Zeeks Pizza now delivering beer to your doorstep


The convenience of having a pizza delivered to your front door is something we take for granted. It’s hard to imagine life without it. What if I told you that you could get beer delivered to your front door along with your pizza? Well, thanks to a recent change in the liquor laws, Zeeks Pizza is now doing it.

The menu (below) has 17 beers and one cider. As the menu shows, the selection is good and the prices are about the same as you might find at the grocery store. Additionally, Zeeks is working on getting crowler machines set up so you can get draft beer delivered as well. Not listed here, there are three wine options as well.




Some quick bullet points about the program straight from Zeek’s:

  • Can order online at zeekspizza.com, through our mobile app, or call in to our call center.
  • Our own delivery drivers will deliver beer to you (no third party).
  • You can order any combination of food and beverage as long as it meets our delivery minimum ($15); you can order only beer if you want. Or a Puget pounder and three cans of Crikey…
  • You can mix and match as you wish.  For instance, you can get a six pack with six different beers.  Internally, we call them Frankenstein-Packs. J
  • As mentioned, our prices are at or below off-premise/grocery.
  • All drivers will have shoulder coolers with ice, so beer will be nice and cold upon arrival.

Reuben’s Crikey IPA – $1.50

Reuben’s Roasted Rye IPA – $1.50


Melvin 2X4 Double IPA – $2.00

Fremont Field To Ferment Fresh Hop Ale – $1.75

Silver City Tropic Haze – $1.50

Ghostfish Grapefruit IPA (Gluten Free) – $2.00

Pike Hive Five Honey Ale – $1.50

Reuben’s Gose – $1.50

Reuben’s Pilsner – $1.50

Goodlife Sweet As Pacific Ale – $1.50

Fremont Session Pale Ale – $1.50

Farmstrong Cold Beer – $1.00

Farmstrong La Raza Mexican Lager – $1.00

Montucky Cold Snacks (Tall Boy) – $1.50

Black Raven Coco Jones Coconut Porter – $1.50

Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout – $1.50

Silver City Ridgetop Red – $1.50

Cider – Rambling Route Cider (Tall Boy) – $2.00


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  1. And in the San Francisco Bay Area as well, specifically mid-Peninsula (assuming allowable by law). What a brilliant competitive stroke. Wonder how the wines are delivered? Wine-in-a-can is growing exponentially, something to consider for Zeeks.

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