2022 Washington Beer Awards: The list of winning beers and breweries


Friday night in Puyallup, brewers from across the state gathered for the annual Washington Beer Awards ceremony. The winners were announced and the medals were handed out. We share the list of winning breweries and beers below. (Pictured above: Four Generals Brewing & Logan Brewing, winners in the Collab Beer category.)

One thing I always take away from the WA Beer Awards ceremony, as you sit there listening to the winners get announced, you realize how many great breweries we have in Washington. As beer lovers, we are very lucky.

Stoup Brewing – Large Brewery of the Year.

A total of about 1,400 beers were submitted by 179 Washington breweries. All of the beers submitted must have been both brewed and made commercially available in the state of Washington. The entries were evaluated in a blind format using the Brewers Association Style Guidelines by panels of trained beer judges who awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals for each category grouping.

Russell Everett, Bainbridge Brewing.

The top-winning breweries were then evaluated based on their size (production volume). “Brewery of the Year” awards were handed out accordingly. In other words, for breweries of a certain size, the brewery that earned the most medals was awarded the Brewery of the Year award. That’s basically how it works, but there’s a bit more to it. Those awards are listed at the bottom.





















2022 Washington Beer Awards Winners

Light German-Style Lagers:

  • Gold: Chuckanut Brewery – Chuckanut Chuck Light
  • Silver: Optimism Brewing – Hello, World!
  • Bronze: E9 Brewery LLC – Saturday Sunshine

German-Style Pilsners:











  • Gold: Brothers Cascadia Brewing – The People’s Pilsner
  • Silver: Fremont Brewing – Golden Pilsner
  • Bronze: Four Generals Brewing – Spalter Pils

German-Style Oktoberfests:

  • Gold: Grains Of Wrath – Gerstenwolf
  • Silver: San Juan Island Brewing Company – San Juan Festbier
  • Bronze: Brick West Brewing Co – Festbier

German-Style Maerzens:

  • Gold: Scuttlebutt Brewing Co. – Oktoberfest
  • Silver: Sound To Summit Brewing – Snohtoberfest
  • Bronze: Garland Brew Werks – Maerzan

German-Style Schwarzbiers:

  • Gold: Whistle Punk Brewing – Schwarzbier
  • Silver: Maelstrom Brewing Company – Schwarzbier
  • Bronze: Dru Bru – Black Lager

Other European Amber & Dark Beers:











  • Gold: San Juan Island Brewing Company – The Late Boat
  • Silver: Bainbridge Brewing – Arrow Point Amber
  • Bronze: Resonate Brewery – Lithium

Bohemian-Style Pilsners:

  • Gold: Ravenna Brewing Co – Voltova
  • Silver: San Juan Island Brewing Company – San Juan Pilsner
  • Bronze: Twin Sisters Brewing Company – Pilsner From Now On

Vienna-Style Lagers:

  • Gold: Crane’s Castle – Tivoli
  • Silver: Chuckanut Brewery – Chuckanut Vienna
  • Bronze: The Good Society Brewery & Public House – Love Is Love

American-Style Light Lagers:

  • Gold: Victor 23 Craft Brewery – North By Northwest
  • Silver: White Bluffs Brewing – Montana Blanca
  • Bronze: Fremont Brewing – Trail Magic

American-Style Lagers:

  • Gold: Formula Brewing – Japanese Lager
  • Silver: Georgetown Brewery – Roger’s
  • Bronze: Resonate Brewery – Mexican Radio

Contemporary American-Style Lager:

  • Gold: Stoup Brewing – Cervecita
  • Silver: Lumber House Brewery – Lager
  • Bronze: 54-40 Beer – 1862

American-Style Pilsners:

  • Gold: Lowercase Brewing – Goethe Pilsnerist
  • Silver: Remlinger Brewing – Tolt’n Float’n
  • Bronze: Bale Breaker Brewing Company – Pilsner

Contemporary American-Style Pilsners:

  • Gold: Black Raven Brewing – Pilsner
  • Silver: Heathen Brewing – Badlands Pilsner
  • Bronze: Scuttlebutt Brewing Co. – Pilsner

American -Style India Pale Lagers:

  • Gold: Fringe Brewing – Metal Bridge
  • Silver: Haas Innovations Brewing – Serendipity
  • Bronze: Wheelie Pop Brewing – Global Border Patrol IPL

Other American-Style Lagers:

  • Gold: Flyers Restaurant And Brewery – Night Flight Dark Lager
  • Silver: Lowercase Brewing – Mexican Lager
  • Bronze: Dystopian State – Oktobrist

Australasian, Latin American or Tropical-Style Light Lagers:

  • Gold: Four Generals Brewing – Otra Chela
  • Silver: Twin Sisters Brewing Company – Mexican Style Lager
  • Bronze: Elliott Bay Brewing – Organic Baja Lager

International-Style Pilseners:

  • Gold: Kulshan Brewing Co. – Sunnyland – Mexican Lager
  • Silver: Icicle Brewing Company – Icicle Premium Pilsner
  • Bronze: San Juan Island Brewing Company – De Haro Light Lager

Strong Lagers:

  • Gold: Lucky Envelope Brewing – Helles Squared
  • Silver: Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery – Baranof
  • Bronze: The Good Society Brewery & Public House – Maibock

Kellerbiers or Zwickelbiers:

  • Gold: Seapine Brewing Company – Kolsch
  • Silver: ValHoll Brewing – Zwickel Pils
  • Bronze: Airways Brewing – Biergarten Kellerbier

German-Style Kölsches:

  • Gold: Four Generals Brewing – Koelsch
  • Silver: Future Primitive – Kingdome Kolsch
  • Bronze: Brick West Brewing Co – Riverside

German-Style Wheat Beers:

  • Gold: ValHoll Brewing – Blind Squirrel Weizenbock
  • Silver: Brothers Cascadia Brewing – Brothers Bavaria
  • Bronze: Well 80 Brewing Company – Volle Pulle!

Rye and American Wheat Beers:

  • Gold: Big House Brewing – Walla Walla Wheat
  • Silver: Formula Brewing – Friend Boat
  • Bronze: Remlinger Brewing – Honey Wheat

American-Style Cream Ales:

  • Gold: Lucky Envelope Brewing – Mexican Lager (But Seriously It Totally Fits The Cream Ale Style Guideline)
  • Silver: Wet Coast Brewing Co. – Wet Coast Cream Ale
  • Bronze: Postdoc Brewing – Hydrogen Blonde

Golden or Blonde Ales:

  • Gold: Lumber House Brewery – Tres Brewers
  • Silver: Laht Neppur Brewing – Backseat Blonde Ale
  • Bronze: North 47 Brewing Co – A Cream Come True

English-Style Bitters:

  • Gold: Machine House Brewery – Cambridge Bitter
  • Silver: Rainy Daze Brewing – Test Drive Amber
  • Bronze: Machine House Brewery – Best Bitter

English Pale Ales:

  • Gold: Double Bluff Brewing Company – Langley Summer Ale
  • Silver: Georgetown Brewery – Manny’s
  • Bronze: ValHoll Brewing – Moe St. Pale

English Dark Ales:

  • Gold: Lowercase Brewing – Brown Ale
  • Silver: Audacity Brewing – Thames At Night
  • Bronze: Figurehead Brewing Company – Foxy Throwdown Brown

Irish-Style Red Ales:

  • Gold: Loowit Brewing Company – Two-Sixteen Red Ale
  • Silver: Kulshan Brewing Co. – Roosevelt – Red Cap
  • Bronze: Silver City Brewery – Ridgetop Red

Scottish Ales:

  • Gold: ValHoll Brewing – Kilted Viking
  • Silver: Penn Cove Brewing Co. – Maxwelton Scotch Ale
  • Bronze: Well 80 Brewing Company – Brew 200!!!!!!!

International Pale Ales:

  • Gold: Wet Coast Brewing Co. – Sparklehorse
  • Silver: Fortside Brewing Company – Silly Rabbit
  • Bronze: Pike Brewing Company – Waterfront

New Zealand-Style India Pale Ales:

  • Gold: Perry Street Brewing – Speechless IPA
  • Silver: Grains Of Wrath – Ripsaw
  • Bronze: Wander Brewing – Range Life

British & American Strong Ales:

  • Gold: Silver City Brewery – Old Scrooge
  • Silver: Victor 23 Craft Brewery – Jumbo Jet
  • Bronze: Cairn Brewing – Wee Heavy

Brown Porters:

  • Gold: Old Schoolhouse Brewery – Big Valley Brown
  • Silver: Spokanite Brewing – Uncle Porter
  • Bronze: Big Time Brewery – Coal Creek

Robust Porters:

  • Gold: Flyers Restaurant And Brewery – Pacemaker Porter
  • Silver: Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co – Thriller Pillar Porter
  • Bronze: Reuben’s Brews – Production Brewery – Robust Porter

Oatmeal Stouts:

  • Gold: Rainy Daze Brewing – Haulin Oats Stout
  • Silver: Lazy Boy Brewing Co. – Lazy Boy Oatmeal Stout
  • Bronze: Anacortes Brewing Company,LLC – Mt Erie Stout

Other British Stouts:

  • Gold: Rooftop Brewing Company – TANK RIDE RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUT
  • Silver: Rainy Daze Brewing – Tay More Cowbell
  • Bronze: Optimism Brewing – …Before The Dawn

Irish Stouts:

  • Gold: Diamond Knot Brewing Company – Tropic Island Stout
  • Silver: Wenatchee Valley Brewing Co. – Trout Stout
  • Bronze: Watts Brewing Company – Xylocopa

American-Style Stouts, Imperial Porters & Imperial Stouts:

  • Gold: Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co – Gentlemens Stout
  • Silver: Hoh River Brewing – Black Raven Porter
  • Bronze: Salish Sea Brewing Co. – Big Chocolate Love

American-Style Pale Ales:

  • Gold: Old Schoolhouse Brewery – Stowaway Pale Ale
  • Silver: Flying Lion Brewing – Larry, Curly And Moesaic Pale
  • Bronze: Flying Lion Brewing – Call It A Day Pale

Juicy or Hazy Pale Ales:

  • Gold: Single Hill Brewing Company – Sightglass
  • Silver: Reuben’s Brews – Production Brewery – Reuben’s Crushable
  • Bronze: Icicle Brewing Company – Alpenhaze

American-Style Strong Pale Ales:

  • Gold: Kulshan Brewing Co. – Roosevelt – Sunnyland
  • Silver: Hellbent Brewing Company – Dang! Citra IPA
  • Bronze: Brothers Cascadia Brewing – Bold As Love

Juicy or Hazy Strong Pale Ales:

  • Gold: Georgetown Brewery – Lily
  • Silver: Airways Brewing – Jumbo Juice
  • Bronze: Hop Capital Brewing – Zero To Hero

American Amber Ales:

  • Gold: Sound To Summit Brewing – Night Sky Red Ale
  • Silver: Two Beers Brewing – Immersion Amber
  • Bronze: Kulshan Brewing Co. – Sunnyland – Local Amber

American-Style Brown Ales:

  • Gold: Two Beers Brewing – SODO Brown
  • Silver: Brothers Cascadia Brewing – Clay’s Brown Ale
  • Bronze: Haywire Brewing Co. – JERSEY

American-Style Black Ales:

  • Gold: Flying Lion Brewing – Double Black IPA
  • Silver: Cloudburst Brewing – Yeah But Why Tho?
  • Bronze: Wet Coast Brewing Co. – Scofflaw CDA

American-Style India Pale Ales:

  • Gold: Victor 23 Craft Brewery – Imitator
  • Silver: Fremont Brewing – Lush
  • Bronze: Gruff Brewing Co – 7

Juicy or Hazy India Pale Ales:

  • Gold: Diamond Knot Brewing Company – Lazer Sword Hazy IPA
  • Silver: Brick West Brewing Co – Helping Hand
  • Bronze: Single Hill Brewing Company – Polymorph

Imperial or Double India Pale Ales:

  • Gold: Stoup Brewing – Pistol Fingers IPA
  • Silver: Elysian Brewing – Airport Way – Snailbones
  • Bronze: Kulshan Brewing Co. – Sunnyland – Bull Of The Woods

Juicy or Hazy Imperial or Double India Pale Ales:

  • Gold: Wander Brewing – Googly Eyes
  • Silver: Ladd & Lass Brewing – Holographic Memory
  • Bronze: Trap Door Brewing – A Mega Pint?

Belgian-Style Witbiers:

  • Gold: Reuben’s Brews – Production Brewery – Lilywhite Wit
  • Silver: Lowercase Brewing – Witbier
  • Bronze: The Good Society Brewery & Public House – Wit & Wisdom

Belgian & Belgian Inspired Ales:

  • Gold: Reuben’s Brews – The Taproom – Citra Wit
  • Silver: Figurehead Brewing Company – Patersbier
  • Bronze: Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery – Wobble Wedge

Belgian Strong & Abbey Ales:

  • Gold: Burke-Gilman Brewing Company – Depuis Durbuy
  • Silver: Pike Brewing Company – Monk’s Uncle
  • Bronze: Figurehead Brewing Company – Midwatch

Belgian and French Farmhouse Ales:

  • Gold: Fair Isle Brewing – Hanami
  • Silver: Terramar Brewstillery – Apricity Saison
  • Bronze: MIRAGE – Streetmap Of The Fucking Universe

Chili Pepper Beers:

  • Gold: Big Block Brewing – Pineapple Habanero Pale
  • Silver: Outer Planet Brewing – 7th Orbit
  • Bronze: Stemma Brewing – Conditus Lager

Brett Beers:

  • Gold: Fair Isle Brewing – Eugene
  • Silver: Dwinell Country Ales – Dusty Trail
  • Bronze: Stoup Brewing – Gaia’s Whimsy

Berliner-Style Weisses:

  • Gold: Volition Brewing – Strange News From Another Star
  • Silver: No Drought Brewing – White Wolf
  • Bronze: Wander Brewing – Champagne Toast


  • Gold: Terramar Brewstillery – Octopus’s Garden Gose
  • Silver: Uprise Brewing Co. – Guava Gose Fruited Sour
  • Bronze: Bainbridge Brewing – Better Weather 4Ever!

American-Style Sour Ales:

  • Gold: Urban Family Brewing – Perpetuation
  • Silver: Ashtown Brewing Co. – Apricot Sour
  • Bronze: North Fork Brewery – Cucumber Berliner Weisse

Belgian Sour and Wild Ales:

  • Gold: McMenamins Breweries – Class Of 2021 (Anderson School Brewery)
  • Silver: Dwinell Country Ales – Field Hop
  • Bronze: Dwinell Country Ales – Blind Faith

American-Style Fruit Beers:

  • Gold: Elysian Brewing – Elysian Fields – Black Lime Lager
  • Silver: Triceratops Brewing Co – Strawberry Golden Ale
  • Bronze: Crane’s Castle – El Veranito

Fruit Wheat Beers:

  • Gold: Icicle Brewing Company – Colchuck Raspberry Wheat
  • Silver: Laht Neppur Brewing – Peach Hefeweizen
  • Bronze: Hoh River Brewing – Oxbow

Belgian-Style Fruit Beers:

  • Gold: E9 Brewery LLC – Endless Circle
  • Silver: Fair Isle Brewing – Val
  • Bronze: North Fork Brewery – Electricberryland

Spice, Field and Herb Beers:

  • Gold: Fair Isle Brewing – Montgomery
  • Silver: Beach Cat Brewing – Christmas In July
  • Bronze: In The Shadow Brewing – ITS HBL

Pumpkin Beers:

  • Gold: Elysian Brewing – Airport Way – The Great Pumpkin
  • Silver: Cloudburst Brewing – Your Worst Nightmare
  • Bronze: Lucky Envelope Brewing – Pumpkin Emoji Cream Stout

Coffee & Chocolate Beers:

  • Gold: Snow Eater Brewery – Moose Trot
  • Silver: Paradise Creek Brewery – MooJoe Milk Stout
  • Bronze: Georgetown Brewery – Gusto Crème

Smoke Beers:

  • Gold: Four Generals Brewing – Rauch Dunkel
  • Silver: Black Fleet Brewing – Tolmie’s Trek Maple Smoked Scotch Ale
  • Bronze: Metier Brewing Co. – Smoked Porter Aged In Tequila Barrels

Specialty & Historical Beers:

  • Gold: Dwinell Country Ales – Fool’s Gold
  • Silver: Dunagan Brewing Inc. – Black Pool
  • Bronze: Varietal Beer Company – Hannuksela

Session Beers:

  • Gold: Brothers Cascadia Brewing – Best Day Ever!
  • Silver: Stoup Brewing – Pint Of Ambition IPA
  • Bronze: Kulshan Brewing Co. – Sunnyland – New Moon

Experimental Beers:

  • Gold: Whistle Punk Brewing – Apricot Crumble
  • Silver: Elysian Brewing – Airport Way – Gator Pie
  • Bronze: Victor 23 Craft Brewery – Sugar Plum Fairy

Experimental India Pale Ales:

  • Gold: Best Of Hands Barrelhouse – Heldscalla IPA
  • Silver: Top Rung Brewing Company – Kveik IPA
  • Bronze: Black Fleet Brewing – POG Slammer Juicy IPA

Wood & Barrel Aged Beers:

  • Gold: Fair Isle Brewing – Vince
  • Silver: Wander Brewing – Wild Warehouse
  • Bronze: Lagunitas Brewing Company – Seattle – Vine, Barrel, & Time – Pink Guava & Pink Peppercorn

Wood & Barrel Aged Imperial Stouts:

  • Gold: Reuben’s Brews – The Taproom – All Hands – 10th Anniversary Stout
  • Silver: Fremont Brewing – 2022 COCONUT CACAO BBADS (BARREL-AGED DARK STAR)
  • Bronze: Wander Brewing – Earlybird

Other Wood & Barrel Aged Strong Beers:

  • Gold: Old Stove Brewing – Barrel Aged Castaway
  • Silver: Ravenna Brewing Co – Lion Tamer
  • Bronze: Heathen Brewing – Reindeer Tears

Wood & Barrel Aged Sour Beers:

  • Gold: Elysian Brewing – Elysian Fields – Scarlet Beast
  • Silver: Best Of Hands Barrelhouse – Borne Back Ceaselessly
  • Bronze: Elysian Brewing – Elysian Fields – Pomace Ring

Fresh Hop Beers:

  • Gold: Icicle Brewing Company – Enchantments Experimental Hazy IPA
  • Silver: Old Stove Brewing – Freshy Fresh Citra Pale
  • Bronze: Old Stove Brewing – Freshy Fresh Mosaic IPA


  • Gold: Everybody’s Brewing & Homebrewer Nathan Zorich – Natron Beer
  • Silver: Heathen Brewing & Homebrewer Andrew Morris – Roulette Of Brett
  • Bronze: Ladd & Lass Brewing & Homebrewer Tony Ochsner – The Pale Project

Collaboration Beers:

  • Gold: Scuttlebutt Brewing Co. & Sound to Summit – Bridging The Trestle
  • Silver: Beach Cat Brewing & Anacortes Brewery – Raspberry Purrrree’
  • Bronze: Four Generals Brewing & Logan Brewing – Collab German Pils

Brewery of the Year

Congratulations to all the breweries that one medals, and especially to the breweries that won multiple medals. And especially those that earned “brewery of the year” honors.

  • Very Small Brewery of the Year (Sponsored by Yakima Chief Hops): Laht Neppur Brewing
  • Small Brewery of the Year (Sponsored by Crosby Hops): Four Generals Brewing
  • Mid-Sized Brewery of the Year (Sponsored by Skagit Valley Malting): Fair Isle Brewing
  • Large Brewery of the Year (Sponsored by Briess Malt and Ingredients): Stoup Brewing