Congrats to Washington’s 2019 GABF winners


Last year Washington brewers brought home 17 medals from the Great American Beer Festival, the nation’s most prestigious and largest beer competition (see last year’s post). That was Washington’s single largest medal-haul in the 32-year history of the event. Pictured above: The crew from Cloudburst Brewing accepts a medal on the main stage at GABF.

Once again, Washington brewers did an impressive job. Here is the list of Washington’s winners at the 2019 GABF. (Updating on the fly, as they’re announced, so stay tuned.) We will get the final, final total and results up soon.



Reuben's Brews, the crew accepts another GABF medal.
Reuben’s Brews, the crew accepts another GABF medal.

Interestingly, three Washington breweries won two medals each: Odin Brewing, Cloudburst Brewing, and Silver City Brewing. As with all competitions like this, we know what we know. We do not know which breweries did not even enter the competition. Your favorite brewery may have abstained.

Washington’s 2019 GABF winners. Below that, the complete list of all winners in PDF format.

Washington Winners:


  • American-Style Strong Pale Ale  – Silver – Crossbuck Brewing, Nopac Pale
  • American Style Pale Ale – Gold – Georgetown Brewing, Johnny Utah Pale Ale – Gold – American Pale Ale
  • English-Style or International-Style Pale Ale – Bronze – Cloudburst Brewing
  • Light Lager – Silver – Odin Brewing, Sif’s Light Lager
  • Fresh Hop Beer – Bronze – Cloudburst Brewing, Aqua Seafoam Shame
  • Belgian-Style Fruit Beer – Gold – Silver City Brewing, Foxy Lady
  • Vienna-Style Lager – Silver – Grains of Wrath Brewing, Vienna Lager
  • Dortmunder or German-Style Oktoberfest – Bronze – Chuckanut Brewery, Festbier
  • Specialty Saison – Bronze – Fortside Brewing, Palisade No. 2
  • Export Stout – Silver – Odin Brewing, Thor’s Shadow
  • Export Stout – Gold – Wander Brewing, Correspondent
  • Old Ale of Strong Ale – Silver – Silver City Brewing, Old Scrooge
  • Barleywine – Bronze – Reuben’s Brews, Three Ryesmen
  • Kellerbier or Zwickelbier – Haas Innovations Brewing –  Loral Zwickelbier

Additional award: Mid-Size Brewing Company and Brewer of the Year — Silver City Brewery

Congrats to the crew from Silver City Brewing.
Congrats to the crew from Silver City Brewing.

Complete list of all winners in all categories. Download the complete results in PDF format.





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