Beer list for Belgianfest 2019 – an impressive array of creative concoctions


Below we share the complete list of beers expected to pour at the 10th Annual Belgianfest in Seattle on Saturday, February 2nd. The event is presented by the Washington Beer Commission and features Belgian-style beers created by Washington breweries. In all, 32 breweries will pour in excess of 90 beers. Once again, our local breweries are flexing their creative mussels for this one. (See what I did there? Don’t worry, nobody is putting bivalve molluscs in their beers. Right?)

This event always sells out, with just a handful of tickets available at the door, so get your tickets in advance before it’s too late.

Saturday, February 2nd
Fisher Pavilion (Seattle Center)





















Two Sessions:
Afternoon (noon – 4:00)
Evening (5:30 – 9:30)

$37 Advance or $45 at the door. Limited tickets at the door.
Admission includes a tasting glass and 10 tasting tokens. Each taste is 4 oz.
Separate tickets required for each session.










Anacortes Brewery-Anacortes


1) Saison de la Sorciere (ABV 5.4%)

Our Saison is hopped with a specialty blend of Palisade, Simcoe, Lorel and Mosaic and was brewed by members of the Pink Boots Society to celebrate International Women’s Day.

2) Dubbel Vision (ABV 7.8% / IBU 25)

Our traditional Belgian-style Dubbel is malt forward and brewed with European Black Prinz malt, brown sugar and honey. Starting with aroma and flavor notes of ripe banana, this dark beer then finishes with a pleasant spicy sweetness and just a touch of alcohol warmth that hints at its 7.8% ABV.

3) Tripel Vision (ABV 9.99% / IBU 6)

Our Belgian Tripel adheres to traditional guidelines with its pale straw color from mostly pilsner malt and it’s high alcohol content. The aromas and flavors of peach nectar blend with characteristic Belgian yeast spiciness to make your lips sing!

4) Wild (ABV 7.8% / IBU 25)

This highly drinkable Brett spiked Belgian Dubbel was aged for 7 months in oak for a dry, warming alcohol finish with a nutty mellow funk.

Bale Breaker Brewing Company-Yakima

1) Nouvelle Abbeye Tripel IPA (ABV 8.5% / IBU 39)

Nouvelle Abbaye (French for New Abbey) is an interpretation of a classic Belgian Trappist ale. However, we dry hopped this beer with a generous amount of Citra—hence the term Tripel IPA.

2) Cocoa Butter Kisses Belgian Stout (ABV 7.2% / IBU 32)

Cocoa Butter Kisses is blend of American and Belgian styles. Roasted American malt fermented on Belgian Trappist yeast make this creation smooth as cocoa butter.

Black Raven Brewing-Redmond

1) Pour Les Oiseaux (ABV 6.8%)

White Wine Barrel Aged Saison. Pour Les Oiseaux is a blend of complex earthy, fruity, and light tannic flavors with a crisp and refreshing finish.  This ale is aged in French oak white wine barrels with the addition of brettanomyces.

2) La Mort Rouge (ABV 9.3%)

Red Wine Barrel Aged Belgian Strong Ale

La Mort Rouge is born from a marriage between La Petite Mort, our dark Belgian style strong ale, and red wine barrels from local vintners.  This ale is a limited vintage release.

3) sQuad of Ravens (ABV 10.6%)

This Belgian Quadrupel greets your nose with caramel and toast while brulee torched sugar and back molasses meet figs and dates.  Malt and dark stone fruit sweetness pervade the aftertaste.

Boundary Bay Brewery–Bellingham

1) Boundary Bay x North Fork Brewery = Collaboration Belgian Strong Amber Brut (ABV 8.7% / IBU 20)
When North Fork and Boundary Bay brew together it’s likely to get a bit crazy! With the final gravity falling below the density of water (0°P OG), this experimental Belgian-style ale is no exception. Meld in aromas of stonefruit and light cherry, flavors of biscuity and light chocolate maltiness and an extraordinarily dry, brandy-like finish, and you’ve got yourself a taste of madness!

2) Wonderland Belgian Strong Golden (ABV 8.2% / IBU 25)
Wonderland is approachable, powerful and an intricate Belgian strong golden ale with herbal, earthy and spicy notes. Hidden behind billowy lingering head awaits a wondrous and deceptively strong treasure with an artfully balanced body and complex yeast character

Cairn Brewing-Kenmore

1) Midnight Hike (ABV 10% / IBU 30)

Inspired by a trek in Yosemite under a full moon, this Belgian Dark Strong is inky black and strong as the granite that defines the National Park! The Trappist style dark strong presents dark cherries and raisin notes in the nose with rich and spicy ester notes on the tongue with a subtle rose taste. Enjoy your own Midnight Hike!

2) Winter Sunshine Saison (ABV 6.5% / IBU 25)

Bronze medal-winner in 2018 Washington Beer Awards. PNW winters make us dream of our lovely summers–and our Sunshine Saison will take you there, with a wintry twist! We infused our fan-fav Sunshine Saison with sour cherry for a tartness that perfectly matches the floral aroma and classic farmhouse taste on the back end. This clean, crisp and refreshing beer is the perfect way to bring sunshine to any day.

Elliott Bay Brewing-Burien

1) DE RODE DUIVELS (The Red Devils) (ABV 4.5%)

Sour Red Ale made up of a blend of beers aged in wine and bourbon barrels for 8 and 11 months. Hints of red wine with some vanilla sweetness from the bourbon barrels for balance.


A Belgian-style stout boasting aromas of chocolate, toffee, toast, stone fruit, plum, faint peppercorn and clove and named for a legendary elven king that rides a black steed.


Out certified organic Belgian-stye IPA packed with some special dry hops added just for the Fest.

Elysian Brewing-Seattle

1) Belg-Frost (ABV 7.5% / IBU 25)

Constructed with the same grain bill as Bifröst, utilizing 2-row barley and Munich malt. The same varieties of hops–Magnum, Styrian Goldings, and Amarillo—were used as well, except the bitterness has been tamed, and late additions were bumped up to balance the very yeast forward character. This is Bifröst gone rustic. Free rise fermentation with Saison yeast yields an earthy spiciness, with notes of peppercorn and citrus zest.

2) Bête Blanche (ABV 8.4% ABV / IBU 36)

A twist on the French expression “Bête Noire”. Bête Blanche is extremely drinkable, blonde and somewhat treacherous. Brewed entirely from Pale malt and augmented in the boil with clear Belgian candy sugar. Bittered with German Northern Brewer and  finished with Styrian Goldings hops. Fermented with Belgian ale yeast.

Figurehead Brewing Company-Seattle

1) Patersbier (Trappist Single) (ABV 4.7%)
This beer is simple yet complex, easy drinking yet flavorful, straightforward yet endlessly interesting. This is truly a beer that appeals to every type of beer drinker. The monk’s lawnmower beer

2) C’est la Saison (w/ Jamaican Peppercorns) (ABV 7.0%)
A light malt bill and light hopping lets the spice notes in this winter saison take center stage.  We fermented this beer warmer to enhance the spiciness from the yeast and then added additional spice in the form of Jamaican peppercorns.

3) Whatever Floats Your Oats (Belgian Oatmeal Stout) (ABV 5.3%)
Created by our 2nd Beer Education Night class, this beer starts with a classic oatmeal stout profile but was then fermented with our Belgian strain to add additional complexity with notes of banana and spice.
4) Midwhat?!? (dark ale w/ Muscat grape must) (ABV 10%) – First Session Only

Belgian Fest experiment #1. We took the wort from our GABF gold medal winning Midwatch Belgian-style dark strong, fermented it with champagne yeast, and then added Muscat grape must. Only 5 gallons of this beer so stop by early.

5) Midwho?!? (barrel aged saison w/ cherries) (ABV 9%) – Second Session Only
Belgian Fest experiment #2. We took the wort from our GABF gold medal winning Midwatch Belgian-style dark strong, fermented it with a saison yeast, then aged it in a whiskey barrel with a crap ton of cherries. Only 5 gallons of this beer so stop by early.

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery-Seattle

1) Chateau Vélo Volant Saison Blanc (ABV 8.7% / IBU 22)

Belgian-style Saison with Sauvignon Blanc grape must from Cave B Estate Winery

2) Cherry Tart (ABV 6% / IBU 16)

Kettle Sour Cherry Saison

Flying Lion Brewing-Seattle

1) Belgian Quaddamnit (ABV 13.5 %)

This once-per-year brew is strong and complex.  The malt-heavy body is laced with intense notes of clove, banana, and dried fruit.  In other words, superextrafruitytastesokindsof spicydoses!

2) Belgian Stout (ABV 7.0%)

Heavily roasted with flavors of dried fruit and licorice, this dark and complex Belgian-style Stout pairs well with long winter nights! The carefully chosen grain bill plays out well with a Belgian yeast strain normally reserved for Pales and Wits.

3) Belgian Strong (ABV 9.0%)

The Belgian Strong has a slightly hazy appearance and is light in color. The Strong’s flavor is a complex blend of the fruity esters provided by the yeast with subtle additions of Coriander, Ginger, and Grains of Paradise. The high ABV is perfectly masked in this extraordinarily smooth beer!

Fremont Brewing-Seattle

1) Heritage Wheat (ABV 5.6% / IBU 35)

Brewed with French Saison yeast, Mecca Grade barley and a lot of Skagit Valley wheats. Note of honey, lemon, clove and banana.

2) Foeder Golden Strong (ABV 8% / IBU 39)

Golden Strong Ale Fermented and aged in a foeder with Abbey Ale yeast. Notes of plum, pepper and pear.

3) House Saison (ABV 6.0% / IBU 30)

Fermented and aged in an oak foeder with French Saison Yeast. Notes of white pepper corn, citrus and flowers.

4) Waves Of Light (ABV 5.8% / IBU 45)

Foeder fermented and aged saison, lightly dry hopped with Loral and Wakatu hops. Notes of clove, bubble gum and straw.

Ghostfish Brewing Company-Seattle

1) Shrouded Summit Belgian White Ale (ABV 4.5% / IBU 20)

Refreshing and approachable, Shrouded Summit is a great session beer for any time of the year. Buckwheat malt adds extra creaminess to the rice and millet malts. Spiced with sweet orange peel, coriander, and juniper berries with aromas of clove and banana from a Belgian yeast strain.

2) 4th Anniversary Belgian Quadrupel (ABV 9.0% / IBU 26)

Inspired by the Trappist brewers of Belgium, our version is full bodied with a rich and malty palate and aged on PNW sweet cherries. This beer commemorates the four magnificent years of Ghostfish existence!

3) St. Marina’s Belgian Tripel (ABV 8.0% / IBU 25)

A clean malt profile shows off Continental hops and a spicy phenolic flavor from Belgian yeast. Some fruity esters and residual sweetness keep the high alcohol level from overwhelming this beer.

Illuminati Brewing Company–Bellingham


Light and crisp, brewed with Szechuan Peppercorns for a curious floral and spicy kick.

Deep amber in color, malt forward brew well balanced with fruity and spicy esters.


Golden to orange high gravity brew that balances malt and some residual sweetness.

Jellyfish Brewing Company-Seattle

1) Sea Wasp Belgian Quad (ABV 10.2% / IBU 20)

This big ole Quad offers notes of dried fruit and caramel.

2) Saison Memoir (ABV 5.3% / IBU 35)

This light and dry ale is blended with a barrel-aged, wild yeast fermented Saison. It brings lemon, pepper corn and funk to the party.

Kulshan Brewing Co.-Bellingham


Aroma notes of juniper, vanilla and ripe berries, followed by flavor notes of apple, pear, light caramel, and slight warming alcohol.

Crisp, light and hoppy. Spicy and fruity hop notes, with a mild bready malt presence.


Light whisky and oak accents, with notes of pear, vanilla, and bready malt.


Continental Pilsner malt and European hops, along with fruity, spicy aromas work their playful mischief to bring you this dangerously smooth and spirited brew.

5) BRETT SAISON (ABV 7.8% / IBU 36)

Dry and clean, with a smooth bready malt character, this beer possesses mild brett funk, and aromas of ripe peach, apricot, and orchard fruit.

Lantern Brewing-Seattle

1) Orondo Furioso, Apricot Tripel (ABV 10.9%)

We stuffed whole, fresh apricots from Orondo, WA into oak barrels, then doused them with our Abbey-style Tripel, enabling a second fermentation and long conditioning on oak. You’ll find the aroma and flavor of whole apricots against a background of wood and spice, with a tart finish.

2) Cabaret Sauvage, Ale with Wine Grapes (ABV 7.8%)

A hybrid wine-ale, we re-fermented a dark ale base in oak puncheons for 14 months with whole, fresh Cabernet Sauvignon wine grapes from the Yakima Valley. Enticingly burgundy-hued, with a complex, vinous aroma, it expresses raisin, fruit-skin-spice, port-like, oaky, and floral flavors, culminating in a delightfully dry and clean finish.

3) Voyageur, Two-Year Double Pale Ale (ABV 7.7%)

In 2016 we barreled a freshly brewed double pale ale, and sent it on a (figurative) voyage in oak vessels. After a 2 ½ year trip, the body gained tartness and acidity that complements the citrusy hop, becoming even more aromatic and flavorful with notes of oak, vanilla, sugarcane, dried stone fruit, and whiskey-like caramel.

4) Sombre 2018, Abbey-style Quadrupel (ABV 11.4%)

Aged in oak wine and brandy barrels for over a year and emerging dark and robust, this “double Dubbel,” opens with a lightly spirituous aromatic note, proceeds to dark caramel, bittersweet chocolate, wood, and spice flavors, and finishes each sip with gentle alcoholic warmth.

5) Gyrophare [1st Session], Tart Cherry Saison (ABV 6.2%)

We loaded whole, fresh Washington Montmorency tart cherries into oak wine barrels and extracted all the sweet and sour goodness through a second fermentation on our rustic wheat and barley ale base.  It is aromatic, colored rosé red, and spins through 360° of flavor from the cherries (fruit, skin, and pit), finishing with a balanced and lightly sour touch.

6) Prunette [2nd Session], Plum Saison (ABV 6.0%)

Whole, fresh Washington plums (Italian prunes) aged with our saison base in oak barrels for 1 full year creates a uniquely flavorful ale with plum fruit and skin in the aroma, and a sweet-tart flavor which fades to a gently oaky, funky, tart-fruity aftertaste.

McMenamins Breweries-Bothell

1) Ernest Blofeld Witbier (ABV 6.45% / IBU 8)

With a cloudy appearance from Wheat Malt, and sweeter finish, this Witbier was brewed with a generous amount of both orange peel and coriander, thrown right in the boil.

2) Ennui Belgian Pale Ale (ABV 6.19% / IBU 43)

n. [än’we]: a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement. Brewing can be slow moving sometimes. So we make sure to make our beers as interesting as possible. A light and citrusy Belgo-American Pale in the middle of winter, featuring a hearty dose of Sterling and Citra Hops. More importantly, it comes with a difficult name! Welcome to the Ennui.

3) Method Acting Belgian Tripel (ABV 9% / IBU 15)
n. [ˈmeTHəd · aktiNG]: A technique of acting in which an actor aspires to complete emotional identification with a part. We went to the extreme to make this effervescent, light Belgian style with flavors of bubble gum, banana, vanilla and clove. We only spoke in dutch during the brew, ate a lot of waffles and chocolate, and celebrated Sinterklaas. Can you taste the passion?

Mollusk Brewing–Seattle

1) Plum Dubbel (ABV 8.1% / IBU 15)

Dark Belgian ale with plums. Dark fruit meets Belgian spice with hints of chocolate and toffee. Lush and fruity with a big lusty finish. This rum-like brew will warm the soul on the darkest of cold nights. Pale Malt, Special Aromatic Malt, Brumalt, Chocolate Malt, Black Malt, Can Sugar, Sorachi Ace Hops, Plums and Belgian Yeast

2) Weekend at St. Bernie’s (ABV 9% / IBU 20)

Tropical tripel. Brewed in the Belgian tradition of a big boozy pale but with a fun citrus-y twist. Various citrus peels were added during the whirlpool giving the beer a bright sparkle and tropical vibe reminiscent of a beach vacation.

Pilsner Malt, Cane Sugar, Target Hops, Lemon Peel, Lime Peel, Orange Peel, Tangerine Peel, Grapefruit Peel, Belgian Yeast

Optimism Brewing Company-Seattle

1) Bier Bier (ABV 7.0%)

Belgian Dubbel. A cozy beer that’s a tad sweet with dried dark fruit flavors, like drinking a beer version of an Old-Fashioned. A Belgian-style beer that is double the fun.

2) Try (ABV 8.2%)

Belgian Trippel. If beer and champagne had a baby… this Belgian Trippel is a bit sweet and strong. Perfect for celebrations.

3) Forward (ABV 10.8%)

Belgian Quad. Contemplate the road ahead as you sip this ruby Belgian, our strongest winter beer, quadrupled in intensity.

4) Belgian Sour (ABV 5.5%)

Propolis Brewing-Port Townsend

1) Cuvee (ABV 6.5%)

Saison Brettanomyces aged 11 months in our Cognac Foeder.

2) Borage(ABV 5.0%)

Sasion brewed with borage flowers and unmalted Turkish Red Wheat.

3) Chaga (ABV 8.0%)

Farmhouse Stout brewed with oats, black walnut hull and chaga mushroom.  Cognac vat washed.

Pyramid Brewing Co.-Seattle

1) Belgo-Drupaceous (ABV 7.6%)

A slightly dark cherry saison. Well round winter warmer with a twist.

2) Tunnel Vision (ABV 5%)

A session IPA fermented with an Abbey yeast strain to commemorate the opening of the long awaited tunnel.

Reuben’s Brews-Seattle

1) Lily White Wit (ABV 5.0% / IBU 10)

A refreshing crisp beer with light coriander and citrus in the aroma, and a clean finish.

2) Pillars of Gold (ABV 6.9%)

Belgian Brett Pale.  Our Belgian Brett Pale has noted of citrus, leather and other earthy notes with an effervescent finish.

Rooftop Brewing Company-Seattle

1) Belgian Tripel (ABV 9.2% / IBU 24)

A classic, if a bit boozy, Belgian Tripel. This beer has everything you want in a Tripel, aroma and flavor runs along complex, spicy phenolic Belgian yeast, fruity and estery with a slightly sweet finish.

2) Belgian IPA (ABV 7.0% / IBU 75)

A Northwest style IPA is confluxed with Belgian Trappist yeast to make a happy marriage between piney, resiny, and citrusy hops, and sugary sweet esters of baking spices and clove.

3) Firkin Belgian Tripel (First Session until it’s gone) (ABV 9.2% / IBU 24)

A classic, if a bit boozy, Belgian Tripel. This beer has everything you want in a Tripel, aroma and flavor runs along complex, spicy phenolic Belgian yeast, fruity and estery with a slightly sweet finish then aged with a pound of Organic blueberries for 4 weeks!

Silver City Brewery-Bremerton

1) 2018 Foxy Lady (ABV 6.2%)

Flanders Red on Cherries 2018 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal Winner Belgian-Style Fruit Beer

2) 2018 Plump Bastard (ABV 9.9%)

Wine Barrel Aged Sour Hybrid Ale on Plums

3) 2018 Cognac & Bourbon Barrel Aged Blend Giant Made of Shadows (ABV 9.9%)

Belgian Dark Strong Ale

4) 2015 Vintage – Giant Made of Shadows (ABV 9.9%)

Belgian Dark Strong Ale

5) 2016 Vintage Chardonnay Barrel Aged Luminous Libation (ABV 9%)

Belgian Tripel

6) 2018 Funky XO (ABV 6.7%)

Belgian Black Ale barrel aged w/ Brett

7) WA Belgianfest Session 1 Pale Ale (ABV 5.4%)

w/Nugget and Santium Hops

8) WA Belgianfest Session 2 Pale Ale (ABV 5.4%)

w/Centennial, Azaca, & Eukanot Hops

* Tap times & availability will vary.

Single Hill Brewing–Yakima

1) Belgian Strong Golden (ABV 8% / IBU 40)

Simple, elegant… seductive. This Belgian Strong Golden delivers clean spiced pear alongside a bouquet of fruits. Semi dry and effervescent.

2) Saison Blanc (ABV 7.2% / IBU 7)

Fresh baked pie meets beer. Saison aged in Sauvignon Blanc barrels developing creamy pear, spice and vanilla.

Slaughter County Brewing Company–Port Orchard

1) Mon Petit Belgian Style Tripel (ABV 8.5%)

Belgian Tripel – 2016 Bronze Medal Winner at the Washington Beer Awards.  Full bodied, and blonde in color.  Spicy, aromatic, and softly sweet, with a beautiful warm finish.

2) Dubble Team Belgian Style Dubble (ABV 7.4%)

Belgian Dubble – Dark, malty Abbey style Ale.  A comfortably sweet, quaffable ale with a crisp, clean finish.

3) Luna Negra (ABV 5.8%)

Belgian Style White Ale Brewed with Fresh Blackberries & Spice. In Spanish, Luna Negra, means, Black Moon. Luna Negra is a traditional Witbier brewed with blackberries, black pepper, and star anise rather than orange peel and coriander.

Sound Brewery–Poulsbo

1) Entendez Noel (ABV 11.5%)

This Mother of all Tripels (MOAT) is smooth and clean, with motueka hops and the finiest Belgian pilsner malt.

2) Coffee Cave Bear (ABV 10%)

Our 10% Belgian Imperial Stout aged on Viking Brew Coffee Beans

3) Dubbel Entendre (ABV 8%)

Our award winning Abbey Style Ale. Dark Candi Sugar, Belgian malts and Styrian Goldings hops.

4) Monk’s Indiscretion (ABV 10%)

Dry hopped, and fermented with an aromatic Belgian yeast strain, Monk’s Indiscretion has an intense tropical hoppy aroma and flavor, with balanced bitterness, and is scarily drinkable for such a strong beer.  2 times NABA Award winner and 2011 US Beer Open Gold Medal Winner

Sumerian Brewing Co.–Woodinville

1) Saison

2) Belgian Strong IPA

Triplehorn Brewing Co–Woodinville

1) Stupid Monk-E (ABV 9%)

Belgian Tripel. Brewed with local Woodinville honey lends to the warm flavors.  Soft peppery notes with a light head and great lacing. This beer is savored not swilled!

2) Mystic (ABV 9.5%)

Belgian Strong Dark. Notes of plum and tobacco with a touch of dark cherry.  Low esters and full, rich flavors. Best savored near 43*F to develop the deep and robust malt characteristics.

3) Belgian Strong Dark (ABV 9.5%)

Notes of plum and tobacco with a touch of dark cherry.  Low esters and full, rich flavors. Best savored near 43*F to develop the deep and robust malt characteristics.

4) Aged Saison in Chateau St Michelle Chardonnay Oak (ABV 12%)

Copious peach additions and aged for months on heavy toast oak.  Medium esters. Very dynamic and tasty Saison. Definitive peach flavor to contrast the Belgian yeast and light esters of white wine.

Wander Brewing-Bellingham

1) Act I – Spontaneous Lambic Kriek (ABV 8.2%)

A project over two years in the making. “Act One” is a 100% coolship-captured spontaneously fermented Kriek-style lambic beer aged on Balaton Cherries. Dry with smooth cherry character and deep brettanomyces funk.

2) Wild Warehouse Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale (ABV 6.8%)

Farmhouse ale aged 12 months in Chardonnay barrels

3) Loganita Table Beer (ABV 4.2%)

A collaboration with Willows Inn on Lummi Island.. Brewed with unmalted wheat from Loganita Farm on Lummi Island, fermented with our favorite Belgian yeast, and spiced with coriander and toasted birch branches. Delicate AF.

4) Oud Bruin Flanders Brown Ale  (ABV 6.7%)

A classic Belgian-styled offering aged for one year in one of our American oak Foeders. Dark amber color. Oaky and lightly tart with notes of rum raisin, fig, dried fruit.

Wingman Brewers–Tacoma

1) Stratofortress (ABV 11.2%)

Belgian Dark Strong Ale

2) Noel (ABV 10%)

Belgian Style Winter Ale

Yakima Craft Brewing Co.–Yakima

1) Good Monk (ABV 5.5% / IBU 30)

The Yin of our Monk Series this delicate Belgian Golden Ale is brewed with European hops and grain, bolstered by Belgian Candi Syrup for extra gravity, with a Belgian Ale Yeast Blend taking center stage of the flavor profile. With unobtrusive malts and spicy hops playing a supporting role the aroma and flavor of banana, clove and honey are carried forward on carbonated wings.

2) Bad Monk (ABV 9% / IBU 28)

The Yang of the Monk Series, this Belgian Strong Dark goes everywhere the Good Monk held back. This ale is big on gravity and dark holiday dessert flavors. Amber Belgian Candi Sugar and Extra Special Malt bring forward notes of graham cracker, molasses and candied fruit. Coupled with additions of Cardamom and Grains of Paradise the Belgian Yeast strain explodes with spices and rum soaked fruits.

3) Wild-N-Fruity (ABV 8% / IBU 25)

Our Sour Ale brewed with 18lbs of berries per barrel. This fruit bomb is clean, tart, and exploding with berry flavor. Fruited with sweet cherries and black currant this beer is perfect for any time of year.


Flying Lion Brewing-Seattle

Pomegranate Saison (ABV 4.6% / IBU 10)

Saison’s take on a seasonal, Winter Warmer.  A pleasantly tart, low alcohol Saison blended with Pomegranates and just enough cinnamon and ginger to make your heart grow three sizes.