How beer companies sponsor famous soccer clubs

Soccer players. Beer companies sponsor famous soccer clubs

Beer can be called a mass drink as sodas. Therefore, it is not surprising that famous beer companies have the money to order the most expensive and large-scale advertising.

Popular brands can be found in a variety of places, including on the jerseys of famous sports teams. There, these trademarks are neighboring with advertisements of 1win, 4rabet, and other bookmakers, banks, car manufacturers, and other logos that may be of interest to the average common man.

Why do beer companies and bookmakers choose to advertise sports?

In fact, the answer to this question is quite simple – sports fans like to drink beer, and therefore are the target audience of these brands. As statistics show, this low-alcohol drink is loved by both fans of college football and those who follow european soccer.

For the same reason, bookmakers advertise in soccer and other sports, because sports fans like to bet on the outcome of games. 4Rabet which can be downloaded here, have repeatedly become sponsors of famous teams, athletes, or competitions. The effectiveness of such advertising is enormous, but it also costs a lot. Therefore, to place its logo on the T-shirts of a famous soccer club can only be a major brand.

Beer and advertising in soccer

If you are a fan of soccer, you probably know about the Liverpool team. The multiple champion of England and European soccer tournaments is famous for its red uniform. And also by the fact that on this uniform there is an advertisement of the famous beer brand Carlsberg. This sponsorship is one of the longest and most famous in the world of sports. And last year the beer producer and the famous club extended the sponsorship agreement for another 10 years.

At first, it seems that it is not very ethical to place beer advertisements in the case of sports teams or tournaments. After all, sports should promote a healthy lifestyle, into which the use of alcohol does not fit very well. However, practice shows that big sport has long ago turned into show business, so questions about the ethics of this or that advertising have become irrelevant.

Especially since we have already mentioned above that large beer producers have enormous revenues, so their sponsorship is very attractive to soccer clubs. After all, the demand for beer has not dropped for decades, so such advertisers can well afford to pay for long advertising contracts.