The beer list for Bremerton Summer Brewfest


A  few days ago we posted a story about the upcoming Bremerton Summer Brewfest. Today we share the complete list of breweries and the beers they’ll pour at the event.

Bremerton Summer Brewfest happens Saturday, July 18 on the waterfront in Bremerton, just a few steps away from the ferry terminal, within easy walking distance for walk-on passengers. For the 5th annual event, the Washington Beer Commission moved the festival to a new location – the waterfront boardwalk overlooking the marina.  Tickets are on sale now. .

In all, 32 Washington breweries will pour over 100 different beers. Many of the beers are fruit-themed (see the list below). That, along with lots of other delicious beers should make for a tasty summer afternoon on the waterfront. For more details about the event, see the official event website.

Saturday, July 18, 2015
Noon – 6:30pm





















Bremerton Boardwalk
100 2nd Street
Bremerton, WA 98337











Click here to see the Seattle-Bremerton ferry schedule for that day.



192 Brewing

1) Shticky Blonde











Kolsch style ale, with addition of wild honey gathered from the foothills of Mt. Rainier. 6.75% ABV / 22 IBU

2) ‘Nilla Stout

A deep mocha rich stout with a relative light body and a hint of vanilla from the Madagascar vanilla beans used during the brewing process. 5% ABV / 35 IBU

7 Seas Brewing
Gig Harbor

1) Ballz Deep Double IPA

A mash tun packed with Pale Ale Malt, medium crystal malt, and cara-pils malt provide a firm, slightly sweet malt flavor while copious amounts of resiny Yakima Valley hops go berserk on bitterness, flavor and aroma. Truly a Big, Bold, and Balanced double IPA. 8.4% ABV / 84 IBU

2) 253 Pilsner

253 Pilsner This NW Pilsner pays homage to those local brewers who came long before us, a shout-out to our home, the 253. Our NW spin on a classic pilsner-style lager. Brewed woth NW Pale and Pilsner malt, hopped with Sterling and Cascade, this brew is 100% WA. An extremely refreshing, dry, and crisp authentic Pilsner with that classic mineral, cracker like finish. Executed with precision, patience, and care, yielding a truly premium Pilsner. 5.2% ABV / 32 IBU

3) Cutt’s NW Amber

This Northwest style Amber Ale, named in honor of our local Cutt’s Island AKA “Dead Man’s” Island, displays a brilliantly clear burgundy hue, a pleasantly floral/fruity aroma, a medium body, caramel-like malt flavors, and a pleasant lingering hop bitterness. Quite assertive for an Amber Ale, Cutt’s remains well balanced yet truly Northwest in its audacity. 6.2% ABV / 44 IBU

Bainbridge Island Brewing
Bainbridge Island

1) Eagle Harbor IPA

American India Pale Ale

6.0% ABV

2) Kommuter Kolsch

German-Style Kolsch Ale

5.0% ABV

3) Downrigger Double IPA

Double India Pale Ale

8.0% ABV

Rotating Tap of Wonder

Various Special Beers

Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro

1) Steady as She Gose with a Raspberry Infusion

A revived, historic-style from Leipzig, Germany, Gose, (pronounced goes-uh). But wait, salt in beer? Try seawater. Sourced directly from a deep water current in our very own PNW Salish Sea. Don’t stay the course, get “Steady as She Gose” with a glass of this highly refreshing slightly soured-and-salted wheat beer! Plus, it’s infused with local Bellingham raspberries!

2) Summer Session Ale

The IPA-drinker’s go-to ‘summer session’ beer! A classic refreshing NW ale with straightforward, golden-straw color and a bright, tangerine-orange hop aroma. Imminently bitter upfront taste flows immediately into a truly NW hop experience with minor hints of cool melon. And, at just under 5% alcohol it’s perfect for summer enjoyment, leaving you refreshed and hop-satisfied. 5% ABV

3) TBD

Shh. It’s a secret. Boundary Bay will reveal a very special wood-aged brew from a special collection.

Der Blokken Brewer

1) Brewer’s Choice


Dirty Bucket Brewing

1) Hefen’ Pineapple

German Weisen made with Fresh Pineapple. Randalled through homemade Fruit Cocktail. 5% ABV

2) Sicyne IPA

Citra dry hopped, aromatic IPA. 6.5% ABV / 72 IBU

3) Hot N’ Dirty

Chili Pepper Amber Ale made with Fresh Chili’s. 6% ABV

Downpour Brewing

1) Summer Citrus Shandy

Grapefruit pale mixed with pink lemonade. 4% ABV

2) Hop Llama Double IPA

7.5% ABV/ 110 IBU

3) Golden Pineapple Sour Ale

4.7% ABV

Elysian Brewing

1) Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale

There’s a new beer in town–Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale–and he’s sticking it to the Man. Superfuzz is a beer you can get behind, with Pale, Munich and Dextri-Pils malts and German Northern Brewer and Cascade hops to bitter and flavor. But it’s Citra, Amarillo and blood orange peel and puree that’ll really get you on your feet. Never dance? We’ll see about that. 5.4% ABV

2) Dayglow IPA

This is a beer with the insistent beat of hops, as driving and inevitable as a Full Moon party in Haad Rin. It drips with tropical, sunshiny Mosaic, and twinkles with touches of Eldorado and Centennial. A touch of wheat hazes the malt bill a bit around the edges, and the IBUs are stuck in the mid-sixties. 6.5% ABV

Fish Brewing

1) Blackbird Island Hopfenweizen

Designed as a celebration of hops, the beer pours a deep, hazy gold, with orange highlights, has intense floral, spice and citrus aromatics, a lingering hop bitterness, and a banana bread sweetness with hints of clove and vanilla. 6.1% ABV / 19 IBU

2) Peach Imperial Pilsner Randalled

Earthy aromatics of German hops and malts with slight alcohol sweetness balanced by Peach acidity and flavor result in a very drinkable summer beer. 10% ABV

3) Spire Mountain Dark & Dry Cider

Assertive tartness balanced by a gentle richness, and a hint of caramel and brown sugar. 5% ABV

4) Full Blast Blonde

Light-bodied and golden, Full Blast Blonde is our ode to the glories of summer. American Blonde Ale. 4% ABV / 20 IBU

Fremont Brewing

1) Gose

Our take on the traditional German style—tart and refreshing with a hint of spice from the coriander and salt. 4% ABV / 10 IBU

2) The Brother

Appropriately big, intimidating, and unbalanced with unrestrained quantities of hops for a head slap of beery ferociousness. Stone fruit, dank, and peppery on the nose with flavors of grapefruit and caramel throughout. 8.5% ABV / 1 Billion IBU

3) Session Pale Ale

Made with Citra and Simcoe hops grown in Washington’s Yakima Valley, our Session Pale will enlighten your mind and make you a smarter and better looking person. Notes of pine, tropical fruit, and honey are complemented by lemon and fresh cut grass. 4.5% ABV / 50 IBU

4) Summer Mojito

A refreshing take on the classic summer cocktail—our Summer Ale infused with lime and mint! 5.2% ABV / 45 IBU

5) Dreamsicle

Our Wandering Wheat infused with orange and vanilla— can you hear the ice cream truck song, the soundtrack of your childhood summers? 4.5% ABV / 20 IBU

6) Interurban IPA randalled with Grapefruit & Rosemary

Our pine and citrus forward Interurban IPA randalled with grapefruit and rosemary to add an extra citrus and herbal kick! 6.2% ABV / 80 IBU


12pm: Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star, 11% ABV / 50 IBU

2pm: Gin Barrel Aged Rye Saison 7.3% ABV / 30 IBU

4pm: Bourbon Abominable 11% ABV / 65 IBU

Georgetown Brewing

1) Johnny Utah

With heavy grapefruit, citrus and resin in the nose, this light colored ale has minimal malt interference giving the beer a clean finish without a cloying bitterness. Pronounced grapefruit and pine flavors with a faint verdant note. 5.6% ABV / 50 IBU

2) Eddie IPL

Originally brewed as a last minute add to the brew schedule when some fresh Mosaic hops fell in our laps, we decided to give it another go, but without the fresh hops this time. Brewing the beer as a lager gives the beer a crisp character, brightening the passionfruit and stone fruit aromas from the Mosaic hops, but still delivering the citrus flavors and upfront bitterness of an IPA. 6.9% ABV / 60 IBU

Hale’s Ales

1) Àndale IPA

An IPA infused with chillis to spice up your summer.

2) Supergoose IPA

Aggressively dry hopped and rich in hop flavor and aroma, Hale’s Supergoose IPA is nonetheless well balanced, smooth, and citrusy. Notes of grapefruit will be found on the back palate. If you love IPAs, you’ve gotta try Supergoose! 6.9% ABV / 67 IBU

Harmon Brewery

1) Orange Creamsicle Pale Ale

We use special German malted barley to round out the grain bill in this clean and crisp pale ale. Palisade and cascade hops provide a balanced finish. Whole Madagascar vanilla beans and orange blend together creating a wonderful creamsicle treat. 4.4% ABV / 20 IBU

2) T-Town Mt. Takhoma Blonde

Razzbeery shandy – Mt. Takhoma blonde is a light bodied, crisp and refreshing brew. German pilsner malt and a touch of white wheat are used to produce this ale. Liberty hops provide the balance. This beer finishes crisp and dry. This special shandy version is perfect for a sunny day in the beer garden or at you favorite beer festival. 4.4% ABV / 18 IBU

3) One Hop Wonder IPA

This version of our one hop wonder series was brewed with cascade hops. 5 malted barleys make up the grain bill creating an exciting medium bodied IPA with a little sweetness. And all cascade all the time for this IPA 4 kettle additions showcase one of the most classic hops of all time. 7.3% ABV / 75 IBU

Hood Canal Brewery

1) Hood’s Head Smoked Amber

Has a deep amber to ruby color. Big nose of maltose, caramel, ripe fresh figs, pears, and over ripe red apples. Honey, nuts and toasted aromas also. Sweet toasty malt flavors up front, then some dry fig notes. The body is very thick and creamy.

2)Mt. Walker Wheat Ale

A lemon-yellow session ale with citrus hop aroma and a wheat flavor that lingers on the tongue. Its effervescence is particularly refreshing in sunny weather. This is our summer seasonal so enjoy while it’s here! 4% ABV

3) Big Beef Oatmeal Stout

It has a wonderful flavor of roasted barley grains that have been blended with rolled oats to give this unique mouth feel with a dry finish. Just enough Northern Brewer hops have been added to give this creamy headed ale a fine balance, 5.0% ABV

In The Shadow Brewing

1) ITS HBL (Honey Basil Lemon)

We start with a blonde ale, include some basil and lemon during the brew, then add some locally sourced honey at the end for a touch of sweetness. The result is a light and tasty Summer Delight! 5.0% ABV / 13 IBU


Our American IPA has a lighter feel than many of the IPAs that you’ll find these days. It’s a nice golden yellow, light to moderate bodied beer, with a well-balanced malt backbone. The American and Australian hops provide a big citrus/grapefruit character and a high bitterness to satisfy many hop lovers out there. 6.3% ABV / 70 IBU

Island Hoppin Brewery

1) K-Pod Kolsch

Named after our favorite local family of orca whales, this light, approachable beer is a regular guest at island weddings and beach outings. The gentle bitterness of East Kent Goldings hops play well with the round, bready character of the Pislner and Pale malt. Like whale watching, it’s a crowd pleaser. Light in body and alcohol, an ale that drinks like a lager. And for this event it will be poured through a Randall packed with strawberries! 4.5% ABV / 18 IBU

2) Dockside Black Lager

Very dark and dry- drinks like a light beer with a full dark roasty flavor and none of the sweetness. 5% ABV / 20 IBU

No-Li Brewhouse

1) Brass Monkey

What do you get when a sweet malt Ale is combined with the zest of an orange peel? You get a craft beer Brass Monkey. Foregoing artificial syrups, flavors, or additives, this refreshing, citrusy Summer Seasonal has a robust aroma from Cascade hops. 8% ABV

2) Poser

Wheat, rye and barley lay a base for this multigrain pale, while dry hopping with Amarillo, citra and comet provides an aromatic nose. With a slightly sweet, mild malt body, this balanced brew has a clean, refreshing finish with lingering notes of citrus and tropical fruit. 4.8% ABV / 25 IBU

Odd Otter Brewing

1) Ottermelon Hefeweizen

This is sunshine in a glass. We use real watermelon chunks to brew the Ottermelon, and then we mix in an extract from real watermelon. It is, in a word, addictive. This is all natural, mind-blowing beer. Get it before it’s gone. 5.1% ABV

2) Strawberry Nom Nom

The strawberries are in your nose, but they don’t kill your mouth. We use our Blonde Ale as a base, and we toss in some fresh strawberries as we brew. We then blend in a real strawberry extract, which allows us to walk that narrow path between just enough and too much. No greens or seeds here: this is simply happiness in your hand. 4.9% ABV

3) Ottcho Borracho

This otter’s name is Ottcho, and he/she likes to party. Imagine being on a beach with an awesome cilantro-lime lager beer; that beer that you’re thinking of is Ottcho Borracho. This easily drinkable beer will leave you wanting mas cerveza. Served on a randall through cilantro, lime, and serrano peppers. 6.0% ABV

Orlison Brewing
Airway Heights

1) Havanüther Pilsner on Randall

This crisp yet creamy pilsner boasts a balanced taste and clean finish that won’t fill you up. This is the perfect beer for a sunny and warm Pacific Northwest day. 4.1% ABV / 26 IBU

2) Toasted Dragon

Orlison’s take on Asian Fusion. Toasted Dragon is the fourth beer in our small batch series for 2015. This light and crisp beer is brewed with basil, ginger, lime and Szechuan pepper for a surprisingly warm tingle. 5% ABV / 29 IBU

Pyramid Breweries

1) Apridunkel

Strong and dark version of our GAB Gold Medal Apricot Ale. The fruit addition was changed to impart a more subtle, dried apricot aroma and flavor to better compliment the dark malt and overall assertiveness. Hops are only enough to balance sweetness.” 6.8% ABV / 25 IBU

2) Pyramid IPA

A moving medley of hops that harmonizes together. The result is an IPA bursting with rich citrus hop aromas and a balanced depth of flavor. Light bodied with a crisp, citrusy bitter finish. Hops used include Magnum, Calypso, Cascade, El Dorado and Willamette. 6.3% ABV / 55 IBU

RAM Brewery

1) Peach Berliner Weiss

A kettle soured Berliner Weiss with loads of fresh peaches added to the fermentation! Lightly tart and refreshing! 5.0% ABV

2) Flame Out IPA

Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy hops were added at the end of the boil, or at “flame out”. No bittering hops were used, giving it a very fruity flavor/aroma of apricots, peaches, and white wine, but without the high levels of bitterness usually associated with IPA’s. 7.2% ABV

Rainy Daze Brewing

1) Sod Slayer ISA

Our session IPA, all the Big Citrus Hop notes and only 4.5%. The perfect warm weather IPA. We will be pouring this through a Randall of Citrus fruit. 4.5% ABV / 60 IBU

2) Mind Funk

This Oatmeal Pale Stout is sure to Funk Up your senses. It looks like a Pale yet has the aroma and taste of a Stout. 6% ABV / 25 IBU

3) Wheat Daze

An American Style Wheat Beer, very light in color and body. Very refreshing and lightly Hopped with El Dorado and Kohatu Hops.

4% ABV / 20 IBU

4) Back Seat Driver IPA

A beautiful golden hue, with a big assertive hop presence. We use four different hops that give this one notes of Pineapple and oranges.

7.5% ABV / 85 IBU

Schooner Exact Brewing

1) 3 Grid IPA

A blend of Yakima hops give this northwest-style IPA a big, juicy, tropical, citrus flavor. The light caramel and soft bready malts balance but don’t interfere with the big hop character. It finishes dry leaving you ready for more hoppy goodness. 6.7% ABV / 62 IBU

2) Hopvine IPA

Brewed in a post-modern Northwest IPA fashion, this beer’s lightly-sweet malt base balances the Chinook & Columbus hops and huge late additions of Citra hops for flavor and aroma. Full of flavor, this beer is like drinking straight off the hopvine. 6.1% ABV / 60 IBU

3) Seamstress Union Raspberry Wheat

Brewed with whole raspberries, this refreshing wheat beer is not your normal fruit beer. The color of grapefruit juice with a nose of raspberry, your tongue is greeted by tart raspberry giving way to tangy wheat flavor. 5% ABV / 20 IBU

4) Amarillo Saison

6% ABV / 20 IBU

Silver City Brewery and Taproom

1) Ridgetop Red Ale – The Red of All Reds

There’s a beer for everyone. Ridgetop Red is everyone’s beer. Full-bodied and smooth with a sweet caramel flavor balanced with Northwest Liberty hops for a refreshing finish. 6% ABV

2) Ziggy Zoggy Summer Lager – Oy! Oy! Oy!

Bright & vibrant beer for summertime celebrations! This Zwicklerbier, an uncommon style, is an unfiltered lager that balances crisp and elegant honey-like malt flavor with assertive, classic German hop character. 5% ABV

3) Fat Scotch Ale – World Class Scotch Ale

A big bastard of an award winning brew. Exceptionally smooth with rich maltiness & a touch of smoky peat character. 9.2% ABV

4) Saint Florian IPA – Cheers to our local heroes!

Benefiting Washington State Fire Fighters. Saint Florian is a balanced IPA that’s uses Washington grown Cascade & Columbus hops that are boldly citrus, floral and piney. 7.3% ABV

Slaughter County Brewing
Port Orchard

1) Luna Negra, Blackberry Wit

Luna Negra, or “Black Moon,” is a Belgian Style Witbier with a northwest twist. We’ve replaced the traditional orange and coriander flavors with fresh blackberries (whole berries in kettle and fermentor), fresh cracked black pepper, and a hint of star anise. The result is a refreshingly fruity ale with a peppery bite and just a touch of lingering blackberry licorice. 6% ABV

2) Rabbit Imperial IPA

Originally from a homebrew recipe gone horribly awesome! It started as a white IPA, a la Chainbreaker, but add buckets of honey, and a ton of extra hops (citra, of course), along with mandarine orange and corriander, and a high gravity yeast to finish it all off, and we end up with something far from a white IPA. Coming in at about 9% with over 100 IBU, the residual sweetness balances out the extreme citra hop load creating a wonderfully rich and refreshing IPA. Rabbit. Because hoppy. 9% ABV / 100 IBU

3) Bondsman’s ESB

A straight up, traditional, open fermented English Style Strong Bitter. Brewed with floor malted maris otter malt and all english hops — a true version of the style is such a treat. Malty, fruity, and hopped with a mouthwatering bitterness that keeps you coming back for another sip. A great quaffing beer for a night out — wonderful on draft or cask! 5.8% ABV

4) Big Bottom Barrel Aged Sour Stout

Surprisingly refreshing, light bodied sour black ale. Based on our Irish Stout, after aging in a spent bourbon barrel, this beer comes on like a red wine and finishes like an espresso — That might sound weird, but if you dig aged sours, you’ll love this.”

Slippery Pig Brewing
1)Brewers’ Choice TBA


Sound Brewery

1) Bombshell Belgian-Style Blonde Ale

Made with Belgian malts, Trappist yeast and a new German Hop, this authentic Belgian style “Blonde” ale bears a family resemblance to our Tripel Entendre, in a lighter, more refreshing ale. The newly developed “Smaragd” (Emerald) hop brings a classic German aroma hop to a new level with hints of lime zest and other citrus, and the classic European malts make for a crisp, yet creamy texture. 7.3% ABV / 26 IBU

2) Humulo Nimbus Double IPA

A towering thunderstorm of Northwest hops against a sky of clean, dry malt. Crisp yet eminently satisfying for the extreme hop lover, Humulo Nimbus has a balance that brings it all together into one seriously quaffable Double IPA. 8.5% ABV

3) Monk’s Indiscretion Belgian Specialty Ale

Dry hopped, and fermented with an aromatic Belgian yeast strain, Monk’s Indiscretion has an intense tropical hoppy aroma and flavor, with balanced bitterness, and is scarily drinkable for such a strong beer. 10.0% ABV

4) Sound Sommerweizen Clear Unfiltered Wheat Ale

Sound’s Sommerweizen is a classic example of the Kristallweizen style of the alpine regions of Germany and Austria. Crystal clear and clean with a delicate aroma of wheat, light fruit, and spice. Sommerweizen has a long lasting creamy head and is refreshing, yet satisfying and full of flavor. 5.0% ABV

Top Rung Brewing

1) Lacey Lager with Raspberries thru the Randall

The Lacey Lager is crisp and clean with a nice finish. A true blue collar beer, the Lacey Lager was designed for those looking for an easy drinking beer. A great bridge beer. 4.5% ABV / 24 IBU

2) Prying Irons IPA

This IPA is all about balance of malt and hops. Like the irons used in the fire service( an axe and a Halligan tool) to gain entry to any door, this IPA is welcome to both IPA fans looking to drink more than one or new craft beer drinkers looking to venture into the world and style of IPA’s. An easy bitterness and flavor of grapefruit and citrus. 6.7% ABV / 60 IBU

Twelve Bar Brews

1) Burning Down the House Imperial India Red Ale

In keeping with our dry beers philosophy, our IIRA is a touch sweeter than the Wicked Riff IPA but it is very drinkable and has a more pronounced hop aroma. Bittered with Galena, the bitterness comes on slowly, allowing time for the malt flavor to present itself. Aroma hops include Cascade and Centennial for citrus, and Chinook for a pine woodsy aroma. 8.5% ABV / 100 IBU

A floral hop addition rounds out the aroma pleasantly.

2) Bourbon Supertonic India Black Ale

We started with our Supertonic India Black Ale, with its pleasant blend of hops and coffee notes, then added Batch #9 bourbon from Woodinville Whiskey for a surprisingly light yet flavorful brew. 7% ABV / 70 IBU

3) Wicked Riff IPA

Our flagship beer, brewed on the dry side for drinkability and a nice balanced hop aroma. Notes of citrus, spice, and florals on a very slightly toasted malt base. 6.9% ABV / 85 IBU

4) C# Pentatonic Pale Golden Ale

Our five-grain summer seasonal pale ale, named after the five-note blues scale. Brewed with rye, oats, wheat and two kinds of barley for a light yet interesting malt base. We added lemongrass and ginger to augment this golden beer to a very bright flavor. 4.5% ABV / 30 IBU

Two Beers Brewing

1) Pilchuck Pilsner

One of our most traditional beers, Pilchuck is a Czech-style pilsner, hopped with Saaz and Perle hops. With a lightly sweet aroma and mild hop spiciness on the tongue, this is a refreshing take on an old style.

2) Day Hike

Kicking things off with an effervescent aroma of lemon zest, this summer session ale is light and crisp, perfect for a summer day. With hints of grass and lemon on a palate, this well balanced beer is extremely refreshing, leaving flavors of citrus and grass after every sip before finishing clean.

3) Evo through a Randall

Evo is a showcase Northwest IPA, hopped with Yakima Valley Simcoe, Amarillo and Centennial, then aggressively dry-hopped with Simcoe and Columbus. Deep copper in color, it boasts a deep floral aroma with strong notes of grapefruit and tangerine citrus on the palate.

Valholl Brewing

1) Poulsbo Abbey Wit

Traditional Belgian Style Wit brewed with orange peel and coriander. 5% ABV

2) Brew Bitch poured on NITRO

Northwest Style IPA 6% ABV / 68 IBU

3) Rotating Randle

Walking Man Brewing

1) Walking Man IPA

Our flagship IPA has won numerous awards including a gold medal at the 2006 World Beer Cup. Full of pine, citrus, and resiny notes this copper hued ale is a classic example of a well-balanced NW IPA. 7.2% ABV / 64 IBU

2) Ramblin’ Raspberry

A perfectly crisp and refreshing summertime beer to remind you that livin’ is easy; this American Wheat is enhanced with a hint of raspberry to create a bright, golden ale. 4.8% ABV / 28 IBU


Whiskey Barrel Aged Apricot Barley Wine – Valholl Brewing