Washington now has more than 360 breweries


If you set out to visit one Washington brewery every day for a year—just one per day, a different brewery each day, continually for a year—it would take you just about one year to visit all of Washington’s 361 breweries. At the end of the year, rest assured that more breweries will have opened and your journey would continue.

If you tried to do the exact same thing in Seattle it would take you more than two months to visit all 61 breweries currently operating withing city limits.

The number of breweries in Washington has skyrocketed in the past seven years. About 2.8 breweries have opened each month for the past 81 months. Some closed during that time, but since October of 2010 we’ve seen a net increase of 226 breweries.





















Based on stories like this that we’ve posted on the Washington Beer Blog since 2010, the data looks like this:










Our latest count shows that Washington is now home to 361 breweries. As best we can tell, this is more than any state but California. Colorado is up there too, but the last “official” count of Colorado breweries we saw was 348.

How do we come up with the number 361? We have a method. We have criteria for what we call “a brewery.” We share that information below. I am all but certain that some people will dispute our number and our method. I encourage those people to publish their own lists.


Admittedly, some of the breweries are very small and some only make beer, maybe, a few times a year, but they are still licensed and still producing beer, so we count them.

Don’t get mad at us because we miss something. We are the first to admit that compiling this list and keeping count is very difficult. It would be much more helpful if you contact us and tell us what we got wrong. All we ask is that you understand what it is that we do and do not consider a brewery. Use our contact page to reach out to us.

All of the breweries are listed below, arranged by region.

We have updated our maps of Washington’s breweries to reflect the current information. The maps we provide are a continual work in progress. We are currently working to improve them and add more detailed information about each location.

Our Method and Criteria

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board shows that nearly 400 entities are licensed to brew beer in Washington. We have access to that list. For various reasons, not every licensed entity is actually brewing beer. Some have not yet started brewing. Some never will. Some brew Kombucha and not beer (same license). Some have held a license for years but never brewed any beer. We do our best to determine which of the licensed entities are actually making beer.

What is a Brewery?

We define a brewery as a licensed, tax-paying brewing business that actually sells beer legally to the public in one way or another. Simply put, a brewery is a building that makes beer for sale to the public.

Our list includes:

  • Production-only breweries that are not open to the public.
  • Breweries with tasting rooms.
  • Brewpubs, which we define as restaurants that have a brewery on site and make beer.
  • Brew Your Own facilities, some of which have taprooms.
  • We include more than one marker for breweries that produce beer in more than one location. Examples include 7 Seas, Fremont, Reuben’s, and so on. One brewing company, producing beer at multiple breweries: each individual brewery is counted.
  • Spokane Brewery Incubator. Three breweries operate out of one location, brewing on a shared system at the Steel Barrel Taproom: Little Spokane Brewing, Young Buck Brewing, and TT’s Old Iron Brewing. They are each licensed separately and operate independently, so we count them as three separate breweries.

What is NOT a Brewery

  • Your friend’s neighbor who makes homebrew in his garage and invites his buddies over to drink it. Not a brewery.
  • Brewery satellite tasting rooms, which we define as a brewery’s tasting room that is not at the brewery. We count the brewery, but not the remote taproom.
  • Breweries in planning that are not yet brewing are not counted as breweries. Yet. We will count them when they start brewing their own beer at their own facility.
  • Contract brewers. Companies that produce their beer at another licensed brewery exclusive are not included on our list. In some instances, such contract brewers are breweries in planning.

About our Maps

Because there are so many breweries, we have divided our maps into regions. Also, when you have too many locations on one map things can sometimes slow down or even blow up. Some of the time, where we draw the geographic lines make sense. Other times, it doesn’t. Olympia and Vancouver are both considered part of Southwest Washington, for instance. Snohomish is considered part of Northwest Washington, but Everett is considered part of Western Washington. The lines must be drawn somewhere. We do our best.

Seattle Breweries and Brewpubs (within city limits)


Bad Jimmy’s Brewing

Big Time Brewing

Bluebird Brewing

Burdick Brewing

Cloudburst Brewing

Counterbalance Brewing

Dirty Couch Brewing

Elliott Bay Brewery and Pub

Elliott Bay Public House & Brewery

Elysian Brewery & Public House

Elysian Brewing (production only)

Elysian Brewing TangleTown

Elysian Fields Brewery

Figurehead Brewing

Floating Bridge Brewing

Floodland Brewing

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery

Flying Lion Brewing

Fremont Brewing Company

Fremont Brewing Company

Georgetown Brewing

Ghostfish Brewing

Gordon Biersch Brewing

Hale’s Ales

Hellbent Brewing

Holy Mountain Brewing

Jellyfish Brewing

Lantern Brewing

Lowercase Brewing

Lucky Envelope Brewing

Machine House Brewing

Maritime Pacific Brewing

McMenamins Queen Anne Hill

Mollusk (formerly Epic Ales)

Naked City Brewery and Taphouse

NW Peaks Brewery

Obec Brewing

Old Stove Brewing

Optimism Brewing

Outer Planet Brewing

Outlander Brewery & Pub

Peddler Brewing

Perihelion Brewing

Pike Pub and Brewery

Populuxe Brewing

Pyramid Alehouse, Brewery and Restaurant

Ram Restaturant and Brewery

Ram Restaurant & Brewery of Seattle (RAM International)

Ravenna Brewing

Reuben’s Brews

Reuben’s Brews

Rooftop Brewing

Schooner Exact Brewing

Seapine Brewing

Standard Brewing

Stoup Brewing

Tin Dog Brewing

Triple R Brewing

Two Beers Brewing Company

Urban Family Brewing

West Seattle Brewing


Western Washington Breweries and Brewpubs
(Bremerton, Redmond, Tacoma, Port Townsend, Kent, Everett, and others)


101 Brewing

192 Brewing Company

20 Corners Brewing

7 Seas Brewing

7 Seas Brewing

Adam’s NW Bistro and Brewery

Airways Brewing

American Brewing Company

Bainbridge Brewing

Barhop Brewing

Beardslee Publiic House

Bellevue Brewing Company

Bent Bine Brew

Big Block Brewery

Big E Ales (Ellersick Brewing)

Big Horn Brewing / Ram

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

Black Raven Brewing

Brickyard Brewing

Brier Brewing

B-Side Brewing

Bushnell Craft Brewing

Cairn Brewing

Cash Brewing

Chainline Brewing

Circle 7 Brew Works

Cole Street Brewing

Decibel Brewing

Der Blokken Brewery Pub

Destiny City Brewing

Diamond Knot Brewpub

Dirty Bucket Brewery

Dog Days Brewing

Downpour Brewing

Dreadnought Brewing

Dru Bru

Dunagan Brewing

Dungeness Brewing

Dystopian State Brewing

E2W Brewing

Elkhead Brewing

Elliott Bay Brewhouse & Pub

Engine House #9 Brewing

Enumclaw Brewing

Fathom and League Hop Yard Brewery

Flycaster Brewing

Foggy Noggin Brewing

Foot Hills Brewing

Four Generals Brewing

Four Horsemen Brewery

Fox Island Brewing

Gallaghers’ Where U Brew (BOP)

Geaux Brewing

Gig Harbor Brewing

GSP Brewing

Half Lion Brewing

Harmon Pub & Brewery

Harmon Taproom and Brewery

Headknocker Brewery

Hemlock State Brewing

Herbert B. Friendly Brewing

Hideaway Brewing

Hi-Fi Brewing

Hood Canal Brewing

Hop Crew Brewing

Issaquah Brewhouse (Rogue Ales)

Kona Brewing

Lost Woods Brewing

Lovecraft Brewing

Lumber House Brewing

M T Head Brewing Company

Mac and Jack’s Brewery

Maelstrom Brewing

Manfish Brewing

McMenamins Anderson School

McMenamins Mill Creek

Mt. Index Brewery & Distillery

Narrows Brewing

Nine Yards Brewing

No Boat Brewing

North 47 Brewing

Northwest Brewing

Odd Otter Brewing

Odin Brewing Company

Off Camber Brewing

Old Rock Brewing

Pacific Brewing and Malting

Port Townsend Brewing

Postdoc Brewing

Power House Brewery and Restaurant

Propolis Brewing

Puyallup River Brewing

Rail Hop’n Brewing

Rainy Daze Brewing

Ram Brewing

Ram Brewing Tacoma

Ram Restaurant & Brewery of Lakewood (RAM International)

Redhook Ale Brewery

Resonate Brewery & Pizzeria

Salish Sea Brewing

Scamp Brewing

Silver City Brewing

Slaughter County Brewing

Slippery Pig Brewery

Sluggo Brewing

Smitty’s Brewing

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing

Sound Brewery

Strong Arm Brewing

Sumerian Brewing

Tacoma Brewing Company

The Station U-Brew

Triplehorn Brewing

Underground Brewing

Unicycle Ales

Valholl Brewing

Vashon Brewing Co (Cliff’s Beer)

Watts Brewing

Wet Coast Brewing

Wingman Brewers


Northwest Washington Breweries and Brewpubs
(Bellingham, Snohomish, Mount Vernon, San Juan Islands, and others)


210 Brewing Company

5 Rights Brewing

Ale Spike Brewing

Anacortes Brewery – Rockfish Grill

Aslan Brewing

At Large Brewing

Atwood Ales

Bastion Brewing

Birdsview Brewing

Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro

Brewbakers Brewing

Cardinal Craft Brewing

Chuckanut Brewery (South Nut)

Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen

Crucible Brewing

Diamond Knot B2

Double Bluff Brewing

Farmstrong Brewing

Flyers Restaurant and Brewery

Friday Harbor Brewing

Gruff Brewing

Haywire Brewing

Island Hoppin’ Brewery

Justice Brewing

Kulshan Brewing

Kulshan Brewing (K2)

LaConner Brewing

Lake Stevens Brewing

Lazy Boy Brewing

Lopez Island Brewing

Lost Canoe Brewing

Mansfield Brewing

Menace Brewing

Middleton Brewing

North Fork Brewers

North Sound Brewing

Ogres Brewing

Prison Break Brewing

River Time Brewing

San Juan Island Brewing

Scrappy Punk Brewing

Skagit River Brewing

Skagit Valley Malting

Skookum Brewing

SnoTown Brewery

Sound to Summit Brewing

Spada Farmhouse Brewing

Stone’s Throw Brewing

Structures Brewing

Swinnerton Brewery

Thirsty Crab Brewery

Three Bull Brewing

Wander Brewing

White Wall Brewing Company

Southwest Washington Breweries and Brewpubs
(Vancouver, Olympia, Aberdeen, Chehalis, and others)


54-40 Brewing

Amnesia Brewing

Ashtown Brewing

Backwoods Brewing

Barrel Mountain Brewing

Beerded Brothers Brewery

Blackbeards Brewing

Bog Water Brewing

Brother Ass Brewing

Brothers Cascadia

Cascade Homebrew

Dick’s Brewing

Doomsday Brewing

Dwinell Country Ales

Everybody’s Brewing

Fish Brewing, Leavenworth Beers

Five Dons Brewing

Fortside Brewing

Ghost Runner Brewery

Heathen Brewing

Heavy Metal Brewing

Hillbilly Brewing

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Keyhole Valley Brewing

Loowit Brewing

McMenamins – East Vancouver

McMenamins – Spar Cafe

McMenamins on the Columbia

Mill City Brew Werks

North Jetty Brewing

Northwest Passage Brewery

Northwood Brewery and Public House

O-Town Brewing

Old Ivy Brewery

Olympic Club (McMenamins)

Parker’s Steakhouse

Railside Brewing

River Mile 38 Brewing

Rusty Hop Brewing

St. Helens Brewing

Steam Donkey Brewing

Three Magnets Brewing

Top Rung Brewing

Trap Door Brewing

Triceratops Brewing

Trusty Brewing

Victor 23 Brewery

Walking Man Brewing

Willapa Brewing

Eastern Washington Breweries and Brewpubs
(Walla Walla, Leavenworth, Spokane, Yakima, and others)


238 Brewing

Alpine Brewing

Atomic Ale Brewpub and Eatery

Badass Backyard Brewing

Badger Mountain Brewing

Bale Breaker Brewing

Bellwether Brewing

Benniditos Brewpub

Berchmans Brewing

Big Barn Brewing

Black Label Brewing

Blewett Brewing

Bombing Range Brewing

Bottle Bay Brewing

Bron Yr Aur Brewing

Burwood Brewing

Chief Springs Fire & Iron Brewpub

Columbia Valley Brewing

Cowiche Creek Brewing

Dog and Pony Brewing

Doghaus Brewery

English Setter Brewing

Four Eyed Guys Brewing

Haas Innovations Brewing

Hop Nation Brewing

Hopped Up Brewing

Hops Extract Corp

Horse Heaven Hills Brewery

Ice Harbor Brewery & Pub

Icicle Brewing Company

Iron Goat Brewing

Iron Horse Brewery

Laht Neppur Brewing

Lake Chelan Brewery

Lost Falls Brewery

Milepost 111 Brewing

Mill Creek Brewpub -Big House Brewing

Mule and Elk Brewing

New Boundary Brewing

No-Li Brewhouse

Northern Ales, Inc.

Nosdunk Brewing

Old Opera Brewing

Old Schoolhouse Brewing

Orlison Brewing Taproom

Paper Street Brewing

Paradise Creek Brewery

Perry Street Brewing

Quartzite Brewing

Quirk Brewing

Redifer Brewing

Republic Brewing Company

River City Brewing

Riverport Brewing Company

Rocky Coulee Brewing

Roslyn Brewing

Shrub Steppe Smokehouse Brewery

Snipes Mountain Microbrewery & Restaurant,

Spokane Brewery Incubator

Square Wheel Brewing

St. Brigid’s Brewery

Steam Plant Brewing

Stormy Mountain Brewing

Ten Pin Brewing

Top Frog Brewing

Twelve String Brewing

V Twin Brewing

Varietal Beer Company

Waddell’s Brewpub & Grille

Wandering Hop Brewing

Water Buffalo Brewery

Wenatchee Valley Brewing

Whipsaw Brewing

White Bluffs Brewing

Whitstran Brewing

Yakima Craft Brewing Co.



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