List of beers for South Sound Craft Beer Festival, this Saturday


The Washington Beer Commission has just released the descriptions for the beers that will flow at Saturday’s South Sound Craft Beer Festival. We share that info below The event takes place at the Tacoma Dome Exhibition Hall. More details and ticet info below and on the official website.

Fast Facts:

3rd Annual South Sound Craft Beer Festival

40 Washington breweries pouring over 150 beers.



















November 5, 2016
Noon – 6pm

Tacoma Dome Exhibition Hall
2727 E D St, Tacoma, WA 98418
$20 advance tickets or $25 at the door.












Must be 21 years old or older and have a valid ID to be admitted.

Designated driver admission is $5 and available at the door only.



7 Seas Brewing












1) Ballz Deep Double IPA

A mash tun packed with Pale Ale Malt, medium crystal malt, and cara-pils malt provide a firm, slightly sweet malt flavor while copious amounts of resiny Yakima Valley hops go berserk on bitterness, flavor and aroma. Truly a Big, Bold, and Balanced double IPA. 8.4% ABV / 84 IBU


2) Water Chopper GOSE

Brewed with 35% malted white wheat and German Pilsner malt, Water Chopper Gose is dry, moderately sour, and extremely refreshing. Fermented with Lactobacillus (contributing a tartness) in conjunction with our house ale strain, we’ve also added sea salt, and a pinch of coriander. 4.8% ABV / 7 IBU

3) CDA

Conceived here in the NW, we’re proud to offer this intensely hoppy, black, yet velvety smooth unique ale. Brewed with de-husked black malt, caramel malt, and generously hopped with Columbus, Centennial and Amarillo. Our CDA achieves layers of hop character nicely balanced by a hint of roast and a smooth lingering finish. 7% ABV / 65 IBU

4) Kristal Dunkelweizen

A classic Bavarian style Dark-Wheat beer brewed with imported German malts and fermented with traditional Hefeweizen yeast. Deep amber, chestnut brown in color with a frothy white head, this creamy, lightly hopped ale showcases yeast driven aromas of vanilla, banana, and nutmeg like spices.  Medium bodied with flavors of toasted bread crust, slight chocolate, and malty sweetness. 5% ABV / 15 IBU

5) Winter Ale

7 Seas Winter Ale, brewed with seven different malt varieties, including crystal Rye malt and rich UK caramel malt, for a bold and dynamic maltprofile.  Hopped with NW grown Chinook and Santiam hops for some mild bitterness and moderate floral/fresh cut grass hop notes. Bold and full flavored with a slight alcohol warmth, but very drinkable. 7.7% ABV / 55 IBU

6) Chili Pepper Export Stout

Export Stout (Foreign Export Style), combines six different malt varieties to create intriguing flavors of dark chocolate, espresso, and roasted barley. Nugget and Mt. Hood hops offer a soft floral nose and just enough bitterness to balance the creamy, smooth finish. Dark and ominous in appearance, Port Royal Stout is a great sipping companion for any drizzly Northwest afternoon. This particular batch was aged on a blend of 4 different locally grown peppers including Ghost, Golden Ghost, Trinidad Scorpion, and Caribbean Red. 6.8% ABV / 40 IBU


Backwoods Brewing


1) Roughin’ it Rye IPA

Made with an abundance of rye malt, this robust IPA gives off light pine and citrus notes, and is complimented with an earthy dry spice. This is the perfect companion for the roughest of situations! 6.5% ABV / 60 IBU

2)Pecan Pie Porter

One of our favorites, the Pecan Pie Porter is the perfect way to treat yourself! Made with five different malts, including chocolate and caramel grain, this seasonal porter gives off subtle chocolate notes, complimented with hints of vanilla and pecan. 5.9% ABV, 20 IBU


Badass Backyard Brewing


1) Adrenaline Seeker IPA

7.18% ABV / 70.5 IBU

2) Big Air Black Stout

8% ABV / 52.5 IBU

3) Not Your Average Blonde

5.8% ABV / 21 IBU


Bainbridge Brewing

Bainbridge Island

1) Windfall

Windfall Grapefruit IPA

2) Smash

A pumpkin ale

3) Kömmuter Kölsch

A Kölsch


Bale Breaker Brewing


1) Topcutter IPA

Our flagship IPA is a well-balanced yet aggressive West Coast IPA that showcases Yakima Valley hops at their finest. Late additions of Simcoe®, Citra®, Ahtanum™, and Mosaic™ give this beer its complex citrus, fruity, and floral aroma and flavor. Named for a unique piece of farm equipment that removes hop vines from the trellis during the annual hop harvest, Topcutter IPA delivers loads of hoppiness all year long. 6.8% ABV / 70 IBU

2) Bottomcutter IIPA

Double dry-hopped with homegrown Yakima hops, Bottomcutter IIPA may be light in color but is packed with citrus and pine hop character.  This Imperial IPA is brewed to finish dry, perfect for the combination of Citra®, Simcoe®, and Equinox™ hops.  8.2% ABV / 100 IBU

3) Raging Ditch Dry-Hopped Blonde

Named for the maze of irrigation ditches that flow throughout the Yakima Valley’s rich farmland. While on the lighter side, Bale Breaker’s newest seasonal beer is dry-hopped with two exciting new hop varieties. Equinox™ imparts the bright citrus hop notes, while the still-experimental hop variety, HBC344, provides a touch of tropical fruit character. 5.3% ABV / 20 IBU


Cash Brewing


1) Interception IPA

A traditional northwest IPA. Very hop forward with floral and citrus notes delivering a bitterness that lingers in a palatable way. An extremely well balanced and drinkable IPA. 7.3% ABV / 85 IBU

2) Night Game IBA

An Indian Brown Ale is a head on collision between a hoppy, west coast IPA and a malty brown ale. It’s brewed with 5 varieties of hops and 6 different malts. This is a hybrid style that represents the best of both worlds. 6.3% ABV / 72 IBU

3) Home Run Red

Balances a mixture of toasted grain, nutty roasted flavor and light caramel notes. It’s ruby red in color with a range of floral, citrus and herbal hop characteristics and it finishes with a smooth clean bitterness. 5.3% ABV / 17 IBU

CounterBalance Brewing


1) Counterbalance IPA

Grains: Pale, Crystal, Cara-Pils Hops: Columbus, Falconer’s Flight, Citra. 6.1% ABV / 72 IBU

2) Kushetka Russian Imperial Stout

Grains: Pale, Munich, Flaked Barley, Black Patent, Roasted Barley, Chocolate Hops: Columbus, Willamette. 8.9% ABV / 65 IBU


3) Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Grains: Pilsner malt Hops: Hallertauer, Saaz. 8.5% ABV / 30 IBU

4) Fresh Hop Pale Ale

Grains: Pale, Caramel, Wheat, Munich Hops: Columbus, HBC 366/Ekuanot. 6% ABV / 45 IBU


Diamond Knot Craft Brewing


1) Tugboat

A light, crisp ale brewed from the second runnings of our barleywine. Made with 100% locally sourced malts from Skagit Valley Malting . 4.0% ABV / 17 IBU

2) Industrial Ho!Ho! Winter Ale

This American Strong Ale has maintained a cult-like following for 15 years, and for good reason! Big, hoppy and malty; it’s a giant built for the colder months. 8.5% ABV / 60 IBU

3) Industrial IPA

Full bodied imperial IPA with a lot of depth. Malty with a smooth piney finish. Dangerously drinkable! 7.9% ABV / 80 IBU


Dirty Bucket Brewing


1) Sicyne IPA

Northwest IPA showcasing the aromatic citra hops. This hop forward IPA is unusally dark balancing the hop notes with 5 unique specialty malts. 6.5% ABV / 72 IBU

2) Chocolate Stout

Rich dark chocolate in every batch. Full body roasted flavors balanced with dark rich chocolate. 6% ABV

3) Raspberry Lambic

Using locally souced raspberries, the light crisp tart flavor comes through in every pint. The Raspberry Lambic is a product of our newest brewer Amy Russell. 4.5% ABV

4) Dirty Jack Pumpkin Ale

A well balanced pumpkin ale celebrating the flavors of fall. Made with localy sourced organic pumpkins and fresh spices. 5.5% ABV


Elysian Brewing


1) Avatar Jasmine IPA

Brewed with Pale, 45° Crystal, Munich and Cara-hell malts. Bittered with German Northern Brewer and finished with Glacier and Amarillo hops. Dried jasmine flowers added in the boil and hopback. 6.3% ABV / 43 IBU

2) Breakbeat IPA

Breakbeat drums to the rhythm of Mandarina and Equinox hops in the freshest Manic battle yet. Citrus spins on your palate and slices through the mellow notes of melon and green pepper. This beer’s on track to be an old school favorite. 6.8% ABV

3) Dayglow IPA

This is a beer with the insistent beat of hops, as driving and inevitable as a Full Moon party in Haad Rin.  It drips with tropical, sunshiny Mosaic, and twinkles with touches of Eldorado and Centennial.  A touch of wheat hazes the malt bill a bit around the edges, and the IBUs are stuck in the mid-sixties. 7.2% ABV




4) Space Dust IPA

Great Western premium two-row, combined with c-15 and Dextri-Pils, give this beer a bright and galactic Milky Way hue.  The hopping is pure starglow energy, with Chinook to bitter and late and dry additions of Citra and Amarillo. 8.2% ABV / 73 IBU


Everybody’s Brewing

White Salmon

1) Hoppy AF Double IPA

A finely blended trio of Citra, Galaxy, and Chinook Hops is bursting with dank, juicy, hoppy aromas.  Double dry-hopped for big flavors of citrus, stone fruit, and melon.  This beer is definitely Hoppy AF! 7.4% ABV / 90 IBU

2) Imaginary Friends

A true winter warmer. There is just enough body and hops in this beer to take the chill off. Crystal and Chocolate malts give this beer a wonderful Ruby color and a medium to full mouth feel. Generous amounts of Simco, citra, and casacade hops really bring this beer to life! 7.1% ABV / 75 IBU

3) Local Logger Lager

Refreshment at it’s finest. This easy drinking lager will make your day. Not too heavy, not too hoppy. Crisp and clean with a light golden color. Saaz hops help provide that true lager taste. 4.8% ABV / 28 IBU


Fish Brewing

1) Beyond The Pale Ale

Medium bodied pale ale with a rich & complex malt character. 2015 World’s Best Beer, World Beer Awards. 5% ABV / 42 IBU

2) Dark & Dry Apple Cider

The assertive tartness is balanced with hints of caramel & brown sugar. 5% ABV

3) Old Woody

A strong warming alcoholic mouth feel, with subtle dates, raison and Pete smoke.  Aging in new American Oak has imparted a wonderful vanillin flavor. 10.2% ABV / 30 IBU


Flying Lion Brewing


1) Another IPA

This IPA is full of tropical aromas followed by a dry citrus flavor and balanced malt character.  Appropriate bitterness and strength round out this classic Pacific Northwest IPA. 6.8% ABV

2) Rye Stout

This is a classic American Stout, full of flavor and character, but with the spicy, crisp addition of Rye. Not overly sweet and with a clean, roasted flavor, this Stout drinks well year-round. 6.0% ABV

3) Belgian Strong

The Belgian Strong has a slightly hazy appearance and is light in color. The Strong’s flavor is a complex blend of the fruity esters provided by the yeast with subtle additions of Coriander, Ginger, and Grains of Paradise. The high ABV is perfectly masked in this extraordinarily smooth beer! 9.0% ABV


Fortside Brewing


1) Couve-toberfest

Once a year we brew this delightful lager as a tribute to the change of seasons and the historic Munich tradition of Oktoberfest…  Well, actually we just love this frickin style, so we brew it so that we can tap it in September and throw a big party!  It is a Marzen style lager brewed with copious amounts of Munich Malts and some Vienna Malt giving it a full, smooth body and deep amber color. 5.2% ABV / 26 IBU

2) ‘Fresh Hop’ Sentinel

The Sentinel is our single hop Centennial IPA.  Centennial hops are sometimes know as the “Super Cascade”.  They lend lots of floral and a bit of lemony citrus aromas to this beer.  This is a solid northwest style IPA designed to remind us where IPA’s come from! 7% ABV / 60 IBU

3) Bitch Session

A little on the hoppy side, but very clean and sessionable.  It’s an India Session Ale.  In other words, it’s a Session IPA.  Whatever you call it, it’s damn good! 5.2% ABV / 69 IBU


Fremont Brewing


1) Interurban IPA

Northwest Pale malt swirled with a hand-selected blend of Chinook, Centennial, and Amarillo hops. Interurban is bitter as an IPA should be yet balanced with copious aroma and flavor hops. 6.2% ABV / 80 IBU

2) Session Pale Ale

This session pale ale is made with Citra and Simcoe hops grown in Washington’s Yakima Valley which will enlighten your mind and make you a smarter and better looking person…4.5% ABV / 50 IBU

3) Bonfire Ale

Bonfire Ale steals from the winter fires its gift of dark barley and gentle hops to provide you, beer drinker, with this delightful winter treat. Light a Bonfire today. 6.0% ABV / IBU 40

4) Gose

Our Sour Weisse with a touch a sea salt and a dash of coriander. Just right. 4.0% ABV / 9 IBU

5) Winter Ale

Winter Ale is dark like the weather with roast chocolate and warm malt flavors balanced by Noble hop aroma and subtle hoppy spice. Warm up to it. Because Beer Matters! 8.0% ABV / IBU 50

6) Saphire Pilsner

5.4% ABV

7) Belgian Golden Ale

8.0% ABV

8) “S’mores” Bonfire Ale

Our Bonfire Ale infused with Theo cacao nibs, marshmallow, graham cracker, and toasted oak! 6.0% ABV / 40 IBU

9) Rotating Tap:

12pm: Bourbon Dark Star

3pm: B-Bomb

Georgetown Brewing


1) Gusto Crema Coffee Ale

Building on Gusto Crema blend, a medium roasted bean from our friends at Caffé Umbria, we made a smooth, rich cream ale. This beer has roasted flavor, aroma, and color from cold brew coffee. Smooth, rich mouthfeel comes from oats and Munich malt. 4.9% ABV

2) Bodhizafa IPA

This IPA gets its light silky texture from rolled oats. The flavor and aroma both express mandarin and citrus all around. Four pounds of hops per barrel makes this IPA truly Bodhilicious. 6.9% ABV



Ghostfish Brewing


1) Peak Buster Double IPA

Unmistakably ambitious, this bold and challenging beer is bursting with intriguing tropical fruit and evergreen aromas from the Centennial, Equinox and Azacca hops. It’s deceptively drinkable for its high IBU’s and ABV. 9.5% ABV / 130 IBU

2) Chocolate Mint Stout

Brewed with a large portion of roasted buckwheat and chocolate millet malt, this beer has a sweet and decadent flavor.  An addition of peppermint gives it a wintry kick that’s perfect for the holiday season. 6.5% ABV / 30 IBU

3) Winter Coat Coffee Porter

A sweet chocolately porter “dry-beaned” with Tony’s Coffee Ganesha Espresso. 5.3% ABV / 22 IBU


Gig Harbor Brewing


1) Kopachuck Pale Ale

Light smooth golden pale ale delivering citrus flavors, floral nose, balanced by a touch of malt sweetness. 5% ABV / 27 IBU

2) Round Rock IPA

Chinook/Cascade-dominated IPA with citrus flavors, aromas, and piney bitterness. Munich10 and C-60 deliver a subtle malt sweetness to the light copper body. Finishes grapefruit-tangy, dry & crisp. 6% ABV / 24 IBU

3) Sturdy Gertie Double IPA

Brewed with four distinct hops, all beautifully balanced by seven malts providing an intense sensory experience — the fresh aroma of citrus, pine and grapefruit and a bold taste of hoppy sweetness. 7% ABV / 67 IBU


Harmon Brewing


1) St. Helens IPA

St. Helens IPA is a medium bodied IPA brewed with 3 different malted

barleys and 5 different hop varieties including – Apollo, Bravo, Amarillo,

Simcoe and Citra.  An extra dose of Citra and Simcoe was used again for

the dry-hop.  Bold flavors of grapefruit, orange, and melon give away to a

crisp, clean and smooth finish. 7.5% ABV / 80 IBU

2) Black Tartan CDA

Black Tartan CDA is brewed with 7 different malted barleys and chocolate

wheat. Simcoe, Columbus, and Amarillo hops provide the hoppy flavor.

Black like a stout and hoppy like an IPA this is a complex and wonderful

combination of roasted malts along with piney and earthy hop notes. 8% ABV / 84 IBU

3) Cross Pollination Imperial Honey Coconut Porter

Cross Pollination imperial porter is seasonal favorite and limited release. A hint of coconut and bold flavors of roast coffee and chocolate come through from 7 malted barleys, chocolate wheat and toasted coconut. Clover honey was added to both the mash and kettle for a little sweetness and a smooth finish. A wonderful and special treat. 8% ABV / 40 IBU

4) Super Samurai Barley Wine: 12pm – 3pm

Super Samurai Barley Wine (2015) is a single hop Barley Wine featuring Sorachi

Ace Hops. True to its name, Super Samurai truly belongs in the upper

echelon of the Barley Wine class. Big, Bold and Aggressive the Super

Samurai is a warrior against all other Barley Wines. Challenge it if you

dare! 11% ABV / 102 IBU

5) Shinto Dark Sour: 3pm – 6pm

3 different bourbon barrels were blended together to create Shinto Dark

Sour, a combination of Stryker Stout and Expedition Amber and sour

cherries plus lactobacillus. Shinto Dark Sour was aged for a combination

of 52 months. 7.3% ABV / 46 IBU


Hellbent Brewing


1) DANG! Citra IPA

Packed with hop aroma, this IPA will smack your face with hoppiness.  A mellow malt flavor sits quietly in the background and provides 6.6% ABV, yet the hops shine through.  Citrus with a slightly peppery pine hop aroma.  Unfiltered and unfined, cloudy and full-flavored. 7.1% ABV / 60 IBU

2) Funky Red Patina

The name is a nod to the Hip Hop we grew up on and our brewery’s former life as a metal shop. This well-balanced ale is rich and malty, with a dark auburn color and an airy toffee finish. Hopped with Mt. Hood and Centennial hops. 6% ABV / 30 IBU

3) Moon Tower Stout

Hellbent Brewing’s Stout is medium-bodied and smooth, with mild roasted coffee and toasted caramel notes and a dry finish. 6.4% ABV / 28 IBU





1) Pilsner

This German Style Pilsner is brewed with soft, sweet malt, and has notes of light herbal / spicy noble hops. 4.9% ABV/ 28 IBU

2) Shuksan Russian Imperial Stout

Rich and full bodied with dark chocolate notes and aggressive bitterness. 9.5% ABV/ 95 IBU

3) Sunnyland IPA

Crisp and refreshing, light herbal and orange flavor, a summery twist on the northwest style of IPA. 5.5% ABV/ 55 IBU

Maritime Pacific Brewing


1) Bourbon Barrel Shipwrecker

A Cascadian Dark IPA. 8.0% ABV / 60 IBU

2) AC 45 IPA

A NW style IPA with Simcoe and Amarillo hops. 6.5% ABV / 85 IBU

3) HMS Session IPA

Fresh hop IPA with Amarillo hops. 5.0% ABV / 75 IBU

4) Old Seattle Lager Dry-hopped

A light American Lager dry-hopped for a unique twist. 5.5% ABV / 40 IBU





McMenamins Anderson School Brewery


1) Giving up the Ghost Weizen

For multiple generations, our yeast works to make the great beer made here at Anderson School. But eventually, every yeast chain comes to an end. So lets celebrate this little yeast strain that’s been making our “Fields of Gold” Hefeweizen all summer long. Giving up the Ghost is a “Weizenbock,” or strong Hefeweizen, chock full of banana and clove aromatics. A light and fruity flavor balances out the hearty body of this traditional Bavarian Weizen. So, enjoy and let this beer warm your bones as we enter the colder months. 6.45% ABV / 18 IBU

2) Mountaineer IPA

Reminiscent of breathing in cool mountain air, this brew is citrus fruit forward with notes of pine, allowing this IPA to layer in flavors while maintaining its smooth malt profile. Heavy late additions of Idaho 7 and Centennial Hops boost the aroma and complement its pleasant bitterness. 6.7% ABV / 72 IBU


North 47 Brewing


1) Nightmare 21 IPA

Malt forward IPA that helps to balance out the bitterness of this darker brew. 6.6% ABV / 110 IBU

2) Summerland APA

Light bodied APA that has a pleasant piney citrus profile. 7.1% ABV / 70 IBU

3) Bavarian Breakfast Coffee Cream Ale

Cream ale with just enough cold brew coffee added in secondary to give this brew a delicate coffee aroma and taste. 6% ABV / 17 IBU


NW Brewing


1) Hoppy Bitch IPA

This North West IPA is bold and balanced with rich malty flavors and strong Hop presence. We use premium 2 row, crystal, Munich and victory malts to create the perfect base for showcasing Yakima grown Columbus Hops.

2) Road Trip Pale Ale

This classic pale has a beautiful gold hue and pours with a thick and creamy head, A classic NW Pale Ale uses the finest Yakima grown hops and pacific NW Malts. This Pale ale uses Citra and Amarillo hops to develop great citrus notes of grapefruit and orange along with subtle pine notes with a delicious smooth clean finish and no lingering bitterness.


Odd Otter Brewing


1) Notteronsense IPA

Crisp clean IPA, not too bitter with a light hint of citrus. Perfect for your everyday beer. 7.4% ABV

2) Jolly Otter ESB

An extra special bitter. Very malt forward with just the right amount of a hop note to balance it out. The perfect fall/winter beer. 6.5% ABV

3) Comrade Chocolate Stout

This is the perfect beer to keep you warm all winter. So dark you can’t see through it. Brewed with the finest hand selected chocolate we could source.


Pike Brewing


1) Pike Place Ale

5.0% ABV / 32 IBU

2) Pike Space Needle Golden IPA

6.5% ABV / 58 IBU

3) Pike Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Stout (cask)

9.0% ABV


Rainier Brewing


1) Rainier Pale Mountain Ale

Rainier Brewing  has been committed to brewing and offering the finest mountain fresh beers since 1878 and Rainier Pale Mountain Ale is no exception. Made with two-row barley to provide a solid malt backbone and hopped with Fuggle and Cascade Yakima Valley hops, this light-bodied Pale Ale is well balanced with a crisp, citrus finish. Proudly Brewed in Washington state. 5.3% ABV / 28 IBU


Rainy Daze Brewing


1) Hypocrite Double IPA

Galaxy, Citra and Centennial Hops balance out this Double IPA with a loads of Tropical Fruit and Citrus notes. 9.5% ABV / 100 IBU

2) Stu’s Oatmeal Stout

With dark chocolate flavor and a big creamy body. This is pure comfort in a glass. 6.7% ABV / 35 IBU


RAM Restaurant and Brewery


1) Ol’ Dan’s Strong Ale

Loads of toasted malts combine with a generous addition of English hops to create a rich and complex, chestnut hued Strong ale. 9.1% ABV / 42 IBU

2) Red Valor Rye

A hoppy red ale celebrating the wonderful hop character of the pacific northwest. Additionally, we used some rye malt to add a hint of earthy spiciness to contrast with the Chinook and Amarillo hops used. 7.8% ABV / 58 IBU

3) The Jeffrey Double IPA

When we say double, we mean it. This IIPA boasts a complex malt base to support the in-your-face flavors of Columbus, Chinook, and Simcoe hops. IPA fans rejoice. 7.1% ABV / 89 IBU

4) Dry Hopped edition of Big Red’s IPA


Reuben’s Brews


1) Roasted Rye IPA

Citrus and tangerine in the nose, supported by chocolate, roast, and caramel with a full warming mouthfeel. The best of an IPA and a Winter Warmer combined. 7% ABV / 80 IBU

2) Robust Porter

Roast and caramel aroma leads to complex and flavorful roast and a medium, malty mouthfeel. 5.9% ABV / 30 IBU


3) Citra Crush

Hazy body, notes of passionfruit, guava, grapefruit and tangerine. This NE style IPA is juicy up front with a clean bitterness in the finish. 6% ABV / 47 IBU


Rooftop Brewing


1) Mosaic Single Hop IPA

Mosaic hops combine citrus with berry. They are among the most sought-after aroma/finishing hops, with good reason! 7% ABV / 46 IBU

2) Makeda Coffee Porter

Makeda Coffee Porter combines the small craft coffee roasting of 7 Roasters with Rooftop’s craft beer. The two fuse to make a coffee forward, full flavored but very drinkable beer. 5.8% ABV


Schooner Exact Brewing


1) Evergreen IPA

A tip of the hat to the Evergreen State; this beer is created using Washington grown barley and hops. Brewed in our post-modern NW IPA fashion, we use multiple additions of Simcoe and Amarillo hops to achieve a flavor and aroma reminiscent of the Yakima Valley during harvest. Cheers to you and the Evergreen State! 6% ABV / 60 IBU

2) King Street Brown Ale

The milk chocolate and hazelnut malt profile in this brown ale blends seamlessly with a mild English hop presence. Finishing dry with just enough bitterness to balance is what makes this beer perfect for pairing with a variety of foods. 5.5% ABV / 32 IBU

3) Mountain Boomer Winter Ale

A rich, malty beer with an assertive but balanced hop character. Hints of chocolate and dark fruits greet you on the nose. Roasted malt undertones play over your tongue and finish with an earthy hop finish. 7.5% ABV / 52 IBU


Silver City Brewery


1) Nice Day IPA

Have a Nice Day… Enjoy this vibrant citrus & fruit juicy India Pale Ale that finishes crisp & dry for super smashability. 5.5% ABV / 55 IBU

2) Wonderland Winter Lager

Frightful weather is no match for Wonderland. A blend of five different malts lend a deep rich color & mild roast character refined by five weeks of lagering at near freezing temperature. 7% ABV / 22 IBU

3) Whoop Pass Double IPA

Welcome to Hop Country! Bold and hoppy, loaded with Washington State Cascade and Columbus hops & a touch of sweetness that finishes with a crisp bitterness. 8.5% ABV / 85 IBU

4) 2014 Bourbon Barrel Aged Time Traveler Imperial Stout – 1pm

Raw and uncut, Imperial Stout is aged in single use Kentucky Bourbon barrels. The charred oak interior of the barrels mellows the sinister alcohol and roasted malts into a chocolate, coffee, bourbon, wood and vanilla masterpiece. 9.9% ABV / 60 IBU

5) 2016 Le Fat – Hybrid Belgo-Scotch Sour Ale – 3pm

Leaving its Scottish roots long behind, the ale adventured out to find its own way. Belgian influences from a host of micro-organisms have soured this once sweet behemoth.  Hints of fig, plum and tart cherries occur naturally; the result of its unique fermentation. Over time, Le Fat has softened and mellowed while gaining refinement and character through extended aging in Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet barrels. Its journey is now complete. 9.9% ABV / 25 IBU


Slaughter County Brewing

Port Orchard

1) Gorst

A premium Bohemian style pilsner.

2) Darryl

The newest IPA in the Slaughter County lineup full of bright citrusy flavors. 7.3% ABV


Sound Brewery


1) Liberty Bay IPA

NW Style IPA, 7.2% ABV

2) Humulo Nimbus

Double IPA 8.5% ABV / 72 IBU

3) Monk’s Indiscretion

Belgian Specialty Ale 10.0% ABV


Top Rung Brewing


1) Shift Trade IPA

A tropical fruit IPA dry hopped with a hefty dose of Mosaic and Cascade hops with a great nose. A nice straw color with great clarity. An easy to drink and well balanced IPA with great balance and aroma. 6.2% ABV / 50 IBU

2) El Dorado Wet Hop

20 lbs of fresh El Dorado hops per pound in this fresh hop with notes of melon. Pale Malt to balance. 6.4% ABV / 40 IBU

ABV: 6.4%, IBU: 40.


Wet Coast Brewing

Gig Harbor

1) Chinook Common

5.7% ABV / 40 IBU

2) Scofflaw CDA

7.1% ABV / 80 IBU

3) Moving Day IPA

6.4% ABV / 68 IBU

4) Brass Rail Pale Ale

5.5% ABV / 37 IBU


Wingman Brewers


1) Rosemary and Rye IPA

Fall IPA brewed with Rye and featuring Mosaic, Centennial and Falconers Flight hops. 5.9% ABV

2) Sawbuck Oak Aged Barleywine

A feast of sweet malty flavors balanced against bright oak aged flavor. 10% ABV


Wobbly Hopps


1) Smash of The Titans IPA

A well balanced IPA that starts out sweet but ends with a hoppy mouthfeel. 7% ABV / 75 IBU

2) Scotty doesn’t know (Scotch)

A bold, crisp and malty scotch ale with a strong aroma and taste, light on bitterness. 8% ABV

3) Buckberry

A slightly, sweet, fresh Belgian tripel released for the Bremerton Blackberry Festival, Hints of blackberry without being to overpowering. 7 % ABV


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