Washington Cask Beer Festival – the list of beers is here


The Washington Beer Commission just shared a very important list with us: the list of beers being poured at the Washington Cask Beer Festival on April 9th. Click here for details and tickets. The current list is below. If there are corrections or changes, I’ll let you know.

There are more than a few that have stirred my curiosity. Fremont Brewing’s Totonac BBomb sounds very interesting, as does Snoqualmie Falls Brewing’s Power Plant 1 Powerhouse IPA. Of course there are a few that I recognize and know I will enjoy. The Coconut Porter from RAM Northgate and the mango-peach infused Evo IPA from Two Beers Brewing, for example.


Airways Brewing 























1) Nonstop to Maui-Dry Stout 









Easy drinking, roasty stout with chocolate, coconut and oak chips soaked in Maui Rum.

2) Ol’ Winey Hag-Imperial IPA


Our Sky Hag (Imperial IPA) with oak chips soaked in Syrah Port.

3) Fuel Stop Dublin-Strong Ale











A bigger version of an Irish Session Ale. Full body with a dry and slightly biscuity finish.

American Brewing Co. 


1) Breakaway IPA  

(ABV: 7%)Full bodied IPA with citrus notes

2) Ed’s Red

(ABV: 5%) Red ale dry-hopped with Falconer Flight hops.

Anacortes Brewery 




1) Ten IPA  

(ABV: 10%)“Ten” was brewed to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Rockfish Grill, the companion restaurant to the Anacortes Brewery. Made with a significant amount of malted rye in the grist and fresh hop additions of Centennial and Columbus to the mash, boil and fermenter.

2) India Pale Ale

(ABV: 6.1% IBU: 118) Our award winning IPA emphasized Northwest hop varieties and features significant hop flavor, bitterness and aroma from Columbus, Cascade and Simcoe.

Big Al Brewing 



1) Hop Villain Black IPA 

Hop Villain combines the solid hop character of an IPA with the rich malt flavor of a porter. Call it a black IPA, Cascadian Dark Ale or an India Dark Ale. You bring the labels, Hop Villain brings the flavor!

2) Sourlicious

Inspired by the wild beer of Belgium, Sourlicious is a blend of barrel-aged beer and tank-aged wheat beer. Sourlicious shows warm vanilla flavors from the wood and firm tangy fruit throughout the finish.

3) Brewer’s Choice

Big Time Brewery 



1)2010 Trombipulator (ABV: 9%) 

Belgian-style Triple, primed with agave nectar.

2) Perspective IPA (ABV: 6.5%)

Yet another of Big Time’s signature big, bold and assertive IPAs. Simcoe and Amarillo hops dominate this one.

Black Raven Brewing 



1) Robust Porter (ABV: 9.9%) 

A big robust porter with dark chocolate, coffee, vanilla, rum soaked oak chips, Perle and Sterling whole leaf hops.

2) Saison (ABV: 7.1%)

Farmhouse ale with orange peel, lemon peel, mango, black pepper and native Washington wild yeast.

3) Belgian IPA (ABV: 6.0%)

American IPA meets Belgian yeast with lemongrass, lemon thyme, black lemon and whole leaf Citra hops.

Boundary Bay Brewery 



1) Cabin Fever Winter Warmer 

Dark red and brown color, rich malty flavor.

2) Dry Hop ESB

English style pale, subtle blend of malts with a hop background.

Diamond Knot Brewing 



1) Apple Cinnamon ESB 

Conditioned with fresh apple cider, cinnamon sticks and fresh apple.

2) Slane’s Irish Style Red Ale

Caramelly aroma gives way to a malty flavor and smooth finish.

3) Chocolate Raspberry Vanilla Brown Ale

Brown Ale conditioned with raspberries, chocolate and vanilla.

Elliott Bay Brewing 

Burien & West Seattle


1) Hellmouth Imperial IPA (ABV: 7%) 

As a portal between Earth and Hell, a Hellmouth attracts demons and other supernatural creatures. Sounds like just the place to find fans of our dry-hopped Strong Pale Ale, weighing in at 7% ABV and 100+ IBUs.

2) Black Ops IPA

An example of the emerging “Black IPA” style, our rendition is fermented with a Belgian-style yeast strain and dry-hopped with three different hop varieties.

3) Organic Vanilla-n-Nibs Stout

Our certified organic house-brewed stout infused with organic vanilla beans and organic cocoa nibs from Theo Chocolates.

4) Mystery Cask

We’ll pull something special from the cellar to round out our selection of cask-conditioned beers for the festival.

Elysian Brewing Company 



1) Rosemary’s Baby IPA (ABV: 6.5%) 

An IPA augmented with fresh rosemary branches in the mash and more fresh rosemary sprigs in the bright tank.

2) Loser Strong Pale Ale (ABV: 7%)

Pale ale brewed first for Sub Pop Records’ 20th anniversary. Bittered with Sorachi Ace, finished with Styrian Goldings.

3) Promethues / Stolen Fire IPA (ABV: 6.5%)

An IPA with stylistic elements variously crafted and stolen from Big Time’s Scarlet Fire. Chinook, Cascade and Centennial hops.

4) Dragonstooth Imperial Oatmeal Stout (ABV: 7.8%)

An Elysian classic. Smooth, yet burly and hoppy.

Fish Brewing Company 



1) Mudshark Porter (ABV: 5%, OG: 1.061, IBU: 24) 

Seven malt varieties. Medium body and robust flavor, rich notes of chocolate.

2) Organic IPA (ABV: 6.7%, OG: 1.065, IBU: 42)

Medium body with rich golden color. Organic Pale and Crystal malts, New Zealand hops.

3) Swordfish CDA (ABV: 7.5%, OG: 1.075, IBU: 65)

Black in color with white head. Aroma: citrus fruit (hops) up front with hints of coffee, nuts in the background. Flavor: big rich resinous citrus hops up front followed by complex malt that balances nicely with bitterness.

Fremont Brewing 



1) Totonac BBomb Bourbon Barrel-aged Dark Ale 

Bourbon Abominable Ale (BBomb) with organic vanilla beans.

2) The Brother Double IPA

Double IPA hopped with Chinook, Columbus, Cascade, Centennial and Amarillo hops.

3) Kentucky Dark Star Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Dark Star Imperial Oatmeal Stout aged in bourbon barrels with coffee.

Georgetown Brewing 



1) Lucille IPA (ABV: 6.8%) 

Columbus, Centennial, Amarillo and Cascade hops. Floral, citrusy and awesome. Anything so innocent and built like that just gotta be named Lucille.

2) Donkey Deux (ABV: 7.5%)

Belgian-style Dubbel brewed with Pilsner, Munich, special B Malts and 110 lbs of Belgian candi sugar. Fermented with traditional Belgian yeast, conditioned over three months, then bottle-conditioned. Dubbel Donkey is big on classic Belgian flavor!

3) Lisa’s “The Sun is Trying to Kill Me” Chocolate Stout (ABV: 8.5%)

Everyone loves Lisa, our Retail Manager, so we named a beer after her. She hates the sun and loves chocolate. Theo Chocolate is her favorite, so that’s what we put in there.  It’s rich but very limited.

Hale’s Ales 



1) SuperGoose IPA 

Very “big” IPA, full malt backbone with a distinct and complex hop profile. Amarillos, Centennials and Simcoe hops featured.

2) Red Menace ESB

Nicely balanced amber ale with equal influences of caramel malt sweetness and Centennial hop flavor and aroma.

3) Troll Porter

About as dark as a porter dare gets. Six different malts create a complex, mouth-filling dark ale with coffee or chocolate nuance.

Harmon Brewing Company 



1) Point Defiance IPA (ABV: 6.5% IBU: 70) 

An American style IPA dry hopped with Amarillo hops.

2) Black Tartan IPA (ABV: 7.5% IBU: 70)

Brewed with black malts and black wheat. Looks like a stout, tastes like and IPA.

3)Floridian IPA

IPA conditioned with grapefruit, pineapple and oranges.

Ice Harbor Brewing Company 



1) Ice Harbor IPA 

A medium malty IPA with an assertive but smooth bitterness. Cascade, Amarillo and Citra hops give the beer a complex character and aroma.

2) Ice Harbor Runaway Red Ale

A rich full bodied amber ale with a delicate fruity flavor. Crystal and Carastan malts give the beer a sweetness that is balanced with hop flavors from Simcoe and Cascade.

Iron Horse Brewery 



1) Oaked IPA 

Oak aged cask IPA.

2) Irish Death Dark Strong Ale

Cask of our most popular. Might have a surprise for everyone.

Issaquah Brewhouse, Rogue 



1) 11th Anniversary American Strong Ale (ABV: 9.4%) 

Oak Aged and Dry-hopped with Simcoe. 11 malts and 11 hops for 11 years.

2) Contraband American IPA (ABV: 6.9%)

Dry-hopped with Citra. Brewed exclusively for Bob Brenlin’s 3PUBS.

Mac and Jack’s Brewery 



1) Dry Hopped IPA Cask 

2) Oak Aged Porter

3) Bavarian Wheat Ale

Maritime Pacific Brewing Company 



1) Jolly-Gator 

This is our take on an English Old Ale. We blended a well-aged cask of our Jolly Roger with a cask of our Navigator Dark Weizen Bock. The result is subtle hints of the Bavarian Hefeweizen yeast with notes of chocolate and dried fruits finishing with a pleasing bitterness.

2) Tropicale

Not only did we dry-hop this cask Imperial IPA, we also infused it with the zest of orange, tangelo, and grapefruit resulting in a refreshing citrus character. All you need now is a hammock on the beach!





1) Workingman’s Red Irish Red Ale (ABV: 4.77%) 

McMenamins Spring Seasonal has a reddish hue that strikes a perfect balance between the darker beers of winter and the lighter beers of summer. Its flavor is also perfectly balanced between the sweetness derived from malted barley and the bitterness derived from whole hope cones. It has a deep mahogany color and a slightly malty sweetness up front. This rich foundation and flavor is surprisingly smooth due to the perfect balance of noble hop flavors. It finishes with a toasty mouth feel and a bold, aromatic hop character that compliments the upfront sweetness exquisitely.

2) Monkeywrench Imperial Amber Ale (ABV: 7.74%)

Monkeywrench is a full-bodied Imperial Amber ale with a hint of roast chocolate and loaded with so many Chinook hops that we lost count!

Naked City Brewery 



1) Spark in the Dark Smoked Porter (ABV: 6.2%) 

A very sessionable Brown Porter made with 60% Weyermann Rauch Malt, Munich, Crystal and Chocolate malts, Northern Brewer and Styrian Golding hops.

2) Hoptrocity Rye IPA (ABV: 7.4%)

18% rye malt lends a spiciness that accentuates the intense Centennial, Simcoe and Amarillo hop profile while additional malts provide the perfect balance of sweetness.

3) Apricot Infused Pastime Red Ale (ABV: 6%)

Our Pastime Red brewed with Sorachi Ace and Citra Hops, then casked with a pound of apricots.

4) Cadillac Coat (ABV 6.5%)

IPA brewed with 4 additions of Falconer’s Flight hops. Dry hopped in the cask with additional Falconer’s Flight.

New Belgium Brewing 



1) Abbey (ABV: 7%) 

This fine Belgian-style Dubbel is crafted in the tradition of classic dubbels. Fermented with a traditional Belgian ale yeast strain, which gives it the characteristic clove and banana aromas that made it famous.  Rich caramel and chocolate malts round out the nose of this Abbey, while hints of sweet baking spice, crème Brule, coffee, and chocolate-covered bananas add depth to the flavor. This 7.0% ABV ale finishes predictably warm and dry, yet remains smooth and soft on the palate to the end, with just a trace of a bittersweet, peppery aftertaste.

2) Trip 9 North Western Imperial IPA (ABV: 9.5%)

A true NW Imperial IPA brewed with the Falconer’s Flight hop. A portion of proceeds will go to Glen Hay Falconer Foundation.

3) Trip 8 Black IPA (ABV: 8.5%)

Brewed with Argentinean Cascade hops, coffee-roasted malt from Chile, and Brazilian Black Rapadura sugar. Dry-hopped with El Dorado hops from Yakima and features a Belgium yeast strain.

Pike Brewing 



1) Pike 5X Chocolate Stout (ABV: 7.0%, IBU: 65, OG: 1.073) 

Pike 5X Stout with Theo Chocolate Nibs. Great chocolate nuance. Full-bodied velvety malt texture; hints of chocolate, licorice and espresso.

2) Pike Double IPA(ABV: 8.0%, IBU: 80, OG: 1.076)

A bouquet of herbal flowers is followed by the dry, crisp, evergreen and citrus character of humulus lupulus (hops) on the palate. This hop bomb is balanced with smooth, biscuity, earthy malt flavors.

Port Townsend Brewing Company 

Port Townsend


1) Citra Pale Ale (ABV: 6.5%) 

A single hop pale, hopped throughout the brew with, you guessed it, Citra hops. This cask version has been dry hopped four separate times for your pleasure!

2) Glasskisser Imperial IPA (ABV: 8.5%)

Triple-dry hopped for your pleasure.

Ram Brewery 



1) CoCo Nut Porter 

Rich, chocolaty porter infused with freshly toasted organic coconut.

2) Hopburst NW Bitter

A single hop, single malt beer using Pilsner malt and Falconer’s Flight hops. Light bodied with a refreshing, citrusy hop flavor and aroma.

3) Biere de Mars

Rock Bottom  



1) Hop Bomb IPA 

The ever-popular house IPA cask conditioned with a fruit juice primer.

2) Black Diamond Oatmeal Stout

Our most popular stout cask conditioned with a yet to be determined twist.

3) Coconut Big Black Wheat

A NW style wheat beer infused with toasted coconut.

RedHook Brewery 



1) Bourbon Barrel Eisbock 28 (ABV: 13% IBU: 38) 

Eisbock 28 is an ice processed winter warmer. This rich lager is aged for months at temperatures well below freezing then transferred to bourbon barrels. Bourbon Barrel Eisbock 28 displays the bourbon flavors aligned with Eisbock’s original smooth maltyness and bittersweet complexity achieved by the sub freezing processing.

2) Cask Conditioned Big Ballard Imperial IPA (ABV: 8.6%)

We have cask conditioned our Big Ballard IPA which is an imperial IPA with assertive hop flavor and aromatics and a rich, deep golden color. The hop flavor and aroma are balanced by complex, malty undertones; an IPA brewed for diehard IPA drinkers.

Malts: 2 Row Pale, Munich, Caramel 60, malted Wheat and Carapils

Hops: Alchemy, Willamette, Chinook

Schooner EXACT 



1) Coconut Porter 

Our roasty Profanity Hill Porter is infused with organic, unsweetened coconut to result in a pleasing, but not overly sweet coconut porter.

2) Bravehorse IPA

Made for our friends at the new Bravehorse Tavern, this IPA was bittered with Columbus and flavor and aroma contributed by the new hop blend Falconer’s Flight: a mix of Simcoe, Citra, and Sirachi Ace.

3) Foxy Mocha Brown

First created for the Beveridge Place’s Iron Brewer Contest, this version 2.0 uses Schooner EXACT roasted espresso beans and chocolate nibs from local chocolate purveyors.

Scuttlebutt Brewing 



1) Belgian Winter Ale-Belgian Strong Ale (ABV: 9.0%) 

This cask-conditioned version will fool you with its drinkability. Chocolate, raisin, and fresh pear flavors mask the 9% ABV.

2) Tell-Tale Red Cask-American Red Ale

This medium bodied beer resonates Amarillo and Columbus hops. Balanced and drinkable, this beer is an easy choice to make.

Silver City Brewery 



1) Fat Woody Bourbon Oak Aged Scotch Ale (ABV: 9.2%) 

Silver City Fat Woody Scotch Ale; cask conditioned and aged on Kentucky Bourbon soaked American White Oak.

2) Whoop Pass Double I.P.A. (ABV: 9%)

Cask Conditioned & Double Dry Hopped. Without a doubt, the boldest and hoppiest mother of a brew Silver City has ever created, with over 50lbs of Washington State Cascade and Columbus hops in each batch. Dry hopped in the tank and in the cask.

Welcome to hop country!

Snipes Mt. Brewery 



1) Trainwreck CDA (ABV: 7.5% IBU: 65) 

A robustly hopped, dark brown IPA without any hint of dark malt, and no confusion whether or not it is an IPA. Hopped with Simcoe and Citra, with Falconer’s Flight in the dry hop.

2) The Letter C (ABV:6.8% IBU: 45)

An “old fashioned” IPA styled after a turn of the century NW IPA. With C hops leading the charge, namely Chinook and Centennial, Amarillo, Summit and Warrior round out the subtly bitter beer.

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing 



1) Plant 1 Powerhouse IPA 

Wilder Wildcat. 20% more malt and twice as much hops. We’ve also added Cascades to ride along-side the Wildcat’s normal Columbus hops. For Cask Fest, we’ve dry-hopped the Powerhouse with even more Cascades!

Sound Brewery 



1) Sound Brewery Porter (ABV: 5.5% IBU: 32) 

Smooth creamy tan head covers a beautiful dark ruby brown beer. Aroma of chocolate, coffee and plums with toasted grains. Totally balanced with bitterness from noble hops and roasted grains.

2) Monk’s Indiscretion: (ABV: 9.9% IBU: 47)

Monk’s indiscretion is a very complex and unique Belgian style specialty ale. Triple dry hopped with fruity, aromatic northwest hops, Monk’s tastes balanced and smooth, but with an insanely hoppy aroma profile that we believe makes this beer totally unique.

3) Bevrijder Double IPA: (ABV: 8%  IBU:47)

Bevrijder is crafted from English malt, American hops and Belgian yeast to create a wonderfully complex, dry and balanced Belgian style double IPA.

Three Skulls-Baron Brewing 


1)Belgian Golden Ale 

Belgian spiced with Candi Sugar, coriander and orange peel.

2) TBA

Two Beers Brewing 


1) Infused Evo IPA 

Mango and peach infused Evo IPA.

2) Infused 20:20 Blonde

Lavender, rose, dried elderberry and dried currant infused 20:20 Blonde.

3) Infused Panorama Wheat

Lime and ginger infused Panorama Wheat.

Valholl Brewing 



1) Belgian IPA (ABV: 7.2%) 

Northwest IPA finished with Trappist yeast. Amarillo, Simcoe and Cascade hops in abundance.

2) Stouty Stouterson Imperial Oatmeal Stout (ABV: 12.8%)

Infused with sweet potatoes, brown sugar, raisins and cinnamon.

3) Belgian Golden Strong Ale (ABV: 9.2%)

Single malt, traditional strong ale. Golden with candi sugar.



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