Brewery & Beer Lineup – Washington Winter Beer Fest (Sat. Dec. 6 & 7)


The 15th Annual Winter Beer Festival in Seattle features 42 Washington breweries pouring 142 different beers. Befitting the coming season, the beers range from rich and robust winter warmers to barrel-aged masterpieces, from chocolate stouts to coffee-infused gems. Below, we share the complete lineup of breweries and beers as it exists right now, though more beer may be added as the event nears.

Along with the beer, three local food trucks and The Brewmaster’s Bakery will provide the food options. Shop for beer swag in the holiday gift shop. And of course, Santa will be around for group photos. They’ll even make it snow indoors! Get your tickets now for this always-soldout event.

Winter Beer Festival Details:

Friday, December 6th
5:30 pm to 9:30 pm





















Saturday, December 7th
1st Session: Noon-4pm
2nd Session: 5:30pm-9:30pm

Hangar 30
Warren G. Magnuson Park
7400 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115








Advance tickets available now at
$35 advance/$40 at the door. This event has sold out the last six years so buy now!

Admission includes a tasting glass and eight 5oz beer tastes. Additional tokens are available for $2 each. Designated driver admission is $5 and available at the door only. This is a 21+ only event.



192 Brewing Company-Kenmore











1) Blitzen’s Busted Nut, Spiced Ale

2) Frango’s Mint Chocolate Stout, Sweet Stout

3) Pumpkin Spiced Chai Latte-Weizen (ABV 5% / IBU 16)

7 Seas Brewing-Tacoma

1) Willie Maize Haze IPA (ABV 6.2% / IBU 55)

Flaked oats, wheat, and corn lend a soft, rounded mouthfeel to this unfiltered IPA, loaded with newfangled hop varieties – El Dorado, Mosaic, Idaho 7, and Meridian – for lots of juicy flavor and aroma.

2) Booby Traps CDA (ABV 7.0% / IBU 65)

A truly Northwest original, Cascadian Dark Ale is surprisingly light on the pallet, yet velvety smooth. Dark as a Cascadian winter, generously layered with piney hops, and a hint of roasted malts for a lingering, flavorful finish. Like the divergent landscapes of its’ Pacific Northwest roots, this ale offers both power and finesses, audacity and subtlety.

Anacortes Brewery-Anacortes

1) Klosterbier (ABV 5.3% / IBU 35)

Smooth, dark lager originally brewed at the Anacortes Brewery under the guidance of the visiting brewmaster of The Kalt Loch Brewery in Bavaria. Inspired by a dark lager brewed for the Engelberg Monastery. Delicately hopped with Perle hops, this beer has become a local favorite.

2) Herbert’s Ale (ABV 7% / IBU 86)

This hoppy, Northwest-style Amber Ale is made with Skagit Valley malt and balanced with generous amounts of Centennial, Chinook, Cascade and Mandarina Bavaria hop varieties. Brewed to honor industry pioneer, Bert Grant, who opened the first craft brewery in the state of Washington.

3) Noel Winter Ale (ABV 7.0% / IBU 45)

Celebrating the holiday season, this winter warmer uses various aromatic specialty malts and has a prominent hop character from mild American Noble varieties.

4) Cream Bee (ABV 4.8% / IBU 21)

Brewed with 40 lbs of local honey and all pilsner malt to give this light ale a straw color, while Mt. Hood hops provide just the right amount of balance for a crisp, refreshing finish.

5) Cask Noel

Aslan Brewing Co–Bellingham

1) Coastal Pils (Gravity Keg) (ABV 4.8%)

A northern German-style pilsener with citrus like bitterness

2) Lambo Tape Deck (DIPA) (ABV 8.2%)

A Greco-Roman DIPA hopped with Chinook and Mosaic

3) King Moonracer Holiday Ale (ABV 5.8%)

A traditional English holiday ale, finished with a secret blend of holiday-centric spices

4) Ashes in the Fall Cuvee London Export Stout (ABV 12.8%)

Aged in both rye whisky and red wine barrels for 10 months with Brettanomyces claussenii.

Bale Breaker Brewing Company–Yakima

1) Hazy L Hazy IPA

After refining our hazy game for a year with over 30 recipes in our Imagination Station, we created this unique hazy showcasing Citra and Sabro hops designed for everyday drinking. With approachable bitterness and a crisp body, this hazy is a nod to ripe East Coast hazies with our
own fun West Coast spin. In the early 1900’s, “Lazy L” was the cattle brand of our great-grandparents, B.T. and Leota Loftus, who planted our family’s first hops in 1932.

2) Dormancy Breakfast Stout

Dormancy Breakfast Stout was initially brewed as a heavier, dark beer to get us through the cold weather months when the hops lay dormant. We call it a breakfast stout because we use certain grains–like flaked oats, victory malt, and chocolate malt–that mimic breakfast flavors. Also, we condition this beer for three days on locally roasted Lincoln Avenue Espresso Costa Rican Blend at 1 lb per barrel. There are negligible levels of caffeine in this beer–there are .11 cups of
coffee/pint, or 10 Dormancys = 1 cup of coffee.

3) Sown & Grown Homegrown IPA (ABV 6.5% / IBU 55)

Homegrown hops. Homegrown barley. Homegrown beer. Sown and grown in the Yakima Valley and brought to you by Bale Breaker Brewing Company. An easy concept for easy drinking. Brewed with Simcoe, Mosaic, Loral, Citra, Ahtanum hops and Loftus family-farmed Pilsner, Vienna, and Munich
malt with an IBU rating of 55 and 6.5% ABV makes for a traditional Bale Breaker hop-forward yet smooth IPA.

Beardslee Public House-Bothell

1) Peppermint Stout (ABV 8.0% / IBU 45)

2) Invicculus IPA (ABV 5.9% / IBU 50)

Modeled on a beer, “Icculus”, which Drew had made at the Big Time Brewery back in 2011, Invicculus features tropical fruit forward Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand, and NW Mosaic hops.

3) Grapple Belgian Tripel (ABV 8.4% / IBU 18)

Bent Bine Brewery-Belfair

1) Blackfish Cascadian Dark Ale (ABV 6.7% / IBU 74)

As smooth and powerful as the beings that roam our Puget Sound. This beer will take you places land lubbers where not  meant to roam. Dark, roasty, slightly oaky, firmly hopped.

2) Bent Monk Abbey Style Ale (ABV 6.7%)

Inspired buy the dedication to ingredients and time the monks of old displayed in creating this most holy of beers. Flavorful, sweet, malty, crisp.

3) Hopnanigans IPA (ABV 7.5% / IBU 74)

Whimsical, playful and devilishly dedicated to the tricks hops will play on your senses.

Black Raven Brewing-Redmond

1) Festivus Infused Holiday Strong Pale Ale (ABV 7.1% / IBU 45)

Brewed in the holiday spirit with cranberries, Buddha’s hand, orange peel, and a brewer’s secret blend of spices.  What better beer to enjoy while airing your grievances and performing your feats of strength?

2) Goldfeather Blonde Ale (ABV 5.4% / IBU 24)

Light, crisp, and effervescent with low bitterness.  El Dorado and Mosaic hops bring tropical and candied stone fruit to the aroma.

3) Grandfather Raven Imperial Stout (ABV 9.5% / IBU 75)

This robust black ale is full with rich dark caramel notes, unsweetened chocolate, and hints of coffee aromas and flavors.

4) La Petite Mort Strong Abbey Dark Ale (ABV 8.5% / IBU 36)

Brewed with a Belgian Ardennes yeast strain, and a generous three month cellar aging mellows and matures this fine ale.  Flavors of dark fruit such as plums and raisins, deep caramel notes, and wonderfully earthy tobacco tones.

5) La Mort Garryana Strong Abbey Dark Ale (ABV 9.7% / IBU 36) (FRI Only)

A barrel-aged version of our La Petite Mort that we rested in a twice filled Westland Garryana Single Malt Whiskey cask before transferring to stainless for additional aging.

Burke-Gilman Brewing Company-Seattle

1) Gulden Spike (ABV 12%)

A barrel-aged Belgian Golden Strong

2) Mole (ABV 9%)

A barrel-aged stout aged on cacao nibs, ancho chiles and vanilla beans

3) Boombastic (ABV 9%)

A Belgian Dark Strong aged in red wine barrels

4) Random IPA (ABV 7%)

Lotsa hops, but nicely balanced

Cloudburst Brewing-Seattle

1) One of Our IPAs – Um, it’s an IPA – 6.8%/60 IBU
2) Something Dark and/or Strong – Because it’s Winter, obvs. – ~10%/50 IBU
3) Probably an Ale, Maybe a Lager – Do you like ales? We sure do. This is one of them. Or not.

Counterbalance Brewing Company-Seattle

1) Verboten Vanilla Porter (ABV 5.9% / IBU 39)

Flavors of vanilla, dark chocolate, toffee, hazelnut, caramel, roasted malt, black pepper.

2) Mandarina Hazy IPA (ABV 7.2% / IBU 40)

Featuring Mandarina Bavaria hops from Germany, this beer has tropical pineapple aroma and flavors of tangerine, white peach, white pepper, and a touch of dankness.

3) 2019 Bourbon Barrel Aged Kushetka Russian Imperial Stout (ABV 8.9% / IBU 65)

4th Anniversary Special Release — Aged one year in 2bar Spirits Straight Bourbon Whiskey barrels.

4) Samsparilla Stout (ABV 6.8% / IBU 40)

A holiday favorite “root beer” stout, flavored with Indian sarsaparilla and vanilla beans.

Diamond Knot Brewing Company-Mukilteo

1) Laser Sword IPA (ABV 6.8%)

An explosion of mango and citrus fruit aromas greet the nose which stays true throughout the flavor profile. With very low bitterness, this beer is tropical and juicy.

2) Lower Deck Lager (ABV 5%)

Our delicate, hoppy lager starts with a citrus aroma followed by a clean and crisp malt flavor making it easy-drinking and crushable.

3) Nitro Industrial HO!HO! (ABV 8.5%)

A classic Winter Warmer with a nutty aroma, notes of stone fruit and cocoa, and a warm, smooth finish.

Elliott Bay Brewing-Burien

1) Chai-Hopped Noale Holiday Ale (ABV 7.5% / IBU 20)

A dunkel weizenbock-style ale infused with the tantilizing flavors and aromas of chai. An enticing seasonal mash-up.

2) Jolly Olde Saint Nick’s Hoppy Red Ale (ABV 6.8% / IBU 59)

Make merry with our hop-forward seasonal offering inspired by Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale.

3) Something Special from the Cellar

A treat from the elves in our barrel cellar. Stop by and be surprised!

Figurehead Brewing Company-Seattle

1) St. Charlie Imperial Doppelbock (ABV 11.2%)

Ten months of extended lagering makes for a very smooth 11.2% beer. This beer is all about the malty flavors and warming alcohol making it the perfect drink to warm up with by the fire. Dark fruit notes of fig or raisin are complemented by light fruity esters from the yeast. Bottles available at the taproom now!

2) C’est la Saison w/ Jamaican Peppercorns (ABV 5.9%)

A light malt bill and light hopping lets the spice notes in this winter saison take center stage.  We fermented this beer warmer to enhance the spiciness from the yeast and then added additional spice in the form of Jamaican peppercorns.

3) Woodrow Imperial Milk Stout (ABV 7.7%)

Strong stout that is surprisingly approachable with complex and complementary flavors. Dark chocolate complements roasty, coffee notes. Bitterness from hops and dark malts balance the sweetness from crystal malt and lactose. The lactose also provides some additional mouthfeel making it smoother than the 7.7% abv might suggest.
4) 3rd Leg Oak-aged English Barleywine (ABV 9.5%)

Released to celebrate our 3rd anniversary in September. With a ton of complex malt notes of caramel, dried fruit, and raisin, this beer is perfect for aging. Medium toast American oak lends additional notes of vanilla and toast and accelerated the mellowing of this beer.

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery-Seattle

1) Decemberfest Lager (ABV 7.8% / IBU 35)

A hearty Winter Lager to help you celebrate the holiday season! Flirting between a Bock and Marzen, this one’s brewed with ample amounts of Pilsner, Vienna, and Munich for a rich malt character with a clean dry bitterness of German Northern Brewer. You’ll be reminiscing of the days of olde and ready to toast to the new year!

2) Santa’s Mocha Stache Milk Stout (ABV 7% / IBU 35)

A chocolate infused version of Sarah Rood’s Coffee Milk Stout, one of our Flying Bike member competition-winning beers brewed with premium craft malt from Skagit Valley Malting, Milk Sugar and a dash of coffee for the perfect finish. Forget the Milk, Santa wants his Milk Stout!

3) Flying Bike Seasonal Beer TBD

Fremont Brewing-Seattle

1) Dark Star Nitro Imperial Oatmeal Stout (ABV 8.0% / IBU 50)

Dark Star is a dark, mysterious yet silky oatmeal stout of grand proportions balanced by a firm hop handshake…go ahead, enjoy the journey…Because Beer Journeys Matter!

2) Head Full of Dynomite v.15 Hazy IPA (ABV 6.8% / IBU ACT)

The very latest in our ongoing series of hazy IPA’s. Version 15 is brewed with Simcoe, Sorachi Ace, and El Dorado hops.

3) Sky Kraken Hazy Pale Ale (ABV 5.5% / IBU JTRA)

A contradiction of the senses offering ripe melon, juicy citrus, pineapple and pepper flavors to the brave. An idea brought together by the cosmic attraction of opposites, Sky Kraken is a naturally unfiltered beer.

4) 2019 Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star Barrel Aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout (ABV 13.1% / IBU 50)

This year’s release is a blend of 24, 18, 12, and 8-month Bourbon Barrel-Aged Dark Star in 7-12-year old Kentucky bourbon barrels. The roasted and chocolate malts complement the smooth oats to bring you a stout delight wrapped in the gentle embrace of bourbon barrel-aged warmth. A touch of sweetness dances in balance with the hops to finish with a wave, and then she’s gone.

5) 2019 B-Bomb Barrel Aged Winter Ale (ABV 13.2% / IBU 50)

This year’s release of B-Bomb is aged in 8–12-year-old American Oak bourbon barrels and is a blend of 9, 12, and 24-month old barrel-aged Winter Ale. B-Bomb achieves distinct bourbon, oak, cacao, leather, toffee, and dark coffee notes from its extended barrel aging and barrel blending. Each barrel contributes a different note and combining each barrel to create a coherent tone is a distinct art and true pleasure.

6) Lush IPA: Winter Vacation Edition IPA with Mango, Guava, Cinnamon, Allspice (ABV 7.0% / IBU 80)

We took Lush IPA and turned it into a winter vacation by infusing it with mango, guava, cinnamon and allspice. Break out your snorkel, cause you’re going on vacation in paradise.

7) Imperial Winter Ale (ABV 8.0% / IBU 60)

Winter Ale is dark like the weather with roast chocolate and warm malt flavors balanced by Noble hop aroma and subtle hoppy spice.

8) Horizon American Sour (ABV 5% / IBU 19)

From our Black Heron Project, this balanced sour is brewed with locally sourced malts.

9) Barrel Aged Rotators


5:30pm – 2019 Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star: Chocolate, Vanilla, Maple Syrup

7:30pm – 2019 B-Bomb: Gingerbread Edition
Saturday 1st Session:

12:00pm – 2019 Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star: Coffee

2:00pm – 2019 B-Bomb: Gingerbread Edition

Saturday 2nd Session:

5:30pm – 2019 B-Bomb: Gingerbread Edition

7:30pm – 2019 Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star: Chocolate, Vanilla, Maple Syrup
Geaux Brewing-Auburn

1) TBA

2) TBA

Georgetown Brewing Company-Seattle

1) Tombourbon Ale (ABV 9.1%)

Tombourbon is a smooth and rich malty brown ale aged in fresh Heaven Hills, Maker’s Mark and Westland Distillery bourbon barrels. This dry ale has a port-like complexity of vanilla, dried cherry and oak combined with bourbon flavors and aromas from the extended barrel aging.

2) Cherry Flanders Forever (ABV 6.4%)

A blend of Flanders-style red and brown ales was put into K Vintners red wine barrels, and fermented with brettanomyces, pediococcus and lactobacillus. That base, aged 18 and 24 months, was then re-fermented on 600 pounds of dark, sweet Lambert cherries from the orchards of the Alberg family and conditioned an additional 2 months.

3) Johnny Utah Pale Ale (ABV 5.6%)

With heavy grapefruit, citrus and resin in the nose, this light colored ale has minimal malt interference, giving the beer a clean finish without a cloying bitterness. Pronounced grapefruit and pine flavors with a faint verdant note. American-style Pale Ale gold medal winner at 2019 GABF. *cans are currently a limited run

Ghostfish Brewing-Seattle

1) Watchstander Stout (ABV 6.5% / IBU 30)

Roasted and malted millet, buckwheat and brown rice deliver coffee, toasted marshmallow and rich chocolate flavors straight from the dark side, while rolled oats contribute a fluffy and satisfying mouth-feel. Now everyone can safely explore the shadowy side of craft, thanks to Watchstander!
2) Polar Nights Whisky Barrel Aged Porter (ABV 6.8% /IBU 30)

Aged in Wild Turkey whisky barrels for 4 months, this enticingly smooth porter is balanced with flavors of whisky, chocolate and roast from dark roasted millet and buckwheat. The whisky aroma and clean finish will want you sipping more!

3) Skeleton Crew Imperial Stout (ABV 9% / IBU 80)

This brew is big and bold enough to keep a lean crew navigating the high seas all winter long! A sturdy grain bill of roasted millet, rice and buckwheat gives it character of high roast and smoke, layered with nutty caramel.

Hale’s Ales Brewery-Seattle

1) Terry’s Chocolate Stout (ABV 9%)
Imperial stout flavored with chocolate and orange.

2) Ghost Bear White Stout (ABV 6.6%)
A pale-colored beer with the chocolate & roasted flavors associated with stout

3) Seattle Fog (ABV 6.8%)
Earl grey flavored roasty stout

4) Hale’s Frozen Over
A mingling of 2-year barrel-aged barleywine, 2 experimental ales, and finished on figs with spices

Hellbent Brewing Company–Seattle

1) Local Celebrity IIRA (ABV 8% / IBU 64)

The imperial india red ale is a hop forward strong beer brewed with Vienna, Munich, caramel steam 40L, Crystal 50, special B and pale malt.  Amarillo, Azacca, Citra, Strata and Simcoe hops are used generously in the whirlpool and as a dry hop.

2) All Spruced Up Winter Ale (ABV 7.5% / IBU 32)

Brewed in the style of a traditional winter beer, it’s dark amber in color with brown hues yet has a mild malty richness. The hops Citra, Chinook, and Cascade along with fresh Spruce tips add a citrus floral and “candy-like” aroma. As with most winter beers the alcohol content is high at 7.5%.

3) Cherry Imperial Stout (ABV 9.5% / IBU 70)

We took our full bodied, velvety smooth Imperial Stout and added cherry puree in the secondary tank. A sweet, chocolatey, roasty elixir sure to warm you up!

Icicle Brewing Company–Leavenworth

1) Dark Persuasion (ABV 6.5% / IBU 22)

Delicate dark chocolate with a whisper of coconut… You know you want it, go ahead and indulge. You can finally have German Chocolate Cake and drink it too. There’s no need to be nervous, it’s just wickedly deep and full of flavor and desire. With its provocative aroma and smooth body, this is certainly the darkest of fifty shades of risqué.

2) Darker Persuasion (ABV 8.5% / IBU 22)

Everything you love about Dark Persuasion, but more! It’s the bigger, badder big brother that’s wickedly deeper, and more flavorful.

3) Cherry Dark Persuasion (ABV 6.5% / IBU 22)

If Dark Persuasion is German Chocolate Cake then this is Black Forest Cake.

4) Kickstand Pale Ale (ABV 4.8% / IBU 50)

You can’t deny the value of a cruiser bike’s kickstand. We put that same undeniable value into our newest beer, Kickstand Pale. It’s a highly drinkable Pale Ale packed with citrus flavors and aromas. The beer stands firmly on a foundation of Warrior Hops for a pleasantly bitter base and then cruises to its destination on the cone-tails of the NW favorite citra hop. Kick back against the bar, put your elbow on the table just as you were told not to do and enjoy our easy drinking ode to the little piece of metal that keeps your cruiser classy.

Kulshan Brewing Company–Bellingham

1) Kitten Mittens Winter Ale (ABV 8.0 % / IBU 35)

The perfect beer for those cold months; this rich, medium-bodied beer elicits nuances of chocolate, dates, and figs. Balanced bitterness and playful hop aroma fit like a mitten. Stay warm out there…

2) Heliotrope IPA (ABV 7.3% / IBU 83)

Named after the popular ridge trail that leads to the base of Mount Baker’s Coleman Glacier, Heliotrope IPA is a mouthwatering fusion of classic West Coast IPA characteristics, and new-school fruity, juicy hop flavor.  Apricot, tangerine and grapefruit dominate in both aroma and flavor, accented by milder notes of pineapple and black tea.  Balanced yet fun, smooth yet flavorful, Heliotrope IPA is truly a delicious creation.

3) Helles German-Style Lager (ABV 5.0% / IBU 15)

A style born in Southern Germany, Helles is an elegant and refreshingly simple beer style. Soft and smooth with low bitterness, this beer is predicated around German malts that impart full bready notes and slight lingering sweetness. Noble German hops provide a bit of floral and herbal accents, balancing out the sweet malt notes to create a highly drinkable beer that was designed to be consumed by the liter. Prost!

4) Thunder Road Barleywine (ABV 11% / IBU 60)

Thunder Road is a British-style Barleywine that will dance across your palate, and in these dark and dreary months of the year will remind you that there is a little magic in the night.  Rich and smooth malt notes blend gracefully with a warming booziness, followed by slight lingering notes of graham cracker and toffee. A healthy dose of hops play sidekick to the malt notes in this beer, providing just enough bitterness, as well as floral and earthy notes.  Bold, yet nuanced and humble, Thunder Road will warm you up on the coldest of winter days.

5) Royal Tannenbaum Christmas Ale (ABV 9% / IBU 46)

Ripe with festive spirit, this year’s Royal Tannenbaum is balanced and clean, with just enough spice and warming alcohol notes to keep you warm on these cold, dark days. Playful notes of fir, pine, and pithy citrus are layered on top of a smooth and bready malt body, followed by resinous and slightly lingering hop bitterness. A treat we get to experience but once a year, Royal Tannenbaum is not for the faint of heart, but warmly rewards those who dare enter its realm.

6) Barrel-Aged Kitten Mittens Winter Ale (ABV 11.6% / IBU 32)

The story of this beer begins in the mountain town of Joseph, Oregon in Bourbon barrels from our friends at Stein Distillery. Originally happened upon by accident, we discovered that these were the perfect barrels in which to age our beloved Kitten Mittens. Toffee, chocolate, dark stone fruit and coffee take center stage in this wintery ale, followed by notes of vanilla and black cherry. While each year’s batch will have its own unique nuance of flavor and aroma, its warmth and comfort remain constants to rely on.

7) Nor’Easter Barleywine (ABV 13.4% / IBU 70)

Oak barrel aging, measured patience, meticulous blending and years of anticipation culminate to bring you this very special English-Style Barleywine. Bold, complex, flavors and aromas warm the senses. Layers of toffee, roast, sweet malt and generous hop presence provide the perfect balance to alcohol warmth. Available in bottles at both locations.
Lake Stevens Brewing Company-Lake Stevens
1) Great Divide NEIPA (ABV 6% / IBU 40)
2) Stairway to Hef’n Hefeweizen (ABV 5% / IBU 13)
3) Shitters Full Milk Stout (ABV 7.2% / IBU 31)
4) Scouts Honor Thin Mint Porter (ABV 6.4% / IBU 32)

Magnuson Café & Brewery–Seattle

1) The Allfather Imperial Stout (ABV 9.4%)

Russian Imperial Stout fermented with Hornindal kveik yeast

2) N.I.B. Black Berliner Weisse w/ Raspberry & Hibiscus (ABV 4.7%)

No-Li Brewhouse-Spokane

1) Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Our Jet Juiced IPA infused with Mango and Pineapple

2) Cranberry Seltzer

Fresh, easy drinking Cranberry Seltzer from our No-Li’s Day Fade Hard Seltzer line.

3) Salted Caramel Porter

Nutty, malted ale with salted caramel notes creating a sweet, drinkable and delicious ale.

4) Orange Chocolate Porter (FRI Only)

Clean and easy drinking porter with orange and chocolate notes to create one of the best holiday beers around!

5) Wrecking Ball Vanilla (SAT Only)

Five types of dark, roasted malt are added to this beer to give it a complex flavor of coffee, chocolate and brown sugar, with a rich vanilla infusion. Two large hop additions prevent the dark malt from totally dominating this monster of a beer.

Old Stove Brewing-Seattle

1) Tasty Tasty (ABV 9% / IBU 60)

Winter Beer Surprise

2) The Main Event (ABV 7% / IBU 40)

Fruited IPA

Optimism Brewing Company-Seattle

1) Sweater Weather Brown IPA (ABV 6.1% / IBU 34)
2) Cheer Winter Warmer
3) Ale X Barleywine (ABV 9.0% / IBU 92)
4) Solar Punk Sour

Postdoc Brewing-Redmond

1) L.A.B Partner with Cranberry (ABV 4.8% / IBU 20)

We picked cranberry for this version of our L.A.B. Partner fruit gose. Pinkish beer with a light frothy head and aromas of cranberries. Tart and juicy with a hint of funk. Sight salinity from Jacobsen hand harvested sea salt. Finishes with a lingering breadiness of fresh sourdough and canned cranberries.

2) White Stout (ABV 7.8% / IBU 32)

We crafted this contradiction by excluding dark, roasted malts from the recipe and replacing them with cacao nibs, house made pecan syrup, and cold-brewed coffee from Caffé Lusso.  With all of the rich flavors and staggering potency you’d expect from a stout, but exhibiting a surprisingly golden appearance, this optical illusion is sure to amaze the senses.

3) Peppermint Mocha Porter (ABV 5.2% / IBU 28)

Like a candy cane dipped in chocolate, but in liquid form.

4) Mexican Cake – Barrel Aged Demon Star Imperial Stout 2019 (ABV 11.1% / IBU 66.6) (FRI ONLY)

Aged in whiskey barrels for two years and then rested on a blend of cocoa nibs, vanilla, cinnamon, and chilies. Rich aromas and flavors of Mexican Cake will give your tastebuds a kick and your face a smile. Keep the cold away and warm yourself by the darkness.

5) Morning Star – Barrel Aged Demon Star Imperial Stout 2019 (ABV 11.2% / IBU 66.6) (SAT Afternoon Only)

We love our Bourbon Barrel Aged Demon Star, so when we heard there were bourbon barrels filled with Maple syrup we could get our hands on we didn’t hesitate for a second! All the bourbon, chocolate, and espresso you know and love now with delicate maple notes as it warms in the glass. Enjoy the darkness.

6) Bourbon Barrel Aged Demon Star Imperial Stout 2019 (ABV 12.2% / IBU 66.6) (SAT Evening Only)

The 2019 Bourbon Barrel Aged Demon Star was aged in JP Trodden bourbon barrels. Aromas and flavors of vanilla, oak, cherries, chocolate, bourbon, fruit, plums, and cocoa powder. Best served at cellar temperature or above.

Ravenna Brewing- Seattle

1) Barrel Aged Bourbon Vanilla Porter

2) Define The Relationship Double IPA

3) Winter Warmer Cinnamon Stout

4) Barrel Aged Rotating Sour

Reuben’s Brews-Seattle

1) Holiday Gose (ABV 4.3% / IBU 3)

This Gose is brewed with over 10 pounds of cranberry per barrel, along with orange zest, coriander and sea salt, for a refreshingly tart, crisp beer.

2) Moreish IPA (ABV 6.7% / IBU 60)

This modern NW IPA is a bright expression of Mosaic hops, sitting on top of a clean malt backbone with Simcoe and Amarillo adding further complexity.

3) Reuben’s Claus (ABV 5.9% / IBU 30)

Our classic Robust Porter brewed with cocoa nibs and finished with peppermint. This adds a touch of holiday cheer to one of our favorite beers.

4) BBIS – (ABV 14%) (FRI 5:30, SAT 2, 5:30)

Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout. This beer has been aging in barrels from Heaven Hills for 1-2 years. The complexity in the beer comes from using an oat forward and British malt to give a bigger, richer, and silkier version of this beer which may be the best yet.

5) Three Ryes Men (ABV 12.2%) (FRI & SAT 7:30)

Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine. Flavors of caramel and chocolate, with a full body and layers of warming complexity. Brewed with three kinds of rye and aged for at least a year in bourbon barrels.

Rooftop Brewing Company-Seattle

1) Up on the Rooftop Holiday Ale! (ABV 6.3% / IBU 14)

Holiday flavor that goes down just as smoothly in July as it did in December. Full of orange, ginger, cinnamon, honey and Love!

2) Scotch, Scotch, Scotchity Scotch Ale! (ABV 7.4% / IBU 22)

I love Scotch!  This is a traditional Scotch Ale but with a twist.  We added Peated malt to give it a true Scotch flavor. A favorite seasonal last year – get it while you can!!

Silver City Brewery-Bremerton

1) Wonderland Winter Lager (ABV 7% / IBU 22)
2) Old Scrooge Christmas Ale (ABV 8.5% / IBU 60)
3) Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Scrooge (ABV 9.6% / IBU 60)
4) Ride the Spiral Pineapple Orange IPA (ABV 8% / IBY 70)

Single Hill Brewing-Yakima

1) Winter Warmer (ABV 5.8% / IBU 25)
2) Eastside IPA (ABV 7.0% / IBU 40)

Stoup Brewing-Seattle

1) Munich Style Helles (ABV 4.8%)

A light, malt-forward, delicious counter-point to winter beer-o-rama.

2) Get Amongst It IPA (ABV 6.8% / IBU 47)

We feel a bit of a kinship with our Kiwi friends in that we love to get outdoors, enjoy what life has to offer and then share a beer with our friends. Or in their words, “get amongst it!”. So in celebration of our NZ friends and getting amongst it, we brewed a beer full of NZ hops. Moteuka at end of boil adds a hint of lime, while Nelson Sauvin and a dash of Moutere in the dry hop load up the aroma with lychee, white grape and citrus.

3) Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Warmer (ABV 9% / IBU 30)

We’ve added a twist to this full-bodied winter treat in the English tradition by throwing some into 10-year-old Elijah Craig barrels this year adding depth and complexity. Loaded with rich layers of malt that are first evident in the aromas and follow through on the palate with an extra punch of whiskey warmth at the finish.

4) Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (ABV 9.5% / IBU 95)

This is a big, bold, roasty stout brewed with generous amounts of English crystal malt and roasted barley. Boldly hopped yet balanced with malt sweetness and a full-bodied mouthfeel and then aged in 10-year-old bourbon barrels to smooth out the rough edges and contribute notes of wood, whiskey and vanilla.

Sumerian Brewing Co.-Woodinville

1) Winter Beer
2) Hysteria Hazy IPA (ABV 5.5% / IBU 45)

Mosaic hops give the beer a tropical hop bomb of aromatics, along with its juicy citrus flavor.

Terramar Brewing-Bow

1) Buddy Brown Maple Smoked Brown Ale (ABV 7.8% / IBU 43)
2) Vidal Saison Siason (ABV 7.6% / IBU 6)
3) Amber Waves of Grain Amber Ale (ABV 4.7% / IBU 31)
4) ABCIPA (ABV 6.6% / IBU 72)

Watts Brewing Company-Bothell

1) The Leafcutter Kölsch (ABV 5.1%)

A crisp, pale beer inspired by the ales of Köln, Germany.  We took the precision of this classic German style and adapted it to the American palate with PNW hops, producing a beer of surprising depth and nuance for such a refreshing style.

2) Blackjacket Schwarzbier (ABV 4.5%)

This take on an old-school German schwarzbier pairs Kolsch yeast with debittered dark malts.  Though dark in color, it is still light on the palate, with hints of coffee, oreo cookies, and light citrus.

3) Solitary Series: Winter 2019 Baltic Porter (ABV 9%)

The Solitary Series is our line of special release strong ales.  This winter’s masterpiece is a unique Baltic porter, a style resulting from cross-pollination between the brewing cultures that brought you London porter, Russian imperial stout, and German doppelbock.

Whitewall Brewing-Marysville

1) Dirt Track Brown Ale (ABV 6.4% / IBU 27)

A true showcase of rich malt characteristics, our brown ale starts with aromas of toasted whole wheat bread alongside a roasted-nuttiness. Similar flavors carry through with a complement of earthy and floral English hops. Hop bitterness is restrained but helps balance dark malt flavors.

2) Jaywalking Grandma Peppermint Milk Stout (ABV 8.0% / IBU 45)

Our third annual collaboration with our friends at Middleton Brewing in Everett. This is an Imperial Milk Stout with Candy canes. We add 1 pound of candy canes per boil to give a hint of mint in the aroma and flavor. This is the hooch Grandma was drinking when she got “run over by a reindeer.”



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