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Below we share the list of beers that will flow at the 2017 Belgianfest along with other info about the event. Also, we are giving away two pairs of tickets to the event. To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment telling us which brewery or beer you are most interested in. We will pick two winners at random on Wednesday, January 25 from all comments left here and on Facebook.














The 8th Annual Belgianfest takes place at Seattle Center’s Fisher Pavilion on Saturday, January 28th. There are two separate sessions: afternoon and evening. The event will feature 42 Washington Breweries pouring more than 110 unique, innovative and delicious Belgian-style, Washington-brewed beers. Belgianfest is presented by the Washington Beer Commission.

Tickets are available now at and are $37 in advance or $45 at the door (per session). This event has sold out the last six years so get your tickets today! The afternoon session is already 50% sold.

2017 Belgianfest Beer List




20 Corners Brewing
1) Season Pass Saison
Season Pass begins with a fruity nose that blends nicely into the peppery, spicy flavor expected of a well-made saison. Dry and highly effervescent, Season Pass has something for everyone to enjoy, whether you are relaxing on a hot summer day or attempting to take the edge off a cold winter day. 6.4% ABV/ 38 IBU
2) Flemish Devil Belgian IPA
A Belgian Pale Ale we kicked into high gear and let run wild. We used a traditional Belgian yeast and a motherland of Golding and Fuggle hops to give this beer a little something extra. Produced specifically for Belgian Fest, we maxed out the grain in our pilot system and went big. Approximately 8% ABV/ 70 IBU

Anacortes Brewery
1) Solstice Sour Winter
Our rare dark, barrel aged sour will grace your palette with delicate plum notes, subdued chocolate flavor, grippy tannins and an effervescent tart aroma. We’re not afraid of the dark! 4.7% ABV
2) Brewers Choice -TBA

Aslan Brewing
1) Illmatic (IPA)
This gripping citrus bomb of an IPA has overwhelming notes of white grapefruit juice and fresh lemons. Made with only the choicest of continental pilsner and floor malted wheat, Illmatic is heavily dosed with Azacca and Mosaic hops and fermented with a mixed culture of Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces. Like the infamous hip hop album, it’s named after, this brew isn’t for everyone. 7.1% ABV/ 50 IBU
2) 10,000 Battle Axes
A Belgian Strong Dark, fermented in stainless, then aged in Cab Sauv barrels. This beer was elegantly altered by the wood in which it slumbered for 10 months. The addition of Brettanomyces deepens the complexity of this beer with layers of dried fruit and earth. 9.9% ABV/ 40 IBU
3) Frances Farmer (Saison)
This medium bodied representation of a classic style is fermented with several strains of brettanomyces and two strains of ale yeast. Aromas of pear and freshly baked bread pair nicely with a slightly acidic orange peel and granite finish. This beer is light in color, high in carbonation and onion like in its complexity. 6% ABV/ 24 IBU

Bale Breaker Brewing
1)Piste-Off Saison
After nearly four years of IPAs, this Yakima-based, hop farm brewery finally ventured into brewing a traditional farmhouse ale. But, as expected, Bale Breaker’s first foray into a Saison features heavy dry-hop additions of Citra & Loral. As it turns out, we weren’t “piste-off” about brewing this one. 6.7% ABV / 37 IBU
Caleçon Saison
Thanks to their newly-installed 5-barrel pilot system, Bale Breaker brewed a second Saison for this year’s Belgianfest. Inspired by the cold winter days of the Pacific NW, Caleçon Saison is slightly darker in color but brightened with orange peel and spiced with coriander. 7.5% ABV / 31 IBU

Beardslee Public House
1) Grapple Belgian Tripel
A twist on a classic Belgian ale using an American hop, Amarillo. On the palate, notes of flint and orange rind mingle with the sweet and luscious mouthfeel. 9% ABV/ 21 IBU
2) Cask Conditioned Quadrupel
A Luscious rich and malty elixir full of flavor.

Black Raven Brewing
1)Hoppy Table Beer
This “table” beer is all about the yeast and hop derived fruit and spice. This beer is loaded with nobel hops and a good dose of citrusy centennial. Hoppy Table Beer is fermented with the balanced Ardennes-style yeast. 4.3% ABV
2) Three Sundays
This popular annual release is brewed in the style of a Belgian Tripel and then aged on French and American oak. 9.3% ABV
3) La Mort Bourbon
Our award winning strong Belgian brown that has been aged in bourbon barrels for 12 months. 11.3% ABV
4) Raven De Brett
This pale hybrid has gone through a seven-month secondary fermentation with the “wild” yeast strain brettanomyces lambicus. Dry hopped to meld bright hop aroma with the wild yeast character. 5.9% ABV

Blewett Brewing
1) Belgian Wheat
You can call it a white beer, witbier or simply a Belgian Wheat; we are celebrating the rebirth of this beer that was originally developed near Brussels hundreds of years ago. We stayed true to style with the pale and cloudy unfiltered appearance. Spiced with coriander and orange peel, our zesty Belgian Wheat has plenty of malt layers to be enjoyed year round. Enjoy this nod to brewing history. 5.2% ABV
2) Belgian Brown Ale
Styled after southern English brown ales with a Belgian twist, our Belgian Brown is a nice all-around beer. It’s mild enough for light beer drinkers, but characterful enough for more experienced craft beer lovers. The finished product exhibits a deep copper color, fruity/caramel flavor and aroma with toasty, chocolate notes and just a hint of smokiness. The Belgian yeast provides a bit more spice than our original Nut Brown Ale. 5.2% ABV

Boundary Bay Brewery
1) 2016 Wonderland Belgian Strong Golden
Aging for over a year, the Wonderland is deep golden color with a fine, off-white head that laces elegantly in the glass. Flaked oats and pilsner malts enhance the head retention and body; while the use of proper yeast handling, and high carbonation result in a deliciously crisp, refreshing warm-weather beer with a definite citrus-like tang! 8.5% ABV / 31 IBU
2) De Belg Pale
Just in time for the lengthening and warming of late Winter days, comes Boundary Bay’s De Belg Pale Ale, copper as a Northwestern sunset in January. Quaff a couple to get the xylem phloeing and enjoy an expertly balanced, exotic pale ale with a delightfully complex herbal spice and nuances of biscuits and pear butter. Sante! 5.1% ABV/ 35 IBU
3) Sea Bear
Biere Bruin, full of wildcrafted Bellingham heirloom tart cherries, wild yeast and souring bacteria
Bears love sour cherries. We obliged this bearish beauty with a banquet of prized Prunus and many months in the wood. 6% ABV

Diamond Knot Craft Brewing
1) St. Henry Belgian Style Tripel
A new twist on a classic style. Fruit forward esters lead to hints of sweet agave and dry oak. Finished on oak chips soaked in silver tequila. Yeast: Monastic, 7.6% ABV

Dystopian State Brewing
1) Dabber Dubbel
A rich, fruity and aromatic Belgian style Dubbel ale. Notes of raisin, plum and candi sugar blend with a mild toffee like sweetness. 7.4% ABV/ 19 IBU
2) Sanctum Belgian IPA
A complex IPA that’s fermented with Belgian Monastery yeast to create subtle fruit and spice notes which complement the generous floral hops additions. Bitter, but with a delicate sweetness for balance. 7% ABV/ 19 IBU

Elliott Bay Brewing
1)Dry-hopped Belgian Pale Ale
Mildly fruity golden-colored ale dry-hopped with a blend of organic Liberty and Palisade hops
2)De Rode Duivels (Red Devils) Sour Ale
A Flemish Red Ale soured in a combination of red wine and bourbon barrels
3) Vietnamese Coffee Noir
Cocoa and vanilla notes complement this robust Belgian-style Black Ale

Elysian Brewing
1) Joyeaux Hiver (AKA Bens Spiced Cranberry Saison)
Malts: 2 Row Barley, White Wheat, Special B, Rye. Hops: German Northern Brewer, Cascade. Spices: Star Anise, Sweet Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Cloves Fruit: Cranberry Purée
6.5% ABV/ 25 IBU
2) Yuzu
Yuzu’s is made with 100% pale malt, Turbinado sugar and Belgian Golden ale yeast. Bittered with Magnum and finished with Styrian Goldings hops. Organic dried lemon peel is added at the end of the boil, and yuzu juice is added both pre- and post-fermentation. 7.1% ABV
3) Belg-Fröst
Constructed with the same grain bill as our Bifröst winter ale, utilizing 2-row barley and Munich malt. The same varieties of hops–Magnum, Styrian Goldings, and Amarillo—were used as well, except the bitterness has been tamed, and late additions were bumped up to balance the very yeast forward character. This is Bifröst gone rustic. Free rise fermentation with Saison yeast yields an earthy spiciness, with notes of peppercorn and citrus zest. 7.5% ABV, 25 IBU

Farmstrong Brewing
Mt. Vernon
1) Northwest Farmhouse Ale
A rustic beer with grainy malt flavors, a faint hint of honey-like sweetness and lots of spicy yeast esters. Clove and black pepper are present. Sorachi Ace hops lend a lemony, citrus flavor to our Northwest interpretation of this true old-world classic. 5% ABV/ 32 IBU
2) Handle 8 Peche’
Our black saison aged 6 months in a red wine barrel with a maceration of local peaches. 5.5% ABV/18 IBU

Figurehead Brewing
1) Dubbel
Inspired by the traditional trappist style. Surprisingly approachable while remaining 8.2%. Rich and malty with warming sweetness. Dark caramel in color and flavor followed by dark fruit notes. Let this beer warm a bit and the malts really shine.
2) Matersbier Saison
Simple, easy drinking base beer made up primarily of pilsner malt. The Saison yeast contributes lots of fruit, a little peppery spice, and a slightly tart finish. Refreshing and sessionable at 5.4% ABV

Fish Brewing
1) Reel Ales Belgian Quad
This is a very complex beer. Caramel, dark sugar and malty sweet flavors are intense. They dance in perfect harmony with fruity flavors such as raisin, dates, figs. It all finishes smooth and dry making this beer rich and dangerous. ABV 11% IBUs 35
2) Whiskey Barrel Aged Saison
A traditional Belgo-Franc Saison, medium bodied with farmhouse flavors. Gentle bitterness from the Spanish orange peel, balanced with the earthiness of the coriander. Aged for a year in Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrels. 6.8% ABV/ 30 IBU

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery
1) I’m Wit Stupid Witbier
6.6% ABV
2) Free Rye’d Juniper Sage Rye Saison
5.5% ABV
3) Quadricycle Barrel-aged Quadrupel
9.5% ABV

Flying Lion Brewing
1) Free Rye’d
Belgian-style Saison brewed with juniper branches in the mash and grant and fresh sage leaves in the boil. 6.2% ABV
2) Quadricycle
Bordeaux-barrel aged Belgian-style Quadrupel. 10% ABV

Fremont Brewing
1) Golden Ale
Using local Skagit Copeland pilsner malt and giga golden yeast, this Belgian Golden Ale will wrap you up in a fruity, floral, and peppery embrace. 7.6% ABV/ 20 IBU
2) Dark Saison
A dark, winter saison with slightly roasty notes and fruity esters to keep you warm all winter long. 7.5% ABV/ 30 IBU
3) French Saison
A hazy, straw colored French saison with aromas of banana, clove, and pepper and rich flavors of orchard fruit, bread, and spicy clove with a crisp, dry finish. 5% ABV/ 5 IBU

Ghostfish Brewing
1) Shrouded Summit Belgian White Ale
Refreshing and approachable, the buckwheat malt adds extra creaminess to the rice and millet malts. Spiced with sweet orange, coriander, and juniper berries, with aromas of clove and banana from a Belgian yeast strain. 4.5% ABV/ 15 IBU

2) Belgian Dubbel
Brewed with millet malt, rice malt, buckwheat malt, flaked quinoa, extra-dark candi syrup and beet sugar. 7% ABV/ 23 IBU.

Hellbent Brewing
1) Mystic Lamb Lavender Saison
Mystic Lamb is a mild-flavored Belgian beer brewed with aromatic lavender, which makes it perfect for relaxing during the Holidays. The beer has a hint of lemon and a crisp, dry and slightly spicy finish. Brewed with pale malt, rolled oats, Mt Hood hops, lavender and lemon peel 4.9% ABV/ 22 IBU
2) Mossback Monk Belgian Tripel
Mossback Monk is a traditional brewed Belgian Tripel. Dominated by pale malt this golden beer can be quite deceiving: it is smooth and slightly sweet, with an effervescent finish, yet boasts almost 11% ABV. It has a variety of flavors from the unique Belgian yeast used to ferment it, ranging from ripe stone fruits (ex: plum, apricot) to bubble gum, to cotton candy, to a slight pepper finish. 11% ABV

Lantern Brewing
1) Sombre Abbey Style Quadrupel
Flavorful and complex, hints of prune and fig, spice, and a mellower finish than you might expect for an 11.0% ABV
2) Voltaire Coffee Infused Bière de Garde
An exclusive coffee blended perfectly with a mellow base ale, releasing bright, nutty, and fruity coffee notes. 5.6% ABV
3) Odelette Barrel Aged Apricot Sour
Rustic wheat ale lightly soured by refermentation on whole fresh apricots and a long rest in oak. 5.4% ABV
4) Vieux Bâtard Barrel Aged Fresh Hop
A portion of our 2016 Cascade Fresh Hop was tucked away in oak for 3 months just to see what would happen… taste for yourself. 5.7% ABV

LoveCraft Brewing
1) Olde Kitsap Saison
Subtle northwest style hops combine with the natural Belgian aromas of coriander and cloves to make this a delightfully crisp, refreshing Saison. 5.4% ABV
2) Bonne Annee Biere de Noel
Dark chocolate and molasses combine with the delicate aroma of cloves to make this the perfect winter warmer. Bonne Annee translates to “Happy New Year” in French (a predominant language in Belgium). 6.6% ABV

1) Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Golden Ale-Anderson School
This beer is a testament to our commitment to making the best beer for McMenamins Anderson School. This is not only our first Belgian-style beer, but brewed traditionally on a system that’s not built for tradition. A multi-step mash brings out heavy banana aromas and flavors, overlaying the classic Belgian clove and spice nose. A simple body of Pilsner and Wheat balances the light hop bite from Tettnanger Hops to make this beer easily quaffable but undeniably complex. This is a beer for all those ready for the cold days to be over. We put in work. 6% ABV/ 20 IBU
2) Double Platinum, No Features Belgian IPA-Anderson School
Perle, Chinook, Sterling, Simcoe. Pilsen, Wheat, Munich. Belgian Yeast. Enough Said. 6.45% ABV / 68 IBU
3) The Lit Wit from McMenamins Queen Anne Brewery
The Lit Wit is a bit of a lightweight. It’s a lighter version of the traditional Belgian Wit and drinks smoothly. Spice additions come through and meld with the Belgian yeast character for an interesting and complex finish. This beer boasts flavors from coriander, chamomile and grapefruit zest. Hops are a non-factor and the focus in this beer is the Unmalted Wheat, Pilsen Malt and Rolled Oats. 4.77% ABV / 15 IBU

1) Little Ray of Light
Belgian Golden Ale, brewed with Pilsner malt, malted oats and dextrose. Hopped with Sorachi Ace, Sussex and Wakatu hops. Herbal and fruity with bright fluffy carbonation. Notes of soft baked bread, lime, lemon, dill and cloves. 7.1% ABV
2) Red Rye
A rye based special ale rich and malty with loads of dark fruit and spices. Off dry with a wonderfully dense body. The rye adds an earthy spiciness. 7.5% ABV

Optimism Brewing
1) Bonaventura Original Belgian Ale
This spicy, light-bodied Belgian ale is fruity with honey graham flavors. 4.6% ABV
2) Try Belgian Champagne Trippel
If beer and champagne had a baby…this Belgian Trippel is a bit sweet and strong, yet deceptively easy to drink. 8.9% ABV
3) Vuja de with Brett Funky Farmhouse Saison
Our farm-house style saison plus we added Brettanomyces, a funky, wild yeast. Tart and fruity. 6.8% ABV
4) Before the Dawn Russian Imperial Stout
This is a big, rich and complex beer tastes of espresso, dried figs and dark chocolate. 7.7% ABV

Peddler Brewing
1) Golden Pedal Belgian Ale
A light bodied Belgian golden ale that uses a simple malt bill and noble hops to allow the flavors and aroma of the authentic Belgian yeast to dominate. 9.7% ABV
2) Aged Belgian Sours
Throughout the day, we will be rotating through our collection of Belgian style beers aged with Brett and various other ingredients, which have created tart and flavorful complexities. These beers range from 9-11% ABV

Postdoc Brewing
1) Port Barrel Saison with Brett
Saison de Postdoc aged for seven months in Patterson Cellars’ Port Barrels with our house Brettanomyces culture. It features notes of kumquats, cherry pie, mild acidity, and a tannic finish. 5.9% ABV
2) Brett Alpha Factor IPA
Alpha Factor IPA aged in barrels inoculated with our house Brettanomyces culture. Dry-hopped with Citra. Ripe tropical fruit and zesty citrus with an earthy woody note and a dry finish. 7.3% ABV
3) Candied Orange Saison with Brett
Our Saison de Postdoc aged in neutral oak barrels, inoculated with our house Brettanomyces culture, and conditioned atop house-made candied oranges. Zesty, zesty, zesty! 5.9% ABV

Propolis Brewing
Port Townsend
Imperial Saison brewed with cedar and honey. 9.5% ABV
2) Granum
5-grain saison-brettanomyces. 7.5% ABV
Saison brewed with lemon balm. 7.5% ABV

Redhook Brewery
1) Tettnang Testament Tripel
Leads with fruity esters of lemon and banana and with a seductively dry pilsner malt finish that hides much of the high octane. Gently hopped with Tettnanger for spicy floral finish that will have you coming back for more. 8.5% ABV/ 18 IBU
2) Little Gnome
Made just for Belgianfest, this table beer packs the flavor of a Belgian golden ale into a quaffable 4.5%ABV that may have you coming back for thirds 4.5% ABV/ 15 IBU

Rooftop Brewing
1) Belgian Golden Strong Ale
A marriage of fruity, spicy and alcohol flavors supported by a soft malt character. Wonderful for food pairings, or drinking on its own – but watch out for that ABV – this beer is stronger than it tastes. 7.5% ABV / 25 IBU
2a) Bourbon Aged 2015 Belgian Quad (1st Session Only)
Aged for over a year on oak chips, this is the last of our 2015 Quad on draft. Enjoy it while it lasts. Only 1/6-BBL!!
12.2% ABV / 22 IBU
2b) Belgian Quad (2nd Session Only)
Deep caramel and toffee notes. Complex and boozy. Aged over a year in the keg – we saved this keg just for the fest. Last of our draft 2015 Quad! 12.0% ABV/ 22 IBU

Schooner EXACT Brewing
1) Amarillo Saison
An easy-drinking saison that is full of aroma and Amarillo hop flavor. Floral nose, light bodied and crisp with notes of spice, mandarin orange, and a dry peppery finish. This limited beer won’t last forever, so enjoy! 29 IBU/ 4.4% ABV
2) The Sour in Barrel Number 3 | TBD
A selection of one of our barrel-aged sours.

Silver City Brewery
1) 2015 Bourbon Barrel Aged Giant Made of Shadows
Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Strong Ale. 9.9% ABV
2) 2016 Charming Disarmer
Peach Sour. 6% ABV
3) 2016 Wiley Temptress
Blackberry Sour – 6% ABV
4) 2016 Nutcracker
Belgian Spiced Brown Ale aged on Figs, Orange, Ginger, & Dates – 10% ABV

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing
1) Belgian Golden Ale
This bright, shiny golden Belgian is brewed with only our 2 row pale malt. Beer has a very complex aroma of spice and juicy fruit from the generous amount of Czech Saaz hops and the unique yeast variety. In addition to the hops and yeast, Belgian candi sugar is also added during the boil to enhance the overall flavor and mouthfeel to the beer. 8.6% ABV/ 45 IBU
2) Special Dark Belgian Ale
This Belgian ale is brewed with pale 2 row malt as its base and the complexity of this wonderful beer is comprised of the rich blend of Aromatic, Dark Munich, Caramel 75 and Special B malts. The flavor of this beer is a reminiscent of figs, biscuits, smoke, and chocolate. Our special Belgian yeast rounds out the finish. 15 IBU / 8% ABV.

Sound Brewery
1) Monk’s Indiscretion
Dry hopped, and fermented with an aromatic Belgian yeast strain, Monk’s Indiscretion has an intense tropical hoppy aroma and flavor, with balanced bitterness, and is scarily drinkable for such a strong beer. 10% ABV
2) Dubbel Entendre
Comforting aromas of chocolate malt and dark toffee, with a hint of banana and stone fruits. A dark abbey style ale with a subtle rich maltiness and a dry, spicy finish. 8% ABV
3) Tripel Entendre
Complexity and balance from a simple recipe of the finest ingredients obtainable. Clear and light in color, this strong Belgian ale drinks smooth and easy but has the complexity to complement the finest meals or to savor alone at the end of the evening. 9.9% ABV
4) Cave Bear
Our Ursus Spelaeus Belgian Imperial Stout with 3 types of Chilies and Vanilla bean. 10% ABV
5) Entendez Noel
Like most big Belgian holiday beers, Noel is bursting with subtly complex flavors and fits no particular beer style. Its explosion of sensations comes from just Belgian Pilsner malt, cane sugar, Motueka hops, Trappist yeast, water, and fermentation. Drink warm or cold in various glassware shapes and sizes to discover all its nuances. Entendez should age extremely well for years to come. 11.8% ABV

Stoup Brewing
1) Happy Merry Belgian Dubbel
This winter release will delight your senses and warm your belly. It’s perfect for sipping by the fire or paired with holiday dinners. The yeast yields comes from a Trappist monastery in Belgium and compliments the many complex Belgian malts used to craft this beer. The resulting elixir has aromas of dark candied fruit and rich malt with balanced esters.You’ll find just a bit of spice from the yeast as well as a depth of richness from dark Belgian candi sugar. 7.7% ABV/ 20 IBU
2) Belgian Tripel
This Belgian Tripel is a vibrantly golden, multi-faceted beer. It greets you gently with a hint of fruit, a touch of spiciness, and a mild malty sweetness. That warming sensation as you swallow? That’s the devilishly smooth, but generous alcohol content reminding you that this beer is no angel. 9.75% ABV/ 35 IBU
3) Stoup Sour No. 3 – Belgian Style Sour Blonde
A blonde ale brewed with a healthy dose of Lactobacillus to create a firm sourness and Brettanomyces Lambicus to add cherry and funky notes, then aged 9 months in White Burgundy barrels. 5% ABV/ 9 IBU

Ten Pin Brewing
Moses Lake
1) Turkey Trippel
This straw colored strong ale has the classic spicy and fruity flavors characteristic of the Trappist monastery yeast used to ferment this beer. For additional complexity, a bit of cherrywood smoked malt was added to the mash tun, and a dusting of “grains of paradise” was added to the brew kettle. 9.3% ABV / 30 IBU
2) Bowlers Biere de Garde – A hazy, orange, rustic farmhouse ale bursting with fruity esters derived from the unusual yeast used to brew the beer. Additional spicy flavors and a hint of tartness are present at a lower level and are also produced by the yeast. 7.9% ABV/ 24 IBU
3)Sandbagger Saison – A very accessible rye saison featuring a mild funky fruitiness and hints of cardamom and black pepper produced by the yeast. The result is a very sessionable saison despite it’s relatively high alcohol content. 6.5% ABV/ 27 IBU

Three Magnets Brewing
1)Karakterbier – Hoppy Urban Farmhouse Ale
This brettanomyces finished hoppy urban farmhouse ale made with German Pilsner and Vienna malts will make for a peppery, floral, fruity, spicy nose that carries over onto the tongue with flavors of crackers, bread, pineapple and a light farmhouse funk. It finishes with a dry and refreshing bitterness. A gold medal winner at the WA Beer Awards in the Farmhouse Ales category. 6.9% ABV/ 50 IBU
2)Second Anniversary Ale – Sour Red Rye Ale

Tin Dog Brewing
1) Black Tripel
A truffle in a glass – dark chocolate and coffee but not too sweet and not too heavy just heavenly due to the use of Midnight Wheat. 9.5% ABV
2) Winter Imperial Saison
Cozy up to this winter warmer Saison. A red farmhouse style ale infused with a hint of vanilla bean and Mexican cinnamon paired with dark malts. 8.4% ABV
3) Meyers Lemon Sage Wit
The fall warmth of sage, the summer refreshment of lemon, the slight sweetness of Meyers all in perfect balance in this Belgian Wit. 5% ABV

Triplehorn Brewing
1) 2015 Mystic and our 2015 Mystic bbl aged Belgian strong
A slightly sweet, yet spicy nose of plum and caramel. Brewed with house made Belgian candied sugar, then aged in a first use Jack Daniel’s bbl. 10.5% ABV/ 27 IBU
2)Stupid Monk-e Belgian Triple
Sweet and spicy, with a strong nose of clove and honey, and subtle esters of banana and orange peel. Brewed using local honey. 9.5% ABV/ 32 IBU
3) Wild Belgian Dark Strong

Urban Family Brewing
1) Stellar
Our highly effervescent Belgian inspired spiced tripel, brewed with grains of paradise, and galangal. This is our farmhouse-influenced ode to trappist monks who developed this style. This is a hefty beer at 8.5% ABV, and is perfect for cold winter days. Notes of honey, and mild spices on the notes. Flavors of fruit, pepper, with a clean/dry finish. 8.5% ABV
2) Of Both Worlds
‘Of Both Worlds’ is completely that: Our Belgian-wit style saison dry-hopped with a hefty dose of Nelson Sauvin. We love this style, and this hop, so why not bring them together? 6.3% ABV

Wander Brewing
1) Wild Warehouse
Saison aged 10 months in Chardonnay barrels hopped with Slovenian and British hops. 6.8% ABV
2) 2016 Foeder
Mixed culture farmhouse ale aged 7 months in an oak foeder followed by aging on elderberries. 5.8% ABV
3) Blackberry Fruit Puncheon
Farmhouse ale aged 3 months in French oak wine puncheons on 400 lbs of locally grown blackberries. 8.2% ABV
4) Spelt Saison
Belgian Saison with 30% German spelt malt. 5.5% ABV

Wingman Brewers
1) Stratofortress
Cedar Aged Belgian Dark Strong 11% ABV
2) Miss-B-Haven
Belgian Style Tripel 9% ABV
3) Noel Winter Ale
Belgian Winter Ale 10% ABV


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