5 Rights Brewing presents Clear Beer Fest, April 27th – 29th

5 Rights Brewing in Marysville, WA likes to do festivals. They are happy to pour other breweries’ beers, helping the community enjoy beers that they might not otherwise find around town. Clear Beer Fest is a great example. The event takes place April 27th through 29th. Details below. The lineup is formidable.

Nothing against hazy IPAs, but if you’re the type of person who’s been waiting for the haze to clear, this beer festival is for you. The focus here is on clear IPA.

Here’s the event information straight from 5 Rights Brewing.

We like to do FESTIVALS around here where we bring in some of the best of different styles to share with Marysville in one convenient place. Most of the guest taps we bring in aren’t easy to get in our area and it gives our community a chance to try some things they might otherwise miss out on.

This time around we thought we’d throw a party as a TRIBUTE TO THE CLASSIC CLEAR IPA. If you’ve been around the 5 RIGHTS family for a while you know that these CLEAR IPA’s (read “not hazy”) have captivated our hearts from the very beginning. That dry, West Coast style, hop-forward IPA has always been front and center of all we do. So it’s time to celebrate it properly.”

We’ll be curating a list of excellent CLEAR IPA’s from around the region and make them all available to Festival Attendees. Participating breweries include:

Bale Breaker Brewing Company
Breakside Brewery
Fort George Brewery
Ghost Town Brewing
Grand Fir Brewing
Moonraker Brewing Company
Reuben’s Brews
Riip Beer
Russian River Brewing Company
Von Ebert Brewing

Tickets are $22 and will include a TASTER TRAY of 5 of the guest taps along with a SOUVENIR GLASS and access to FULL POURS of all guest beers. 

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