The beer lineup for this weekend’s Winter Beer Festival


UPDATE: Yes, they will have the PAC-12 Championship game on at the festival on Friday night. Walk-up tickets for all three session will be available, but buying tickets in advance will get you in the door faster.

The 12th Annual Winter Beer Festival happens this weekend in Seattle — Friday, December 2nd and Saturday, December 3. The Washington Brewers Guild annual holiday tasting event will feature 50 local breweries, each bringing three or more unique beers. In terms of the number of breweries and beers, this will be Washington’s largest Winter Beer Festival ever.

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday, Nov. 29) we are giving away tickets. See our previous post.





















Below, we share the list of breweries and beers.

Friday, December 2nd
5:00 pm to 9:00 pm








Saturday, December 3rd
1st Session: Noon-4pm
2nd Session: 5:30pm-9:30pm

Hangar 30
Warren G. Magnuson Park
7400 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115


Advance tickets available now at
$30 advance/$35 at the door. This event has sold out the last three years so buy now!

Admission includes a tasting glass and eight 5oz beer tastes.
Additional tokens are available for $2 each or three tokens for $5.
Designated driver admission is $5 and available at the door only.
This is a 21+ only event.

2016 Winter Beer Festival
Beer List

Anacortes Brewery – Anacortes

1) Highway to Helles

A tribute to the spur of the North Cascades Highway that runs through Anacortes. “Helles” is German for something light, bright or blonde. Our Helles Lager is brewed in the traditional style, light bodied and delicately hopped with German noble varieties. 4.8% ABV / 18 IBU

2) Klosterbier

Smooth, dark lager originally brewed at the Anacortes Brewery under the guidance of the visiting brew master of The Kalt Loch Brewery in Bavaria. Inspired by a dark lager brewed for the Engelberg Monastery. Delicately hopped with Perle hops, this beer has become a local favorite. 5.3% ABV / 35 IBU

3) Noel Winter Ale

Brewed to celebrate the holiday season, this winter warmer uses various aromatic specialty malts and has a prominent hop character from mild American Noble varieties. 7% ABV / 45 IBU

4) Bourbon Barrel Broadsword

Black Patent, Caramel, Chocolate, Munich & Peat smoked malts produce dark color, malty flavor and subtle smokiness in this robust Scottish Ale. Perle. Aged for several months in a bourbon barrel. 8.3% ABV / 35 IBU

Bainbridge Brewing – Bainbridge Island

1) Wing Point Winter Ale

As the days get darker and the rains move in, it’s time for a beer best drunk with friends in the comfort of a warm pub.  Wing Point Winter Ale is our version of a Northwest Winter Warmer, full-bodied with a malt complexity showing caramel, toffee, dried fruit and chocolate, with a hint of hopiness to remind you of the swaying fir trees outside. 7% ABV / 40 IBU

2) Bainbridge Chocolate Baltic Porter

This Northwest version of a big Baltic-style porter is dark, malty, and chocolaty, with hints of raisin and plum. We use our hybrid Kolsch ale strain and ferment it cool to add a clean smoothness.  Then we finish it on lots of cacao nibs for a big chocolaty finish. 9% ABV / 30 IBU

3) Barrel-Aged Old Toe Jam Barleywine

Located on the south end of our hilly isle, there are many theories as to how Toe Jam Hill got its name. Unsurprisingly, many of these stories involve a bit of alcohol.  Old Toe Jam Barleywine has been barrel-aged for over two years resulting in intense malt, caramel, and chocolate notes and enough hops to back it up, plus warming alcohol in the background and a hint of blackberry honey. 9.9% ABV / 80 IBU

4) Windfall Grapefruit IPA

In the winter of 2015 our little island was struck by a furious windstorm, which knocked out our chiller while a tank of IPA was freshly fermenting.  We couldn’t release it as the original beer, but it tasted great.  So we hit the beer with Pink Grapefruit and figured we’d save the batch by releasing it as a special one-off in our taproom.  But some escaped.  Then a lot of people started asking for it.  Now it’s our best selling beer.  Life’s weird like that. 6% ABV / 60 IBU


Bale Breaker Brewing – Yakima

1) Bottomcutter Imperial IPA

Double dry-hopped with homegrown Yakima hops, Bottomcutter IIPA may be light in color but is packed with citrus and pine hop character. This Imperial IPA is brewed to finish dry, perfect for the combination of Citra®, Simcoe®, and Equinox™ hops. As the bottomcutter is a tractor that leads the topcutter through the fields during harvest, this beer will lead to a new appreciation for our valley’s hops. 8.2% ABV / 100 IBU

2) High Camp Imperial Rye IPA

Named for the ski lodge atop our local White Pass Ski Resort, High Camp takes Bale Breaker’s signature hop-forward style to a darker side with the addition of rye and chocolate malts.  Dry-hopped with Centennial and Mosaic™, this Imperial Rye IPA bursts with pine and grapefruit aroma. 7.3% ABV / 80 IBU

3) Dormancy Breakfast Stout

Who says Bale Breaker only does hoppy?  Boasting notes of freshly-brewed espresso and rich chocolate, Dormancy Breakfast Stout was conditioned on locally-roasted coffee beans from Yakima’s Lincoln Avenue Coffee Co.  As winter settles in to the Pacific Northwest and the hop fields surrounding our brewery lay dormant, this beer was crafted to remind us that good things can still happen in the off-season for hops. 7% ABV / 55 IBU


Beardslee Public House – Bothell

1) Timber Demon Triple IPA

A beast of an Imperial IPA with lingering bitterness and abundant hop aroma that takes your pallet over the edge of hop sensibility. Triple IPA’s are a more recent trend with American craft brewers pushing the envelope to satisfy the “hop heads” with an intense product. Our Triple IPA features Columbus, Centennial, Cascade and Simcoe hops. 8.9% ABV / 84 IBU

2) Timburrrrr Winter Ale

This year we decided to pursue an imperial brown ale style for our winter warmer. Using several different amber malts, along with Madagascar vanilla beans, we were striving for a creamy, caramely, desert in a glass. Contains lactose milk sugar. 7.9% ABV / 24 IBU

3) Monka Coffee Ale

A pale and creamy easy drinking cup of coffee is what you’ll find with this beer.  Featuring organic beans from Victor’s Celtic Coffee in Redmond WA, we cold brewed and infused the coffee into a very pale pilsner malt blonde ale. Contains lactose milk sugar. 5.3% ABV / 20 IBU


Big Al Brewing – Seattle

1) Winter Warmer

A dark Strong Ale with deep toffee and milk chocolate malt flavors, firm bitterness and a kick that will put the Happy in your holidays.

2) Nut Warmer

Peanut Butter Dark Ale.

3) Time Capsule- May 2014

Barrel Aged Sour Ale.


Black Raven Brewing – Redmond

1) Festivus Holiday Ale

The Festivus is our annual holiday beer. Brewed in the holiday spirit with cranberries, various citrus peel fruit and a brewer’s secret blend of spices. 7.3% ABV

2) Grandfather Raven Imperial Stout

This seasonal release is full flavored with rich dark caramel, unsweetened chocolate, and hints of coffee aromas and flavors. 9.5% ABV

3) Bourbon Mixed Nut Pie

Bourbon Barrel aged caramel ale with walnuts, pecans, almonds, mace blades, cinnamon, vanilla and toasted turbinado sugar. Wow! 8.5% ABV

4) Nothing But Flowers SIPA

A bouquet of hop aroma blasting you in the face. Hop influenced flavors of peach, nectarine, and grapefruit backed up with a clean, dry bitterness. 4.8% ABV


Chainline Brewing – Kirkland

1) De-Railer Double IPA (Friday & Saturday Session 2)

Big Citrus is the name of the game, thanks to massive amounts of Simcoe, Mosaic and Amarillo hops. 9% ABV

2) Night Ride Imperial Stout (Friday only)

Silky smooth and full-bodied with a warming alcohol finish. 9% ABV

3) Polaris Pilsner (Saturday, Session 1)

Classic Bohemian Pilsner. Malty sweet body and noble hop aroma. 2016 Great American Beer Festival Silver medal winner. 5.2% ABV

4) Cask Double IPA (Saturday, Session 1)

Cask variant of our De-Railer IPA. Infusions TBD. 9% ABV

5) Coffee Night Ride (Saturday, Session 2)

Night Ride Imperial stout with Herkimer cold-brew coffee. 8.7% ABV


Cloudburst Brewing – Seattle

1) The Body

The Bread of Heaven.

2) The Blood

The Cup of Life.

3) The Machine

Here’s Your Future.


Counterbalance Brewing – Seattle

1) Kushetka Russian Imperial Stout

Grains: Pale, Munich, Flaked Barley, Black Patent, Roasted Barley, Chocolate; Hops: Columbus, Willamette. A big, bold beer with lots of roasted malts and just the right hop balance. A pleasure for your tongue. It’s been said that writing about music is like dancing about architecture. This beer is the music. 8.9% ABV / 65 IBU

2) Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Grains: Pilsner malt; Hops: Hallertauer, Saaz. Complex, fruity, and earthy with a mild hop character and perceptible alcohol kick. 8% ABV / 32 IBU

3) Samsparilla Stout

Grains: 2-Row Pale, Roasted Barley, Black Patent, Caramel; Hops: Willamette. Export Stout brewed with Indian sarsaparilla and fresh vanilla beans for a rich root-beer stout profile. 7.4% ABV / 42 IBU

4) Tabletop Supernova IPA

Grains: 2-Row Pale, Caramel; Hops: Columbus, Chinook, Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe. A golden, honey malt profile blasted by a ton of hops. Flavors of stone fruit, Meyer lemon, and spruce punch through the classic northwest c-hop character. 7.7% ABV / 90 IBU


Crucible Brewing – Everett

1) Putin Out Russian Imperial Stout

Dark Chocolaty, strong toasty malt,  Light hops. 8.5% ABV / 90 IBU

2) Bourbon Barrel Hammer Forged Stout

Aged in Woodinville Whiskey barrels. Coffee character and  chocolate. Oak and bourbon note. 7.5% ABV / 50 IBU

3) Wootz IPA

Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo hops. Strong citrusy character with a note of pine. Amber colored and cloudy. 6.9% ABV / 72 IBU

4) Rainbow in the Dark CDA

Dark but light bodied. Has a light spicy character from Rye. Dank grapefruity character from the hops. 4.7% ABV / 50 IBU

5) Blood Orange Smith and Weizen

A Bavarian Style Hef, with banana and clove character, but we added blood orange. 4.8% ABV / 14 IBU


Diamond Knot Craft Brewing – Mukilteo

1) Nitro Honey Cream Ale

This light and sessionable ale is given a silkier body in this nitro version. Brewed with honey to impart a hint of sweetness and domestic noble hops for minimal bittering. 4.6% ABV / 7 IBU

2) Nitro Industrial HO!HO!

Winter warmer on a creamer faucet. Malty and sweet, balanced lasting hop finish and smooth body. 8.5% ABV / 60 IBU

3) India Pale Ale

Columbus hops impart grapefruit, pine and a hint of cedar with a balanced malt back. 6.2% ABV / 69 IBU

4) Icebreaker Barleywine

A traditional English-style barleywine brewed with 100% Maris Otter. Sweet, rich and warming with notes of toffee. 9.6% ABV

Dicks Brewing – Centralia

1) Chocolate Cherry Stout

British style stout heavy dark malts and  dose of dark chocolate. After fermentation more chocolate and two separate additions of cherries are added. Tart cherry finish. 6.5% ABV / 18 IBU

2) Reckon IRA (India Red Ale)

Focusing heavily on Caramel malts. Malty and slightly sweet finish to give way to a citrus hoppy finish.  Hopped exclusively with Cascade hops. 6% ABV / 65 IBU

3) Dick Danger Ale: English Style Dark Ale

A large percentage of black malt gives this distinctive ale its dark brown/black color and slightly roasted flavor. The Magnum hops provide bitterness and late additions of Mt. Hood hops lend good flavor and aroma in the finish. 5.2% ABV / 45 IBU


Elliott Bay Brewing – Burien

1) Chai-Hopped Noäle

Our annual garnet-colored Winter Ale infused with enticing flavors and aromas evocative of the season. 8.0% ABV

2) Holiday Bourbon Barrel Blend

A blend of Barley Wine and Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels. Big cocoa and roasted coffee notes.

3) Little Red Xmas Devils

A delightful sour Red Ale from the oak cellars of our brewery in Burien.


Elysian Brewing – Seattle

1) Downtown Boozy Brown

5 Gallons of Molasses & 50lbs of Brown Sugar, 2 row, c-77, victory, chocolate malt and white wheat. Cascade, Citra, Simcoe and Centennial. 8.8% ABV / 40 IBU

2) Wide-Eye Coffee Barleywine

Brewed with 10 Gallons of Cold Brew coffee concentrate from Olympia Coffee. 10.2% ABV / 82 IBU

3) Yuzu Belgian-Style Golden Ale

Yuzu is made with 100% pale malt, Turbinado sugar and Belgian Golden ale yeast. Bittered with Magnum and finished with Styrian Goldings hops. Lemon peel is added at the end of the boil, and yuzu juice is added both pre- and post-fermentation. 4.5% ABV

4) The Fix

Stumptown coffee and aged on cocoa nibs sourced by Theo Chocolate, this stout is complex.  8.9% ABV

5) Bifröst Winter Ale

Brewed with pale malt and small amounts of Munich and Crystal malts. Bittered with Magnum and finished with Chinook and Styrian Goldings hops. 7.6% ABV

6) Bourbon Barrel-Aged Bifröst

Bifröst Winter Ale aged in Heaven Hills barrels.

7) Elk Frost

Maris Otter pale, Crystal 77, Crystal 45, Black, and Cara Red malts. Magnum, Amarillo and Styrian Goldings. 8.1% ABV

8) Secret Brewers Tap


Fish Brewing – Olympia

1) Winterfish Imperial IPA

Winter seasonal, 100% Chinook hops.

2) Bakke Hill Black Lager

Chocolatey, coffee flavor with a hint of vanilla.

3) Old Woody Old Stock Ale

Old Woody presents a strong warming alcoholic mouth feel, with subtle dates, raisin and Pete smoke. Aged in new American Oak has imparted a wonderful vanillin flavor.


Floating Bridge Brewing – Seattle

1) Hat Head Winter Warmer

A hoppy, malty porter brewed with 8 different malts and infused with chili peppers, spices and cocoa nibs. 7.1% ABV / 44 IBU

2) Tweed Cap Scottish Ale

Scottish style ale brewed traditionally and simply with Golden Promise and Roast Barley.  Scotch-brown in color with characteristic residual sweetness. 7.7% ABV / 30 IBU

3) Imperial Red Ale

Brewed with cherrywood smoked malt and flaked oats. Dry-hopped with Simcoe, Amarillo and Chinook. 8% ABV / 59 IBU


Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery – Seattle

1) Patch Kit

Nitro Session Pumpkin Ale brewed with real pumpkin and the classic spices and poured on nitrogen. 3.5% ABV / 20 IBU

2) Snow Shield Winter Ale

Dark crystal malts, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves. 6.4% ABV / 45 IBU

3) White Christmas

White IPA Brewed with lots of wheat and weird and wonderful Hallertau Blanc hops- spicy, grapey, earthy, tropical, etc. 6.6% ABV / 70 IBU


Fremont Brewing – Seattle

1)”Mexican Hot Chocolate” Bonfire Ale:

Dark barley and gentle hops. Infusion incorporates cinnamon, Theo cocao nibs, and vanilla.  6.0% ABV / IBU 40

2) Winter Ale

Roast chocolate and warm malt flavors balanced by Noble hop aroma and subtle hoppy spice. Warm up to it.  8.0% ABV / 50 IBU

3) Beta IPA: A new IPA recipe. This version features Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic hops as well as dash of Mosaic lupulin powder! 7.0% ABV / 80 IBU

4) Porter: 5.3% ABV

5) Golden Ale: 7.6% ABV

6) Brett IPA: 7.0% ABV

7) B-Bomb: Aged in 12 and 15 year-old American Oak whiskey barrels and is a blend of 24 and 12-month old barrel strength Abominable Ale. BBomb achieves distinct bourbon, oak, cacao, leather, and dark coffee notes from its extended barrel aging and barrel blending. 14.0% ABV / 65 IBU

8) Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb

Adds cold brew coffee and cinnamon bark to complement the bourbon, oak, cacao, and leather notes. 14.0% ABV / 65 IBU

9) Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star: Blend of 18, 12, and 8-month bourbon barrel-aged Dark Star in 12-year old barrels. Roasted and chocolate malts complement the oats. 14.5% ABV / 50 IBU


Geaux Brewing – Bellevue

1) Bayou

Belgian strong dark ale aged with toasted pecans.

2) Vanilla Mint Chai Satchmo

Oatmeal stout infused with vanilla mint chai tea.

3) Tremé

Flagship IPA brewed with 6 different hops.

4) Campfire

Mesquite-smoked porter with Carolina reaper chili peppers. 7% ABV


Georgetown Brewing – Seattle

1) Heaven Hills Bourbon Barrel Aged Elderfrost

Dark ruby in color, this is a medium-bodied, malty ale that pairs well with the cold weather. Floral and slightly spicy aromas are complemented by caramel, burnt sugar, toffee, and dark fruit flavors. Extended barrel aging deepens the dark fruit notes, and adds vanilla and bourbon flavors to the mix. 9.9% ABV

2) Gusto Crema

Building on Gusto Crema blend, a medium roasted bean from our friends at Caffé Umbria, we made a smooth, rich cream ale. This beer has roasted flavor, aroma, and color from cold brew coffee. Smooth, rich mouthfeel comes from oats and Munich malt. 4.9% ABV


Ghostfish Brewing – Seattle

1) Peak Buster Double IPA

Unmistakably ambitious, this bold and challenging beer is bursting with intriguing tropical fruit and evergreen aromas from the Centennial, Equinox and Azacca hops. It’s deceptively drinkable for its high IBU’s and ABV. 9.5% ABV / 130 IBU

2) Chocolate Mint Stout

Brewed with a large portion of roasted buckwheat and chocolate millet malt, this beer has a sweet and decadent flavor.  An addition of peppermint gives it a wintry kick that’s perfect for the holiday season. 6.5% ABV / 30 IBU

3) Winter Coat Coffee Porter

A sweet chocolatey porter “dry-beaned” with Tony’s Coffee Ganesha Espresso. 5.3% ABV / 22 IBU


Hales Ales – Seattle

1) Barrel Aged Imperial Nut Brown

Hale’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Nut Brown Ale

2) Barrel Aged Imperial Nut Brown Spiced with Chocolate

The same Barrel Aged Imperial Nut Brown but spiced with chocolate

3) Barrel Aged Imperial Nut Brown Spiced with Vanilla & Coconut

The very same Barrel Aged Imperial Nut Brown Ale but spiced with vanilla and coconut.


Hellbent Brewing – Seattle

1) Winter Ale

2) Mossback Monk Belgian Style Tripel

This effervescent brew has notes of stone fruits and spice, with a sweet, candy-like finish. Its golden hue is even more lustrous because it’s unfiltered. Brewed with traditional Belgian yeast, pale malt and some sugar. 9.5% ABV / 19 IBU

3) DANG! Citra IPA

Packed with hop aroma, this IPA will smack your face with hoppiness. A mellow malt flavor sits quietly in the background and provides 6.6% ABV, yet the hops shine through. Citrus with a slightly peppery pine hop aroma.  Unfiltered and unfined, cloudy and full-flavored. 6.6% ABV / 60 IBU


Hi-Fi Brewing – Redmond

1) Woofer Porter

Hints of caramel and a roasty character accent a smooth, approachable flavor that proves dark beers can be enjoyed by all. 6% ABV

2) Peppermint Woofer Porter

Our Woofer Porter, infused with peppermint for a true holiday treat. 6% ABV

3) Gingerbread Boy

Winter ale inspired by one of our favorite holiday foods: gingerbread! It features a little bit of ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon in the aroma and initial flavor–followed by a nice dry, roasty, chocolaty finish. 5.9% ABV


Icicle Brewing – Leavenworth

1) Dark Persuasion German Chocolate Cake Ale

Delicate dark chocolate with a whisper of coconut. You can finally have German Chocolate Cake and drink it too. Full of flavor and desire. 6.5% ABV / 22 IBU

2) Crosscut Pilsner

Pilsner-Style Lager. This beer is complex in its subtleties. From a clean malty profile to a moderate Noble-hop flavor and aroma, Combines local ingredients and inspiration. 5% ABV / 28 IBU


Lantern Brewing – Seattle

1) Sombre Quad 2016 (All sessions)

Abbey style Quadrupel: within its dark, complex bouquet you may find hints of wood, spice, dried fruit, and fine leather. 11.2% ABV

2) Cranberry Witbier (All sessions)

Belgian style Wheat ale with Cranberries. It is crisp, lightly fruity, and barely tart. 4.5% ABV

3) Montfort Tart Cherry Stout (Friday only)

Anglo-Belgian hybrid stout with Washington Tart Cherries: full of flavor, it might bring to mind cherry pie with chocolate crust, without being too heavy.  5.4% abv.

4) BA Bonneville Wet Hop Cascade (Friday only)

Belgian style Double Pale Ale, Barrel Aged on Fresh Cascade Hops: our flavorful and hoppy Bonneville, cast into a barrel piled high with fresh, wet Cascade hops. 7.6% abv, 75+ IBU

5) Pumpkin Dubbel (Saturday only)

Abbey style Dubbel with Pumpkin: brewed honestly, with Washington-grown field-ripened pumpkins and winter squashes and NO SPICE!  6.0% abv

6) Sombre 2015 (Saturday, Session 1)

Abbey style Quadrupel: we tucked away a bit of Sombre from last year, allowing it  to develop flavor and aroma. 10.4% ABV

7) BA Bonneville Simcoe (Saturday, Session 2)

Belgian style Double Pale Ale, Barrel Aged on Simcoe Hops. Sent to barrel with Simcoe hops for 1 month. 7.6% abv, 75+ IBU.


Lucky Envelope Brewing – Seattle

1) ENIAC Mosaic IPA

Our flagship award-winning IPA. ENIAC screams Mosaic hops with a restrained malt profile and notes of juicy tropical fruit and resinous pine. 7.1% ABV / 68 IBU

2) Peanut Butter Porter

Our robust porter infused with real peanut butter for a rich, peanutty, chocolatey treat. 8.3% ABV / 62 IBU


Mac & Jacks Brewing – Redmond

1) Cascadian Dark Ale

Hop forward dark ale.

2) Grapefruit IPA

Citrusy and aromatic IPA infused with Organic grapefruit zest.


McMenamins Breweries – Bothell

1) Kris Kringle Traditional Yuletide Ale (Anderson School)

A hearty and robust ale with a big and bold malt complexity, as well as an intense and flavorful hop profile. Hints of ginger and cinnamon. 6.84% ABV / 79 IBU

2) Holiday Hearth Double IPA (Queen Anne Brewery)

Hopped with Simcoe, Meridian and Horizon Hops. Dry hopped with Meridian and Falconer’s Flight. Tastes of berries with subtle hints of citrus and tropical fruits. 8.64% ABV / 90 IBU

3) Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins (Anderson School Brewery)

With a Brown Ale base, this brew is loaded full of Toasted, Dark and Caramel Malts to provide a very rich mahogany color and big, bold toffee and caramel flavors with just a hint of hazelnut. Full-bodied taste. 7.8% ABV / 40 IBU


Naked City Brewing – Seattle

1) Big Lebrewski

White Russian Imperial Stout. 9% ABV

2) Bing

Spiced Cherry Winter ale.

3) Orange Blossom Special IPA

Northwest IPA with Citra and Falconer’s Flight.


No-Li Brewhouse – Spokane

1) Mint Choco Chip Rise & Grind

Cool minty-freshness melds with rich chocolaty-goodness to assemble this drinkable dessert beer. 6.1% ABV / 22 IBU

2) Ginger Slacker

Slacker Brass Ale with a Ginger addition 6.1% ABV

3) Chocolate Coconut Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball infused with Coconut. 9.5% ABV


Old Stove Brewing – Seattle

1) Max Capacity

Bourbon Barrel Aged Wee Heavy Scotch Ale 8.4% ABV / 25 IBU

2) The Two-Pronged Crown – IPA

A big NW IPA exudes bright tangerine, grassy pine, and complex earthy notes from our abundant additions of dank Mosaic hops. 7.1% ABV / 74 IBU


Optimism Brewing – Seattle

1) Ale X

A strong, sipping beer with heavy notes of dark caramel and toffee. Balanced, with a long-lasting finish. 9.3% ABV

2) Cheer

Our holiday ale is red and tastes of winter spices. It is deserving of all the “cheers” you will make with friends and family this season. 5.5% ABV

3) …Before the Dawn

Made without coffee or chocolate, this big, rich and complex beer that you can still have several of. The kind to be enjoyed in the wee hours, when it’s always darkest, but gets you thinking about what’s ahead. 7.7% ABV


Orlison Brewing – Seattle

1) Snowplough Imperial Chocolate Stout

Fermented with Dominican cocoa nibs, and brewed with a healthy dose of chocolate malt. 8.5% ABV

2) Clementine Belgian Lite

A lighter-style Belgian beer brewed with pale malts and noble hops–lagered at lower temperatures than is typical for Belgian ales. Marzipan, and subtle clove and banana flavors. 4.4% ABV


Pike Brewing – Seattle

1) Pike Entire

2015 vintage imperial stout aged in Woodinville Whiskey barrels. 9.9% ABV / 85 IBU

2) Pike Auld Acquaintance

Three different Yakima Valley hops, curacao, orange peel, coriander, cassia bark, nutmeg. 8.3% ABV / 28 IBU

3) Pike Space Needle

Assertive hop character and floral notes. 6.5% ABV / 58 IBU

4) Pike Place Ale

Citrus Yakima Valley hops and Skagit Valley malt. 5% ABV / 32 IBU

5) Pike Gingerbread 5X Stout

5X Stout infused with gingerbread cookies. 7% ABV / 65 IBU


Postdoc Brewing – Redmond

1) Cram Session Eggnog Latte

Is there anything more festive than Eggnog? Brown sugar, nutmeg and vanilla combine with Cram Session Coffee Porter to create a heartwarming winter treat. 5.2% ABV / 28 IBU

2) Brett Barrel Saison with Candied Oranges

Our Saison de Postdoc aged in neutral oak barrels, inoculated with our house Brettanomyces culture, and conditioned atop house-made candied oranges. 5.9% ABV / 14 IBU

3) Dissertation Double IPA

Galaxy, Mosaic, Citra, and Simcoe. Vibrant gold with generous aromas of juicy passionfruit, ripe mango, earthy pine, and bright citrus. 9.0% ABV / 88 IBU

4) Wheat Wine 101

This strong ale, brewed with a generous proportion of wheat, boasts sweet, bready, honey-like flavors, a satisfyingly rich mouthfeel, and respectable alcohol content. 9.0% ABV / 40 IBU


Rainy Daze Brewing – Poulsbo

1) Wrapper’s Delight

Based on an English Winter Warmer. Maris Otter, Munich and Crystal Malts. Northern Brewer and EKG Hops balance out this beer. 8.1% ABV / 40 IBU

2) Winter Daze

Our Winter version of a German Alt beer. Caramel and toffee notes with a pleasant Nobel Hop finish.

7% ABV / 35 IBU

3) Stu’s Oatmeal Stout

2 versions will be rotated both days. Lots of Dark Cocoa, and coffee notes from this Stout.

We will be loading to 1/4bbl’s with different winter delights just for this event.  6.7% ABV / 30 IBU

4) Hypocrite Double IPA

Lots of Tropical Fruit notes in this Double IPA. Citra, Centennial, Cascade and Galaxy Hops. 9.5% ABV / 100+ IBU


RAM Brewery – Seattle

1) Mallwalker

Awesome strong winter beer

2) Winter Rye

Another awesome winter beer

3) How the Grinch Stole Christmas

All the Whos down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot.


Redhook Brewery – Woodinville

1) Winterhook – Dark Ale

This year’s recipe includes the addition of flaked oats a healthy dose of Munich malt providing a great mouthfeel and backbone that also support the addition of lots of Simcoe, Centennial and Chinook hops. 6% ABV / 50 BU

2) Dark Spiral – Oaked Spiral Aged Stout

Chocolate and caramel notes are balanced with oak and vanilla that finishes with a touch of roast malt. 8.4% ABV / 50 BU

3) Hop and Joe IPA– Coffee IPA

This single hop IPA is hopped with Idaho#7 hops and conditioned with whole single origin coffee .The stonefruit character of the Idaho#7 melds perfectly with black cherry notes of a unique single origin coffee. 6.1% ABV / 45 BU


Rooftop Brewing – Seattle

1) Rooftop 2016 Holiday Ale

Brewed with Ginger, Honey and Cinnamon, our spiced Holiday Ale is full of flavors of the season – but at 6% ABV, you don’t have to drink just 1! 6% ABV

2) Russian Imperial Stout

Rich, complex and velvety smooth. Boozy without being overpowering, chocolate and roasted malts.  8.6% ABV / 40 IBU


Schooner Exact Brewing – Seattle

1) Schwarzbier

The dark lager greets with fruity notes on the nose, followed by  lightly roasted malt flavors in the mouth. 5% ABV / 23 IBU

2) Evergreen IPA

Created using Washington grown barley and hops. Multiple additions of Simcoe and Amarillo hops. 6% ABV / 60 IBU

3) Mountain Boomer Winter Ale

A rich, malty beer with an assertive but balanced hop character. Hints of chocolate and dark fruits greet you on the nose. Roasted malt undertone. Finish with earthy hop finish. 7.5% ABV / 52 IBU

4) Woodsman

A rich, oak-aged beer with a light hop note and strong malt character. Aroma results from the seamless blend of vanilla, caramel, brandied cherry and Yakima Valley hops. Flavors of caramel and oak offset by the finish of barrel-aged alcohol. 8% ABV / 52 IBU

5) Whiskey Dick Cantwell Pumpkin Beer

In honor of the great pumpkin beer master, Mr. Cantwell. Barrel aged soaking up whiskey flavor and aroma. 10% ABV / 30 IBU

6) Twig & Berries Mistletoe Sour

Our kettle sour with a holiday twist. 3.2% ABV / 10 IBU

7) Schoon Lyte

Pilsner malt with just enough Hallertau hops to balance with bitterness. Bohemian lager yeast gives this beer the crisp, clean finish indicative of the style. 5.3% ABV / 25 IBU


Silver City Brewery – Bremerton

1) Old Scrooge Christmas Ale

Intriguing notes of apple, cherry and apricot abound from the long boil time, cool fermentation and extended aging of this dark, malty ale. Celebrate this year’s release & save some for next, as this beer matures wonderfully when cellared. 8.5% ABV

2) Wonderland Winter Lager

Frightful weather is no match for Wonderland. A blend of five different malts lend a deep rich color & mild roast character refined by five weeks of lagering at near freezing temperature. 7% ABV

3) Nutcracker Belgian Spiced Brown Ale

A festive beer, Nutcracker rings in the Holiday Season with a medley of dark roasted malt, fruit and spice. Some hints of fruit (plum, cherry, peach) come from a wonderful and distinctive Belgian yeast strain. Additionally, ginger, orange and tangerine peel was added to spice things up. We hope you will toast the Holidays with this seasonal creation from those “nutty” brewers at Silver City. 9% ABV

4) Bourbon Barrel Old Scrooge Christmas Ale

5) Super Special Nutcracker Supreme

Aged on dates, figs, and cherries!


Slaughter County Brewing – Port Orchard

1) Jul Fruktsoppa

Old stock ale with apples, apricots, peaches, orange juice and ginger. Beer in the theme of Norwegian fruit soup. 7% ABV

2) Brewers Choice



Snoqualmie Falls Brewing – Snoqualmie

1) Plant 1 Powerhouse Strong IPA

Powerhouse’s Munich, Carapils, Aromatic, two-row and Crystal malts build a wonderful complexity, while over a pound per keg of the Columbus and Cascade hops provide a wonderful bitterness. 7.5% ABV / 85 IBU

2) Avalanche Winter Ale

Avalanche is designed to take the chill off our stormy Northwest winters. Complex dark malt flavors and moderate hopping create a warming ale. 6.8% ABV / 48 IBU


Sound Brewery – Poulsbo

1) Bourbon Noel

Our award winning Pale Quadrupel aged in Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrels. 11.8% ABV

2) Cave Bear

Washington Beer Award winning Belgian Imperial Stout aged with Vanilla beans and 3 kinds of chilies.

3) Maccallan Barrel Scoundrel

Old Scoundrel Barleywine aged in Macallan Scotch Whiskey Barrels.


Standard Brewing – Seattle

1) West Coast IPA

Tropical and fruity, soft bitterness, juicy and medium light bodied. A celebration of our regional agriculture. 7.2% ABV

2) Black Days Imperial Stout

Rich, caramel, toffee and roast. A warm blanket by a fire under hunting trophies. 12.5% ABV

3) Cranberry Sour

Our Menomena Red Sour refermented on cranberry puree. Bright and fruity sour with firm tannins to balance. 5% ABV


Stoup Brewing – Seattle

1) Galaxy Hop Burst IPA

We wanted this beer to literally burst with aroma, so we added a LOT of Galaxy, Mosaic, and Equinox hops late in the whirlpool for ultimate hop burst results. Dry hopping with Galaxy pushes this beer to its aromatic limits … passion fruit, citrus & a bit of pine in the aroma followed by a clean bitterness in the finish.

7.1% ABV / 70 IBU

2) Cashed Out Black IPA

Like the Man in Black himself, this IPA is cloaked in darkness, but full of hidden creative surprises. Citrus, pine and tropical fruit aromas are supported by a bitterness that’s bracing, but well balanced by the malt profile. We “Cash”ed this IPA out for your full sensory pleasure. 7.3% ABV / 58 IBU

Rotating Tap

3) Rye Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

A big, bold, roasty stout brewed with generous amounts of English crystal malt and roasted barley. Aggressively hopped yet balanced with malt sweetness and a full-bodied mouthfeel. Extended aging in rye whiskey barrels smooths out the rough edges and contributes notes of wood, whiskey and vanilla. 9.5% ABV / 95 IBU

4) Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.2% IBU: 90 SRM Dark as the darkest night

We journey back to 18th Century Russia with this big, bold, roasty stout. Brewed with copious amounts of English crystal malt and roasted barley, hopped to a scorching 90 IBUs and then conditioned long enough to round out the edges. 9.2% ABV / 90 IBU


Two Beers Brewing – Seattle

1) Tipsy Toboggan

Dark and toasty, this warming winter ale offers notes of chocolate, date, plum, and orange with a dash of hops. The deep dark color and full flavored finish pair perfectly with winter nights, outdoor adventures, and holiday celebrations. 6.8% ABV

2) Overhang Imperial Porter

Ushering in the cooler days of autumn, Overhang is aged in bourbon barrels for six months with cocoa, cinnamon and a touch of cloves. The result is a roasted caramel and molasses nose with a rich brown head. 12% ABV

3) Oaked Maple Cider

Fermented with toasted oak chips, this semi-sweet cider is back-sweetened with pure Vermont maple syrup. Offering notes of vanilla and oak with a hint of maple, this unique cider is the perfect accompaniment to chilly winter weather. 6.9% ABV


Wet Coast Brewing – Gig Harbor

1) Holiday Jeer! Winter Specialty Ale

Gingerbread in a pint glass; Holiday Jeer! throws caution to the wind. This ale is loaded with molasses and fresh grated ginger to create a beer brimming with notes of dark sugar and spice! 7% ABV / 15 IBU

2) Scofflaw CDA

As it’s name implies, Scofflaw CDA takes pleasure in defying styles. Columbus, Cascade and Chinook hops provide a hit of citrus and smooth bitterness. While dark wheat malt gives the beer it’s black color and just a hint of roast character. The beer leaves your palate slightly dry, accentuating it’s hop character. IPA? Black Ale? Black IPA? This is the Wet Coast, it’s Cascadian Dark Ale! 7% ABV / 73 IBU

3) Chinook Common

California Common; A style that is far less common than it’s name implies, our version of this classic pre-prohibition lager calls on Chinook hops to impart a pleasant bitterness and spicy/slightly-fruity punch of aroma and flavor. A Caramel Malt driven grain bill adds to the experience, making this one harmonious beer! 5.7% ABV / 40 IBU

4) Two Flights Up Imperial IPA

Imperial India Pale Ale; Don’t let it’s light color fool you, this Imperial IPA is full of character. Citrus flavors and aromas shine bright as an assertive bitterness grabs hold of your palate. The beer finishes slightly dry with a mild alcohol warmth. 8.2% ABV / 92 IBU


Wingman Brewers – Tacoma

1) Stratofortress

Belgian Style Quad Aged on Rum Soaked Cedar Planks. 11.2% ABV

2) Noel

Belgian Style Holiday Beer. 10% ABV

3) Dark Waters Imperial Stout

Stout brewed with cocoa nibs, chili peppers, cinnamon and coffee.

192 Brewing – Kenmore

1) Rum Barrel Aged Shticky Shtrong Blonde

A VERY strong version of our flagship Shticky Blonde, with extra wild honey, and extra time to relax in an old Jamaican Rum barrel. 10.5% ABV

2) Fireside Defroster, Drunken Cherry Stout

Rum soaked cherries, dunked in our ‘Nilla Extra Stout, rested in a Jamaican Oak Rum Barrel. 7% ABV


7 Seas Brewing – Gig Harbor

1) Brewers Choice


2) Brewers Choice