Two new breweries open today. And more on the way

Earlier this month I posted a story about new breweries opening in Washington, upcoming openings, and so on. The other day I shared word that Bale Breaker and Yonder Cider are about to open their taproom in Ballard. Last weekend, I shared the news that Top Down Brewing is now open in Sumner. Today, I have even more news along those same lines. It just continues! And then there are the closings. I share that info too.

Some of the news I share about new breweries opening relates to breweries still in the earliest stages. Some are closer to the finish line or even crossing the finish line. Some of the news involves brand new breweries, some of it involves breweries on the move, a bit of it involves breweries that closed.

Two New Breweries Open Today (Aug. 27th)

The bar at Dunagan Irish Pub and Brewery. All images from Facebook.

As we shared in a previous report about new breweries opening, Dunagan Brewing opens its new brewpub in Gig Harbor today. Congratulations to Dunagan Irish Pub and Brewery. This one is going to look a little different than your typical brewery opening; this is a full-on Irish pub that happens to also be a brewery.




Meanwhile, across the state, Iconic Brewing (pictured at top of post, and below) opens today at its location in Richland, not far from White Bluffs Brewing. Once again, it will look a bit different than most brewery openings. It will be a grand, or iconic, affair. Today’s festivities include a concert by Too Slim and the Taildraggers, a nationally recognized, legendary blues act that has been touring around the country for decades.

Iconic Brewing.

The festivities continue with more live music on Saturday. Expect food trucks, beer, and a family-friendly atmosphere. Bring your lawn chair. It’s gonna be a big ‘un. The grand opening weekend, the big splash, is not really surprising. Iconic Brewing is no small affair. They’re hitting the ground running. Welcome to the Washington beer scene, Iconic Brewing, and congratulations!

One Ladd, One Lass, One Brewery. Coming Soon

Nick and Jessie, Ladd & Lass.

Ladd & Lass Brewing recently announced that it is taking over Seattle’s Floating Bridge Brewing Company, which has been seeking new owners for a while now. The brewery and its taproom is located near the University of Washington at 722 NE 45th Street, the former home of the legendary Rainbow Tavern, and later the Rainbow Bar and Grill, and eventually Floating Bridge Brewing. Now, Ladd & Lass.


Nick and Jessie, the lad and the lass in Ladd & Lass, say that they will operate the brewery and taproom in this location, as Floating Bridge Brewing did, but will also have a separate, production-only facility at another location, which they describe as “a smaller funk- and barrel-focused brewery down in Pierce County. This space will be production-only, but all of the beers will be available at our taproom in Seattle’s U District.”

We will keep you appraised on this whole plan as it comes together. We’ll have a lot more info for you in the coming weeks.

A Joint Beer-Cider Taproom

The owners of Crucible Brewing, which already has locations in Everett and Woodinville, are part of a group that recently filed for a license at a familiar spot in Seattle’s Crown Hill neighborhood (North Ballard). The location is the former home of The Dane, a beer and coffee shop at the corner of NW 80th Street and 15th Avenue NW (8000 15th Ave NW).

Pour Decisions LLC applied for a tavern license, for lack of a simpler way to put it. This is not a brewery license. The new spot will focus on beer and cider, operating under the name Pour Decisions.

According to Dick Mergens, Crucible Brewing’s co-owner and head brewer, “This is going to be a joint taproom, beer and cider house with Crucible Brewing and Soundbite Cider, with whom we share a parking lot in Everett. We are calling it Pour Decisions.”

As we explained in a recent article about Yonder Cider and Bale Breaker Brewing, state law prohibits cideries and breweries from sharing a tasting room. It probably seems a bit silly, but a brewery tasting room is a particular thing in terms of licensing, as is a winery (cidery) tasting room. Yonder and Bale Breaker found one way to work around the problem, Crucible and Soundbite found another.

“There won’t be any production on-site for either company,” says Mergens. “It will be a Crucible- and Soundbite-affiliated taproom, although we do intend to host guest brews and some brewing-related events.”

If everything stays on track, Pour Decisions should open sometime in October.

Second Location for Salish Sea

Salish Sea Brewing is opening a second location, in the former home of American Brewing in Edmonds. “The original brewpub will remain open,” the company said on social media. “The new space will be operating as a fully functional taproom with a great option for food service soon.”

Just a few blocks down the street from the current location, the new brewery and taproom will allow Salish Sea to realize an increase in production capacity. The current brewery at the pub in downtown Edmonds will be scaled down for small-run beers, with the bigger brewery down the street handling the majority of the production work.

“Things are coming together at the new brewery. We are working on finishing things up and hope to be open soon.”

We are keeping a close eye on this one. Stay tuned.

Hellbent is Headed East

Seattle’s Hellbent Brewing is opening a new taproom in Wenatchee. The new taproom will be part of the Pybus Market, a downtown marketplace near the river that features local farm goods, artisanal foods, restaurants, and specialty shops.

According to reports, Hellbent Brewing will open The Hellbent Taproom, offering a robust selection of its beers on tap as well as cider, wine, and craft cocktails. The new place is slated to open sometime this fall.

Other Tidbits In the Pipeline

Here are some random bits of info that we are currently watching and working on.

  • A couple weeks ago, Nun Chuck’s Brewing in Lynwood announced that it is preparing to open its first-ever taproom. They’ve not yet announced an opening date yet.
  • Old Stove Brewing recently applied for a license at a location in Seattle’s North Queen Anne neighborhood. It is likely in the very early stages of development, but the location is near Seattle Pacific University, across the street from the ship canal.
  • Something’s happening at the old Naked City Brewery. MT Brewing has applied for a brewery license at the location.
  • Mother Fern Brewing applied for a brewery license at the former home of Pacific Brewing and Malting in downtown Tacoma.

Washington Breweries Closures

We hear rumors, we discover evidence, but it’s officially done when a brewery discontinues its license with the state. The following breweries recently did that. Redifer Brewing in Yakima, Vessel Ales in Woodinville, and Nine Yards Brewing in Kenmore recently discontinued their licenses.

Other closures we’ve heard about recently, or at least fairly recently, include Old Ivy Brewing in Vancouver and Twelve String Brewing in Spokane Falls.

As we reported not long ago, Hopped Up Brewing in Spokane recently closed because the owners/operators decided that it was time to stop working and enjoy their retirement.

See the story we published earlier in August to learn about other recent openings and scheduled openings.


3 thoughts on “Two new breweries open today. And more on the way

  1. I was surprised to read that a brewery and cidery can’t share a taproom…Two Beers in Seattle is doing it. Maybe I’m missing something? Good to see some new places opening!

    1. Hey Todd,
      As I briefly explained in the previous article (the one to which I linked, about Yonder and Bale Breaker), it’s a matter of licensing. The Woods Tasting Room (Two Beers, Seattle Cider) is licensed as a tavern. That’s why they can serve both products like they do – beer from Two Beers and cider from Seattle Cider. As a brewery, you get a tasting room as part of the license. No extra license is required for your tasting room. Actually, you get two tasting rooms. There are some restrictions about what you can serve, like no more than 25% guest taps. As a winery (cidery), it’s the same deal. Cider is made by wineries, according to how they’re licensed. Breweries make beer, wineries make cider. Breweries make seltzer, btw. This has nothing to do with what you and I might think. It is simply the way the state licenses the production of particular products.

      All that said. Last year, a new law was passed allowing distilleries to share their tasting rooms with wineries and breweries. So, Yonder/Bale Breaker is actually licensed as a distillery. They really do have a distillery and intend to use it.

      And thus, I pointed out that the new Crucible/Soundbite location will actually be a tavern focused on serving products from those two businesses.

      Confusing, a bit silly, yes. But thems the rules.

  2. Hey Kendall, just wanted to say Thank you from the Driscoll family about including Iconic Brewing in your article. I also wanted to let you know that we also have a small wine tasting room, Southern Cross Winery, beside the brewery that has wines from our estate vineyard. We’re pretty exciting about having a brewery and Winery together.
    Thanks again!
    Debbie Driscoll

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