU)

2) Sun Gold Shandy

Shandy, short for Shandygaff, is a tradition in Britain for summer. We took our Belgian Golden Ale and blended it with lemonade to produce this refreshing beer. (5.6% ABV)

3) Black Sail CDA

It’s a full flavor cascadian dark ale, sometimes called a black IPA. This beer has a dark color and a delicate balance between its light roast and big hop flavor. Bring out your inner pirate with a pint of our black sail. (7% ABV/42 IBU)

4) Big Wall White IPA

A pale straw unfiltered IPA brewed with Indian coriander and sweet orange peel. A generous portion of wheat gives this beer a bready and light malt backbone which is accented nicely by the mild hop bite for a very refreshing experience. (6.5% ABV/ 43 IBU)

Sumerian Brewing

1)Narcissism IPA

Hop driven West Coast style IPA. 7 hops create dense, dank, piney aromatics with hints of pineapple and citrus peel on the finish.

(6.6% ABV/ 66 IBU)

2) Sargon IPA

Easy drinking “Session” ale. Light on the malt, but heavy on the hops. Cascade, Summit and Citra hops contribute to the crisp, clean, citrusy finish.

(4.9% ABV/ 50 IBU)

Twelve Bar Brews

1) Cut Time India Session Ale

Cut Time ISA is a refreshing session IPA with just the right amount of toasted malt body to balance a robust hop aroma. Wheat and Victory malts complement Cascade, Centennial, and Citra hops in this flavorful yet sessionable ale. (4.5% ABV/ 38 IBU)

2) C Sharp Pentatonic Pale

Starting with the flavorful yet light Pentatonic Multi-grain Pale, we’ve infused the C Sharp Pentatonic with fresh lemongrass and fresh ginger. (4.5% ABV/ 28 IBU)

3) Turnaround Red Ale

TBB’s Northwest Red Ale is reddish copper and slightly sweeter than the rest of our beers. The malt gives the beer a pleasant medium caramel flavor. Six different hops are used in this beer, including Chinook which adds a Northwest outdoors pine aroma.

(5.7% ABV/ 30 IBU)

Burning Down the House Imperial India Red Ale

Our IIRA is a touch sweeter than the Wicked Riff IPA but it is very drinkable and has a more pronounced hop aroma. Bittered with Galena to 87 IBU, the bitterness comes on slowly, allowing time for the malt flavor to present itself.  Aroma hops include Cascade and Centennial for citrus, and Chinook for a pine woodsy aroma. A floral hop addition rounds out the aroma pleasantly. (8.5% ABV/87 IBU)

Two Beers Brewing

1) Fresh Hop IPA

This super seasonal IPA is a Two Beers tradition not to be missed.  A brewery-wide road trip provides us with some the first hops of the Yakima Valley hop harvest. The result is an intoxicatingly aromatic IPA that’s new and exciting every year. (6.2% ABV/ 70 IBU)

2) Wonderland Trail IPA

Featuring a seamless blend of Washington-grown Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic and Cascade hops, a slightly sweet aroma of tangerine is followed by a wave of citrus and passion fruit. (7.1% ABV/84 IBU)

Wander Brewing

1) Anita Rustic Ale

European specialty malts. Noble hops. House saison yeast. Copper in color. Semi-dry. Tart, citrus zest, peach pit, kumquat.

(7.6% ABV)

2) Uncommon California Common

European and American malts. Northern Brewer hops. House lager yeast. Copper in color. Semi-dry. Lightly fruity, grainy, toasty, biscuit. (5.5% ABV)

3) 2016 Barrel-Aged Emissary Imperial Stout

European specialty malts. American hops. House ale yeast. Dense blackness. Full bodied. Dark fruit, coffee, chocolate, burnt ends. Aged one year in 12-year Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels. (10.1% ABV)

Whitewall Brewing

1) Dapper Dan – English Dark Mild

A very flavorful dark mild. Hints of coffee, almonds, and chocolate. We use Skagit valley malt base grains, then add chocolate, crystal80, and Munich malts. A small amount of black malt for color and the coffee flavors. Very easy drinking session beer. (4.0% ABV/ 20 IBU)

2) Equinox – SMaSH IPA (Single Malt and Single Hop)

This beer is 100% copeland 2 row from Skagit Valley Malting. We then used HBC366 hops (formally known as Equinox) to produce a very interesting IPA. We used most of the hops very late in the brewing process. Then dry hopped with 1.25 pounds of hop per barrel. We used a low flocculating London ale yeast. This produces a slightly cloudy beer. Hints of lemon, fresh cut green pepper and herbs in the aroma and flavor. (6.0% ABV/ 60 IBU)

192 Brewing

1) Shticky Blonde

Kolsch style Ale with addition of wild honey. Spicy, floral noble hops blend it all together for a very refreshing beverage on a hot day. 6.75% ABV/ 22 IBU

2) Shed Light

lighter style pale ale/pilsner blend. Very drinkable, and not high on the bitterness factor. Crisp & smooth. 3.8% ABV/ 18 IBU