Ad Opportunities

We have created some easy and affordable ways for you to promote your business, product, or event on the Washington Beer Blog.  To request pricing contact Kendall Jones via e-mail – kjones at

We always maintain editorial integrity, but our sponsors get priority. We receive a lot of requests for coverage and our inbox is always full of press releases. We cannot possibly publish every bit of news that comes across the desk, but we always work to support and promote our sponsors. Editorial integrity is very important to us. We’ve attracted and maintained a large and growing audience because people know we cannot be bought. That said, we do work to support and promote our sponsors when the story makes sense and is valuable to our readers.

Stats and Facts:

Facebook: Nearly 11,00 people follow our Facebook page. The number continues to grow. We post updates to our Facebook fan page every time we publish a story. Each one of these posts typically reaches over 1,500 people. Sometimes a lot more.

Twitter:  Over 10,600 followers on Twitter (@BeerBlog). That number continues to grow. Whenever we publish a story, we send out a tweet with a link to the story. Actually, multiple tweets per story.

Volume: We publish approximately 1.3 stories per day (on average since 2009).

Traffic: The Washington Beer Blog currently attracts approximately 45,000 unique visitors each month (on average). That translates into nearly 500,000 page views each month.

Google Ranking: We enjoy top ranking for relevant keyword searches related to Washington beer and brewing, and beer-related topics in general. If you search for beer-related stuff on Google, and we’ve written about it, you’ll find us. Probably near the top of the results.