Seattle's Favorite Beer Bar – Round One Results


We are currently running the finals of our Seattle’s Best Beer Bar poll. You can select from the list on the right. For two weeks we ran the preliminary poll (the first round), asking people to vote for their “Favorite Seattle-area beer bar (not brew pub).”
Here is the list of beer bars  from which people were able to choose in round one.  The list includes the % of votes  received by each.
(the finalists)
Beveridge Place 20%
Brouwer’s 17%
Latona 8%
Dog and Pony 6%
Barking Dog 5%
The Dray 5%
Uber Tavern 5%
(the following did not make it into the finals)
Cooper’s Alehouse 4%
Stumbling Monk 4%
Taphouse Seattle 3%
Malt and Vine 3%
Collins Pub 3%
Fiddler’s Inn 2%
Hopvine Pub 2%
Pub at Pipers Creek 2%
Porterhouse West Seattle 2%
Hudson Public House 1%
The Other Results
“Other” received 12% of the votes. Below, I share the “Other” votes just to show you what I’m up against. NONE of the “Other” votes received more than one vote. That is, each of the following received one and only one vote. When looking at the following list, remember two things – we specifically said “beer bar, not brew pub” and we specifically said “Seattle-area.”
Balefire (is in Everett)
Buckley’s on Queen Anne
Wedgewood Alehouse
The new Hooters in Boulevard Park
College Inn Pub
Naked City Taphouse (is now a brew pub)
Kells Irish Pub
Black Raven Brewing (is a brew pub)
Jolly Roger Taproom (is a brew pub)
The Eastside Club (I assume, the bar in Olympia)
The George and Dragon
Glacier Brewing Co (is a brew pub in Polson, MT)
Sundown Saloon
Fred’s Rivertown (Snohomish, WA)
Bend Brewing Company Pub (is a brew pub in Bend, OR)
Red Robin in Overlake
Hilltop Ale House
Falcon Pub in Boise (is in Boise, ID)
The Summit Pub
There were also some nonsense votes that I could not interpret. Some people voted for “Other” and then entered their name, email address, or random obscene comment in the text field.


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