Washington Brewers Festival – ticket giveaway!

UPDATED  6/3/15, No More tickets.  Contest now closed. We’ve now selected (at random) our two lucky winners. Congrats to Carol and Laurie. Enjoy the festival.

Time to get ready for the big Father’s Day beer bash: the 10th Annual Washington Brewers Festival. Ashtown Brewing, Counterbalance Brewing, Dru Bru Brewery, Hellbent Brewing, North Jetty Brewing, and Postdoc Brewing. These are just a few of the new breweries that will pour at this year’s festival alongside established favorites like Black Raven Brewing, Pike Brewing, Diamond Knot Brewing, and scores of others. The complete list is below.

This year the three-day event offers more than 400 different beers from 105 breweries. Which brewery are you most excited to visit at the festival? Leave a comment and we will enter you in a drawing for a pair of tickets to this year’s Washington Brewers Festival. We’ll select a comment at random and announce the winner next week.


WA_Brewers_FEST-newIt’s time to make your plans. Tickets are on sale for each of the three days. Or, if you’re really hardcore, you might opt for the $50 three-day pass.

Friday is for grownups only, tickets are $5 cheaper, just $20 and that includes ten tokens. As far as Friday night’s entertainment is concerned, the headliner is Spike and the Impalers. Opening the show for Spike, Four on the Floor, which is my band. In addition to operating this blog, I also am the front man for a classic rock cover band. The gates open at 4:00 and Four on the Floor goes on stage at 6:00.

Food? Oh ya, they got you covered. Among the food trucks at the event, Snout & Co, Fish Basket, Bread and Circuses, Where Ya At Matt, and Wood Shop BBQ.


10th Annual Washington Brewers Festival
Marymoor Park, Redmond
Friday, June 19 through Sunday, June 21
Complete info on the website:

So which of these breweries are you most excited to visit at the Washington Brewers Festival.

American Brewing, Edmonds
Anacortes Brewery, Anacortes
Ashtown Brewing, Longview
Aslan Brewing, Bellingham
Backwoods Brewing, Carson
Bad Jimmy’s Brewing, Seattle
Bainbridge Island Brewing, Bainbridge Island
Bale Breaker Brewing, Yakima
Beardslee Public House, Bothell
Bellevue Brewing, Bellevue
Big Al Brewing, Seattle
Big Time Brewing, Seattle
Black Raven Brewing, Redmond
Blue Lightning Brewing, Woodinville
Boundary Bay Brewery, Bellingham
Brickyard Brewing, Woodinville
Bushnell Craft Brewing, Redmond
Chuckanut Brewery, Bellingham
Counterbalance Brewing, Seattle
Der Blokken Brewery, Bremerton
Diamond Knot Craft Brewing, Mukilteo
Dick’s Brewing, Centralia
Dirty Bucket Brewing, Woodinville
Doomsday Brewing, Washougal
Dru Bru Brewery, Snoqualmie Pass
Duvall Springs Brewing, Duvall
Elliott Bay Brewing, Burien
Elysian Brewing, Seattle
Engine House No. 9, Tacoma
Everybody’s Brewing, White Salmon
Fish Brewing, Olympia
Flycaster Brewing, Kirkland
Foggy Noggin Brewing, Bothell
Fremont Brewing, Seattle
Gallagher’s Where-U-Brew, Edmonds
Geaux Brewing, Bellevue
Georgetown Brewing, Seattle
Hale’s Ales, Seattle
Harmon Brewery, Tacoma
Heathen Brewing, Vancouver
Hellbent Brewing, Seattle
Hi-Fi Brewing, Redmond
Hilliard’s Beer, Seattle
Hood Canal Brewery, Kingston
Iron Goat Brewing, Spokane
Iron Horse Brewery, Ellensburg
Island Hoppin’ Brewery, Eastsound
Justice Brewing, Everett
Kulshan Brewery, Bellingham
Lantern Brewing, Seattle
Lazy Boy Brewing, Everett
Loowit Brewing, Vancouver
Lowercase Brewing, Seattle
Mac and Jacks Brewing, Redmond
McMenamins – Roy Street, Seattle
Middleton Brewing, Everett
Naked City Brewery, Seattle
No-Li Brewhouse, Spokane
North Jetty Brewing, Seaview
North Sound Brewing, Mount Vernon
Northwest Brewing, Pacific
Odin Brewing, Tukwila
Old Schoolhouse Brewery, Winthrop
Orlison Brewing, Airway Heights
Outlander Brewery, Seattle
Pacific Brewing and Malting, Tacoma
Paradise Creek Brewery, Pullman
Peddler Brewing, Seattle
Pike Brewing, Seattle
Port Townsend Brewing, Port Townsend
Postdoc Brewing, Redmond
Rainy Daze Brewing, Silverdale
Ram Brewing Northgate, Seattle
Redhook Ale Brewery, Woodinville
Reuben’s Brews, Seattle
Riverport Brewing, Clarkston
Rock Bottom Brewery, Seattle
Roslyn Brewing, Roslyn
Salish Sea Brewing, Edmonds
Schooner Exact Brewing, Seattle
Scuttlebutt Brewing, Everett
Seapine Brewing, Seattle
Silver City Brewery, Bremerton
Skookum Brewery, Arlington
Snoqualmie Falls Brewing, Snoqualmie
Sound Brewery, Poulsbo
Sound to Summit Brewing, Snohomish
Stoup Brewing, Seattle
Strong Arm Brewing, Renton
Sumerian Brewing, Woodinville
Three Magnets Brewing, Olympia
Tin Dog Brewing, Seattle
Top Rung Brewing, Lacey
Triplehorn Brewing, Woodinville
Twelve Bar Brews, Woodinville
Twelve Strings Brewing, Spokane Valley
Two Beers Brewing, Seattle
Valholl Brewing, Poulsbo
Waddell’s Brewpub, Spokane
Walking Man Brewing, Stevenson
Wander Brewing, Bellingham
Whitewall Brewing, Marysville
Wingman Brewers, Tacoma
7 Seas Brewing, Gig Harbor
192 Brewing, Kenmore


94 thoughts on “Washington Brewers Festival – ticket giveaway!

  1. This is my amazing winning comment. I’d have to say I’m most interested to see Sumerian since they are both new, and experienced. Geaux and Reuben are both high on my list… that Crikey IPA from Reuben is amazing, want to try more of their beer.

  2. This is one of my favorite beer festivals in the PNW. When the weather is on, it’s a hard festival to beat. We drive close to 6 hours from the Okanagan to attend this festival every year! Finger crossed!

  3. I’m excited about the ones I’ve yet to try, namely Beardslee, Counterbalance, Dru Bru, Heathen, and Hellbent!

  4. It’s too hard to pick just one! I’m excited to to see what the Bham breweries have been up to…Aslan, Wander & Kulshan. Reuben’s is always a favorite and I’m looking forward to tasting whatever new brew they bring this year!

  5. Looking forward to No-Li and Chuckanut Brewing. Too many others too, I see extra drink tokens in my future….

  6. It’s hard to pick just one, but… for some reason Chuckanut Brewery stands out. I need to visit them in Bellingham one of these days…

  7. Black Raven never disappoints, but I’m super excited to see what Kulshan and Wander are bringing down from Bham; haven’t been up there for beer since last fall and was thoroughly impressed with both breweries.

  8. Thanks for doing the give away! Basically I’d do my best to try something from all the new breweries I’ve yet to try.


  9. Really excited to try some of the Bellingham beers as well as anything east of the mountains. I don’t get over there very often and I know they’ve got some killer beers happening.

  10. Even though I now live in Seattle, I grew up in Bremerton, so I’m always happy to support the Kitsap County breweries.

  11. The joy is having so many fine beers in such great variety all together in a natural setting ( with music!)
    Will have to be there Friday of course whether I win tickets or not. However you’re posting this today here on my 55th double nickel birthday!
    Which is of course a very special day for all hobbits I am told that:”Hobbits and all their company will gather together and have a grand feast accompanied by, of course, the best beer the shire has to offer. Birthdays are a very important celebrations for Hobbits and there are a few that are the most important which include their 33rd birthday, their 55th and their 111th because an average life span of a Hobbit is 110. When there is not a birthday coming hobbits often find weird or absurd reasons to celebrate. ”
    So Marymoor park here we come!

  12. I’m always excited to try Breweries from other parts of the state than Seattle. Gives me a great idea of what to drink when I’m traveling!

  13. I’m excited to see what Hellbent ends up pouring, especially since they will be pretty close to where I live now!

  14. Most excited to see what Black Raven has in store, but not excited to stand in the long line always at their tent

  15. Hard to say without a list, but like some others I’m most excited by potential surprises – trying something new!

  16. There are a few names I don’t recognize on there. Need to wait until I see the pour lists before I know who I need to visit. 🙂

    I always figured this is the best way to spend Father’s Day, so we usually go on Sunday, but we’re going on Saturday this year instead.

  17. I am excited to Ashtown Brewery here. They are a newer brewery and have been doing some great beers. I am glad to see them up in the Seattle area.

  18. I like craft beer, I like craft beer festivals and I really like free tickets to craft beer festivals!

  19. Engine House is high on my list. As many of their beers as I’ve been able to try, there are many more I haven’t. I love their barrel-aged beers and hope a few make an appearance at the festival.

  20. I always aim to first hit up breweries I’m not familiar with when I go the festivals. There seem to be more and more new breweries each year and I’m so excited to try their brews!

  21. Ha, this is like taking a kid to a candy store and telling him he can pick just one. Been hearing a bit and seeing Black Raven, would like to try their ales. Great festival, Cheers!

  22. This is always the best festival of the year, especially with families. The beer is amazing and diverse and the food truck selection increases each year. And, oh yeah, I want to win some free tickets!

  23. I’m excited to try Bale Breaker’s Bottom Cutter against some of the big hoppy beers from Fremont, Black Raven, etc. I’m also looking forward to trying Counterbalance for the first time.

  24. Can’t pick one I want to visit the most… though I do want to sample every beer there that I haven’ had before. Manageable challenge?

  25. Definitely looking forward to seeing what Postdoc brings, their Cram Session Coffee Porter was awesome!

  26. I am most excited to see Ashtown Brewing from Longview all the way up in the Seattle area. they killed it at OBF last year.

  27. From A-W and some 7 and 192 on the side.
    That’s just how I like my beer –

  28. I’ve recently heard great things about Kulshan but have not been able to try them. Then there is always Old Schoolhouse and several new to me breweries. So many options!

  29. This is hands-down my favorite festival of the year. It’s always packed with great regional breweries, but this year I’m particularly excited for PostDoc. Tom Schmidlin & crew have been putting out 100% great beer from day one.

  30. I am always excited to go to a festival Engine House No. 9 is going to be serving at. Tacoma is slowly gaining props for the quality of beer being brewed in the south end. E9 is leading the way with award winning tastes and styles. Shane’s passion and innovation is being recognized by an ever expanding foot print on the local and regional craft beer scene. The best is yet to come and I am glad to be drinking my part.

  31. I’m looking forward to tasting some brews from both Iron Goat Brewing and Waddell’s Brewpub. I rarely make it over to Spokane, so getting to sample something that isn’t local to me is always enjoyable!

  32. Hiii! I’ve never been to this festival and would love to win! P.S. I ❤ beer and any opportunity to mingle with my fellow Washingtonians who also love and appreciate craft beer! xoxo

  33. i normally pour for the event but not this year — would love to go Friday !!

  34. Living in Seattle intentionally without a car, the out of city spots like Orlison or Bale Breaker would be my picks. I would go on ANY of the three days.


  35. I don’t go for a particular brewery at the festivals. Instead, I like to look at the beers being offered and tend to pick ones that are new and interesting. However, originating from Silverdale myself, Silver City has always been my favorite!

    1. Congrats Laurie! You were picked at random to win the tickets. I’ll be in touch shortly.

  36. If you include the Herbfarm festivals (where it all started) it would be more like 23 years, correct? The Herbfarm was delightful, St. Edwards park not so much but the new location at Marymoor does the trick.

  37. Looking forward to Beardslee because it’s in the hood. Also Hellbent because I love the name. See ya all there!

  38. So many breweries featured! I’m just a girl who’s been a craft beer nut for 20 years and this is always a great venue to sample new beers and check out breweries I haven’t gone to yet! A few of my local favorites include Naked City Brewery, Black Raven Brewing, and Freemont Brewing. I’m also curious about some of the newer breweries that have popped up in the past year, like PostDoc Brewing since I’ve been hearing some good things about their beers and haven’t had a chance to stop by their taproom yet. A free ticket to the event would be great, but even if I don’t win it, I’ll still attend!

  39. I just moved from Portland, so it will be interesting to see how this festival differs from Oregon’s. There are quite a few breweries I’m interested in, specifically Three Magnets and Valholl Brewing.

  40. I’m really excited for this event and to try some of the breweries I’ve never tried, like Salish Sea Brewing.

  41. Excited to drink Peddler’s? No seriously, I have no idea. Maybe Doomsday for the name?

  42. I have never been to Seattle, or had a Washington beer. So, I am excited to try them. Send this girl from Oklahoma some tickets!

  43. I’m excited for Island Hoppin’ Brewing the most because their San Juan flavor & style creates such good tasty beer!

  44. Three Magnets Brewing from Olympia, is who I am looking most forward to sampling their beverages. I’ve had a few of their beers and like what they’re putting out there.

  45. I’m driving all the way from St Louis to attend the festival. Free tickets would be great!!!

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